Austin had been spending time at the faction house lately; trying his best to be better about reaching out to his own. He hadn't really bonded with any of the other Initia yet, besides Rowan and Calista, and he and Calista had a past history,  which made it difficult for them to just simply hang out, though, she was currently training him in the element of gravity. Sighing to himself, the Initia dug into his pockets, fishing out his pipe and lighter. He never went anywhere without a packed bowl. Those who knew him well enough, knew he loved his pot. While sitting in the entertainment room / living room / parlor, whatever they called it, Austin sighed to himself, trying to push a certain Diviner to the back of his mind for now, but he did less than well to do so.

He had been sitting here for hours watching people interact with one another when he noticed a particularly lost looking guy standing off to himself. Austin was always good at making new friends, people enjoyed his witty comments, and dorky personalty, and he was also humble as hell. Getting to his feet, Austin approached him, and offered a friendly smile. "Not much for socializing?" he asked curiously; wondering if he was new to the faction, or just didn't like big crowds of people. "I haven't saw you before" he then commented with a raised brow "But, it's nice to meet you either way. I'm Austin Connelly" he added, and reach a hand out, to properly introduce himself.

Austin remembered what it had been like when he had first moved here, and how it felt to be the new guy, but thankfully, everyone had been pretty welcoming, and the Initia faction was a close knit faction in general, so you never actually had to feel like the 'new guy' if you didn't want to. Some people just preferred their space, like he imagined this guy did. "Have you gotten a good look around yet?" Austin asked curiously, prepared to offer a helping hand, if he hadn't. Austin was pretty familiar with everything by now, and wouldn't mind the company to be honest. He didn't have many male friends, and hadn't seen much of Bradyn since he and Dakota had split.

Speaking of that, it had made almost a year since he and Dakota had been left to live alone together, which meant that for almost a year now, Austin had been dangling on a thin line with her, because admittedly, he'd been feeling things beyond friendship long before he admitted it to her.He used to have a reason to care, which had simply been Bradyn himself, but he didn't care anymore. He didn't feel like hiding his feelings any longer, and even though there would be things for both him and Kota to regret, he'd live with that.

Snapping out of thought, Austin grimaced before averting his gaze back to the other male, sighing to himself. "I'm just about to go for a walk if you wanna join me. We can walk around the faction house property first" he suggested, having a feeling that  the male before him hadn't seen much yet. Plus, Austin was ready to hit his bowl, and feel good.

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When Scott had arrived at the Initia house; to talk to one of the leading figures about joining the tribe; it was quiet. For most of the afternoon; it had just been him and Sofi. Although, the pair had talked in her office, so Scott didn’t notice how many people flooded the halls and parlor room in the meantime. After the meeting ended; Scott was in for a bit of a surprise. People...plenty of them; chatting or relaxing in the living room area. Whilst he was usually social. For a few moments, he felt stunned...a bit lost. Being the new guy; some people looked at him with a curious yet slightly odd expression; maybe it was his own expression that amused them.
So instead,Scott opted to people watch for a few moments. Giving a slight awkward smile. Yep, being new was a bit daunting in that moment. Everyone either seemed to be in small groups, or doing their own thing. The Canadian Initia; didn’t want to impose on anyone’s space too much. Scott didn’t know much about the building, or the neighborhood to be honest. But seemingly his luck was changing; when one male approached him. He seemed to be around the same age, as Scott. Physically in looks at least. “Oh no, I am just a little shocked at how many people are suddenly around. There weren’t so many around...when I arrived a few hours ago.” Austin wasn’t the first spot, that Scott was new. “I am new to Evermore. Even newer to the faction.” He explained, as to why he wasn’t seen around before. As Austin introduced himself; Scott gave him a friendly smile. “Scott Parrish...nice to meet you, Austin.” Shaking his hand firmly,in greeting.
Scott had tried to place, the accent that Austin had. “You’re British?” he asked, curious. Maybe he was a bit off. The Initia hadn’t really ever travelled places around the EU. He had mostly been used to his home in Alberta, Canada. And the only other places he had travelled to South Carolina and then made his way down to Evermore.
“Not much.” Scott admitted. He had been more focused on, his introduction with the Initia master Sofi, that he hadn’t much time to look around yet. “Have you been here long?” Obviously, the other male knew the city and the area more than Scott did. But how long he had been in the city; Scott had no idea. As Austin offered to show him around. The other Initia gave him a thankful smile. “Sure, That’d be much appreciated actually.” He figured it’d be a good chance to get to look around here and in the process make a friend in the tribe.
As the pair left the parlour area where everyone was still chatting. Scott followed his lead.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Austin gave a nod of his head and chuckled when Scott expressed his surprise at how many people had showed up while he had met with the Initia leader. "Yeah, the place can get crowded quickly. This is a pretty close knit faction from what ive experienced personally. Most are pretty welcoming, so you don't have much to worry about in that sense" he smiled genuinely, and while he hadn't went out of his way to meet very many of the others, the ones he had met so far had proved just how closely knit this faction was. It was endearing to say the last. 

Austin could sympathize with the feeling of being the new guy, especially when there were so many people around you on your first day of exploring. It was pretty nerve wracking. After the new Initia introduced himself, Austin stuck his hand back in his pocket, fiddling with his weed pipe. "Pleasure is all mine, Scott" he gave a genuine smile. Perhaps this would become a friend of Austin's. He wouldn't have minded finally having a friend within his own faction, aside from Rowan, and then there was Calista whom he'd has a great past with. But she and Rowan were now the ones in charge of training him in the elements he was ready to learn. "So, I assume you're diverse?" he then asked curiously. Usuaully you just knew if you were in the presence of another Initia master.. or well, Austin caught on anyways. 

When Scott responded simply, saying 'not much' Austin chuckled "That's fair. Not all of us are social butterlfies" he added, before putting some thought into the other male's question. "Yeah, long enough I guess" he admitted, it had seemed like forever since he'd moved to the city. So much had happened already, that Austin had lost track of time. Austin gave him a nod when he said he'd be grateful for a tour. "Verl well, we'll start with the faction house, and work our way outside" he commented, before pulling out his pipe and flashing it in front of Scott. "Do you smoke?" he asked curiously, and hoped like hell he wouldn't offend the other Initia with his pipe full of weed. "How about the rest of this city? Have you gotten to explore it at all?" he wondered, ready to make a full day of showing Scott around if he needed to.

Scott figured that few training sessions had ended; if so many people were around the faction building in the parlor area catching up. “Yeah, I’ve heard that a few times.” he nodded. He was still getting used to the prospect, of a close knit faction; that he was now a part of, or at least partially. Until the Initiation Ceremony would be done; to fully welcome him into Evermore’s tribe.

Austin made him feel at ease. Funny, in the same day; he met two Initia’s that made him feel welcome and less nervous to be in a new territory and a tribe. Scott was usually outgoing and friendly; so he always made friends quickly. But having those within his own faction; was probably a good step. As he questioned if he was Diverse. The other Initia, thought for a moment. “Well...I suppose so. I mean...I have a slightly sad history, before I embrace the elemental side of myself.” Of course, it wasn’t on purpose. More of the life-style and upbringing he always had; before Scott went down the Initia/Elemental path, finally. The only one that really knew, had been Sofi; when she was under one of her disguises to keep her identity a bit of a secret at first.

“I am usually” He admitted. “But seeing everyone in their own little circles...well I don’t want to intrude on them.” At least he was being respectful in that sense. Right? It seemed like Austin was more accustomed to this tribe, since he had been here a while. “Where did you move from?” he asked, making conversation as the pair began to walk. When the other male suddenly flashed a pipe in front of him. It took him back to his younger years. He used to enjoy a joint every once in a while back then. wasn’t that often, but he still smoked. “Sometimes...It’s actually been a while, since I had one.” he admitted. Scott then nodded his head slightly. “On my days off, yeah. I’ve looked around the city a bit. I am usually down at the farm, where I work more often than not since arriving.” But the views from the farmland were beautiful, so he couldn’t complain; as he worked outside a lot of the time. So at least he had good views to help pass the time by too. “Any sights, places you recommend in the city?” he questioned.

Scott seemed reserved, yet chilled and relaxed, someone down to earth that Austin could see himself quickly befriending. Austin needed friends. After Braedyn's stunt, he wasn't sure he was ready to trust someone so easily though. The bittersweet truth behind it was that Austin still cared a great deal about Braedyn, and he didn't see himself stopping that anytime soon. If Braedyn needed him, Austin typically went running, but now he'd started making up excuses when he'd leave, avoiding telling Dakota who he was meeting period. 

"I'm sorry to hear that, man. It seems like we all have a sad story to tell. What matters is how we embrace the here and now, and deciding not to let our tragic past's define who we can be now. But, cool deal. I'm Diverse myself. My father pushed and pushed for me to become a Master, but I did everything against his wishes on purpose. He controlled the better part of my life, and before I even knew it, I was leading attacks and warring with the .. Phoenix" he said in the form of a whisper, because that wasn't for everyone to hear.  

Austin didn't mind sharing a little of his past with Scott, if it eased Scott into opening up a little. Scott seemed like he needed a friend. Austin waved his hand to make a gesture when Scott said he was usually more social than this, but he didn't want to intrude in on anyone else's little circles. "I think people group up by interests, but in all, we all seem to click pretty well, so don't worry, you wouldn't be intruding. I'm sure anyone here would be happy to talk to you and welcome you" he gave the simple nod of his head before grimacing about Scott's question. "I came from Canada, I had been staying with another Initia, she's now a master over Gravity, but I had originally fled from Ireland" he figured that could be a story for another time. 

Austin fished his lighter from his pocket and lit a flame to his bowl after Scott saying he smoked, but it'd been a while, and after taking a rather large hit from his bowl, he passed it over, relieved that he had possibly just found a smoking friend. After the Initia finished coughing up a lung, he chuckled, "So a farm huh? How's that going? I'm a gaming engineer" he offered a friendly smile as he kept his gaze straightforward. 

To Scott's question, Austin continued walking until they reach one of Austin's favorite places, which had a view to die for "Well first, right here. This is where I spend a lot of free time, smoking, thinking, reflecting" Austin loved this particular park,  and figured he could share it with Scott since Scott was just now finding his footing with this city. "Have you found any places you like hanging out?" he asked curiously, and continued walking. "They have a pretty good diner just a few blocks away if you're hungry" Austin knew he'd have an appetite worked up in just a few minutes, as he always did when he smoked pot. 

"Any siblings in the city with you, or any family at all?" he asked curiously, before averting his gaze heavenward, staring at the view above them where the sky looked like it had been painted in shades of orange and yellow. "It's nice out today, so we can go anywhere you'd like. I have the day off, so i'm good to stay out late" he added, and smiled faintly. "Have you always done farm work?" Austin figured simple questions could go a long way when you're getting to know someone. 

Since moving to Evermore, Scott still felt the need to branch out and get to know more people in the city; including more of the tribe’s members. On his first day, he still remembered how welcoming the young ones had been. Scott couldn’t help but watch them in awe, when they had shown him what they had learned. The young Initia’s were certainly talented in their elements. And it made him wish, he truly tapped into his own at a much younger age.

“Yeah, I found that a few people can relate.” Scott nodded in agreement to Austin’s comment. “Guess, it comes with the lone Initia territory, in some aspect.” Listening to the other male and his story. Scott looked somewhat intrigued. “Ah, what elements are you studying then?” he asked curiously, to see if they had some similarities, since they were Diverse. But it seemed unlike Scott, Austin had a lot of pressure in his life before Evermore to follow a certain route. “That sounds rough. My mother kept telling me not to use my abilities, growing up. I can imagine, having your father pushing you towards one element only, itself can be stressful.” As Austin admitted to being involved in the war with the Phoenix. His brows furrowed. But looked at him with sympathy. Scott hated controlling people.

He chuckled a little nervously. “They all just seem mid conversation.” He felt it rude to impose in the middle of that. So hence, why he probably looked awkward as day, earlier on. But introductions could happen, at a later time. There was plenty of time to get to know the tribe, now that he was a part of it. Hearing where Austin came from, he looked curious. “Where abouts in Canada?”Maybe, Austin had been closer, on some level than he had expected; before they met here. “Ah, I have never been to Ireland.” He didn’t travel that much, so there were still a lot of places that Scott hadn’t visited yet. But heard lots about.

The familiar scent filled his nostrils as Austin lit up the bowl. Taking it, he took his hit. Maybe a big one for a starting one. As he coughed slightly. Ending up chuckling. “Yep, out of touch.” Mentally reminding himself, to start off small. “It’s quite busy. I grew up on a farm, so I am used to all the ins and outs of working on one. Winter had a hard impact on the farm, lots of fixing things.” But he didn’t really mind. More work for him the better. He was always a hard worker. “Oh cool, what sort of games have you been working on?”

As they walked. Scott took a few more hits, any time Austin passed the bowl over. Following his lead. “Not really. I am still trying to find good places around the city. I quite like the riverbanks though. It’s peaceful there.” And when he could, he would go there. Scott glanced around the particular park, that Austin had taken him too. It looked pretty calm there, at the moment. Not many people about, birds chirping and cool breeze. “If I smoke anymore, I might get more hungry.” Scott chuckled. It had been a long day and smoking pot, made him more hungry. So going somewhere to eat, sounded good right now.

He shook his head. “No, only child.” Scott sighed softly. “Parents got divorced a few years back. Father’s back in Canada still...not really sure, where my mother went, after she left. She doesn’t stay in touch.” He scrunched up his face slightly. “And you?” he wondered, if Austin had any family members, close by in the city. As Austin mentioned he could stay out late, it was a bit of a relief. At least, he wasn’t keeping him from responsibilities if they’d stay out late. “Let’s start with that diner, then we can figure out a few other places to drop by after-wards.” The Canadian male suggested. Nodding at Austin’s question. “Pretty much, I grew up on a farm. So it’s something I’ve known from early days. Farm work grew on me.” he admitted. Scott loved the animals and being out in nature. So he wouldn’t have picked a different job, if he could help it.

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