The sun  began to rise from the darkness as Aiden woke  up looking up at the fan realising he had crashed   on the couch doing paperwork as he rose to his feet  he  stretched as he looked out  at the partitioning sky from darkness  to orange then the sun creeping the as the familiar ping from the coffee machine indicating the first  cup of coffee was ready as he made his way over to the kitchen he  picked up a  tablet  pressing it two reminders  came up  the first one wasn't too bad 1. try new run near  mountain pass really test your endurance , it was a suggestion his trainer had suggested as Aiden  was finding the normal routes to easy  so as a challenge he was sent a new route  as he placed tablet down he turned to the  coffee machine taking  the  coffee cup taking a quick swig as he  took an energy bar  opening  the wrapper partially as he looked at the second on his list "  Interview part-time receptionists "  even though he was happy Andrea his full-time receptionist was cutting her hours  and no body worked like her he was happy she chose to stay with the company ,

An hour had passed as the daylight crept through the windows as Aiden walked out of his bedroom wearing 3 quarter length  Navy shorts, a grey hoodie and white shirt & trainers as he walked over to the remainder of his coffee and snack before making his way towards his front door making his way down a small flight of steps revealing 3 cars that he used often as he stopped to look at the vehicles his mind decided what he would do as he found his self walking over to the red Ferrari getting quickly into the driver's seat pulling quickly out of his garage joining the street as he turned to join the traffic towards the mountains

The traffic was slow as snails like it often was at rush hour everyone either going to work or going home after night shift while the traffic came to a standstill he pressed a button on the central console as the radio came to life. as the usual business news played followed by traffic news the road he was on no accidents it was just busy thirty minutes passed as Aiden reached the turning he was looking for as he drove in he was mt by beautiful woodland area as he looked around he parked up at the nearest parking killing the engine he swiftly got out of his car his skin was met by a cold breeze much colder then you would directly in the city as he smiled he pulled his hood up taking a few steps before stretching for around ten minutes before taking his earphones out of his pocket as he started playing music from his phone before setting off into the woodland.


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every morning started just the same and Athena didn't mind the never ending circle of her day to day life, it was new normal that brought her a sense of security because she knew what was coming. she knew she was safe. Athena woke up every morning to the blaring chime of her cellular device at precisely seven o'clock in the morning taking the extra five minutes before it went off again to stretch her tired limbs. getting ready for her day and heading downstairs with a bit more pep in her step to get her cup of coffee already brewed thanks to her coffee maker that gave off a pleasurable aroma throughout her quaint kitchen. as she indulged in some granola she wrote vigorously in her journal, something like this settled her mind for the day... it was all sort of silly how she busied herself with a childish act but for her it was helped her sanity. Athena couldn't afford to loose her baring's again.

the more the sun rose the more Athena planned her day, getting her paper from the front steps while sipping mundanely from her coffee her hopeful orbs read over the city news, skipping the heavy stuff she went for the towns events, finding a farmers market just up the way made her heart lift its spirits right up. Gathering her things she decided to walk enjoying the cool morning air and the way spring was trying to make its debut tugged at the corners of her full lips. Earth was such a beautiful thing in her eyes, the cycle it goes through and the strength it carries symbolized everything Athena has ever wanted in her dark life.

And her she was getting that rebirth, it was here and it has not faltered a bit despite the windy parts, it was full bloom and glorious as ever. Athena walked into the shops and browsed around before the vibrant colors of fruit beckoned her over, picking through apples and peaches, she gathered a bundle or two and paid the farmer before heading on her way to walk into the park, listening to the breeze, watching leaves bustle around the ground in a small dance. Athena smiled in fondness her element providing her with solitude as she paused and called to the leaves with her mind, making them spiral around and settle. In good time, Athena's vulnerable ended when she saw an approaching figure, acting normal she walked keeping her distance.

Aiden stopped as the last beat of the song faded away from his earphones as he bent over breathing heavily as he raised his left wrist looking at the time” 30 minutes not bad as it is my first time here “ he took his earphones out as he took several breaths before straightening himself up he looked around wondering if he was in the right place turned as he heard footsteps  “ excuse me im looking for the farmers market I heard it was up this way “he stopped as he looked at the girl to see if she responded before setting of the direction the girl had come from.

A few minutes passed  before he came across the stools of the local farmers market fresh veg fruit and homemade pastry stopping when he witnessed a homity pie his memory   wandered back  to the  last time he had one  before  being snapped back  into reality by the  stool  as he slides his hand in his pocket taking out his cash  nodding as  it was wrapped up in a bag  before being handed it as he made his way  back out the way he came he picked up a bottle of water and a few other items as he made his way out  the way  he entered  as he continued to walk back he opened the bottle of water as  he looked around taking  the   scenery and how it looked in the sunlight as he    continued to walk he   met the girl  he saw   heading to the car lot “ my apologies for  my rudeness   my instructions I was given were not 100 per cent accurate      if your heading into the city I am happy to drop you off as im heading that way 

all Athena wanted at this point was to go, just run for the hills like a mad person, her heart raced and she could feel the cold breeze on her neck from the heat her body had created from nerves. she shouldn't feel so panicked but with limited people interactions and anyone new it was hard for the Rosenberg girl to function in social settings. when he stopped her she jumped a little to quickly and nearly dropped her bag, frazzled, she let out a nervous chuckle. " uh yes... it is uh, that way just up a few ways and you will see the tents, make a left and follow the steps down to the bridge.. " she nodded trying to keep a friendly smile. 

she nodded once and went about her way on her walk, to pass the time of her day she read her book, wrote in her progress journal, and ate the fruit from the farmers stand. when her phone pinged for her meeting reminder she stood and headed back into the small town. the males voice startled her and she placed a hand to her chest shaking her head. " no-.. no, you were just fine... " athena smiled and took a steady breath. " oh... uhm, i'm fine to walk... i have to prepare for a interview so... thank you... " she turned and began walking trying to remember her tools for her anxiety.

Aiden removed his hoodie revealing his white  t- shirt only exposing the edges of his tattoos   but not the details  as he watched the girl “ where are you applying to i'm happy to  drop you off no hassle at all  “  he watched as he recognized  the signs of anxiety even though he was no longer a operative he made sure to note  characteristic  of people's behaviours as he followed  as he opened his hand out “ Im Aiden”  he smiled gently as he lowered his hand.

“May i ask  what time your interview is as the last bus left to go into the  city around 25 minutes ago “  Aiden pulled up  his cell  revealing the  bus time tables “  the breeze rushed  around him as  his  phone bleeped saying interview   he quickly pressed ignore “  im heading in  that direction so if you need a lift im heading into the city and  happy to  give you a lift  “ he continued  to walk  with the girl”  you seem a little on edge everything ok “ concerned showed on his face as he slowed down  hoping to get an answer “ if it heps my interview is at  Hale construction  if its between  the coty and there i drop  you off “ he vegan to move on as the time started counting down 

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