Ever since the move to evermore. Jett had felt like he didn't fit in with people. Even tho he had discovered he was a therian. he still felt secluded. The woods made him felt more alive. 

So now when the city lay asleep. the young therian would slip out and amok in the woods. Freeing himself from his troubles in his human form

But today felt different. As he turned into his tiger form he sensed something wasn't.  Crouching on all fours he growled at where the sound was coming from 

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Evermore City was slowly becoming his own hometown and was settling in nicely, he hasn't made many friends yet but he is planning to do so soon. He hasn't been highly sociable as he was worried about home but he tried not to think about it as he tries to avoid it. He already knocked back his duties anyways, he shifted into his wolf form and began to sniff his way through the forest. 

His tail flickering to swish the bugs away as he trotted, his ears perked high as he listened to the various sounds in the woods. As he sniffed his way around the large woods, he came upon a clearing and caught a different scent. His nostrils flared for a moment and he was on guard now, ready to attack if it was a threat. He heard a growl not that far from him and he slowly came out from the tall grass, revealing himself and saw the creature. A tiger? He couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

A snort left his nose as he saw the creature, he obviously guessed he was a therian and his head tilted side ways, his blue eyes looked at the tiger in confusion, almost like a lost puppy. He slowly crawled himself over to him, laying down on the grass and didn't want to cause any trouble. His tail wagged slightly to show he was friendly towards the other, hoping that he wasn't going to attack him. 

Jett looked at the wolf that had approached him in the woods. It was surpise to Jett that there where wolves wandering about at this time. However this wolf seemed werid to Jett. 'It must be another therian' seeing that wolf posed no theart Jett decided to lie down in the grass. He was new to this whole therian. After a while of bating his paws around. He became human again. 'Well that was tedious' he said to the wolf chuckling. He sat in the grass where he lay down as a tiger. He pulled some grass and began to plait the long grass. His fingers twirled around the strands.

Arthur had never seen a tiger before and it was really interesting to see the creature up close; usually Arthur wouldn't be in his wolf form in such broad daylight. It was dangerous for his kind as hunters may attack them and that wasn't good or any therian for that matter. 

As he approached the tiger slowly, he saw the therian change into this human and he blinked for a moment, his head tilting to the side as he observed the younger male. He jumped up and headed into the grass to change into his human form, his torn clothes were visible as he wandered over to the younger, watching him pick at the grass. ''Hey,'' he said as he plopped himself down on the grass. ''I'm Arthur,'' he said with a small smile, gesturing his hand to the other to shake.

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