The woman known now a days as Ommin had been locked up in the Aurazin house for a while. She was never a huge socializer or very out spoken. She preferred to watch from the back ground. One night her mind plagued her with nightmares of her burning mother and her slaughtered brothers.  she had tossed and turned, the rain falling heavily on her window panel keeping her lucid. With frustration she huffed and pushed her blankets off.  She slipped out of her sleep wear and dawned a leather jacket and a undershirt with jeans. Her hair in a slight disorganized fluff of curls. Her under eyes carried heavy bags. She had started to have nightmares and flash backs or her mother and of her brothers, What had happened to her family? Was her family still alive in a long line of children or did they get snuffed out but white European slave traders. Her blood began to boil more as she stormed down stairs. Loud enough she may have woken up some of the other Aurazin 

Her mind flashed with images of her family, the fire of her mother, her brothers turning their backs, and her still born child plagued her vision. Her aura flared red, switching and morphing as she burst out through the front door. Her eyes begin to uncontrollably flood with tears. She had never fully thought of her family or put much thought into her past life once she had entered the veil. Never had she even dreamt of them, let along so vividly. She stood up looking at the raining sky and let out a scream as emotions flooded over her. Her human form started to glow and whip many colors naked to the non supernaturals. Her body began to turn to a pure light form. Soon nothing stood in her place. Yet a little group of butterfly's flapped instead. Shooting off into the darkness. 

Further into the city, a cluster of butterflies that seemed to be made of pure light fluttered around. People gasping at such a beautiful sight. Ommin flew through the city streets filled with grief and rage. She noticed a calm part of the city right beside a police station. Her mind shifted to the small dark area as her group fluttered to it. She shifted back into herself with a flash of light. She hit the ground on all fours. Heaving she threw up. Tears flooding her body. Disgusted by what she had done she tried to stand and walk. Her legs wobbled as she fell again. She should not have shifted, It took too much out of her,. Where in the city was she even. Had anyone seen her? Worry flooded her as she realized she may have let a couple humans see glowing butterflies. 

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Abel was huffing while he was flipping through the pages of his new case. His laptop was in front of him as well as his cup of coffee was standing right next to his laptop. He was not so sure that getting a drink and an electronic device while he was on the verge of thinking, however, it was the only way that could make him relax and focus on the task at hand. He stopped at a page and looked at it directly. He got his pen and underlined a few sentences from the page. As he was holding his pen in his hand, he grabbed his cup, took a sip of his coffee and left it where he took it. “This is new.” He threw the pen on the table. He covered his face with his hands, scratched his eyes softly. “Damn it! I need more proof; I have nothing but the words of a witness. It won’t take me anywhere.” He closed the file and turned off his laptop.

 He was on his way to the station where he could get more information from an informant of him. Therefore, he could figure out the lost pieces of this freaking puzzle. He was wearing his brown coat, and he had his brown hat on his head. He was wearing his brown tux with a red tie, and white shirt. He was not able to calculate the rainy weather; however, he was ready for any circumstances. His job as a lawyer thought him many things. One of them was if you are in a hurry or going to a place you know nothing about, be prepared. A sweet smile was appearing on his face as he was walking on the pavement in the rain. On one hand, he had his suitcase, the other one, he was holding his brown leather umbrella.

His phone rang while he was thinking of something important about the case. He checked his phone, answered the call: “John, I’m on my way. Could you please get Jimmy for me? I need to speak to him, it’s urgent.” He nodded while he was listening to the man on the phone, “Yeah, yeah… I get it. At least get him to call me. I’ll be there in a few. Cheers!” He hanged up his mobile phone and put it back inside his coat’s pocket. As soon as he started looking at the road, his dark brown eyes met with a woman figure. She had no umbrella nor something to protect her from the rain. He walked towards her; both of his hands were in the air to let her know that he meant no harm.

“Lady, why are you out here at night in the rain?” He asked with a sweet tone. He was not sure if that was the right question to ask but he knew that he had to start somewhere. “I’m going to the police station. You may come with me. You can decide where to go next from there.” He nodded at her. He gently extended his hand with the umbrella towards her so that she could stop getting soaked because of the rain. “I’m Abel… Abel Quinn. Lawyer.”

She brushed the dirt off her kneee's as she stood upright. Her head spinning wildly as a tear dropped down her face. Her eyes looking over the area she had rushed into. Her legs giving out under her once again as she sat against the bench. Her hands on her knee's as she head hung between them. To passer by's she seemed like a drunk woman or someone on drugs. She lifted her head after a while and leaned back. She could not stop hearing her mothers screams as she. She leaned back with closed eyes. "I need to find out what happened to my brothers my family line..." Her whisper was not audible to anyone besides herself. She noticed a black man walking toward her hands up. When he spoke she realized how ragged she must look! The  feeling of shame and guilt washed over her. 

When he addressed her she tried to stand up only to have her legs yet again wobble like she was going to fall. She pressed on standing with all her might. " Thank you sir. The police station....?" She seemed unsure of the area...tho this man held no ill will as his emotions and aura seemed while aligned. "My name is Ommin sir. Pleasure to meet you." She gave a slight curtsy as her legs gave out upon her doing so, Her body hit the ground by Abels feet. Her nose started bleeding lightly as she smashed it off the ground in front of her. "Sorry sir!" She voice snapped as she tried 

Her mind flooded with things as Abel helped her up. What kind of world was this? Why was she so focused on her family after hundred of years? Why was she having lucid dreams of her family? Was the world telling her to look for her kin? Was there records of everything that happened those many many years ago? She lifted her eyes to the man before her. "I'm sorry sir..." Ommin was so confused and turned backwards that she let her aura slip. Normally only certain species can see it. Tho Abel was to see a slight glow from around her body. These colors shifting all the colors of the rainbow. It was very light. To the point he may have thought he was seeing things. 

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