Work was impeccably slow as of late. Ever sense the death of a co-owner. Everyone has been kind of in a ‘meh’ mood. Still showing up to work, doing their best not to allow the death to effect the work area. But sometimes it was kind of hard not to let it bother, when his office was right next to hers. It felt weird not seeing him walk through that door every day with a smile on his face, ready to work. So needless to say the atmosphere around the lab today was a little off, when everything was usually up beat. Holland found herself in her office, time ticking away slowly as possible as she had finished work early but didn’t want to go quite home just yet.

Sitting up close to her desk, pen tapping against the table. She was usually covered in work but for once she wasn’t. Pushing herself out of the chair as she grabbed the coat off the hanger along with her purse. Holland was going to make the best of her night, instead of sitting in her office copped up for once. “I’m going to see Sariah, guys. Don’t wait up.” of course everyone at work knew the human. She was the best thing that ever happened to this lab, but when a better chance arises like the human ambassador . Of course she was going to take it. There was no way Holland would allow her to deny a spot like that, but that was beside the point. The two were best friends, working day in and day out together. Ever sense she became ambassador. It was as if she hardly ever saw her anymore. That didn’t mean they didn’t have some form of contact on a daily.

“Have a goodnight, guys.” taking a few large steps towards the door as she swung the door open and walked her way down the hallway. As of late, Holland didn’t really do anything besides go to work, then go home, eat dinner and watch TV for a few hours. Then repeat the next day and so on. It was called being married to the work life. It had it’s good days and had it’s bad days. Depending on how someone truly looked at it. Thankfully, Sariah only lived a few blocks down from the hospital. Finally making her way out of the building, throwing her jacket over her arm as she the mocked the same movement with her purse but throwing it over her shoulder as she walked her way down the street. Twilight setting off into the distance. For once she wasn’t going into the hospital. As much as she loved her brother. It was hard sometimes to visit, seeing him in that state.

It had only taken her a few minutes to get to her friends house. As it was a quick around the block. Curling her fist up into a ball as she knocked against the door. It was more of a surprise visit more than anything. Seeing there wasn’t any real notice to her showing up. A whim if you will. They both needed to catch up anyway. Maybe even a girls night out, if she could even get Sariah to agree with that. Although, it was very needed with how busy both of their lives are these days. Now, she awaits to see if Sariah was even home. Teeth sinking down into the bottom lip. Tucking a strand of her brunette locks behind her ear as she waited. It had been a while sense they actually hung out together where it wasn’t still at work. So hopefully it was okay that she just showed up unannounced.

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It was one of those very rare days where Sariah didn’t have to go into work. It was supposed to have been a detox day where she spent the whole day reading, watching TV and generally avoiding going anywhere near her laptop but of course she had caved late morning and opened up her work emails to read. Sariah realized she was slowly becoming a workaholic and a busybody, with her being at the office most days of the week and now having to factor in dates to her schedule she had seriously been slacking at the most basic things, like calling her mom or making plans with friends.

Eventually she had managed to pull herself away from the daily work drama and curl up on the sofa with a book she had been meaning to read. Her eyes scanned over the first few pages taking in the setting of the story, she loved ready fantasy stories, mostly so she could compare their imagination against what was really out there in the world. Before she could reach the end of the first chapter however her eyes began to feel heavy and before long she allowed herself to slip into a quiet and much needed nap.

Several hours later and blonde started awake to the sound of the doorbell. Looking around frantically to gather her bearings she reached for the lamp flicking on the light as the realization settled in that she had fallen asleep mid reading. Sighing softly she set aside the book she had probably been drooling on for the past few hours and she headed over to the control pad at the front door of her apartment. Pressing the button she spoke down the comms system which was wired to the bottom entrance “Hey” she spoke softly. The voice who responded the blonde recognized instantly a smile appearing on her lips “Sorry I totally forgot to charge my phone” she admitted as she pressed the other button allowing her friend to pass the entrance “C’mon up” she invited Holland to made her way up.

Rubbing at her eyes she flipped on the main lights to the apartment and looked down the hall to where a beautiful grandfather clock her mother had given her stood tall. Reading the time she realized she had wasted away around 4 and a half hours of the day. Typical. Heading down the hall she headed into the kitchen grabbing an apple from the counter and taking a bite, she was starving and didn’t feel any motivation whatsoever to cook. Hearing a knock at the door the blonde made her way back the way she came and undid the latch before opening it.

Digits now latching on to the door as she heard it unlock and the sleepy voice of her best friend. Chuckling softly as she admitted that she had forgotten to charge her phone. Now making her way towards the other door that actually lead into the house. Curling hand up into a ball as she then placed a knock at the door only to see the blonde who answered the door in what looked like her pajamas. “Sariah, it’s 4 pm and you’re still in your pajamas? Not that I’m judging.” offering a smile as she made her way in only to embrace her in a nice tight hug. “Is being ambassador that hard?” cocking an eyebrow. “If so, you’re so welcome back at the lab.” it was both a tease and a offer. “As much as I love my job. It’s not as fun without you. So seriously, if you ever get yaknow...bored of your job. You’re more than welcome back at the lab.” finally letting the long over due hug go as she then placed her purse against the kitchen counter. It felt good to see her. It felt like they were on two opposite ends of the world now with their jobs.

“Although.” those chocolate brown hues glanced at the outfit she was currently wearing. “We need to get you changed because we’re going out — and it looks like you need it more than me.” offering a smile. “And I’m not taking no for an answer because you’re going.” hooking arms with hers as she literally pulled her back into the woman’s room. “I may actually need to barrow an outfit as well. I’m so not going in work clothes, yuck.” Even in the olden days. The two didn’t go out every weekend, but when work got rather stressful. Everyone used to go out to a club and just have fun and that’s what majorly was needed here. They both looked like they needed to go out. Maybe one more than the other. There was no way she was going drinking and or clubbing alone. It was kind of tragic to be seen out alone in those type of scenes.

Now making her way over towards the closet as she started to go through her outfits. “Oh and you need to dish on your date with Orion.” she stated as she pushed through some clothes. “You cannot just go on a date and not expect to tell me about it.” glancing back at the human ambassador. “Are you two a thing now? Because if you are, I’m so down for it.” honestly? She was happy for her best friend. The two had never found time to date in their lives back when they both worked at the lab. Heck, Holland still doesn’t really have the time. Not that she was looking for someone to date. She was more married to her work than anything else. “I’m happy that one of us is getting out there and not allowing work to take over.” it was about time those two got together though. It was a long time coming. “I’m kind of envious, I admit.”

Sariah raised her hand as if to go and defend her lack of awakeness at 4pm but she didn’t really have much to excuse and so she closed her mouth and shook her head “My head hurts” she grumbled and pouted as the brunette pulled her in for a hug and Sariah wrapped her arms around her. When she stepped back she laughed “I think I lost all sense of a work life balance when I became ambassador” she admitted as she reached up to rub her eyes “But you know, saving the world one meeting at a time and all that” she smiled pressing both her arms down on Holland’s shoulders and meeting her gaze “I miss you too” she surmised making a mental note to find some excuse to work in the lab at some point this month.

Sariah gave her friend somewhat of a rabbit in the headlights look as she announced they were going out, glancing down at her current outfit and stifling a groan, the blonde wasn’t sure how well she was going to stomach drinking alcohol given she had barely eaten all day. “You never do” she responded with a mock eye roll as she allowed Holland to drag her into her room and Sariah flipped on the light switch before opening the door to her walk in closet. “What sort of outfits are we talking?” she asked as her eyes scanned over the different dresses and outfits that were hanging up. Sariah and Holland had always been the same size clothes and shoes and often shared, it didn’t phase the ambassador in the slightest. Picking out a few dresses she held them up with a raised brow.

Sariah gave a knowing nod when she brought up her date with Orion “I knew there was an ulterior motive here” she teased, though she was waking up and feeling more up to the idea of going out now. Picking out a blue dress she pulled off her PJs and changed into it, turning around she whined softly “Little help please” she pointed at the pesky zip with a laugh. In response to her question Sariah turned to look at Holland and then allowed a bright smile to cross her expression as she nodded “He may have invited me to meet his kids and I may be totally freaking out in here” she pointed to her forehead and laughed. At her friend’s admission of jealousy, Sariah shrugged “I haven’t figured it out really, hence the sleeping through my only day off” she was still annoyed at herself for wasting away the entire day "Besides, I'm sure one day someone will sneak up on you before you even realize" she teased back with a smirk.

“Do I even dare to ask where you’re dragging us to this evening?” now she had clothes on that she could actually wear in public she scanned her eyes over her shoe rack looking for a pair of matching pumps.

Lips pressed into a fine line when the blonde too dug in her closet only to bring out two types of dresses. Thankfully they were the same size in everything. She never really had a friend to share the same outfits with besides Sariah; not that she was complaining because Sariah’s closet was literally amazing. Compared to hers, they were all work clothes. Digits clasping on to the blue dress as she then hung the other one back up. “This would look incredible on you.” as the other one. It wasn’t what she was looking for. It didn’t give that vibe that she wanted to have fun tonight. Needless to say, she wanted them to both look smokin’ hot that no one could touch. That was the best kind of hot they could be. Lookin’ but not be able to touch. “With your hair all curled down. You’ll look amazing.” God, she really needed this girls night out.

Now turning around on the base of her heel as she went back to picking out some outfits. “Eh. I don’t think so. I’m at work too much to ever think about finding the right one, you know?” Holland had never been one to date. If she was at all honest, she had only been on a few dates in her life and they were nothing to be compared with, as they all truly sucked. “But enough about my love life; what about you? Are you ready to be a mother to his kids?” she asked in a teasing tone of voice. “I’m sure you’ll be fine though. You’ve always been wonderful with kids. Do you know how old they are?” Grabbing a few dresses off their racks. The brunette couldn’t pick between just one. There were a few that she enjoyed. “If you ever need me to come for back up, you know I will.”

Throwing the dresses over her arms as she then made her way to the bathroom. “I want you to be surprised what dress I’m going to pick.” shutting the door behind her as she started to undress with ease. “Orion is more than perfect for you, Sariah. Trust me, as your close personal best friend. I know these things.” the brunette said as she was talking through the bathroom door, shifting through the dresses, till she finally picked out her favorite black dress. Now slipping it over her figure, pulling it down. Arms rising up to pull those brunette locks out of the dress. “But are you ready to meet his kids?” asking. The friend was generally curious as she was living vicariously through the blonde. “I mean, if you’re freaking out and thinking you’re not ready. You don’t have to go. I think he’d understand.” now placing her hand against the door handle only to open the door with a wide smile. “What do you think? Too much? because if so, good.” now walking up behind her as she watched the friend turn around, offering a zip. “We’re going to TG’s. Only the best bar there is in Evermore.” hands grasping on the zipper only to pull up with ease, now following to look for pumps as well.

Sariah had always enjoyed having nice dresses and shoes, she was by no means the kind of person who obsessed over them but she held the opinion that she felt better when she wore nice things and looked good. When Holland agreed with her choice the blonde smiled, they both had good taste in clothes and would often swap and share when they got the chance, mostly because they didn’t exactly live near to one another and Holland enjoyed announcing spur of the moment that they were going out. Running her fingers along the fabric of the dress she smiled, perhaps a night out was what she needed. “Better get started then” she mused as she moved towards the mirror turning on her curling iron and starting to run a brush through her tangled blonde hair.

“Holland Emery, married to work and work only” Sariah mocked as she worked on curling her hair, sectioning parts off and twirling them around the iron her head tilted to the side as she waited for Holland to change into her surprise dress. Sariah laughed softly at her friend’s words about Orion “I’m not sure perfect is the word for it but we’re definitely something” it was still new for her and the relationship was by no means easy or two dimensional but that was what made it different and exciting for her. When Holland spoke the word mother however the blonde’s eyes widened “Well they’re both in their twenties so I don’t think they want or need me to act like their mother” she admitted as she finished the last curl and then got to work on her makeup. “Thanks” she admitted with a shrug “I just don’t want em to feel like I’m trying to take the place of their mom you know, it’s not like that” she sighed, really she had no idea how it was gonna play out.

The blonde applied foundation and then blush before moving onto her eyeliner and finally her lips, Sariah had perfected her makeup routine down to 20 minutes nowadays, mostly because she couldn’t be bothered to get up early for work anymore. Just as she finished Holland came out of the bathroom, now wearing one of Sariah’s favorite dresses, she blonde smiled wide “Hot damn” she teased fanning herself with a laugh “You’re going to have every guy at the bar staring at you” Sariah had opted for a more modest blue dress with a black skirt but she was still happy with how she looked as the two of them stood side by side in front of the mirror.  Sariah had never heard of the bar Holland mentioned but she figured best bar in Evermore was good enough praise. Grabbing a light blue purse she slipped her makeup essentials inside. She was about to put her phone inside when she tilted her head.

“Well it’d be a crime not to take pre-night selfie” she proclaimed before she turned on the camera and tucked her arm around the brunette pulling her close, pulling a pouty face and  snapping a semi blurry picture of them “Perfect” she proclaimed with a laugh. “Alright party queen, I’m at your mercy for the evening” she winked as she hooked her arm through Holland’s.

“Hey, you mock it. but I remember at one point that was also you.” laughing softly as she made her way over to the best friend. “Sariah Amelie Holloway. Married to work and only work.” mocking in return. These two could sit there for hours and talk all night if they really wanted too. Lord knows they’d have enough to say. That’s one of the things that Holland took after Sariah is the whole ‘rambling’ too much type of thing, around friends and nor just the matter of fact of being nervous. You’d think they’d be sisters. “I mean, as long as you’re happy, Sariah. You know?” allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders. “No relationship or person is perfect. But there is such thing as the person being perfect for you.. if that makes sense.” If anyone could decrypt what she said or meant, it was more than likely Sariah.

Now grabbing the plugged in curling iron as she took a few locks of her brunette hair and curled it until her head was full of nothing but curls. Holland wasn’t really big on make-up these days. Work never really required much but to look professional and she didn’t have time to get up and apply every inch of her face. It was a hassle more than anything. So the only real time she ever used make-ups was nights that she’d go out. Such nights as like tonight. Tonight was just another girls night out. It was long over due between the two. With her best friend becoming ambassador, it was as if she really didn’t get to see her as of late. Yeah, texting on a daily but that was nothing compared to actually seeing each other in person, you know? Now bending herself over to look fully into the mirror as she applied some basic eyeliner along with every other make-up thing she needed. It didn’t take long before she was finished.

Feeling her cheeks light up into a blush as her friend exclaimed ‘hot damn!’ “Oh, hush!” she said with a giggle, shaking her head. “Don’t hot damn me when you’re the hot one in this friendship, girly!” giving herself one last glance in the mirror before she turned around to Sariah taking her phone out for a pre-night selfie. Scooting herself to the blonde as she leaned her head in, smiling wide as she heard the sound of the camera click as the picture was taken. “Queen? Hm.” a smirk sliding across the edges of her lips. “Be careful. I like the sound of that. You may have to start calling me that more often.” she said teasingly as they walked out of her room, heels clicking against the floor as she grabbed her purse off one of the chairs she had placed it in when she first arrived over. “You ready to rock tonight?” hooking arms in with hers. “Believe it or not, we’re walking there. Your heels better be ready for a walk.” it wasn’t far. It was just around the corner, but she loved teasing her friend.

Leading her friend over to the door as she pushed it open. Allowing the fresh cool air to hit their faces as they made their way onto the street. They were off to the races! The sunlight shifting into twilight as everyone started to come out of Evermore to have a good night, just as they were. Giving her arm a soft squeeze as they walked down the side-walk. Cars driving by, people walking. They needed to stick together if they were going to get there safely. As the two were walking side by side, a car started to slow down with windows rolling down, brows furrowed as her attention slowly turned towards the car that was full of nothing but men that were cat-calling the two. “If we just ignore them, they’ll leave us alone....hopefully.” she whispered to the blonde. It wasn’t every day someone was whistling at Holland. It felt a tad awkward as it was something she wasn’t that used to. Whistling and saying dirty things to a female. ‘Hey babes, why don’t you both come over to my place tonight, we’ll make sure those dresses will be put to good use.’ one of the men said as another chimed in. ‘more like ripped off.

All she could do was roll her eyes in response. Ugh. Men were so disgusting. This was one of the main reasons why she didn’t date. “Look!” Holland pointed out, seeing a light that wondered outside of the club. “Sorry boys. Looks like we’re here.” approaching the line. “Now if you could kindly piss off, that’d be great.” stating as she watched them zoom off out of annoyance, the line moving rather quickly. “What a way to start off our night, right?” shaking head in disappointment as they were next up in line, handing the man her five dollars before she made her way in. “C’mon, princess. It’s time to get ourselves some driinks!” her arm unraveled from hers only to shift her hand down to hers, grabbing it as she pulled her best friend inside, getting all excited and what not. “I just love the vibe in here.” Holland wasn’t much for going out to clubs, more so bars when she really needed a drink after work. So needless to say, she was out of her comfort zone, but it felt good in a way.

Sariah laughed at Holland’s return mocking, she made a decent point she had to admit but she guessed having her own sight of happiness made her want it for others, work didn’t feel like it was enough for her any more and she was strangely okay with that “Fair” she responded with a smirk “But it seems to have somewhat worked for me, though I hate saying that because it totally sounds like I’ll jynx it and something horrible will happen” she laughed realizing she was rambling again “I just don’t wanna get ahead of myself you know, things haven’t worked out all that great for me in the past” and getting her hopes too far up meant having so much further to fall.

Sariah was actually surprised at how easily she had getting ready down nowadays, being as busy as she was there wasn’t time to spend ages pondering over outfit ideas or worrying about getting the right color lipstick, she had her stapes and for the most part she now stuck to them, perhaps that was a little boring but she was glad she didn’t have to waste so much time. Now she was changed and her make up was done, Sariah felt a little more able to face the world, though part of her did still wish she could just crawl back under the covers. Sariah rolled her eyes playfully when Holland batted away her compliment “You can be modest all you like but you know eyes are going to be on you tonight in that dress” and in her opinion, Holland was just as hot when she got all dressed up, if not more because she always seemed to be more confident than Sariah.

The blonde laughed “I will be careful, wouldn’t want to overdo the ego” she chuckled and winked, the two were generally pretty good at boosting one another up when they needed it but at the same time, sometimes you needed to also let someone know when they were getting to wrapped up in themselves. “I’d say always but that would be a complete lie so I’m gonna go with a modest, sure” she had never been the biggest fan of partying but she did it because she knew Holland enjoyed it and after a few drinks she didn’t seem to mind as much either. Though at the mention of walking Sariah couldn’t help but pout as she looked down at her heels and sighed “It’s a good job I’ve trained my feet to live with these things” she wore heels at the office most days and has for the most part gotten used to them.

Without complaining more Sariah grabbed her purse and followed the brunette out the door, feeling the cool evening air wash over her exposed skin, the blonde stifled the urge to shiver as she shuffled down the street, holding onto her arm for balance and direction. When she heard the whistles come up from behind them Sariah frowned, when she had been younger she’d just ignored them and kept on walking but she could almost sense the annoyance come from Holland. Sariah reached to smooth down her dress almost instinctively before she realized what she was doing and shook her head, no, someone was not going to make her feel insecure on her first night out in almost 4 months. Before she could say something Holland spoke up, Sariah pulled an equally sarcastic expression to her friend and just as the street rats when to speed away she raised her middle finger in their direction.

“Damn you sure know how to put people in their place” she commended with an impressed look before following the brunette into the line and waiting a few minutes before they were allowed inside. The blonde let out a sigh of relief as they walked inside, glad for the hazy looking room which allowed her to get her mind of the idea of people staring at her “I want something fruity with a stupid name that is way stronger than the beer guys insist on drinking” she laughed softly as she followed Holland to the bar in agreement that the vibe was good, she had to admit it was nice to feel part of a crowd and just be able to get lost for a while.

As they made their way to the bar Sariah leaned both arms down on the wooden top before sliding over one of the menus, she scanned her eyes over the list debating what her poison for the evening was and if she was going to go tonight she was going to go properly, it wasn’t like they both didn’t deserve it. “Alright lady, first we drink and then we dance” she smiled softly as the bartender came over and she ordered herself a ‘Strawberry Fields’ cocktail before jerking her chin to Holland to imply whatever she wanted before she placed a twenty on the countertop “This doesn’t seem like your normal scene” Sariah commented with raised brows, curious as to her choice.

Once they had their drinks Sariah spotted an empty table and tugged Holland in the direction of it sipping her sweet drink as she went “Oh dear, this doesn’t taste like alcohol which is how you know things are dangerous” she laughed softly as she swigged more down, okay, perhaps this was better than staying in with her rather miserable book.

The excitement was real. It felt like ages sense she had been to an actual bar. With work and well... more work, who had time to go out anymore these days? It was why tonight was such a good idea. The two of them were nothing but work as of late. Holland dug herself more into work ever sense Sariah doesn’t work there anymore. The two were two peas in a pod when they worked together, always making everything fun to do, but now that one of them moved on. It’s more work than anything else. Plus, she hadn’t been out on this side of town in ages, so why not? “That’s the point, Riah. I know for a fact we both need to be our of our comfort zones and well... this seems to be very....” chocolate hues gazing around. “out of our comfort zone.” people had seemed to be more drunk than anything around here. “Plus... I don’t think I’ve ever been drunk in a public place before...” the scientist admitted openly.

The bar tender gave her a rather weird look when she had admitted to never being drunk in public. ‘Well then you’re in the wrong place, miss.’ he made the comment and all she could do was give an awkward laugh out of embarrassment. He wasn’t suppose to hear that. It was impossible to talk at a normal tone of voice half the time when the music was blaring kind of loud. “I’ll uh, just take what she’s having.” also leaning against the bar. Offering a side-ways smile. This night was already starting off pretty well. If you think having the bartender giving you crap for never being drunk in public was something to be great about. Then this night was going fabulous so far. Now they wait. Not that she minded. It allowed the brunette to take in the scene around them. Those excited nerves would turn into nervousness with being outside of the comfort zone. If she hadn’t been confident for both of them, then who would?

Digits clasped around the drink that had been served for them only to have her lips kiss the edge of the frame, allowing the liquid courage to pour itself down into the base of her throat. Mmm, fruity with a twinge of alcohol that no one could really taste. As she pulled her glass away to allow herself to swallow, she quickly took another sip but not before being jerked in a direction towards a free table, stumbling a little bit as she was trying to keep her drink from spilling. She needed to get at least a little tipsy before she went out on the dance floor showing her horrid moves. She wasn’t the best of dancers out there. “I’ll need a little more to drink if you expect me to dance and not care.” Holland was always aware of her surroundings. It’s part of the reason why she was so cautious about life and in order for her to dance and not cared what other people thought of those moves she’ll be busting out. It will be safe to say she needed to drink just a little more. Although, it didn’t look like much people cared. From the looks, they were having fun but again.. she wanted to be cautious.

Taking yet another large sip as she pretty much downed her drink. “Alright, let’s go!” slamming the glass back down against the table. Holland was a light weight, so needless to say. This night was going to end up something else. She latched her digits against the blonde best friend arm only to drag her out on to the dance floor, wavy brown locks bouncing against her shoulders as she did. “I’ll try not to embarrass you with my moves.” pushing through the sea of dancing people who more than likely were drunk. The night was young and just staring. “First.” she said as she stopped in the crowd, finding a spot only to keep her hand latched on to the woman’s arm to keep steady, bending down to take those painful heels off, one by one; throwing them off to the side. “I don’t think I want to fall and bust my ass while I’m dancing.” she said laughing as she started to bob her head to the music.

A wide smile came across her features from ear to ear as her body started to dance from side to side, arms also making their way up into the air. She was feeling quite silly, seeing as this was something she wasn’t used to doing. The only time she ever danced was with Sariah at home with a pint of ice cream, having a girls night in and even then, her moves were just as bad. So this was a new step for her and probably Sariah, but she wouldn’t do it with anyone else. “I told you my moves were bad.” she leaned in closer towards Sariah as she had spoke loud enough hoping she’d hear over the music. All she could do was laugh. Being out of their comfort zone felt great in a way. Now doing this more often? That’s a question for tomorrow, debating on how they feel after tonight. It felt like all eyes were on them two. It was probably paranoia.

Arwyn had been about to settle for an early night with a bit of Netflix when he had received a call from his two best friends from high school, announcing they were in Evermore on work for the week and insisting he come out to meet them. He had been half tempted to make some excuse, roll over and go to sleep but instead he had dragged himself to his feet, showered and dressed and made his way down to the local club. The dark haired therian wasn’t a stranger to this particular place, in fact he had spent many a night there whiling the time away.

Without a second thought he headed up to the bar, greeting his friends and the bartender who he knew by name before ordering his usual JD and coke. One drink turned into two and two turned into five. Arwyn was far from a lightweight, having an increased tolerance thanks to his accelerated healing and spending at least 2 nights a week out drinking. He had to admit though, now he was here it felt nice to be catching up as he laughed and drank, wrapped in his own bubble of the world. Before he knew it, an hour had passed without him even noticing.

Excusing himself from his friends he danced his way through the crowd, he had never been a particularly great dancer but that had never stopped him from trying, with a few drinks down him he really didn’t mind if he drew attention. Heading out of the back door he felt the cool air wash over his skin as he pulled a packet of cigarettes out of his pockets and placed one between his teeth before tucking them away and lighting it. Taking a drag he breathed out smoke, which mixed with the steam of his breath against the fall air.

After a few more drags he decided he’d gained enough of a breather and put it out throwing the butt into the bin before ducking back inside of the crowded room. As he moved through the crowd he allowed his eyes to wander, taking in the different people he saw, for the most part is was evening regulars, people he saw with their usual cluster of friends chatting among themselves but today all their eyes seemed to be on the dance floor.

Turning his gaze to follow where everyone was looking he took in the two girls who were dancing away in the middle of the dance floor without a care in the world. The blonde had her back him but the brunette quickly took his attention. She was stunning, wearing a black sequin dress that fitted her right in every way. Having been here most weeks since he got to Evermore, he was sure he would remember seeing someone who looked quite as gorgeous as her before. Arwyn naturally moved closer, blinking a few times as he took in the way she was owning the dance floor and was beaming from ear to ear, it was almost infectious as he found a smile on his own lips just from looking at her.

He was impressed by the way she moved to the music so freely and carefree, she reminded him much of himself in that respect, he had never cared much for what people thought of him and wouldn't let any stares of judgement stop him from having a good time. He was about to move on and stop staring when her cocoa gaze met his for a few seconds. Time felt like it slowed down for those few moments that he looked back at her, no one had ever really struck him quite the way this girl seemed to. He bit down on his lip gently before he smiled again and danced a quick equally silly dance move to how she had been moving and then he erupted into laughter, his was probably ten times worse than hers but he didn’t care all that much.

He was considering heading over to introduce himself to the mysterious brunette but just as he had worked up the courage to take a step forward his friend Charles clapped down on his shoulder before dragging the male back over the bar, Arwyn ran a hand through his hair before waving a quick goodbye to her before following his friend. Arwyn did his best to clear his mind as he picked up his 8th drink of the night and downed half of it, this had turned out to be quite a different night than he had originally pictured in his mind.

Sariah knew she had spent majority of her life working lately, it had been an eye opener when she was planning her date with Orion and realized just how little free time she actually had. She hoped to change that some though, she always used to find a pretty good balance between work and home and she simply needed to get back to that again. “I feel my social life is consistently becoming a trail of situations that put me ‘out of my comfort zone’” she raised her fingers making quote marks for that last part shaking her head. She didn’t feel crazy out of place though, she found she was pretty good at adapting to unfamiliar situations nowadays.

Sariah laughed in response to the bartender’s comment “Or exactly the right place” she clapped back with a smile before taking her drink and swigging some down. Sariah wasn’t exactly a lightweight, or at least she wasn’t now, after Cornelia had taken her drinking on the town and the two of them had given Sariah somewhat of an understanding with alcohol. Despite that, she was usually a person who was high on life itself and so she could dance at any time, she never claimed to be all that great but then were people really that great overall, it was a lot of moving to the beat and singing along to the music loudly. When Holland leaned down to take off her shoes Sariah commended her idea “Genius” she instantly started doing the same thing before leaving hers under the table.

Before she knew it the two of them were in the middle of the dance floor, moving to the music that echoed through the room, she was glad they were playing pretty well known songs and she didn’t have to worry about babbling the wrong lyrics, right now the whole place was echoing through the tune of Taylor Swift’s shake it off. Sariah didn’t care much for being embarrassed, people were going to stare at the two girls who didn’t usually come to this bar whether they danced or not so might as well have fun in the process right. The blonde swayed to the music, mouthing the lyrics of the song as she danced and spun under the bright lights.

“Are you kidding, you look like you’re having more fun than I’ve seen you in a long time” she noted the bright smile on the brunette’s lips and how she seemed to be forgetting about work and stress for just a few hours. Sariah would definitely encourage that because if she thought she was a workaholic, she had nothing on Holland’s late hour streak lately. “Besides, you look so much better here than you do in the office before your morning coffee” she teased and she continued to dance, neither of them seemed to be particularly good at early mornings and yet they still pulled them for the sake of work.

“I’m just gonna get us another round” she leaned closer to Holland as she spoke before she made her way towards the bar and ordered another pair of cocktails, she had to admit these drinks were very easy to drink and easy to drink usually lead to drunk Sariah “Make it a double this time” she asked the bartender before paying for it and downing a large swig when he placed it on the bar. The song had now moved to Symphony by Clean Bandit. Sariah gave a wide smile as she rounded back to where Holland was standing and downed some more. “Take this one a bit slower” she teased as she passed the cup over to her.

Holland’s smile seemed to have doubled since she had briefly left to get the drinks which made the blonde happy, she was glad she the run in they had with the guys outside and all the talk of her and Orion hadn’t scared her off enjoying herself “So I take it you’re a fan of this song too” she teased as she started to dance again starting to feel the effects of the alcohol kick in a little.

Swaying hips from side to side. The brightest smile parted across her features. This was what she needed more than anything. To forget about everything in the world just for a simple moment. Forget about all that stress and what she was going to be doing tomorrow for work. Holland needed this moment to be hers and of course Sariah’s. The two were twins when it came to being married to work. This was a stress free night, that was for sure. “Hey now!” she said in response to her morning work and coffee, giving her friend a nudge. “You look good too.. It doesn’t look like the whole ‘out of your comfort zone.’ is taking effect on you.” using air quotes with her digits when she said comfort zone.

“I’ll be here.” she said as she watched Sariah make her way through the crowd and over to the bartender. Leaving Holland to herself and the music. The music just seemed to flow right through her, doing moves that she didn’t even know that she could produce. Flickering her eyes closed as she swayed her hips from side to side. Losing herself in the music only to then open her eyes, seeing a dark haired man standing a few feet away from her. The man was rather handsome to say the least. If that wasn’t all, he was doing the same movement that she was. They must have been in the same groove, with not a care in the world. It wasn’t often she’d go out and have her optics land on someone cute without completely shrugging them off, but tonight was different.

Also breaking out into laughter when he did. The laughter was rather contagious. His moves were just as bad as hers were, but when he did them. It was quite adorable. Holland then found herself moving slightly closer only to then be cut off by a group of boys who seemed to know the other one. It was no sooner than those boys had cut in front that Sariah too found her way back. Eyes widen with happiness as her friend offered another drink. She was already feeling the affects of her first one as she had probably drank it too fast for her own good. Digits climbing onto the glass as she took a big drink, but enough big enough to down the whole thing just yet.

“I’ve been hearing symphonies. Before all I heard was silence, a rhapsody for you and me.” singing along with the song in some-what of a high pitched tone of voice. It was another thing she wasn’t the best at, but good thing no one cared at a club. All she could do was nod at Riah’s question, laughing as she did so. “What gave you that idea?” taking yet another drink once again as the music never left her body. She had dancing feet. It was a feeling of greatness. A feeling she hadn’t felt in a while.

Taking the free hand of Riah that wasn’t holding a drink as she spun her best friend in a circle all the mean while she kept singing. Her attention kept going back and forth between Riah and that guy who was sitting at the bar with a bunch of other guys. There was no way she had the courage to go over and introduce herself. So, she’d much rather stick to dancing. “I think you needed this just as much as me.” she stated. They were both workaholics. Once again, she brought her glass up her mouth as she finished it off, raising her hand up into the air to shout. “Woooooo!” second drink town. Was it that easy to tell she was a light weight? Slamming the glass down on the nearest table.

“I’ll be right back.” she told Sariah as she wondered off through the crowd until she found her way to the DJ booth who had been playing all the great songs for tonight. Pushing herself up on her tispy toes as she didn’t have her heels on to make her just a tad higher. “Can you play God is a Woman?” hoping he’d hear her request as he gave her a nod of approval as the song suddenly had changed. Quickly turning around on the base of her heel, pushing passed the sea of dancers to get back to her best friend. “Now this is a song I can get into!” dancing once again, allowing her hands to roam down her curvaceous sides.

“You, you love it how I move you. You love it how I touch you, my one. When all is said and done. You’ll believe God is a womaaaaaaaan.” Spinning herself around with a rather loud contagious laughter. “Sing with me, Riah!” Holland exclaimed. All the emotions she could show was happiness. A smile growing from ear to ear. The drinks definitely showing.

Sariah laughed running her fingertips through her blonde curls, Holland was right, the more time she spent out of her comfort zone the most at ease she was able to make herself seem and perhaps she was even beginning to get used to having eyes on her. “When you have people staring at you in an ambassador meeting, club doesn’t even rank anymore” she laughed and shook her head, now that she did public speaking, everything else felt so much easier to handle.

“Woah woah woah” Sariah moved her arms to try and pull Holland’s drink from her lips but before she get a hold of it she’d already downed most of it, Sariah rolled her eyes and gave her friend an unimpressed look “I want you to remember I warned you when I’m holding your hair back later” she jested with a smirk, Holland had never been able to hold her drink all that well, definitely less so than Sariah anyway. Despite her teasing tone she continued to move to the music singing along with the words in equally bad tune.

Without warning, Sariah felt the brunette grab her hand and twirl her around, Sariah did her best to stay balanced with the momentum but she did stumble a little as she came to a stop, her drink sloshing over the sides of the glass a little. She allowed a peal of laughter to escape before she tipped her glass to her lips downing enough that it would be hard to spill it again “Anything away from that office is good for me” she admitted, she felt a little light headed as she moved to the music though she had to admit she was a little jealous of how cheap it was for Holland to get drunk.

Sariah gave her friend a confused expression but shrugged and continued to dance regardless, noting the crowd around them had almost doubled in size, she guessed dancing feet was contagious. She had to admit a part of her wished Orion could be there to dance with her the stupid way they had on the kitchen floor of her apartment but she knew they weren’t there yet. Despite what the media liked to write about them, the two of them were very much private right now. “Nice song choice!” the blonde commended as Holland returned.

Most of all she was glad to see Holland so in her element, she was so stunning when she smiled but even Sariah rarely got to see her grinning from ear to ear the way she was now, Holland was usually very serious, very focused on the task at hand. Sariah joined hands with her friend as the music swelled spinning them both around together. Sariah laughed as she belted out the lyrics to the song without much thought to it and before they knew it the whole crowd was singing at the top of their lungs.

As the song came to a close the blonde noted the way Holland’s eyes kept moving to something behind her, the blonde turned around a few times to figure out what had her attention but every time Holland seemed to avert her gaze. Sariah knew that look a little too well but she kept her mouth shut as they danced their way through another song. Just as it was drawing to a close, Sariah’s phone buzzed and she pulled the device from her pocket to read a goodnight text from Orion. A bright smile washed over the blonde’s lips as she texted back an equally sappy message before drawing her attention back to her very drunk friend. “I think we could use a breather” she teased as she tugged Holland from the crowd back over to their table and she downed the last of her drink.

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