The City Centre (Nephilim Territory) (37)

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No Comment || Harper & Zandra ||

“Just like fire, burning up the way, If I could light world up for just one day….” Humming emanated from beneath the shiny Buick Enclave th…

Started by ✓ Harper Adler

1 on Monday
Reply by ✓ Zandra Smoke


A splendid day at the beach.. Or So I thought (Malva and Arthur only)

Arthur had recently moved to Evermore City within the last 6 months, he had been travelling a fair bit before he had moved to Evermore City…

Started by ✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn

4 on Sunday
Reply by ✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn


A Family Reunion ( Elysium & Baldemar )

Today was the day, it was going to be the day that Elysium would finally try to reach out to her brother, there had been times the nephili…

Started by ✓ Elysium Dina Kenelm

0 on Sunday

Ailward Guard

Looking for the Weapon Master (Open to Sapphire and Baldemar only)

Being a guard for Sapphire was challenging, even though she is a Phoenix. A sigh escaped her lips as she walked in the Nephilim territory,…

Started by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

2 on Saturday
Reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli


A Great Way To Meet (Jonathan and Siobhan)

Siobhan's life had not turned out anything like she thought it was going to go. She was placed with a family that were human and raised as…

Started by ✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie ~Mod~

6 on Friday
Reply by ✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie ~Mod~


Missed Opportunities || Ryker and Svetlana ||

“What happened, you get left behind?” Ryker wasn't usually one to state the obvious, but then again the young woman’s situation might not…

Started by ✓ Ryker Miles

4 Jul 9
Reply by ✓ Ryker Miles


Wake Up Call (Davis and Rosa Only)

Davis had spent the last night on call as an EMT, most of the calls he had been on weren’t too serious but it still made for a long night.…

Started by ✓ Davis Costa

24 Jul 8
Reply by ✓ Davis Costa


It Gets Better (Celestia and Quentin)

It's funny how some people stick with you for, like, ever. They know everything about you, about your family, how you respond to certain th…

Started by ✓ Celestia Van Der Wood

1 Jul 8
Reply by ✓ Quentin Ecanus Harkins


Two Sides of a Coin [Open to Sapphire Rizzoli and Quentin Harkins]

There were times where Quentin knew that he had inherited enemies from his family. There were people out there that either feared or wanted…

Started by ✓ Quentin Ecanus Harkins

1 Jul 8
Reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli


Not Your Prince, Not Even Charming (Davis and Ely)

 It was the middle of the day and the only thing Davis wanted to do was curl up at home in his bed with the fan on full with the blankets p…

Started by ✓ Davis Costa

6 Jul 7
Reply by ✓ Davis Costa


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