Aisling had followed the river as she walked the banks for as long as she could, glancing to her reflection on the frozen on water as the moon light shined down onto it. She'd been feeling out of place, and not herself for the past couple weeks. An emptiness had consumed her as much as the intent on becoming dark had. She'd never felt like most Light Diviners did, not even from an early age. Even her family assumed she'd be dark, but that wasn't the case when the light claimed her. From that day on, she hadn't felt the same and something would have to give for this Diviner before it drove her mad.

It wasn't long before the chill of the night had finally started making her cold, and with that, Aisling began walking back in the other direction. Not thinking nothing of it when she saw an abandoned warehouse in the distance, she continued her walk back. The young Diviner sighed softly. She hadn't heard from her brothers ever since she came to the city of Evermore, and had grown tired of wondering if they were ever going to reach out to her. She missed them dearly, but she had done started living a life of her own now, and not being dependent of them any longer. Just up ahead of the abandoned warehouse, Aisling decided to sit, and just dwell, thankfully enough having both her ipod and her flask in her bag.

Opening her flask she took a couple long, much needed swigs before turning her music on. She enjoyed the still of the night, but at times it made her feel uneasy, especially when random noises approached her from behind. Avoiding that, she placed her ear phones in and began humming to one of her favorite (songs). Her dark optics gazing above to the bright moon. It looked as if it was just dangling above her head, hung there like an ornament, in awe with the scenery. Aisling had always been a sucker for nature and such, perhaps that was the only thing she had in common with the light Diviners, everything else about her, was nothing but dark.

Continuing to let herself dwell, Aisling shook her head. What was the point? She thought silently. To continue to live this way, was her letting everyone else be in charge of her life, which she simply wasn't going to have. She'd just brought her flask back to her lips, ready to take another drink from it, before she jumped; startled at the screams coming from the warehouse. "what the hell?" she asked out loud, her instincts telling her not to do what she was about to do, but she couldn't help it, someone was in danger, or from the sounds of it, being slaughtered.

HEr heart raced with every step she ran towards the warehouse. Not expecting what she saw when she plunged through the doors, she gasped, stumbling back towards the exit. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" she screamed at the dark figure, holding a woman by her throat. She hadn't seen anything like this in her life, and it didn't help the fact that she was feeling darker than usual. For some reason, she was unable to peel her eyes away from the scene, which was rather disturbing, but she continued gazing, ready to attack this man if he stepped one foot in front of her. IF she wasn't mistaken, this was the same man who'd been following her lately. Did he know she was struggling the way she was, with staying a light Diviner? Was this a trap? So many questions, but her mouth stayed sealed.

Still stumbling, she finally slammed the door shut as her back fell into it, which made the inside of the warehouse, nearly pitch black, only able to see what the dim light allowed her too, that was hanging just over top of the dark figure and the woman on the other side of the room.

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''My my, look who is finally waking up from her little slumber.'' Isaiah said, as he tilted his head slowly, his piercing gaze locked on the female he had captured. He crouched down in front of her, the fear in her eyes was clear and that only drove Isaiah to continue with what he had plan. ''Yes! Yes! Be scared because see, I have this weird condition where I can't feel a thing...'' He slowed down slowly, as an idea was brewing in his head, and he slowly placed her hand in his, ''Maybe, you can help me. Tell me, what's it like to have emotions? To be able to fall in love? Are you in love? Do you feel remorse and regret for anything bad you've done in your life, Lily?'' Question upon question caused the girl to begin to cry again, but tears would not save her from the pain she was about to suffer. The poor girl was walking from her work, before she was taken by Isaiah, who had an itch to kill and she just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. She had no idea how to respond to the psychopath before her which only angered him. ''WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER ME?!'' He screamed, but like a true psychopath, his rage left as quickly as it had arrived. 

He rose back to his full height, pursing his lips before shaking his head, ''Look, I'm sorry. I never usually get that angry but you know how it is when someone doesn't answer you when you've asked them a bunch of questions. It's like, they have no respect. The absolute audacity of some people nowadays.'' The girl couldn't believe what she was hearing from the man. Disrespect? She was the one who had cuts and bruises from HIM. He never took her eyes off her, ''I think of you as some sort of experiment. I'm trying to put myself in your shoes, but i just can't. What are you even doing? How are you able to cry like that? Ho-'' He cut himself off, chuckling to himself as he looked up at the ceiling, ''What the hell am I doing? Clearly you don't know how to answer questions.'' 

He looked at his watch and he nodded, ''Yep, she should be arriving soon. I would say forgive me for what I'm about to do, but I really couldn't give a crap.'' And with that, he began cutting into her skin with a knife again, causing her to shriek in pain as if she was some sort of banshee from a tv show. Anyone from miles away would be able to hear her scream and that's when he dropped the knife and grabbed her by the throat, clearly irritated. He led her back to her feet by her throat which he tightened in order to silence her. ''You scream way too loud and I have a big problem with that, princess.'' Before he could do anything more, the doors were thrown open, causing him to drop the girl. 

Another girl scream. If he didn't have quick healing abilities, he would probably have a long and painful headache. ''Sure, just run in. Don't knock. Just run in. Join the party. There's tea and biscuits in that corner and over here, we are playing pin the tail.'' He mocked as he stared at the girl who was in the corner in complete disbelief. This was all going to plan. He had lured the girl into the abandoned warehouse and now he was going to execute the final stages of his plan. Make two people suffer. One would die, the other would suffer tremendous guilt for the rest of their life. What fun. 

''In fact..'' He kicked the knife towards the female who was still in the corner. ''Why don't you have a go?'' He tilted his head ever so slightly once again. Before clapping his hands with an idea in his hands. ''Oh yes! I just got another idea... So, if you don't kill our guest here, then I'll snap your legs and make her kill you instead! I mean, what do you think? I'm very proud of that idea. Makes things very interesting.'' And he was about to walk ooff into the shadows to watch before he remembered he forgot to mention one vital thing, ''I know what you are and let me make one thing clear, Aisling..'' He revealed that he knew her name which means he knew a lot more than she thought, ''If you try anything smart, believe me, I will end your life in such a spectacular manner, you will feel every inch of pain that you will be begging for me to end it quick.'' He warned, his face serious before a smirk appeared on his lips once again, ''Begin.''

Aisling, being a therapist found this man to be truly disturbed, the most twisted, demented man she'd ever had an encounter with. Anyone could have been walking by this warehouse tonight, why her? With everything already so piled onto her, why this? Inhaling deeply, she peered around Isaiah and to the woman covered in slashes and blood. He really went all out to hurt this woman. The words echoing from his mouth however, were more disturbing than the sliced up female. He seemed to be joyful about what he was doing, showing no remorse.

With a raised brow, Ais glared at him, giving him a go-to-hell look. "I'll pass on the tea and biscuits, pin the tail however... what are the rules?" she questioned, deciding she'd play along, at first having the intentions of saving the girl, which was clearly a suicide mission, but she couldn't stand here and do nothing. Something had called her out to this warehouse, and now after seeing his face clearly, she was positive that he was the one who had been following her the past couple weeks. "Why have you been following me? what the hell do you want with me?!" she shouted at him, moving around in the darkness the best she could without falling over various tools and weapons spread out across the floor, most of which had blood stain on them.

After Isaiah kicked the knife towards Aisling telling her to have a go, she decided she'd do just that. Grabbing it, she inhaled again, seeing the other womans blood dripping from it made her nauseous. Aisling smirked before stepping over to Isaiah, trailing her fingertips down the knife, before running it along his lips "I don't like following rules, especially not those of a pyscho.. you don't get to tell me what to do. You've been following me for weeks.. and I ain't doing shit until you tell me why" she stated, demanding answers with the knife now to his neck. "And how do you know my name?!" she questioned angrily, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Looking down into his eyes, her chest falling as quickly as it rises with how heavy she was breathing, finding it odd that his own heartbeat was as steady as ever, she would have known a difference had there been one, since her chest was against his. The next set of words started the young Diviner, either she helped him kill this girl or she'd die instead? What the hell was that? What choices did she even have? This was kill or be killed. And, Aisling wouldn't die on behalf of a woman she didn't even know. "You know what, you're one fucked up individual... don't ever threaten me.. you know my name, so how about you tell me yours, although,I have a feeling your last name is Bradford, you're know as the other psychotic angel .. your father is even worse than you, I see where you get it from though." she stated, moving off of him.

Aisling decided to make a game out of this, holding off as long as she could, not wanting to kill the girl, but also trying to keep herself alive. "I could end you, in the blink of an eye, love. So.. I suggest we change this game up a little. I see that you're struggling with an identity crisis too... troubled asshole" she said, nonchalant, smiling  as if she was okay, but she was far from that. She was shaking from the inside out and she knew he could see that. Aisling also knew that dragging this out the way she was, would infuriate him.. but even with her mind growing dark, she didn't even know where to begin with butchering someone, the knife still in her hand which was still shaking. She felt like a moth running through the flames right now.

Aisling slowly then turned, throwing the knife, causing it to stick in the wall, just above his head. "Im not here to do your dirty work. hit me up, when you have a better plan.. you are crazy" she muttered before attempting to walk away.. looking at the exit which was all on the other side of the warehouse, her heart pounding fearing that he'd only run after her. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she sped up the pace with her footsteps, she could only pray silently that she'd make it to the exit before he jerked her back in. How could someone so gorgeous be that mentally disturbed? But, as she'd always believed, women always did find attraction with worse of them, rather than a prince charming, Aisling much preferred a man like Isaiah, hence why she was with Niram.. he didn't go a day without hearing voices in his head, and now, the voices had began convincing him to hurt her, yet she stayed.

Maybe Aisling was just as screwed up as they were.

What a brave soul, he thought to himself, completely amused by how she attempted to go from freaking out at the scene before her, to trying to act like she was brave enough to stand up to him. When she asked him what the rules on pin the tail were, he simply answered, ''The only outcome allowed is death.'' He stated, with the widest smile in the world, clearly proud with the scene he had created. Most people would be disgusted if they had done this or would feel at least some sort of pity, but not Isaiah. He felt nothing at all. This was normal to him. Dead body to him? No problem. One of the other Bradfords would clean up after him as he didn't really give a damn. Whether it be Clarissa or Cornelia. For now however, his mind was on the presented and how to make the most out of this opportunity. What many people didn't understand about him was he was always thinking. His mind was always working, thinking of potential escape routes, ways to defend himself and ways to eliminate her if she even attempted to attack him. Which was why he was such a dangerous assassin when he was in the LoA aka League of Assassins. Contract after contract, Isaiah would get the job done and the fact he felt nothing meant he had no problem killing an witnesses. No matter the age. 

And so the floodgates were open, the empty warehouse echoing with the screams of Aisling who was demanding answers from the psycho who was in control of the situation. Clearly she wasn't aware of the gravity of the situation if she was demanding answers from him. Of course he followed her. He followed anyone he had interest in. Whether it be for causing pain or if they had something of value that he wanted. He scoffed as she continued demanding answers from him which he wasn't going to answer unless he himself wanted to, not because she demanded him. ''Believe it or not, you aren't in control of this situation. I'm not the one who could potentially be killed right now. I don't have to answer anything you ask until you start doing what I tell you to do.'' He took a step towards her, clenching his jaw, ''So you can either shut your trap and do what I tell you to do, or I will do something much worse than kill you.'' He tilted his head as his piercing eyes locked on her, ''Or the people you care for most in this life will cease to exist. The ball is in your court, Supergirl.'' 

He began chuckling as she was now pressed up against him, running the knife on his lips yet he did not fear what she had planned. She couldn't kill him with a simple knife and plus, he could disarm her in the blink of an eye and slit her throat in the process. He had trained vigorously for moments like this when he was a professional assassin, making a living off killing people, now he was just doing it for his own personal entertainment. When she began telling him that she knew who he was and that his father was worse than him.  ''One, If you think my father is worse, then trust me, you have no clue who I am and what I am capable of. Two, I dare you to try kill me right now and you see what happens. Come on, do it. Watch how I take that knife from you and stick it in your heart.'' He spread his arms out, daring her to do it. 

He didn't even flinch when she flung the knife at him which lodged into the all, causing him to chuckle as he watched her speed walk to the exit. He nodded his head, as he ripped the knife from the world as she continued walking. ''Go on, keep walking. Walk away knowing you could have put this girl out of her misery, but now she's going to die a slow death, kind of like you.'' As he said that, he stormed towards Aisling without her realising, grabbing her by the hair and began pulling her back in the direction of the girl, dragging her and then throwing her beside the girl. ''I'm going to give you one more chance,'' The girl's hand was placed against the wooden floor, which Isaiah had now plunged the knife in, causing her to scream in pain as he stared into Aisling's eyes whilst Lily continued to shriek in pain. ''Save her life or I will make it slow for her. You know you want to kill her. Your heart is demanding you to.'' 

Amused... was he seriously amused? She questioned it a few times, but the smile on his face said only that. He actually enjoyed this. And that alone was enough to amuse Aisling herself, she couldn't help but chuckle. Feeling now, as if she were as bipolar and psychotic as he was. Perhaps this one had been dropped on his head one to many times as an infant though, no other explanations were available. She then rolled her eyes, hearing him state the rules, that the only outcome allowed was death. "You're truly messed up, you do realize that right?" she questioned knowing he'd be more of a jerk the more she asked questions, she wanted to get on with it, just to end this but, she found it all to amusing to just drag it out and make this psycho before her, wait.

She shuttered then, as Isaiah followed her, in disbelief that she demanded answers. "WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO ANSWER ME?!" she yelled once more. Her voice would grow raspy from all of this yelling. If he'd just stop acting like an idiot for a second and answer her, she'd get on with it, but the ball definitely wasn't in her court, and Aisling didn't like at all, not being in control of her own life. This was shitty. Things got worse as she had assumed they would. The way he clenched his jaw, brought a grin to the young Diviner's face. "Getting mad are we?" she asked in a teasing fashion. "What will you do any worse than this?" she questioned, her heart beating against her chest as he stepped even closer, making it so not even a hair would fit between them.

Just as she'd reminded herself that the ball wasn't in her court, he stated that it was. But, she had no control over the situation, which he'd also reminded her of previously. God was he bipolar. Aisling inhaled deeply, "don't call me that .. it sounds like you're flirting, which is even scarier than the blood spilling from that one" she then said pointing to the female on the other side of them, screaming and begging for Aislings help. "PLEASE.. SHUT UP! I CAN'T DO NOTHING TO SAVE YOU" she yelled out in frustration. Then, he threatened those she loved, which fell by few... Dominic and Niram came to mind, and she wouldn't let nothing happen to them.. she'd kill for them in a heart beat.

She blinked, he was offended that she said his father was worse.. "Okay apologies dear, didn't mean to downgrade you.. so daddy Abraxas is more sane than you? he went wrong somewhere though.. I mean you turned out to be soo.... pleasant" she said sarcastically, now she was really amused. Him daring her now, with his arms held out as if he were saying 'come at me' she really wanted to.. but, she didn't know what he was capable of, that much was true. But, much like him she didn't fear death herself. Not that she wanted to die today, and no matter what it took, she'd walk away from this alive. Aisling had plans, and a life to live.. Isaiah freakin' Bradford wasn't going to take that from her. Aisling had began walking away, calling his bluff only understanding how twisted and demented he was, when he spoke of how she could have saved the girl by killing her quickly, but now she'd die slow and painfully like Ais herself would.

She really didn't think he'd follow her. But, he did.. and when he did, he made it painful. The coldest gust of air came over her as he gripped her hair, pulling her back over to where the other girl was. The whole way there she kicked and fought against him, which did her no good. "Let. Go. Of. Me." she groaned out, being tossed into the floor like a ragdoll with who he called Lily. IT had been so much easier not knowing her name, but now.. having a name, it made Aisling attempt another escape plan in her head. There was no way around him this time though, she crawled backwards only to hit a wall that she hadn't seen behind her, as he plunged the knife into the girls hand. She felt more nauseous now than ever. Rubbing her own hand and looking to him with smeared makeup. "Fine... you piece of work.. FINEEEE!" screaming at him, she grabbed the knife and ran over to the girl, plunging it into the flesh just above her collar bone, backing away, not even pulling it out. Aisling fell to the floor, her knees nearly cracking against the hard wood with as hard as she hit.

"Oh my god.. what the fuck did I just do?!" she cried out, before pulling the knife back out of the girl, who now seemed to have blacked out from the pain, not dead yet.. but barely alive. Aisling then went after Isaiah, swinging the knife in his direction, meaning to stab him in the throat, but.. she missed, she could barely see because of it being dark, then on top of that, her vision was still clouded from crying. "You don't deserve to walk away from this!" she swung the knife at him again, the blade barely swiping across his face, only enough to make a small cut, and probably piss him off even more. She'd never resorted to using her powers, but right now, something was telling her to dig deep within herself and do whatever she had to, to survive this. How would she even end this girl? She had only stabbed her once and left here lying there as she was, she knew if she didn't finish it, Isaiah would track everyone Aisling loved and kill them in front of her,

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