Though the many years, no one knows like Celestials and the Aliwards knew what happened. Lucius could never forget all the hell and pain he went through with no answers still to give him an eased minded. He didn't want to see an Aliward or any guards from the events that changed a lot of people. Some are scared, some overcome everything, some like Lucius with trust issues who does not like doing alone in the dark without think one of the guards is tracking him down with one wrong move.  He wants to move on from what happened and live his life to be who he is. It was just yesterday Opehila told him he was no a human but part of a species from the stars. His old life sometime comes back to him with his job he was so passionate about the people who cared for him like a family would. Lucius does not know what who he really is.

Answers is all he could think of, thinking he is someone dangerous to others learning about his powers here and there. Baby steps through the years, living in the city, he got to know bits but not really everything. The celestial male was taking a short walk think he could need to find a quiet place to look deeper within himself.  His brown hues look upon the destination he was looking for. The Woods. Lucius for one was not a nature type of person but hearing that it helps someone to think and look within themselves it's worth a try.  Entering the woods he soon realized anything can happen and this was a bad idea. He knew he wanted to let his mind be free and clear but he had to let his mind be open in case for an attack or to protect themself.

As he entered the woods, he felt himself being attached to nature, walking through nature and just take a walk exploring a new area Lucius has not yet seen. Within his mind he knew he needed to do, find a few hobbie, get into everyday society, move on from what happened years ago and try to be open and nicer to others.As his mind went to find someone to love he rolled his eyes to himself. "Yeah right, I pushed girls away already by would someone like a man like me." Lucius believed Love was a person weakness, a blind spot for a person common sense. Little does his mind goes it's a little part of being human not like he was at all but to feel Human in a little way. 

Lucius sit down on top of a rock, looking to see if anyone was around which like he thought noone. He closed his eyes feeling the breeze that came through the trees to calm himself completely. Lucius didn't think today was going to be eventful.

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Mal didn’t know the first thing about emotions. Well, lies. She knows a lot about it, but when she said she didn’t understand them, she wasn’t sure how to word or phrase them in her own way so it just sometimes, come out the other way that really does place her in another predicament which could confuse her listener. She’s a complicated person, in order to even understand her, you needed to be ready to crack her open and with the way things are going with Ben, one of the only people who could actually make her sigh and grumble while also apologizing on the spot, it’s a progressive state. It wasn’t much of any increase in her mood level activities, but around the human, the Aspect of Magic felt more at ease, as if she could fly around in the clouds without any worries in her head. 

The star in front of her had a weird air of calm and serenity, frankly enough that was good for the purple dragon no matter how many times she would like to deny it. Okay, plenty of things perhaps. After a while of shutting people out, it seemed to be the easiest option when it comes down to anything. It wasn’t like she wanted to, it leaned more on the fact that she felt like she needed to. When she first met Lucius, she only knew him as that lawyer she came across at, once upon a time ago, in England, he still maintained that sleek and polished air about him too. Malva wasn't emotionless, no matter how often she would always put them in a dormant area in her head, there's never a moment where she's truly detached from them.

 At least there would be one of two remaining behind, the ones she'd eventually focus on. She didn't choose not wanting to feel anything, but how can she allow herself to feel the luxury of emotions alone when she knew the calamities that could come running after if she messed up? No matter how big of a risk-taker she is, that's one she couldn't amount to. Lately, it's been spilling though. One by one decided to make an appearance despite the incident 400 years ago, and she couldn't find the strength in her to push it away and make way for another room once more. Perhaps she missed how it felt to feel genuine. Like for instance, now. 

“You’re still so interesting even now” she shook her head but had a small smile adorning her lips as she tucked in both her hands into the pockets of her jacket, staring straight at the full moon above them. “I don’t know, honestly. I feel a bit lost, not gonna lie there. Tired and exhausted for sure… I haven’t been me as of late, it feels like I’m living in a shell of the person that I once was. I came out here thinking I can stare back at the nature and remember who I used to be.”

Emotion is the one flaw the star fails to surrender too. Lucius always found it useless and something to frown upon. Nothing really fazed him like it will for others. Even if he fell in love once the star will cut any contact with anything he does not understand or to even feel how nice it will to let someone in a lifetime into Lucius’s life. One person managed to slip thought all the cracks Lucius tries to seal up and not like anything in. Ash is someone Lucius never thought he would meet. Someone who can match him is a sarcastic and harsh viewpoint on how they see people and the world around them. Death only came among the star it became a proven fact, the people who took him in, Serenity a young woman who almost broke his ways and now a human male who Lucius can never beat in an argument or even want to push him away, it will now be hard. He did not believe in connections but Ash made everything seem harder to Lucius now more than ever.

He never had a worry or a care in the world, which is one thing he always thought about How was he someone from the star above. Lucius always tries to remember what he was before but it always is to a blank. Why would he even want to fall if it might have been a better life wherever he came from. Regardless of how people saw him Lucius is a very patient person and a great listener which is why he always knew how to swing around things in the courtroom. How he showed himself in the courtroom is what kept him alive today. Knowing the limit knowing when to close something he wouldn’t be involved in. The star didn’t see him seeing the Aspect again after the night they met and was pulled away from so many years. Deep down he is surprised she would want to talk to him after all that time looks like the world made one twist on him.

As the female spoke up, Lucius looks at her with a questioning expression.  “I think that can be visa versa as well,” he commented on what she said wondering what she meant by it. Not like he is not bothered by her comment but the wonder of the meaning is something he is now curious. Lucius sighed knowing what the female is about as he nodded, letting his dark brown eyes look around their surroundings. “Even in the dark moments in our life it still likes to throw things at us like we can handle everything. It’s easy to lose ourselves and it’s more common than what most would say.  I know what you mean though, it’s something to question many things about yourself. Have you thought to talk to someone? Like someone who would know what you are feeling or has someone that comes close to how you feel.”

When she first heard about the Celestials, Malva was quick to do her reading on them. She told herself they needed this knowledge so every research and studying she did was worth everything. The Aspect of Magic wasted no time to pick up a book or travel across the world to find out more about these fallen stars. They had no records, no archives, nothing. It was no wonder the Ailwards made sure to keep it that way even after they captured them. Admittedly, they were captured for their own sake, to prevent anything of the worst to happen ever again while the Aspects were still in a crippling condition. Even now, Malva was sure that whenever she felt weak or thought about it, she could still feel herself tingling. The memories of falling in the dark abyss while trying to fight her way back to reality, it wasn't easy and it was definitely not painless.

 Lucius standing before her right now, still made her want to be sure that he will be safe, and it wasn't just because he was someone she had acquainted herself with briefly before everything went wrong, it was because he is a Celestial. Anything could happen to them and she didn't want to conjure up her imagination to see where that would lead her. When asked if she has ever thought to talk to someone about her problems, Malva shook her head, "No. But I'm not surprised. I'm not supposed to show any weaknesses. It will affect every single one of us and I can't let that happen." To Mal, to be strong is to be emotionless. Her emotions have always gotten the best of her and she had often lashed out because of it. 

"It's not like anyone would listen, anyway. I can understand why. I'm not exactly the most… approachable person there is. People are more likely to fear me than to love me. I turn people into animals because they piss me off." Admittedly, she didn't feel guilty for doing that because it lasted 24 hours maximum, and she had specifically told people not to antagonize her. "I do think that people are aware that I'm having trouble. They just don't know what it is… or where it came from. My siblings can't come close to me without having me shut the door to their faces and the guards? Well, I don't think they're brave enough to walk the waters that would undoubtedly swallow them whole with one misstep."

Believing he was a human longer than him finding out he is a fallen star was unbelieve at that point in time. Though Lucius can still remember he was fonded of stars but not like everyone else, he didn't know why he was. The day he got told everything in his life changed. He will never be that same man everyone looked at knowing Lucius was not normal like everyone else. Nothing of it made sense even now Lucius knows how the energy works and chooses not to use it ever one anyone. it does not mean he does not practice to get stronger. 

The star knew to be careful as anything can happen but his guard is still up. he wanted to trust the other but knowing after everything that might be a lot tougher to gain back it. It might be better for him to trust her at the end of the day but he wanted to make sure his life will be alright. Even if he remeets the others it might be the same effect he felts right now toward Malva.  "It's smart not to show it. You are right. One thing we have in common, I said that once upon a time to someone who didn't believe me. They ended up dying in my arms." Lucius said crossing his arms. "I muted mine a long time ago." Lucius didn't know how his life will be or how it will end if it ever will. In order for Lucius to get by without overthinking about things is for him to forget what happened and pretend to be alright. The only things he kept in his memory are the smallest details. 

"Have anyone told you are a force to be reckoned with?" Lucius was not shocked by the way she admitted to the past guys. Lucius didn't want to be on that list anytime soon so he will stay on the other side of the line and plans to stay there. "Someone once told me, no matter what happens in our lives someone who is meant for you or to love you will come in your life regardless. " Lucius said knowing it will not happen to him no matter how many times he tells himself. Lucius wants to believe in that as it's a personal choice, he was not fit to be in someone's life. it could be that he is scared to lose them or see them get hurt but he is a jerk or an asshole for better words. Who would love someone like that, to begin with? Only someone on that same level might be into that. "Well we are in the woods, there is no door for you to close on me so guess I am lucky," Lucius said then sighed.

"After all the years we lived, there has to be someone. I'm no one to talk as I would do the same thing as you are doing." It's not like the female will start talking to him. Lucius is someone who would take everything with a grain or sault and take everything seriously. It was just his nature of being a lawyer years back, it looks like he never lost his touch.

"Weakness is a luxury people like us don't get to feel. One moment you're happy letting your guard down to others, the next you'll get yourself killed because of it. People are sensitive to it. They can smell it from miles away, and once they get a whiff of that weakness and fear you bore, they will hunt you down and tear you to shreds." Ironically as it is, she was sure Lucius knew how it felt to be hunted down. Celestials had been at the bottom of the chain for centuries and she imagined, that wouldn't change now. Unfortunately, that's the way life is going to be like, the strong thrives and the weak cries. A natural order. A chuckle escaped her when he asked if she knows she's a force to be reckoned with, "I know that. I'm 1290 years old, Lucius, I've met plenty of people in my life and each one tells me that." Whether they were does or allies, the same could be said.

 However, she didn't expect for him to talk about love, specifically the one. Malva never believed in any of that but did she believe love is real? Yes, she does. After all, she loved more than once. The fact still remains that neither was the right fit for her because tragedy would swallow them before anything. "I don't think I have that luxury. To love, I mean. Everyone who's ever loved me, they will find themselves stuck in a predicament they cannot escape. Which ends up being their… tragic demise." And she's been there, at their funerals, every century that passes, she would see them live and die while she remains the same, with a broken heart. "Just because there's no door for me to slam into your face, doesn't mean I can't deliver the same momentum" she jested teasingly, a slap would do just fine but a flick of here and there should do the job properly. 

"But yes, consider yourself lucky, but I have a soft spot for people in my past, even if they turn out to be my biggest enemy, I'd offer the same courtesy even then. And besides, it's not like I can magically flick you. Not now, at least." Is there someone? "I guess if you count my recently new personal guard that was someone that's been with me for almost my entire life, she's an option" Octavia was the mother figure she never had and she knew it was easier for her to lean to her. "And you? How's life for you? Surely there must be something going on." 

The star nodded knowing how it feels to be hunted. You can't show your true feelings in the world knowing no matter what will happen. Lucius learned the hard way before the Isle and the events after and before that. Lucius never wants to be read by anyone other them himself that's what makes him as unpredictable as possible. He finds it safer to be in the blind eyes. Lucius chuckled a little, "Well Malva you look great for your age." Lucius was shocked how old the other really is but then again he can't say anything other than a compliment. 

Love is a subject he never once to talk about as it's always been pushed on him from the household he grew up with. Lucius could never understand everyone's obsession when it comes to your need to find the one and get married or they just want kids and not care about any facts later on. "Looks like we both have that effect. I tried pushing someone away ones but I think you can guess what happened to them." Lucius said. "I don't know if that will make me a bigger asshole or it's me keeping me safe from any harm," Lucius said how ironic is something he is going thought at the moment with a human male. Lucius might not be able to push him away but Lucius hows his limits and when to back off. He didn't want to lose any more people and those who will feel the victim try and love him.  "We might want to protect those but one day that person will come and will never leave no matter what you tell them. They will risk everything." Lucius was not going to talk the other out of her mindset but with life doing whatever it wants you never know. 

When the aspect mentioned the same momentum Lucius knew what she was referring to. "I mean it would be the same pain but I don't plan to be slapped tonight," he said with a smile.  hearing what she said about people in their past Lucius nodded. hearing the word Guard did make him feel uncomfortable but he knew the context why she would bring them up. "Well for everyday life been on my own. I want to see about going back into being a lawyer like I was in England. I do miss the thrill of the courtroom." he said with a smile as he did sigh. "I'm also dealing with a male who is like me but I feel like he likes me and no matter how hard I try to push him away it does not work. Like nothing is keeping him away." Lucius knew he was along like the other but he didn't think no one can be a perfect match for the star to deal with. 

She let out an amused chuckle when he said she looked good for her age, "1290 and still counting... " Though she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad one, how long was she going to stay here? It wasn't to say that Malva wasn't happy with her life and whilst it may not have been the best, it was not by far the worst living circumstances one could have. She just wanted to know if there would be another, someone better with a new-found fresh concept of keeping the balance in the world, that would come and rescue her from the cruel world. Perhaps, she would also be able to be granted a passage back to the realm of the dead. It was long overdue, anyway. 

"Hey, if they can get to you, then you're safe, no?" she tried to make it sound like it wasn't as bad as it actually was but even the brunette realized that nobody wants to be alone forever. It's a sad thing to think about. "I think, attachments… They're a fickle thing. But then again, I've spent almost my entire life having nobody with me aside from my siblings and whatever friends I have in the Guard. It does seem like Lucius had an idea about the concept he's explaining, which made her curious, "You sound as if you're experienced in it. Have you found someone like that? Or maybe a small glimpse of what it would be?" She was glad that he was able to pick up where he left, they all deserve to have that chance. 

"I know it won't be easy… for you to start anew, hunters will always be everywhere you go. They don't seem to get the memo that people don't want to be hunted... But I am fairly certain that you'll find a way to build those puzzles up again." If a lawyer is what he intends to be, why not? He sounded well enough from the last time she met him. Quite the intelligent lad. "Ah… so there is someone" she teased, "If he doesn't seem to get the memo then maybe you should give him a chance, no?"

The star looked at her and smiled, it not like he wanted to ask about her age since he is one who will never do that. When Malva asked him about him being safe he shugged. "I mean I have not one person who died on me... Well, a few now due to reasons." Lucius said knowing the only ones who have eternal life has more of a chance then thought who doesn't have it.  Humans, Therians have not been so lucky. Was he cursed without knowing about it? Maybe. Lucius won't be surprised if he is or was. 

"I feel the same way. I've been alone most of mine as well. Only one had come close to break my walls but she sadly ended up dying. Cause unknown but it's not my place to look for her killer or what happened to her." Lucius said knowing the word left a bittersweet taste in his mouth. He does not trust the word even if it comes with something sweeter and amazing for him. The star will never tell the difference if he even tried. 

"Yes to both. Well, it's more like two people then one now. The woman I said before, her name was Serenity. Beautiful human she was along with being determined,  always knew how to hold herself." Lucius said feeling weird talking about her once more. "She always tried to get me to change from the asshole I am but she almost did it," he said putting his hand in his front pockets. "She was killed by an animal but now it's a lazy way to say she was killed by a Therian you know back in the day and their believes. She was special to me, it was the first time I felt happy with someone being around me." Lucius said laughing nervously to himself.

it was hard for the star to talk about the past knowing so much has happened and yet stayed with him for many years is captured in cages. Being trapped in your mind that it set in the past is something he does not recommend. All it does will eat you up like you are nothing and then history. 

Lucius knew Malva is right about everything that it is to a Celestials life, "It's true it won't be easy but it does not stop me to try at least. I think that can be said by any one of my kind." Lucius said as he then chuckled hearing her teasing him about the male. "At this point mind well you know." He was not sure about how to do the dating thing but there is a first for everything. A 168-year-old star never dated in his life thinking it's a waste of time is now stuck in his words once upon a time. Looks like the universe wants to slap him in the face finally. 'What about you? If there is someone who is like that male with you what would you do?" 

"People die every day. That's how life is. It demands balance between two planes; life and dead. But to lose someone you care for… knowing you can do nothing to save them, that has gotta hurt." Perhaps, it was because of how she's lived her life so far. She didn't see the need to feel the emotions people had a hard time trying to control. But that doesn't mean Malva was devoid of any emotions, period. "First love dying? And you can't do anything to save her? Ironically, the same thing happened to my past. His name was Karlisle, he was quite possibly the most mischievous guy I've ever met. But he's very kind. Exactly the kind your mother would approve. Well… my mother once liked him. Before she thought he was rendering my learning progress… she didn't want anyone to take my attention away from my magic. He did." 

In her defense, she's never known happiness until he showed her what it felt like. So she held onto him like hell. When he was killed by her parents, she didn't see the need to return when she would only end up letting her grief get the best of her and possibly lash out. "Change is inevitable and someone can indeed, change you. For the better or for the worse...  Just be glad you could get the first part done. Not everyone has that luxury to meet someone who made you a better person." It should be cherished. "Keep going at it. Don't give up. That's the second best thing you could do without having a goal in life. To keep on surviving." 

It wasn't as if they could take any Celestial dying. Not now, or ever. It was hard to control the time flow and the rift it will be caused by others. They've had it once and one time was more than enough. Malva pressed her lips together to form a thin line when he asked her if she had someone similar, "I don't know. I'm not in a position to be reckless… but I do think someday, there is a place for me to relish in the happiness I create. Not today but… the day will be there. One way or the other." But he wasn't her and he shouldn't have to limit himself, "Don't be like me. Don't limit yourself. If you want something, go for it. Don't hold yourself back, it's not nearly worth it." 

It did hurt, Lucius reflects what happened years go how he socializes with people nowadays. "She knew too much or saw something she was not supposed to see. Meeting her decedent looking just like her now brings up all those memories again." The star said looking at the aspect of magic. "Keeping the balance is important so I move on and not let what happen title who I am," Lucius said with a sigh. "Looks like fate has been cruel to us," Lucius said knowing how she could've felt back then. "Am sorry to hear that. Did you never love someone like that after him?" he asked wondering if she did move on or was like him never letting anyone in no matter how they feel. 

Looks like his theory of moving on and not letting it define you is correct, Malva and he have proven it's hard but it's worth it at the end if they want to keep their sane in check. How far of being changed for the better can bring someone in life if they can't die. Knowing she wanted him to be kind and not be a jerk to most people but if she really saw through his eyes to know it's not that simple. "At first I never wanted the first part. I always pushed everyone away thinking I was better off like that. Now I think it was for the best but that was years ago to open that part of me. Our eyes are seeing a different part of the world with new struggles. New knowledge to understand and new mysteries am guessing is what's going on in the city. Yes, I can feel it." he said closing his eyes with a sigh. 

"Planning to stay alive is something everyone has in common," Lucius said looking at Malva, he knew it's the same outlook for the female.  Hearing the other telling him to go for it if he wants it made the star sigh. Was it even safe for him to love or allow him to fall into that? Everything to Lucius is so unknown. "What do you mean not in the position to be reckless?" Lucius asked. She didn't have to tell him but something about though words didn't feel right to him for some reason.  

Ah, another one who bites the dust because of the knowledge they possessed; knowledge they shouldn't even possess, in the first place. "I guess that's what people try to talk about when they said knowing too much is not good for you. Curiosity killed the cat, even if satisfaction brought to back. There's no wasting time for that. Nobody's going to bring you back once you're dead. If you're dead, you're dead." Simple as that. "I don't think I've known him to have any descendants at all, or maybe I just couldn't be bothered to find out because it'll just do me more harm than good" Perhaps, that was it. Maybe she didn't want to seek them out, the same way she was quite reluctant to seek her own distant relatives out. 

"Sometimes I'm not sure why fate chose to be crueler to others but someone once told me that in everything that's happened, it was written in the stars for a reason. I try to look to the bright side of things but maybe some people are not equipped for happiness." And by that, she meant herself. "Not that you still have close to none in the chance department." When asked if she's ever loved someone after Karlisle, Malva found herself pursing her lips and sighed softly, "Not quite. I've never fell for someone quite like how I fell for him. Maybe that's the thing with first loves. They never go away." It is a part of your growing up stages, anyway. It was bound to stay there. 

"I keep myself away from others, for a reason. I'm always overwhelmed by my emotions. And once upon a time ago, I lost control because of it. Ever since then, I vowed to never let my emotions dictate my actions which was why I chose to lock it away. I wasn't always like this." Mal could remember how playful and free-spirited she had been some time ago. Her youthfulness never faded away, not quite. She just… grew up and learnt to keep it hidden, fearing it'll be used against her. "I'm the Aspect of Magic, Lucius. I'm an Ailward. Everything about who I am makes up my existence in this world. I was dead, but then I was brought back to continue to service this world. So if I forget about it and allow myself to stray, what's the point?"

Lucius couldn’t agree more, knowledge is something everyone has, it’s not something you can turn off or avoid it’s a treasure everyone has and hold dear to. Death is a dark word for someone like him to hear even if it’s just a simple topic but what Malva said it’s true when your dead end of the story. “If you don’t want to know about it, don’t look for them. Trust me it would’ve been easier if I didn’t know but now it’s bitting me.” Lucius said not trying to sound harsh or anything but it’s just pushing him back in life even if he wanted to go forward.  “Even if you do and it’s like me, seeing them on the street or walking by you just don’t give them another look. The moment you do you can never think about going forward. It might be good then to have closer but really what good is it at the end of the day?” 

The star knew what Malva is talking about, it’s been around more many years ‘it’s funny how many people still look up at the stars to think if they talk to them something will come out of it.” he said looking up at the night sky, well what he can see. “They can be a guide if you are lost in the darkness of night but it’s really someone’s actions who manifests what they want in their life. Good Karma to Bad Karma. It’s the universe we live in that makes up believe in the stars” Lucius said not trying to make the other think differently but it’s been proven time and time again if you do good and you think good things good karma will come think the negative only Bad Karam will live in your like belief in things you mind does not want you to believe but you do it anyway. “Happiness comes to no matter if someone wants it or not but I am not someone to tell you what to believe in.” Lucius nodded as he looked to the female. “They will hunt you but yes, I think what’s what there meant to do.” 

Listening to Malva’s talk about her reasons, the star can understand which is why he never wanted love in the first place. He believes love is a waste of time that takes you away from all the important things in life. Lucius loved his life as a lawyer now after everything he did was all for nothing. “After all this talk, I still have the mindset about the love word. I locked myself away from feeling it in the first place. The more I said no, people keep forcing it on me. To me, it’s a distraction, meanless and unimportant than the real problems at hand in this world. So your not alone with that mindset.” Once again Malva is not wrong, bring brought back to life is a second chance and maybe just maybe there is something about her job is not completed.

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