The City Centre (Nephilim Territory) (32)

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A Great Way To Meet (Jonathan and Siobhan)

Siobhan's life had not turned out anything like she thought it was going to go. She was placed with a family that were human and raised as…

Started by ✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie ~Mod~

11 4 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Jonathan Bradford


Two Sides of a Coin [Open to Sapphire Rizzoli and Quentin Harkins]

There were times where Quentin knew that he had inherited enemies from his family. There were people out there that either feared or wanted…

Started by ✓ Quentin Ecanus Harkins

6 15 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Quentin Ecanus Harkins


Missed Opportunities || Ryker and Svetlana ||

“What happened, you get left behind?” Ryker wasn't usually one to state the obvious, but then again the young woman’s situation might not…

Started by ✓ Ryker Miles

5 Oct 16
Reply by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev


A Bradford Domestic. [Clarissa, Cornelia & Siobhan]

A week had passed since the drama which had occurred at the Christmas Ball; despite the time that had passed, Clarissa couldn’t stop the i…

Started by ✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford

12 Oct 11
Reply by ✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford


Strange Laundromat Meeting. (Clara and Siobhan)

Siobhan had been in the city for a few months now and had been learning a lot from her mentor Isaac but she had learned to rely on him to…

Started by ✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie ~Mod~

29 Oct 9
Reply by ✓ Clara Carter


What we want is not often what we need (Cornelia & Augusts)

The notarized letter that August’s received this morning was still in his hand.  A fierce grip had left crumpled marks on the once pristine…

Started by ✓ Augustus Nathaniel Lockhart

1 Oct 4
Reply by ✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Ailward Aspect

Past Mistakes - Virindeus & Ophelia-

The sky was clear and a startling shade of blue mingled with pinks and purples. Far on the horizons clouds could be seen, radiating the col…

Started by ✓ Virindeus Ailward

1 Oct 1
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


Accept The Help [Scorpios & Taylor]

Another day, another great teaching class; for the first time in a long while, he was able to focus upon his love and business of training…

Started by ✓ Scorpios D'Angelo

0 Sep 30

Ailward Guard

Training Sessions (Open to Draco and Cornelia)

A few days have already passed since he started his job in the police department. Having been pondering about the job offer he’d been offer…

Started by ✓ Draco d'Fierro

10 Sep 28
Reply by ✓ Draco d'Fierro


Up to Know Good (Open to Siobhan and Alexandre)

Alexandre had been living in Evermore City for about three years now; he knew where all the territories were but he wasn’t sure if he were…

Started by ✓ Alexandre Erelah Edwards

2 Sep 28
Reply by ✓ Alexandre Erelah Edwards


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