As the moon rose high over the city of Evermore, people followed the heartbeat of club music that echoed into the night. Baldemar walked through overcrowded streets, those hazel eyes observing every little detail that came into view; often captivated by a new beauty that the city had to offer. Groups of people excitedly chattered along, occasionally stumbling from having one to many that most likely would lead to lapses in judgement. Stopping in front of a brightly lit club, something about such a place intrigued him since it was something completely different; a chance to really jump out of his comfort zone into the belly of the beast. Sighing deeply, his tattooed hands adjusted the black leather jacket before heading over to the bass filled establishment with courage in his heart. Wearing a black leather jacket, criminal damage grey jeans, black v-neck shirt and a pair of stylish leather shoes; everything was made to measure for the Nephilim and his toned form.

Standing in line was quite the experience, people smoked cigarettes whilst joking with one another or argued over some kind of dispute. It was a complete ying/yang situation, combinations of good and bad that came together perfectly despite dirty looks from on lookers. Finally approaching the doors, a strong looking bouncer allowed him entry with a simple nod. Heading inside, Baldemar was immediately swallowed by the pounding bass of the club music, his purple tinted hues taking in the vast expanse of people dancing with each other in different rhythms. Moving further into the club gradually, it was a case of weaving in between the crowds to eventually get to the busy bar. “Give me a Johnny Walker, blue neat.” Speaking in a confident tone, a spiky haired bartender with red tips in his hair flashed a smile before tending to the order. Pausing for a moment, those hazel orbs looked around closely before widening in realisation. He wasn’t just in any club…It was a gay club.

Holy crap. Baldemar knew there would be no easy way of escape, however a small part of him didn’t mind at all. He felt oddly comfortable, which was a new thing for him. Shaking those thoughts away, that toned form went to turn but bumped into a very, good looking Asian guy. “I’m sorry, it’s packed like sardines in here. Are you okay?” He asked with a deep frown, hoping that the man didn’t have a drink that spilled or anything. Immediately his senses prickled, sensing that this one was a supernatural yet couldn’t tell what kind that he was. Those hues caught purple for a moment before going their original colour, which wasn’t noticeable to humans but it was to some supernatural species.

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Christian Jeon was no stranger to the club scene. He practically went to a club every night and typically didn't leave until midnight or later. He usually went to the gay clubs, because of his preference and he always found someone to dance with. No one could refuse a hot, glitter coated, shirtless, Asian guy. He was on his way to his favorite club, and he could hear the thumping of the music and see the half-drunk, or seriously drunk people making their way to their homes or to another club. He smiled brightly when he stopped in front of his favorite club. He smirked sexily at the bouncer who looked his outfit over and then gave him the sign to go in. Apparently, his outfit of black leather pants, a see-through black silk shirt, a black blazer, and glitter covered body was a good sign to the bouncer.

As soon as he entered the club, he stripped the shirt off, because sooner or later he was going to sweat a lot. He went up to the bartender who smiled at him. He was a regular, so the bartender just slid a frozen strawberry margarita toward him and went to find another customer. Christian took a sip of the frothy, sweet and cold drink and then went out to the dance floor. He easily found a dance partner, a handsome guy really, but after a few minutes he got bored and went back to his drink, sipping the sweet drink cleared his head and gave him new energy to go dance. He winked at the bartender and he got his drink refilled in less than a minute. He was surprised by how fast his wink could make someone do something.

Christian twirled away from the bar to go find another dance partner but was not expecting to be bumped into. His drink, cold in his hand, spilled on his bare skin, staining his abs a bright pink, and making him hiss in surprise. He heard a low voice near his ear and turned around, almost bumping into the person. "Ah. Yes, I'm fine. But my abs aren't." He said in a musical tone. He thought he saw a flash of purple in the other guy's eyes and got closer. Sure enough, the other male's eyes were flashing purple. Damn his luck, he found another Nephilim.

Apparently, Life wasn’t done throwing him curveballs in the most peculiar ways. Baldemar observed the other man for a long moment, noticing how his outfit positively sparkled especially with the club lights hitting him every now and again. Another Nephilim perhaps? Those bright blue hues locked with the strangers sharply as the guy neared him, almost seemed like he was checking for something. Every fibre of his being was rather tense with not being used to people being so close, private space was something that was valued highly in his life. However, whoever the man was had a certain radiance to him that didn’t go unnoticed. Shifting his gaze down to the drink coloured abs, something stirred within him…What was it? Abruptly shutting those thoughts down, a light smile pulled on his lips. “Can I get you another drink? Since I seemed to make a mess of yours?” Speaking in a genuine tone, it was hard not laugh at the current situation he had put himself in.

The club certainly had a good vibe to it, warming him through to the core like nothing else ever had. Baldemar didn’t understand what was going on with himself lately, a certain change that had slow began shifting within until it became a noticeable feeling. For such a long time, things have been dark, isolating with a circle of bitterness that caged him into his own personal prison. Times were beginning to change though, completely going out of his comfort zone to explore new things to find himself. Leaning against the bar slightly, he held out some tissues from the bar that would probably be helpful. “Here. I thought you could use these.”

Observing the man from head to toe subtly, Baldemar smiled politely. “I’m Baldemar, I’m sorry once again for ruining your drink. I’m not usually clumsy, it was just tightly packed.” Chuckling softly, his hand ran through his raven locks thoughtfully for a moment. Turning around to the Bartender, those ice blue hues locked onto his eyes steadily. “Another one of what he had.” Motioning towards the attractive stranger, even he could appreciate a guy’s looks without being weird..Right? That stirring feeling came again, which was once again pushed down. Tonight, was certainly another interesting one in the making, that was for sure.

Christian respected other people's space so he backed up a bit and leaned against the bar. His bright gold eyes, under long, black lashes, looked up at the other male in what he hoped was a little bit shy. Christian smirked darkly when he saw the other male tense his body and then raised his head so the glittery, wet, pink locks fell in his eyes. He just loved to flirt with people and was secretly tickled when he saw the male's blue eyes streak across his abs. Since it was so hot in the club, Christian's body was soaked in sweat and glitter had fallen strategically all across him, so he literally glowed when the club lights hit him. He smiled back at the male and then said in a musical tone; "Yes, I didn't expect myself to go the entire night without my frozen strawberry margarita."

Christian loved this club. He had been coming here ever since he had found out about it, and had never stopped going. His best friend Jace sometimes came with him but had left earlier in the night. The club had that certain type of music he liked, and as a favor to him, they sometimes played his music. He came unwound when he heard his music because it reminded him of home. He accepted the tissues from the other male and set to work wiping the frothy pink drink off of his lower abdomen. "Thanks for that."

He noticed the other male checking him out, but said nothing. "Hey Baldemar. I'm Christian Jeon. It's alright honey, things like this happen all the time." His musical tone came back a bit more seductive than he had planned but he shrugged it off and smiled brightly. His smile was his most prominent feature, except for his naturally chocolate brown eyes. When the other male turned to look at him, he confidently locked bright gold eyes with Baldemar's icy blue ones. After he had received his new drink, he took a sip and sighed. 

Baldemar could feel eyes on him yet didn’t know how to feel about it, but the feeling were not bad ones at all. A small grin played upon his lips as those ocean orbs locked with the other males solidly under what seemed to be pink fringe a flirty gesture that sent an unfamiliar jolt throughout his body. Perhaps a part of him liked it? He couldn’t help but gaze at the sight of his glistening abs, which practically glowed with combinations of sweat and glitter; what was going on with him tonight? “Great, I’ll try not to spill this one all over you this time.” Chuckling playfully, he leaned against the bar in a slightly, relaxed manner whilst observing his new companion. Something about the guy pulled him in, captivating his mind until answers needed to be found. “So what do you do in the city?” Asking in genuine intrigue, those ocean orbs trained on him with no intention of looking away.

Things were certainly taking a twist, Baldemar couldn’t believe what he was thinking. Did…he like guys? Frowning deep for a brief moment, everything about the club seemed to entice him, invigorated him in a way that couldn’t be understood. Life seemed full of revelations but a big part of his being didn’t know what to do with the knowledge. Did he act upon it? Ignore it? It was all so incredibly new to him, almost overwhelming in a lot of ways. As the music began to bass around them, their hands lightly touched as the male took the tissues offered. “You’re welcome, it was the least I could do for making a mess of you.” Smiling warmly, he took a long swig of his whiskey before setting the glass down upon the bar top.

Extending his hand in politeness, Baldemar smiled broadly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Christian. My last name is Kenelm.” Noticing the more seductive tone in Christians voice, their stares met for a long intense moment which sent a hot flush through every fibre of his being. Good lord, he had such a vibrant smile that the sun had nothing on him. “So have you been here in the city long?” Keeping his ice blue hues on Christian’s gold ones, there was no denying that he wanted to know more about the man. That a part of him was possibly..Attracted to him

"Haha. Please don't. I'd like to finish this one." Christian laughs and then takes another sip of his drink. He certainly was thirsty, because of dancing and the hot club. He swore it was their hottest night. Something about the drink was making him be a bit more flirty than he normally was, but he didn't mind. He was now kind of self-conscious of his hands because they were shaking slightly. That happened when he got too hot, but he was going to stay and finish talking to Baldemar about whatever they were going to talk about. "Oh! I'm a musician. I do concerts and stuff like that, but when I'm not at concerts, I'm usually hanging around this club or just go shopping." He said and smiled remembering new information. "There's also this really good restaurant at the end of the street. We could go soon if you'd like." Christian said confidently.

Certainly, this man was attractive with his icy eyes and raven hair, and he had a perfect smile. As soon as he thought this, he caught Baldemar's eyes take in the club with a wonder. Christian loved this club. It was perfect for him and had the best music. Sure, he didn't really listen to the heavy bass music, but it was good for him when he was trying to get in a mood and not get drunk. The pounding kept his head awake and kept him from drinking too much. He normally asked the bartender to dull down the alcohol in his drinks so he could actually call a taxi to take him home. He brushed Baldemar's hand when he took the tissues and found the sensation interesting. "It's okay, it normally happens here anyway." He giggles lightly.

Christian grasped the other male's hand and then smiled brightly. "Kenelm. Hmm, nice name." He said flirtily. He kept his large eyes locked on the other male's for a few more seconds. "Can I call you BamBam? It seems to suit you more." He asks and then smiles again. "Yes. I've been here since 2015. I live close to here too." 

 “This will be a no splash zone from now on.” Baldemar laughed with him, taking another long swig of the amber substance in delight. Christ, how hot was it in the damn place? Observing groups of people sweating from such a heat, it was no wonder why people were glistening, although the glitter helped. So many different sights and smells filled his senses, from alcohol, cologne, fruits and the occasional musk from people walking by. Those ice blue hues glanced down slightly, catching Christian’s hands shaking slightly. “Are you alright?” Asking in a tone filled with a concern, He didn’t want the man to falling or something. Hearing his next words, a smile adorned those masculine features with an arch of a brow. “A musician? That’s awesome, what kind of music do you play?” Genuinely interested, it was more exciting than his current occupation. “I make certain things for people, mostly weapons.” Glancing away for a moment, he was proud of his duties but wasn’t sure how it would look to someone else. Raising a brow slightly, A part of him wondered if he was asking him out? Smiling softly, he nodded. “That would be nice, what kind of food is it?”

Christian was rather attractive, golden eyes with vibrant pink hair to match. A body that looked sculpted to perfection, with a smile that could warm a thousand worlds. Clearly, the male was quite a regular in the club going by how comfortable he was in his surroundings. Baldemar couldn’t ignore the sensations that ran through when their hand’s brushed, something bigger began to stir within him with each passing second. Everything was becoming a tad overwhelming, especially considering his current revelation regarding the subject of his sexuality. He still didn’t know how to handle it, never being in the situation in all of his life. “I’m not surprised, I’d have to be Thor to fly over all these people to get out.” Chuckling softly, those ice blue hues glistened with warmth.

Squeezing slightly, Baldemar smiled warmly in return. “It’s a family name, one with a reputation.” Speaking in a huskier tone than intended, his ocean orbs lingered for a moment. “That has a nice ring to it, I don’t see why not. You should be called strawberry dream. For the pink hair and your drink.” Smiling broadly, his gaze didn’t leave his for a single second. “I live close as well, I’ve been here all my life pretty much. I haven’t known anything else but I do want to go places.” Thinking for a moment, there were many places he wanted to go in the world. China, Belgium, France, Australia, London, Tokyo, Russia etc. One could dream.

"I'll try not to splash mine on you either," Christian replied and then giggled, his gold eyes bright. He watched curiously as BamBam took a swig of his drink and swallowed it without trouble. Christian couldn't drink regular alcohol because it would burn his throat and he hated that. The only other alcoholic drink he could drink was vodka, and he didn't drink it much. He was beginning to wonder if his watermelon scented cologne was bothering the other male, it was strong. "No, it's too hot. I can't stay in here much longer, or I'll pass out." He says and stares worriedly at his hands, he didn't want to fall and break something. "I do K-Pop. It's Korean music with English mixed in." He says and takes another sip of his drink, relishing in how it was making him feel, but he needed to get out of the club fast. "Oh, you make weapons? Are you like a mercenary or something?" He asks gold eyes curiously looking up at him. He smiled brightly when BamBam said yes. "Korean food. I want you to try the food I grew up on." He replied with a small grin.

Christian definitely was attracted to the other male, he was hot. He was currently wondering what BamBam would look like without a shirt and then mentally slapped himself when his mind went too far. Christian brushed a strand of glittery pink hair out of his face and took a deep breath, trying to keep himself from passing out. There was no doubt that he had just straight out asked BamBam on a date, he wasn't the one who normally asked people out, he was the one who got asked out. "Ha. I'd have to be a freaking Greek god to do that." He said sarcastically, his voice getting breathier.

His entire body tingled when BamBam's icy eyes looked at him, that was definitely weird. "Mine is a common Korean last name, if I had a choice it would have been Han." He said wishing he could change his name. Jeon, he rather didn't like it. It didn't bother him when he was a child, but now it did. "Oh cool!" He smiled brightly. "Strawberry Dream sounds like a stripper name, but it does suit me so I'll go with it." He giggled, the drink was getting to him. "I lived in Seoul before I moved to Los Angeles when I was three and then I moved here in 2015." He said and then with a sexy smirk, gets closer again. Damn, he really was drunk. "I need to go outside. Can you take me?"

 “I’m grateful for that, I don’t think I suit the colour pink.” Baldemar spoke in a playful manner, those ice blue orbs sparkling in a teasing light. He could tell Christian was watching him, that familiar warm sensation rocketed through his being like a super nova; a feeling that beginning to feel welcome within him. For the longest time, whiskey had been the go to drink whenever he went out and about; although his range of favourite drinks was quickly growing. Hearing Christian’s words, concern stretched across his features; those ice blue hues staying on him sharply to keep an eye out. “Don’t worry, we will get out of here soon. I don’t want you to pass out.” Moving that toned form towards him just in case, every fibre of his being was ready to catch him if he fell. Chuckling softly, he shook his head. “No, I’m not a mercenary. You could say I make it for a secret groups that people don’t know about.” Grinning slightly, it was a blatant hint towards the supernatural life style that he lived. They were both supernaturals, Nephilim’s had a knack for picking up on other beings. “K-pop huh? I have listened to the music before, you’ll have to sing me a song or two one day.” Smiling warmly, a big part of him was excited to know more about the male in front of him. “Korean food sounds good to me, I’m always up for trying new things.”

There was no denying the spark of attraction towards Christian, feeling that way ever since their eyes had met upon bumping into each other. However, Baldemar was still having trouble wrapping his head around being possibly bisexual, it was a new concept that never had occurred to him before. Of course, He wasn’t quite denying it but there was still time needed to adjust. That frown got deeper when he noticed his breathlessness, putting a hand out onto his shoulder for comfort. “I think we need to get out of here, before you drop.” Speaking in a worried tone, his muscles tensed as if ready to spring into action on a dime.

As another surge of heat flowed through his body, Baldemar couldn’t seem to help the excited sensations that buzzed within him. Christian seemed to have a peculiar effect on him, certain emotions surfaced that hadn’t been around for a long time. “Han would have been nice, but your name is still great.” Speaking in a sincere tone, a light laugh escaped his lips at the stripper comment. “Strawberry dream it is, it certainly suits your hair.” Grinning brightly, Those ice blue hues kept on his for a long, intense moment. “It must have been nice there, do you ever go back to Korea? I’ve never been. I’ve been here in Evermore all my life.” Putting an arm around him naturally, Baldemar nodded without question. “Let’s get out of here.” Leading him throw the gyrating masses, every person that got in his way had to be shouldered aside hard. There was no time to mess around, not when his companion was drunk and likely to pass out. As they finally exited the establishment, He unhooked his arm before leaning Christian against the wall gently. “Are you okay? How do you feel now?” His ocean orbs carried a certain focus to them, searching the other males face for any signs of passing out.

"I think you do, it would make you glow," Christian said playfully, his voice getting higher. He swore he hadn't meant to drink this much, but caught up in the moment he had taken more sips of the frozen alcohol then he had realized. "I might likely pass out on the dance floor, and then you'd have to carry me." He said snarkily, smiling brightly. He felt a warm, fuzzy feeling when the other male got closer to him and he saw BamBam's muscles tense and sneakily ran a hand across his biceps, marveling at how tense they were. "Secret groups? Kinda like the CIA." He giggled and then almost lost his footing on the slippery floor, but he shakily righted himself before he fell. "Oh, you have? Well, that's great!" He said his musical tone returning. He loved it when other people recognized that K-Pop was good music, and actually liked it. "It’s outta my control. Oh when you say my name, It sounds like a song. And I’d listen all day long. Oh, I don’t understand it, But I can’t turn it off. Baby don’t ever stop." Christian sang quietly not realizing that he hadn't sung his own song, he had sung another groups song in English. He smirked when he saw BamBam smile at him. "Great, let's go tomorrow." He immediately said before he could stop himself. 

Christian was in no position to talk like that, but he was drunk so it tended to slip out of his mouth. His hands were shaking really bad now, and when BamBam put a hand on his shoulder he leaned back into that hand to steady himself. The bartender didn't hear from Christian exactly what he wanted in his drink, so the bartender had probably added twice the alcohol. The taste was burning his throat and he needed water.

"Yeah, but Han sounds better. Or I could've taken my adoptive parent's last name. Theirs is Kim." He said sadly, his eyes filling. Damn, he really was an emotional drunk. He was also twice as many times flirtatious then he normally was. "I could've been a stripper. I have the body for it." He says and winks one golden eye. "I haven't been since I was nineteen and I'm twenty-four years old, and it's nice there but it brings back bad memories that I would rather not elaborate on," Christian said all in one breath and let BamBam slip an arm around his shoulder. He nodded at BamBam's comment and let himself be taken outside, watching curiously as people that were in the way got shouldered out of the way. Once he was outside, he let out a shaky breath closing his golden eyes. But at that moment his body was reacting to the cool air. His eyes opened and flashed purple, and his pure white wings slid out from his back and shed soft white feathers that had glittery swirls on them on BamBam's shoulders. "Come closer, it's fine." He says, his voice taking on a giggly tone. 

 “If I was to glow any colour, it would be blue.” Baldemar spoke with a chuckle, enjoying their playful banter as the night went on. Smirking at the snarky tone, those ice blue hues glistened with attraction, passion and a focus that never wavered for even a second. “I wouldn’t mind at all, if it meant you didn’t ruin your face.” Speaking in a soft tone, it was very rare that he ever felt that familiar, warm feeling that burned him in the best way possible. He gave up trying to understand it, instead his body started embracing each new sensation that popped up. Goosebumps appeared onto his skin from Christian’s touch, the smoothness of his skin felt like electricity. “Kind of, it’s hard to explain.” Lunging forwards swiftly, his face turned serious because he didn’t want him to get hurt. Hearing the guy’s singing voice soothed him though, like a warm bath that was a balm to his stresses and worries. “You have a lovely voice, I definitely want to attend one of your concerts.” He said in an honest tone, before smiling at Christian’s eagerness to eat out with him. “Sure, tomorrow evening. Let’s try not drinking too much though.” Teasing him in a soft tone, the smile on his face didn’t waver.

Baldemar kept his hand on his shoulder, in case he fell down all of a sudden. Thanks to his strength, it wouldn’t take much to lift him if need be. Christian was clearly too drunk, bartenders in clubs didn’t exactly have super hearing when it came to requests. He didn’t even the guy for the hangover he’d probably have tomorrow.

Nodding softly, Baldemar frowned slightly in compassion. “Kim sounds really nice, that would have been lovely for you.” Squeezing his shoulder comfortingly, those ice blue hues burned with a care that was strongly evident in his gaze. The topic of bad memories did intrigue him but he knew not to push boundaries, knowing all about ghosts of the past that haunted his own life. Thankfully, it didn’t them long until they were outside against a brick wall by the side of the club. Baldemar widened his eyes as the wings came out, immediately looking around in case anyone saw. “Put them away before someone see’s them,  we aren’t allowed to show them out in public.” Grabbing a hold of Christian, He pulled them both into the shadows of an alleyway; where they would be hidden from such displays. “Sorry for the rough handling, I know your drunk but you need to focus. Once your wings away, we need to get you a cab or something.” Talking in a deep yet soft tone, his ocean orbs were very alert just in case any spied upon them which luckily there wasn’t anyone around.

"Blue would look nice on you." Christian giggled, relishing in the fact that BamBam was answering everything he said with a low tone and not getting annoyed by his overly flirtatious manner. He liked the way the other male's icy eyes were always trained on him and never left his face. He wasn't quite used to that much eye contact but he didn't mind it. "Aish, I'm not gonna ruin my face if I fall. I'll just need some stitches." He said waving a slender hand in the air at BamBam's comment. His body was tingling with the rush of the alcohol and the flush of heat from the club. When he ran his hand across the tense muscle on the other male's arm, he felt him shiver like a breeze had just come through the club, which it had not. "You can explain, I'm not going to leave," Christian said and almost fell again but caught himself as he saw BamBam lunge forward. Damn this drink had too much alcohol for him to handle, he usually gave off the impression that he could drink more than what he actually could. "Ha. I actually have one coming up, I can get you tickets." He said and smiled brightly again. He loved talking about his music and his concerts. "I'm not ever going to drink this much again, it doesn't feel good," Christian said and leaned against the other male for support.

He probably should've known that the bartender was going to put more alcohol in his drink. That bartender had been out to get him ever since he had refused to go out on a date with him last year. Also Christian only weighed a hundred and thirty pounds so it wouldn't be hard to lift him if he fell, he was as light as a feather.

Christian nodded and lifted a slender hand to wipe his tears. "Yeah, it would've been." He responded and tried to keep his balance as they walked outside. He noticed that the other male's icy eyes weren't nearly as icy as they were a minute ago. He really felt embarrassed now. He didn't like making people feel sympathetic for him, as if he had been sober, he would've shrugged it off with a simple "I'm fine." Once Baldemar had said that comment, he immediately noticed that his wings were out, and he drew them in with a snap. "I'm sorry! My body responds weirdly when I go outside!" He let himself be dragged into an alleyway and slapped himself mentally before his mind went any further. "I'm drunk? Is this what drunk feels like? Cause I feel terrible." He said with a frown, golden eyes returning to normal. "We do need to call a cab. Wait, where's my blazer and shirt?" do you have them?" He asked looking around frantically for the two articles of clothing. He couldn't go in a cab shirtless!


“Maybe, I’ll have to try it some day.” Baldemar smiled warmly, simply accepting Christians overly friendly nature since it was a nice change of pace; especially compared to what he was used to. Those ocean orbs kept focused on him, making sure that the Nephilim didn’t fall flat on his face from all the booze. “That isn’t the point, it’s very busy in here and falling isn’t a good idea.” Speaking in a tone laced with concern, the place seemed to get a bit to hectic for him as time went on; his buzz slowly wearing away until soberness had completely returned. What the hell had been going through his mind? Lunging to keep the male upright, it was getting a tad troublesome for his liking; things had started off okay but slowly ended up spinning out of control. Grinning broadly, he gave him a slight nod. “That would be nice to see some time.” Lending him a hand so they could leave the establishment, every muscle in his body itched to be free from the constricting crowd.  Making friends didn’t always turn out perfectly, sometimes meetings got messy from unforeseen complications.


The cool air hit him like a splash of cold water, awakening every part of his body within a moment. Baldemar felt refreshed and slightly relieved that they were out of there, leaning that toned form against the cool bricks for a long moment to reign in his senses.  It was time to end such a night.

Frowning in compassion, those ocean orbs glistened with understanding. Baldemar’s family was practically non-existent, a painful reminder to him every day. The past always clawed at his soul like an unforgiving curse, biting into every part of his mind like teeth that wouldn’t let go. Quickly glancing around them for on-lookers, a part of him was furious that Christian seemed to have no control over his actions; a stunt like this could have serious repercussions in the wrong circumstances. “I get that but you cannot reveal yourself in public like that, it’s against the rules. If just one human had seen, things could have gone a different way.” Noticing that his turn had turned sharp, he reigned in his temper because it wouldn’t solve anything really. Taking out his phone, He called an uber to their location so Christian had a way back home. Looking down at the time, jobs needed to be done so there was no time to hang around in dark alleys anymore. Shaking his head, his eyes surveyed the scene. “I don’t know where they are but an uber is coming any minute now, you’ll be fine. Just get yourself home, that’s the important thing.” Passing the other Nephilim his card, a polite smile danced along his features. “I need to go but we will meet up soon. It’s nice to have a friend in the city for a change.” Patting him on the shoulder gently, He headed away into the darkness back towards his sanctuary; a place that called out to him for some peace. Turning a corner towards a bustling street, a part of him felt bad for leaving a fellow Nephilim but sometimes his job came first; peoples protection was always the most important thing to him. It was his legacy, after all.

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