It had been a while since he had been out and dressed up for an occasion, a text was sent out to him that he was invited to perform a Drag Queen show and to perform his music, which of course, he was eager to get out of the castle and he had made sure that the maids gave him plenty of blood supply before he endured the rest of the night. The following day, Jason had been getting ready for the show and he had also texted Marcos the address of the bar that he often visited in his local area. He was feeling rather good about himself so he was able to get out more and he was slightly more in control of his blood lust for the moment. The young Valkyr had dressed up in a vibrant purple jacket on, with feathery pieces sticking out on his shoulders, and long black pants on. OUTFIT He hadn’t heard back from Marcos as he was heading out into the night, making sure he had his outfit for the night as well as his music on his USB drive. 

Light snow was starting to fall over the Valkyr territory before he climbed into the cab and gave the cab driver directions to the  Crystal Tavern that was located in the middle of the Valkyr territory that was known for its Drag Queen shows and performances. He was super excited but also slightly nervous because this was the first time that Marcos was going to hear him perform as well as act as Drag Queen. He would be very amused that’s for sure. He knew that he was going to be the star of tonight's show since he was often there for the performances, he used to do it at Baptiste’s bar often but since the two no longer have that connection, he made business elsewhere. His bag was clasped with one hand as he paid the cab driver his money that he owed him as he climbed out the cab at the backdoor of the place, so he wasn’t seen by some fans, he made his way into the tavern. Nerves started to build up inside of him before the manager of the place came over to him, greeted him and asked how he was going since he had been away for so long. 

After he took a few minutes of getting ready, he peeked through the curtains near the stage, seeing if he could see Marcos in the crowd, but he couldn’t see him yet. His first song was that he was sure that others would be blown away from it. He made sure that he warmed up his vocals, singing different highs and lows and as well as preparing himself to go on stage with backup singers and other dancers. Another ten minutes had gone by before he was finally urged onto the stage, the place went quiet as others were watching intently as the show started to begin. As the music started with the guitars and other instruments, the curtains dropped down and it revealed Jason, the bright lights cascading over him as he began to sing the lyrics of his song.

‘’In the morning when I wake, And the sun is coming through, Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness,And you fill my head with you’’ He sang before he strutted his way down the small runaway stage, before he spotted Marcos in the distance, smirking slightly as he began to make his way towards the other, people were cheering and singing along with his song, each foot one after the other, ignoring the way that some men were trying to touch him as his focus was on Marcos, before he had spun around and started to shake his ass to the crowd, touching the ground as he danced along to the music. His whole mind was set on the performance, the crowd cheered along with him as he continued to dance with other Drag Queens, making sure he was giving it his all. As the song slowly stopped for a moment, he spoke into the microphone. 

‘’I just wanted to dedicate my performance to Marcos Moretti,’’ he pointed to his best friend in the crowd, who was bashfully blushing like no tomorrow, he chuckled. ‘’This is first time to a Drag Queen show, let’s give him a warm welcome!’’ The crowd cheered along as well as clapping before the song continued on, he once again strutted down the runaway before he climbed off the stage and went towards Marcos’ table, smirking softly as he continued the song before he reached over to let his finger drag across the others cheek, winking at him before he turned back again and headed back to the stage.

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