Rhydian stood under the shelter of his usual coffee shop watching the rain drown the pavement in front of him as he lifted the coffee mug to his lips taking a large gulp as he watched people dash between shelters as he looked at the Envelope contents " All but the Jukebox " he took the small piece of paper folding it in as he placed it in his jacket as he moved his hands to his cell Dialing Andrews number again " Andrew its Rhydian still what's the point of me getting cell phones if no one answers but ring me back " he put his arm down slowly on the table as he rose to his feet.

Rhydian walked out into the rain as he looked up at the sky unable to see the stars due to the dark clouds massing over the city as he began walking towards a small antique shop as he took heed his arm out as the raindrops gently barraged his skin like a million snowflakes landing on his surface as he walked down the street as he spots Arthur soaked through as he walked over squatting down beside him : Why arent you in shelter or down at the Homeless shelter man " Rhydian got the usual shrug as he as he got back up and walked back towards the . Deli and shop he passed around half a block back. Returning with coats ponchos and a lot of hot food as he placed. Them beside him before making his way further down the street as he came across the shop as he looked through the items. Before turning towards the owner" got a 50's Jukebox " the guy. shook his head as Rhydian left the shop slightly irritated
as he stepped back into the rain, he pulled the hood up from his hoody as he walked to the corner of the block as he pulled his Cell out pressing redial as his mind went into deep thought

Rhydian stood there as he watched a couple laughing dancing in the rain just like he had done with Esmeralda as he smiled, Remembering it was their first kiss before. Esmeralda had pushed him into the water fountain his mind was brought back to the here and now after the leave the message after the tone his. tine was sharp and blunt " I'm getting annoyed here at least acknowledge your getting these messages you were supposed to meet me an hour ago " Rhydian hung up as he continued to watch the young couple

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As the said male was getting ready to go out to meet up with the other Nivies, his sister needs his help with something that ended up being longer than Andrew expected. After what is said and down he let his blue eyes looked at the window as the sounds of raindrops hit the window. Andrew didn't mind the cold at all, well what did you expect for a Nivies? Josefine came out from the other room with his phone telling him he had a call. As expected he got the call from Rhydian, listening to the message he chuckled knowing what he meant. Andrew called him back.  " I will be back home later Josefine if Anderson asks where I am let him know I am out."  

He got his hat, jacket, and umbrella and walked out of the cold earth. Andrew knew not to leave anyone hanging but it would be right for him to call the male back. As his hand rose he saw another message, Andrew knew he had to explain why he is so late. Andrew pressed the call back button but only to be welcome to a voice mail. "Hello there Rhydian. Sorry for messing your two calls, I had to help my sister as it took longer then we both expected.  I just got out of the house fifteen minutes ago. I will be waiting for your call again for your location. Promise to pick up." Andrew didn't understand phones still. With his sister and his brother thinking it would be a great idea to get him a touch screen. Silly as it sounds he didn't mind it but Andrew still is not used to it. 

Andrew called around as he happened to talk into a cafe and see the male who was waiting for him. How lucky he is.  As the Nivies walked up to the male he turned off his phone. "Sorry for being late. The family happened and it took longer then it was supposed to. How are you feeling today, perfect weather today isn't it?" Andrew said sitting down with the male.

Rhydian pulled out his cell as he felt the vibration in his hand as the light screen lit up saying Voicemail before. Hearing an apology for late Rhydian shook off his trance from the couple in the rain as he turned " Andrew I'm guessing " his mind thought of how a lousy excuse it was as he offered his hand . to the two empty seats " I hope your family is well I haven't seen them at the training dojo in a long time myself, and Mikaere have been concerned " Rhydian took a seat as he nodded " I am well-getting things for the tribe has been keeping me busy, but I have been told you could help me look for something from. the 1950's

Rhydian pulled out a piece of paper as he revealed a 1951 music player " I have been looking for one of these for the past 3 weeks, and I have nothing but time-wasters " the annoyance showing in his tone " Caspian said you may be able to help " his head turned to the waiter " one black coffee and for you " he turned his head " anything for you Andrew

Watching the other turn around Andrew smiled and bowed a little. "Hello there!" he brought himself to one of the empty chairs and sit down. "We've been well, Josefine made a few mistakes that I had to help her with this morning. Anderson is doing whatever his mind is set on but all is good." Andrew said knowing they have not trained dojo. "Yes I've meant to go there but time is getting in the way. I will see about reaching out to them. I can confirm I've have not done anything to put me or anyone else in danger." Andrew was careful about how shows himself to the world. 

Andrew nodded as he wondered what he can do to help the other male."What can I help you with?" he asked as his blue-gray eyes looked among the paper. "Oh my word, I have not seen this style since Romania 1952," Andrew confirmed looking at the paper more. "Caspian has given you the right guy. Matter a fact my brother, Anderson spotted on a day ago."The male didn't see the waiter waiting to take their order. "Espresso iced coffee," Andrew said to the waiter as they wrote the order down and walked away. 

"Let me text my brother," Andrew said to bring out his phone figuring out again to bring up the messages to type slowly to his brother and hit send. "You've been looking for jukebox for three weeks you say?" Andrew asked. He never got to talk with another member of the tribe even though him always being to himself does not help anyone one bit. 

I hope Josefine issues were sorted as well as they can be " Rhydian nodded as he looked at his pocket taking the cigarette packet out of his breasts pocket " Yes I had one in the '30s but on my return to Russia the lodging. I had had been long since destroyed and the only player similar . is I come to you with " do you smoke " Rhydian offered . his cigarettes before taking one for himself placing it behind his ear.

1952 ...." Rhydian sat back as the waiter returned with the drinks " I think I was drinking my way through " Rhydian stopped as he thought about where he was in 1952 " ah I was drinking my way through Russia now on the land now called Ukraine dam each place had there own type of Vodka." Rhydian raised his coffee to his lips, taking a sip " and how many of Dietriches are there ?" Rhydian sat up as Andrew mentioned his brother.

Rhydian smirked slightly as he watched Andrew try to contact his brother as he . took his pen out and wrote instructions on how to send a message to his brother easier " press the bottom button on your cell till a microphone appears then say. Text whoever then ay your message and then say send *" Rhydian passed the note as he sat back watching the other Nivels as he took his coffee taking a sip.

"I helped her with most of the problem, she told me she can do the rest," Andrew said listening to the other. "I can assure you one is around. People who love history and antiques would keep one in nice shape." Andrew said knowing there are people like that. "I don't but thank you for asking." 

When the drinks came to them Andrew with his thanks with a smile taking a sip of his iced espresso. "I went through Belarus, it was different from how I last say it who knows what the lands look like now. " He has not been around Europe since his siblings found him. "There are only three, myself, Anderson who is my younger brother and Josefine who is, of course, my little sister." 

Technology has not favored him yet but with Andrew, he is determined to show who is boss.  When he looked at the Rhydian and what he wrote. "Thank you. Whoever made these must be smart." Andrew said knowing it's true everything always changes even if they need it or not. Following it paper said he got to the message and told his brother to message him back when he got his message.  Taking a drink from his drink Andrew sighed. "Let see how long it will take him." 

Rhydian chuckled as he took a sip of his coffee " When I got a cell phone I thought I sent a text but never got a reply so when I visited the person I text never got it as I never sent it was in my draft box " he smirked a little as he put his cup down " I never thought back in the 20s that we would have telephones that we can carry in our pockets or send words without actually speaking.

Rhydian patted down his pockets till he found the item he was looking for as he pulled out another piece of paper with times and dates " these are the times I am at the dojo for training. Still, it is open 24 /7 for anyone. Again, Mikaere and I do other times as I feel its good to even have a basic defence knowledge especially with what I have heard around the city and Anivia would be happy if everyone has a basic self-defence knowledge.

Rhydian raised his cup again, taking another swig of his cup before placing it down as he looked up to the sky before looking back at Andrew " when did you become a Nivels? " Rhydian sat back in his chair as he began to listen " and I believe he be a little while as he did order one of these I phones."

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