Though the many years, no one knows like Celestials and the Aliwards knew what happened. Lucius could never forget all the hell and pain he went through with no answers still to give him an eased minded. He didn't want to see an Aliward or any guards from the events that changed a lot of people. Some are scared, some overcome everything, some like Lucius with trust issues who does not like doing alone in the dark without think one of the guards is tracking him down with one wrong move.  He wants to move on from what happened and live his life to be who he is. It was just yesterday Opehila told him he was no a human but part of a species from the stars. His old life sometime comes back to him with his job he was so passionate about the people who cared for him like a family would. Lucius does not know what who he really is.

Answers is all he could think of, thinking he is someone dangerous to others learning about his powers here and there. Baby steps through the years, living in the city, he got to know bits but not really everything. The celestial male was taking a short walk think he could need to find a quiet place to look deeper within himself.  His brown hues look upon the destination he was looking for. The Woods. Lucius for one was not a nature type of person but hearing that it helps someone to think and look within themselves it's worth a try.  Entering the woods he soon realized anything can happen and this was a bad idea. He knew he wanted to let his mind be free and clear but he had to let his mind be open in case for an attack or to protect themself.

As he entered the woods, he felt himself being attached to nature, walking through nature and just take a walk exploring a new area Lucius has not yet seen. Within his mind he knew he needed to do, find a few hobbie, get into everyday society, move on from what happened years ago and try to be open and nicer to others.As his mind went to find someone to love he rolled his eyes to himself. "Yeah right, I pushed girls away already by would someone like a man like me." Lucius believed Love was a person weakness, a blind spot for a person common sense. Little does his mind goes it's a little part of being human not like he was at all but to feel Human in a little way. 

Lucius sit down on top of a rock, looking to see if anyone was around which like he thought noone. He closed his eyes feeling the breeze that came through the trees to calm himself completely. Lucius didn't think today was going to be eventful.

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Malva would be truthfully honest, she didn't like being cooped up anywhere. Not even in her room, which was saying something, considering the lethargic Aspect of Magic preferred solitary over everything else. She liked the silence that ensued over them like another layer of shroud. A shroud she had a soft spot over. Tracing the tip of her finger across the family portrait hung in her room, she couldn't help but to stare at the centuries old painting of them.

1645, Marseilles.

There, the eight of them had the definite post of siblings. 4 sat while the other 4 stood. 4 femalea and 4 males. All that consisted of their infamous siblings that she still found ease in annoying to the path of banter. Unfortunately, they were not in any favours to think about bantering. Malva felt like they were slowly deteriorating, in a bad sense of way because even she wasn't sure how to stop it. Delay it? Maybe. But stop it? Not a chance. The Aspect of Magic didn't have the slightest idea on how to solve this mystery puzzle that kept on bugging their lives; specifically hers. Her search on tracing back to where the diviner or diviners might originate from came back as a futile result. She couldn't pinpoint any exact location. Not even the area.

So to say it frustrated the brunette Ailward Aspect to her wits at end, would be a vast understatement. Glancing back to the mahogany desk, she pulled up the drawer and took out the Burmese ruby pendant that glinted malevolently, dangling it just right above her eye level as her bright blue hues scrutinized the gem and the dark energy placated in it. "Let's get you out of there. You and I need to get some working done." She mumbled, clasping the four century old pendant around her neck and wrapped herself in a jacket. Releasing the spare strands of her hair that got caught up in the jacket, she also didn't forget to tuck in her spell journal in her bag before making her exit.

"Au revoir.. Let's hope I come back intact. And alive, obviously. I still have so many to solve to die this early." The reason for why she had uttered such words would be due to her venturing out again in the most unpredictable venue in Evermore; the woods. The Ailward Aspect needed to find what it means to trust and give herself back to the nature so she could learn what it was like to be dependent. It was a practice she needed to get down to because very soon, she had the feeling she would be needing them. It was only a day after New Year's so she didn't expect any guards to stay back in the manor, hence there were probably none lounging around. Good. It makes everything she was going to do a tad easier. If she comes back well, of course.

As soon as she came out from the entrance door, she held her amethyst pendant that she enchanted from her staff and closed her eyes, willing for herself to transform into their dragon form so she could fly to her destination. It was about time she got back to using them. Shortly after that, she arrived. Landing in between the trees in her invisibility form, she reverted back to her human form as she inhaled the fresh air around her sharply, despite the nightly setting telling it it's already late. It was not a foreign occurrence to see her preferring night settings because it was the best time she could tap into the dark magic. But just as she was about to settle herself against the tree, she saw a particular male silhouette standing by not far from where she was at. Squinting her eyes slightly at the said direction, she wondered who would be out so late in the woods. With the exception of her, at least.

The faint light he exuded would remind her any day on who he was. He was a Celestial, alright. But his identity piqued her interest however. Malva wasn't sure she would be seeing that particular person again. Not after a while. "You know, it's not exactly safe to be wandering around here so late at night. Especially when you're in a territory that would most likely get yourself ripped to shreds. Wouldn't exactly be their fault-" She tucked both her hands into her jacket as she came down from her site, landing on the pile of snow as she tilted her head slightly to the side to face the Celestial. "Because your faction didn't exactly sign the peace treaty. Yet. It wouldn't be a direct violation of their codes. You're lucky it's not full moon." She continued, releasing a puff of air as she rested her gaze on him. "It's been a while, Lucius."

One thing Lucius didn't like, was being out somewhere in the dark no idea who he will meet. Not only he has trust issues but one thing that alarmed him the most, he has not meet an single Guard or an Aliward since his return to the city. Reunion towards who meet during the day of being captured and imprisoned two thoses who didn't know what really happened. Lucius is not proud to be one of the lucky ones to say he lost most of his little time knowing who or what his species is and was blinded sided by people. 

If you ask Lucius he remembers everyone's faces, if he was one he knew questions will be thrown out with a death match of who will live or died. He is not a fan of dying but he if wants answer he has to face them problem dead in the eyes. Did think it is going to hit soon.

Sitting on a rock she heard something walking around with the tweaks, dead leaves, rocks and dirt frozen on the earth of the woods they are standing on. As the women spoke, Lucius was caught off guard as he stood up and turn around. He knew that voice anywhere, out of all days and nights why this night. " I can say the same thing. You can say am daring." he spoke as he found the figure and kept his eyes focused. Listened to the other's words know what they said is true but again he knew he was going to hang around for to long. " Am not planning to stay for too long.I am not a fool to get myself killed."  He left the other walk closer as he finally saw there face. Malva Ailward.

Looking at her right in the face, his brown eyes examined the other as it has been a while since the last time. " Yes, it has Malva. I see you remembered my name after theses years. Am assuming you tracked me down to see if am not doing anything am not supposed to?" Lucius got his guard up, he knew the family and their guards wouldn't leave the city. It took along enough for him to face one since that night. He knew his answers won't come easy but he didn't understand why he would let himself want to listen what the other had to say. There is no care after what they did.

Trudging through the woods had been a normal occurrence to the Aspect of Magic. The woods became her place-to-go for quite some time now, so it wasn't surprising to see he wandering around the cold and hostile area without any protection layer. She never really liked going anywhere with guards who would end up tailing her. So when she sneaks out, she usually made sure she wasn't followed. But it's clear, if Malva doesn't want anyone following, she'll make sure no one's following. That's one thing for sure. She was initially trying to practice in the dark night, using the moon and the setting as her emotional anchor, while delving deeper into the dark arts to familiarize herself.

What she did not expect to find, was company. And not just any company-- a Celestial's company. Preferably, someone who she's acquainted with and knew very well. Despite her reconciliation with the wayfinder, Ophelia, she knew it was hard for any of them to come up front to meet her face to face after what she's done. After what's aided and abetted into doing. She didn't forget them, no. Malva also did not expect them to be cool with everything, but evidently, it will have to pass if they wanted to stay hospitable and civil to one another as they resided just across the city between the two factions. “Daring, or stupid?” The abrasive tone accentuating her voice was colloquial to anyone who's had the chance to know her. She's easily known for her cold and hardened exterior--befitting her Russian doll-like appearance.

“I've been here more times than I could remember. You could say, it's my place-to-go whenever I need tranquility to accompany my practicum.” she exclaimed, a present day smile etched on her lips as she kept the neutral look on her. “Besides, I don't think attacking anyone who's signed the peace treaty would be affirmative for the therianthropes. It's not the full moon, so there is simply no reason to attack an unarmed innocent lady who was just walking around.” she mused lightly, the twinkles in her bright blue hues making itself known how she was still contemplating what to surmise next.

“And you know it as well as I do, couldn't kill me even if you tried for a hundred years.” It wasn't her being confident of her abilities and status, but every single one of them had their own self-preservation skills to accommodate themselves. You tend to get a hold of the hook after living for a millennium. “Don't let me ruin your moment. I wouldn't want for you to leave on my account. The woods are a public place, after all-- well not so public, but you get what I mean. I remember every people I've met, Lucius. When you've live long enough, you’re to remember every single intricate detail. Although I do think it's hard to forget someone like you. You tend to make a note to remember the faces you should be careful around. We still have yet to finish a lot, so I don't think I would like the manner of my death to be a sad homicidal case, in the cold woods, no less.” It was still surprising to see how playful she took the situation to be, but if someone knows how to mask their emotions, she's one of them.

“Don't flatter yourself, darling. I didn't track you down like some stalker. You have to understand, I still have some class.” she mumbled under her breath as she clicked her tongue in annoyance. “What do you mean by doing something that you're not supposed to?” Quirking her eyebrows up in a questioning manner, she took a few steps forward with her hands still tucked in her coat's pockets. “Should you be doing that? I don't think we'd miss any detail if anyone was causing trouble. We have these tiny little alarms, after all. Nothing we can help with. But let's hope none of you are doing any of that, we have enough on our platter, pretty sure we don't need more.” her voice dropped an octave lower, making it much more threatening and sinister than usual. It wasn't long after she replaced it with a smile back again. “How are you liking Evermore?”

Lucius looked at Malva as she spoke, he is not at this spot to kill or pick a fight with anyone. If he didn't like going out at night as it is why would he want to do other things. "Who says am going to attack anyone? Am just walking around minding my own business. I just happen to come across you. " he said. Lucius chuckled when she said stupid, most people would not dare to walk in the woods alone at night most of the time.  "Will both I guess. One stupid for someone who does not trust the night to talk around in the woods and Two daring to face anything that it welcomes."

Listening to female, he knew darn well she would not track anyone alone. They have guards to do that job if anything come up. " I didn't come back to cause a riot. I do have a life am trying to catch up with after all." Lucius knew he was being snappy but really that is all the emotion he can feel. The past is in the past, he is looking for answers and move on and have somewhat of a normal life, if there is room for any of that for himself. Lucius found himself enough to calm down as looked up at the other and nodded. " It's peaceful. Bigger then I thought but I like it here." Lucius didn't find himself to explore other areas yet but he will so find himself to get out of his comfort zone and trust somewhat.

"You sound like you never changed a bit however. How is life going on with you?" a busy women like her must have more of a story then he can tell. He was lost for word as to what he want to ask. In a way he is use to people talking more then himself as he did so much of it already in his life. Being a layer is stressful, he always won the agreements and cases. That is another story to tell for another day. This time he will sit back and let another person for once talk more then him, which is him choice as of right now his feeling about seeing the Aliward is bittersweet. Happy to see she is still around, mad what they did to his species. Bittersweet is the only word he can describe what is inside himself. 

In all honesty, if she had to pick which one of the lot in the dragon family that was going to have an actual working relation with the celestials, considering after what they have done to their kind, it would've been Argent. By a long shot, it would've been him. Maybe even Virindeus, but he's always off coast, never really partaking in things that would internally cause conflicts between one another. Which was probably why she hasn't seen him a lot these days, either. She wouldn't exactly blame him. Sometimes, even Malva wanted to run away from everything and just bask in her loneliness for a little while longer. Loneliness was nothing compared to the conflicts that would bombard and weigh on their shoulders. Resentment drives deep, they said. They were not wrong. Bit by bit, the Aspect of Magic was starting to dislike her current situation. Not the duty itself or her own identity, but really, she just had something to dislike about it, no idea what it was yet though.

Rolling her eyes, she inhaled in the cold air of the night. “Not you, I meant the therianthropes. They literally have no reason to attack unless the other party was trespassing. Technically, I haven't trespassed. Yet.” She eyed the lines underneath the ground, that really does highlighted how deep magic flows every single spot in the earth itself. “You really shouldn't be wandering around though. Especially not alone, or in the dark.. If you are, at least go to a public place.” The concern accentuating Malva's tone made it clear to the both of them that the caring side of her was still imbued to her. It just takes more effort to actually show them. “You Celestials are like.. Trouble magnets. You attract people with your light, so I'm not surprised. Especially supernaturals, they'd just like the idea of keeping a few jars of celestial energy just for the sake of it.” Admittedly, she has every right to worry about them. Mostly because she didn't wish for such a rupture to occur again. God knows what'll happen to them if it did. It was a painful experience she no longer wanted her nor her siblings to undergo again. Once was more enough.

“At least you have a life to get back to. That's more than what most people would have wanted and only half actually got them.” she mused, not really taking offense to his snappy tone. He had every right to actually be all kinds of negativity when it comes to them. Though, it did hurt that it had to come down to this. Lucius was someone Malva knew for a brief moment, before everything fell down like bricks. She would've offered friendship if anything, but it does seem like fate had something else in store for her. It wasn't as if she could have an actual say in it anymore, so she just learned to go with the flow. “I'm glad you find Evermore fitting your standards. It's a place we thought to be a second chance. A place where everyone can start anew.” The idea of Evermore was tempting but not many thought it was possible.

Even she had doubts on it. The chance to start anew however, went along. But if it's going to stand perfectly? Not really. She doubted it would, one day will come when they will have to reconstruct them again. The only positive affirmation to everything was that there will be a reconstruction and it won't be left in the pebbles and debris. Although, she did hope she won't be there to pick up the pieces. She's had enough of that. “I'm a exactly like how I was. Busy as ever. Nothing really changed. We only got more work.” Granted, their life was like full on corporate working company. It was never ending and there was no such concept as rest for them. “I'm still sane, so I'd say that's a progress.” she quipped. Contrary to other people belief, most Ailwards didn't really want guards to be following them around 24/7. The suffocation they feel are surprising. They weren't as dependent as some made them out to be, but there were parts where they're vulnerable, especially after fixing the dent. Heavy is the head wearing the crown, after all.

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