Since her marriage to Draco, returning from Italy and starting up work again, Illiana had been meaning to make more time for her family but it never seemed easy when work took up most of the Nephilim's time. She knew it was no excuse, before she became Commander, her family was everything to her and Illiana never let work get inbetween that but now, everything was just so much more busier for the blonde. Though Illi wasn't going to let that fact interrupt her family time for any longer. She missed being around her family constantly like she used to be, she missed talking to her parents and being around her brother and cousins. It was like everything had just been forgotten when they moved to Evermore, especially after Illiana moved in with Draco in the Human Territory.

With all that in mind, Illiana made sure to clear up her schedule for a day here and there to spend time with her family. This time around, it was Tatiana that she had planned to spend some time with. The Nephilim had thought they could do some sparring before moving on with their day just shopping and doing other things that they thought off whilst out. Illiana also had some news to share with her cousin and she couldn't wait to see what the Dhampir's reaction would be. Since she was planning on some training time before anything else, Illiana dressed in a pair of black leggings before pulling on a loose fitted grey t-shirt she had stolen from Draco. It wasn't long before she was dressed and after she had pulled her trainers on, she headed out of her room in the Ailward Manor, moving through the halls and down staircases until she reached the training room located in the Manor. 

The Nephilim had relayed the information to her cousin that they could meet in the training room, seeing as that was where they could be starting their day. As soon as Illiana had walked through the doors, she looked around seeing if Tatiana was already present in the room with the other Guards who were training already. Not seeing her Dhampir cousin present as of yet, Illiana headed across the room to stretch before she trained, not wanting to damage anything during a training session, especially when she had more than just herself to think about now.

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With the Guard member set off to tell Tatiana about the change of locations for their meet, Illiana headed to the other side of the room to stretch beforehand. With everything that had been happening the past few months, the Nephilim hadn't had much time to train as she used to before and now with the news she had to share with her family about her pregnancy, that would be another nine or so months where she couldn't train until the baby was born. Which would make this training session with her cousin the last time, knowing fully well that as soon as the words 'I'm pregnant' leave her mouth everyone in the Manor would condemn her from training until after the birth of her unborn child. 

Stretching out her limbs, Illiana continued on for a few more minutes to prepare herself before her cousin showed up. It wasn't long after that the blonde Ivakov walked through the doors of the training room. "Tati! Maybe a bit too long, but never mind that now." She grinned, hugging the Dhampir back. "It's good to see you, cousin! I'm so glad we could do this today, it'd definitely overdue that we needed a day to ourselves." Illi spoke, looking to the blonde with a laugh. They had so much to catch up on from the past few months and now that Illiana was stood in front of her cousin, she didn't know where to start. "I have so much to tell you, but first, how about a good sparring session?" She raised an eyebrow, a grin on her face as she turned to Dhampir.

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