The holiday season, the year for everyone to be with family and friends. Some people like to give their time to charity to make sure everyone is not left out this season. The human guard is one of them but really every Christmas was never the same since her mother Katie Smoke passed away. The human still remembers the day like it was yesterday, it still hunts her and her father Allen Smoke Jr.  Nothing stayed the same. This year she didn't want to waste what her mother believed in during the season was to give back. 

As normal, Zandra was typing up stories so she can still have drafts to post when she becomes really busy. She didn't expect Artiemitra to be around to take photos as it has been easier with her around. Zandra living at the manor away from her father still makes her miss him more even though he is across the city and a phone call away. She and her father always will have a great close relationship with each other no matter.  As the snow came down, she walked the streets of an area she grew accustomed too, The Valkyr territory. From mission, after a mission, she is always coming around which it's dangerous as many people can recognize her face or worst who she is. 

Zandra sits down on a bench to think about things as she watched people who passed by. It was very quiet and peaceful like nothing could never go wrong tonight. Until she laid eyes on a girl who was cold or well looked cold being alone. Zandra felt sad for the girl, she can see how beautiful she is which made the human confused as to why the other is alone. Someone like her would have someone in her life, then again it can go for Zandra. Single, never dated, never thought she could love another. 

Within her world, Zandra is always scared to have someone in her life knowing the dangers for them and for her to always worry about them. The human wanted over to the female, "Hello. Are you cold?" she asked. By examing the other Zandra could tell she does not have much. "We can get a hot meal or maybe some hot choco?" Zandra asked hoping the other won't mind at all she wants to help them. 

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The Holiday's were always such a sore time for Eden. After being turned into a Valkyr, and waking up to the people she loved most spitting at her, and pushing her out onto the streets, she had closed her heart off. Eden hadn't celebrated Christmas ever since she had been in her mothers home, and that had been many years ago. The Valkyr did however make a tradition of her own with Knox, and that meant more than any kind of gift she could find under a tree.

Today Eden had busied herself by strolling through the streets of Evermore. She watched as children ran wild, with exictemment and joy because they kenw they were going to be getting gifts, and getting spoiled by their family members. And she watched couples who seemingly kissed every other step they'd take, never letting go of each others hands for a second. It was all cute, but it reminded Eden of what she didn't have, and maybe never would have. If Knox wanted a future with her, then he would damn sure have one. Eden found herself growing more and more attached to the Valkyr each night that they spent together.

She had been lost in thought when someone approached her. The ringing of a females voice echoed through the Valkyr's ears and for a moment, she tried procssing what she had said to Eden. After turning her gaze to look at the unfamiliar guest she now had, the Valkyr offered a faint smile and shook her head "Not really" she lied of course. Eden was cold, but as a Valkyr it didn't seem to matter, because she knew she wouldn't die from illnesses or frost bite. Eden cleared her throat at the female's request to get a hot meal and some hot coco. It was definitely new for someone she didn't even know, to offer to take her for something to eat.

She couldn't help but frown for a moment. Was it that obvious that she had nothing? Perhaps it was, and Eden knew there were the right and wrong times to turn down help. Right now, she actually needed it, so she stood hesitantly. "I would like that. But, I .." she started and struggled a little with her words at first. "Who are you? Did someone send you?" she wondered, because most of the city officials knew who the poor people were. Eden was sure she had fit on that list herself. She made money however she could, but it would never be enough to consider her anything more than poor.

Eden began walking with the woman, her head hung low. She felt a little embarrassed to have someone offering her food and the likes. "This is really nice of you. What's your name?" she then asked, figuring she may just be a nice woman, who saw someone in need. It's just that Eden never liked charity from others. It made her feel worse about herself. "I'm Eden" the Valkyr finished off, unable to deny the smell of the woman's blood as it wafted past her nostrils, causing a lump to form in the Valkyr's throat as hunger began tugging at her.

The holidays are always hard for people who had lost so much. During this season her mom comes to mind, then what's always left her wondering if she should've done something different. Zandra regrets it maybe if she chooses to be a guard before everything happened she could've saved her mother. She will never know the answer not even now. 

The human guard had no one to call hers which made her single life dry and cold. Zandra didn't let it bother her however, she chooses to be hard to catch for others to have a chance at dating her. She had one person she almost dated but he seemed to forget about her and left. Not like she was important he was rude to her so there was no them. Seeing children being happy during this time of year made Zandra happy knowing how carefree their life is without them knowing how cruel the world really is. 

When the female looked up at Zandra, the human smiled. Hearing she was not cold made Zandra wonder if the other is lying but she has no business to drag the other out of her comfort zone. "If you are sure then alright." The human guard said standing there wondering if the other would be alright with her second offer. Not like Zandra wanted to insult the other female she would it would be right to do something nice. It's the season of sharing is caring. 

Seeing the change of the female's expression told her it's a sensitive subject. Zandra closed her eyes hoping the other would forgive her for bringing it up. When she listened to the other, Zandra opened her eyes and looked confused at the other. "Why does everyone think am looking for trouble? No one sent me, just doing something nice for someone during this season. I know it's sensitive and it's hard. Think of it as giving something back without asking for anything back." Zandra said with a smile. "My name is Zandra. What's yours?" She asked knowing it's right to ask the other the same question back. 

Hearing the other's name as they begin to walk Zandra smiled. "It's nice to meet you Eden, pretty name." The guard walked up to the door as she held it open for the other once they were in the guard closed the door and looked around. " Not that crowd. Perfect timing on our part." Zandra said sitting down at the table waiting for the other. "I don't bite I promise." She said with a smile. 

Eden had lost plenty in her life, but it never seemed to matter as much as it did during the holidays, because beneath the layer of 'i'm a bad ass Valkyr who can tear your world apart' laid a layer of a weak little girl, who'd been tossed on the streets for sacrificing her own life to save another. Eden had always been one who loved to learn, and even more than that, she loved to teach and help people with all things in life. Being a tutor for the children in her village had been the joy in the Valkyr's life, so when she lost that, she felt that she'd lost the biggest part of herself, and ever since then Eden had been walking this narrow path in her life of poor choices. The way she got an income wasn't any better. Eden targeted the rich bachelors of Evermore to entertain in exchange for cash.

Eden held her hands up in denfense when the female asked why everyone assumed she was looking for trouble. "Trust me, it's not you.. I just don't get many favors like this without something being asked of me in return. Every time someone approaches me, they have some ulterior motive.. and I can't imagine that ive not made a few enemies" she examined the woman from head to toe, finally deciding to trust her when she made her mind up that she'd never seen her before.

"It's nice to meet you too Zandra. Forgive me if i act ungrateful or anything, you're a female, so i'm sure you know what I mean when I say nothing in this world comes for free for a female like me. It's my own fault really, but .." she trailed off, averting her gaze to the small cafe they were about to walk into. She smiled faintly when Zandra called it perfect timing, but Eden felt more than relieved that it wasn't crowded. Usually big crowds meant that one or two out of the bunch knew Eden, or at least knew of her reputation, and it always made for a bad day. "Thank you by the way. It was the best things my parents felt that they could give me after being born into a rickety home with barren walls and a leaking roof, They could hardly give me more than a name. So they named me after the fictitious paradise that would eternally bloom and flourish, as they thought I would"

For a moment, the Valkyr dropped her head and lowered her gaze. She often missed her humble, loving set of parents. No matter how rough they'd had it, they gave Eden all the love a girl could handle, and she knew if it hadn't been for a strict set of rules that came with being a Valkyr, her mother would have never spat at her and called her a demon. But, still, Eden often times found herself in despair because of all that she'd lost for what she gave to the Heathcliff family, which was her organs, so their son could live instead. The little boy had become a brother like figure to Eden, and she could just watch him die. The Heathcliff's were rich enough to call in a favor with a family friend who owed them, who happened to be a Valkyr himself. Lord Caldwell turned Eden, kept her over night and sent her away with 200$ and a plane ticket to the very place she sat in right now.

Zandra's voice made Eden jump slightly after letting her thoughts consume the moment. The Valkyr gave a sly grin when she said she didn't bite, if she only knew how intoxicating the scent of her blood was right now, she may not have been talking about biting at all, because Eden's temptation was driving her mad. She hadn't fed in a while now, and desperately needed too. But, Zandra had been the only person today to ask Eden if she was cold, while tons of others walked past her and turned their noses up as if they were to good to even give her a second look.

After their orders arrived, Eden happily sipped her hot chocolate, sighing contently as it hit the right spot. "So Zandra, what's your story?" she asked, figuring she was more than your every day do gooder. "Tell me a little about yourself. I'm in no rush" she added, giving her a genuine grin before taking a bite of the food from her plate. Zandra held a certain sadness beneath her eyes, so naturally, Eden's features softened to the humble female before her, hoping she hadn't asked too much by asking her to tell a little about herself.

The guard really didn't know anything about the Valkyr. Zandra does not judge or turn down anything anyone always thinking about the good in people is one thing Zandra is known for, it comes from her father. Even if her father is a cop but sometimes he does have his moments to give people a chance to make a change before locking up someone for as many years or months the person is signed for. Zandra would take up a special investigation if her father is alright with it along with if it will be worth it or not. 

 "That is sad really. Everyone expected to have something from someone else. I am doing this because it's the right thing to do along with making someone's day or night." Zandra can tell the other has been thought a lot so she won't ask to give respect to the other. 

Zandra smiled sadly as she nodded. "Yeah, What I do it does not come easy for me easy either... will in two ways," she said giving a little pout but sighed.  You don't sound ungrateful really. It's more like you are surprised then being ungrateful. If I was you I would be the same thing but in different circumstances of course." Zandra said opening the door as she closed it when the other is inside. Zandra didn't like crowds as much due to there will always be rude people. "Eden is a very pretty name, I never meet anyone with the name." 

When the Valkyr asked Zandra about her story, the human bite her lower lip with a sigh. "Well am from Louisiana, before coming here my mom had cancer. It makes me sad to talk about her due to she has signed to recover for her to live a lot longer but someone has to ruin it so they come into their room and murdered her." Zandra said looking at the female with a sigh. "After so, I came here to find myself along with building a new person. Went to help my father move to the city coming back everything changed. I don't know how helpful that was to you." The Human didn't mind retelling her story but she also knew one day her mother will not be as hard for her to talk. "Sorry for it to turn sad," she said with a light smile. 

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