Arthur had been adventuring out in the city today and he was enjoying himself as he watching the human's doing their daily chores and routines, whether it be work or family activities. It was as if he was thinking of his own family and he was beginning to miss them as he had been away from Neath for a quite some time now. 

Last night he was thinking of getting something for himself in representation of his freedom from the duties he had once had as a Prince. Although many knew he was still a Prince however he would never go back to Neath as it was too dangerous for people to know what he truly was. He was still accepting the fact that he was a werewolf and wishing he never stood in that forest back at home that led to him to get attacked. Shaking his head from his thoughts, he headed down a small street where a cafe was on a corner and then a tattoo parlour. He had a small tattoo in mind and he knew exactly where he was getting it. He heard good reviews from this place.

He walked down the small street and opened the door to the tattoo parlour, the bell indicating that a customer has arrived. He observed the small tattoo parlour and thought how cool it would be to become a tattooist but he had never been an artist. He looked over where some of the works of the tattooist employees have and he was rather impressed. He took out his phone and scrolled through his photos to find the picture he was looking for. He selected the picture (as shown on the side her > click link) (Link of Tattoo). He walked over and approached at the register, waiting for someone to serve him. 

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Arthur was waiting near the register to be served, it seemed that it wasn't very busy but he could hear some noise out the back where the rooms were. He was busy looking around the small tattoo parlour, observing the artist's work around the room. He ran a hand through his blonde hair and placed his hands on the counter, waiting patiently before he saw a tattooed man come into his view. His brow raised and a small smile lifted across his lips as he heard the tattooist. ''It's alright, take as long as you need.'' He said in a soft tone, not wanting to rush him. As he saw a woman walked by the register and handed the man the money, he raised his brow at her as she didn't look happy. 

Once the woman had left and slammed the door behind her, he let out a chuckle and turned to see the man serving him. He liked the tattoos he had on his arms and anywhere else he could see them, he was quite an attractive man as well. Shaking his head from his thoughts once more, he cleared his throat and smiled before speaking. ''I was wondering, do you have some time for a medium tattoo to be done? I can pay you a bit more for it.'' He said, smirking slightly as he pulled his phone out, showing him the tattoo he wanted. ''Can you do this today? If not, I can return tomorrow if you are all booked out.'' He added, flashing a smile with his white pearly teeth. He tried to act normal but he honestly thought this man was so hot. He couldn't keep his eyes away from him. No matter how corny he thought that was, but he really couldn't. ''Bad customer?'' He asked as he nodded towards the woman who was passing by the shop, oblivious that she didn't see him. 

Arthur smiled at him as he leaned in to show his picture of the tattoo he wanted; he wanted it on his forearm as well. ''Alright well, if you do a great job at it, I'll give you good a tip.'' He winked as he let him take the phone from his hand, their fingers barely touching. He nodded as he heard him explain what he needed to do to get his tattoo done, he had one previously before but at a different place. ''Sure thing, do whatever you need to do.'' He said in his usual tone. 

He went around the register and followed him, chuckling slightly as he heard about the customer he had before he arrived. ''Well, I assure you, I won't pass out.'' His lips curling into a smirk, following into his room and took a seat near him, watching him as he worked on his tattoo.

''I'm Arthur by the way,'' he introduced himself in a friendly tone, gazing at his movements. ''I've heard good reviews on this place and I can see by your artwork, it's quite impressive.'' He complimented him, he adjusted himself on the chair and watched the man, his eyes wandering over him as he tried not to stare. ''I've never been the artistic type,'' he shrugged his shoulders and flashing him a smile as he tried to keep the conversation going. ''Have you been doing this for long?'' He asked politely and placed his leg one over the other. 

Arthur nodded as he listened to him and smiled, nodding his head once more. ''I have had one before although it's more like a tradition family thing... Part of the pack,'' he shrugged and he could smell his scent, it had a different odor but it wasn't too bad and knew he was safe with his secret with him; he assumed he wasn't human. ''On my forearm would be great,'' he said as he took his phone back and thanked him in the process before setting on the side table. ''Sure,'' he said as he took the pen and smiled before signing his name on the paperwork. ''Well, pleased to meet you Cameron,'' his eyes wandering over the equipment he was preparing. 

''Yes just black please.'' He said as he adjusted himself on the chair and removed his shirt in the process as it was going to get in the way and he didn't want any spillage on it since it was one of his favourite shirts to wear. ''You don't mind if I take this off right? Since it's long sleeved, I didn't want it to get dirty.'' He shrugged as he rested his forearm out towards the other, watching him curiously. His body was well toned from the years of being a Knight back at home and a needed work out would be due soon. He felt rather comfortable being around Cameron even if they had just met, of course he was still being careful. ''You have family here?'' He asked as his eyes glanced over to him, smiling at him. 

Arthur shrugged his shoulders and smiled a little at the other, ''it's necessary if you are part of the pack here. They could have chosen a different way to do it but you know, rules are rules and some things can't be changed.'' He watched him slide the gloves on and smiled, relaxing himself against the chair. Once his shirt was off, he felt comfortable as it was quite warm in the parlour even though there was an air condition going on. His brow raised as he heard the slightest bumping of the others heart going a bit faster than normal. ''Thanks,'' he said in a polite tone. 

He flickered his eyes down to where he placed the stencil upon his arm, nodding in approval. ''Yeah, that looks good.'' His eyes wandered back up towards Cameron, trying not to hold his stare on him but he simply couldn't look away. Ah so that was why his voice was so deep and his accent was really... Different. Almost like his own was. ''Oh nice. I've been to Romania when I was probably eighteen or so. I am originally from Neath, Wales.'' He nodded and smiled. ''I used to do some duties and errands there all the time. Nice place,'' he said and took a breath. ''Also the Dracula legend is pretty cool there too,'' he let out a small laugh. A few nice castles there too.'' He stated, his eyes wandering over the others, biting his lower lip slightly. 

''You certainly an interesting guy... I was wondering... Perhaps we could possibly hang out after this is done? Or tomorrow, when you're free.'' Usually, he wasn't this nervous when asking someone but he was. Although he was masking it over with a normal expression, hoping the other didn't notice it. He didn't like it when he was nervous as he was supposed to be so used to these things and to be confident like a real Prince would be but somehow, Arthur was different than every other Prince. 

His blue orbs watched as the machine was starting to do the tattoo on his arm, he thought that the tattoo is going to be great when it's finished. ''Wales? Yes, it's quite nice there. Nice and green,'' he commented as he kept watching the way he was tattooing across his skin. He tried not to move his arm as he chuckled, shaking his head at the other's joke. ''Well, I don't think you can be born a vampire... I'm not sure though,'' his forehead creased as he thought about it and shrugged. 

He pondered for a moment as he heard his suggestion, he was starting to get hungry and knew that would probably be a good idea. He nodded his head, ''that sounds good. I'm actually craving a good burger,'' his eyes wandered over the man once more, smirking slightly as he leaned forward to adjust himself on the chair as the other was wiping away the ink, careful not to touch the machine. He wanted to be bold and make a move on this man but in the least creepiest way possible.

''You're quite a handsome fellow.'' His tone wasn't really that flirtatious, his eyes flickered over the man's face and smiled, hoping that he wasn't going to be thrown out of the shop once he did this. He almost had a vibe that this man was attracted to him but he couldn't quite tell. He leaned forward to plant a soft lingering kiss onto his cheek, he held it for a couple of seconds before he pulled away, clearing his throat then returned back to his seat in a normal position, as if nothing happened. 

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Arthur nodded as he listened to Cameron, his brow raised slightly as he mentioned the small diner. ''Sure we can go there after this.'' He spoke softly as he tried not to move his arm as he kept going along his arm, his eyes flickered over towards Cameron's arms to see the many tattoos he had littered across his skin.  He smiled as he heard him and nodded, ''you're welcome, love.'' He winked and chuckled as he saw the others skin flush. He watched his movements and let out a breath as he thought he may have reacted the wrong way or at least thought it was creepy.

He watched as he wiped the ink off and returned to his arm, his brow raising once more as he heard his words. ''Yes we should,'' he grinned as his other hand reached up to touch the others cheek gently and brushed away a strand of hair that was near his eyes before letting go and gave him a smile. The tattoo was nearly done and he was rather pleased with the way it was turning out. ''You've done an amazing job,'' he commented as his eyes flickered down to the tattoo on his arm, he was glad that he came to this parlour. He was sure to give this man a good tip in the end of it. 

Arthur let out a soft chuckle as he heard the other, nodding his head as he remained quiet and still as he finished the rest of the tattoo off. The pain wasn't really affecting him that bad, he could feel a bit but not much. He was glad that he was a werewolf because of its advantages like this sometimes. He returned the smile once more as he watched as he glided the machine over his arm skillfully and was impressed how good it looked. He gave it a good look as he held his arm up to view the new tattoo. ''It's amazing,'' he grinned and looked over at him. ''Better than I expected it to turn out. You are one fantastic tattooist.'' He spoke genuinely towards him and smiled, his gaze returning to his tattoo. 

He grabbed his wallet and took out some money for him, even if he said it was $80 for the tattoo, he was going to give this man a good tip because of how good it was. He too out $200 cash and gave it to Cameron, smiling as he went. ''You earn this. No need to refuse it. You've done a fantastic job on it, really happy with it.'' He said with a small chuckle, he noticed that his arm was slightly red due the machine but otherwise he was fine. ''Thank you,'' he grinned and didn't put on his shirt just yet, he was going to wait til it was clean properly. ''I'll be returning this parlour whenever I need a tattoo.'' He winked then his lips curled into a smirk; grabbing his phone to check it before putting into his pocket. ''Well, shall we? Once you pack up your things and all.'' 

Arthur watched as his arm was wrapped in plastic and cleaned down with anesthetic, he was quite pleased at how it turned out. He shook his head as he heard him, knowing that he would have said no if he didn't persist to take the money. ''You did a great job and that you earned this,'' He smiled and grabbed his shirt before buttoning it up and making sure to crease down the crinkled lines. Standing up from the chair and stretching his back, watching him clean the area as he waited for him. He followed him out of the parlour and walked along side of him, breathing gently as he went. 

''No worries. I am also shouting you lunch,'' he nodded as he saw the small diner that he had mentioned and quickly opened the door to it, heading inside and the bell indicating that they were here. He scanned his surroundings and saw the usual type of diner but it seemed a nice place. He quickly led the way and sat down in a window booth, smiling towards him as he picked up the menu, scanning it over. Some people looked his way as he sat down, beginning to gossip between each other and he sighed, ignoring it. ''Also if you're wondering...Some people might act weird around me because well... I'm a Prince...'' he leaned in to him as he whispered this, his voice serious about it. He shrugged his shoulders as he ordered a drink from the waitress. ''What do you want to drink?'' He asked as he leaned back on chair, his blue orbs watching him as he ran a hand through his hair. 

Arthur rolled his eyes as he heard the other, he was going to buy him lunch and he wasn't going to back down from it. As he sat down at the booth and saw the waitress trip over, his eyes widening as the food went everywhere. Poor girl. ''Well, that was interesting.'' He let out a chuckle as the other waitresses came over to help her up and clean the food around her.  A sigh left him as he heard his question, nodding his head. ''Not as bad when I first came here and they noticed me; it's sort of dying off.'' He shrugged as he ordered their gourmet burger with seasoned wedges with a side of sour cream and sweet chili sauce. He thanked the waitress and he looked over to him, nodding his head. ''Water and Coke for me.''

The waitress scribbled it down and asked what Cameron would like. As Cameron ordered his food, he looked over to Cameron and smiled. A smirk curled along his lips as he looked at Cameron, ''have I ever told you how hot you are?'' He asked, tilting his head as his eyes wandered over him. The waitress came back with their drinks and smiled before leaving them again. He took his glass and took a sip, his brow raised as he watched him. Once he finished drinking, he placed it back down and smirked once more. ''Tell me more about yourself...'' He winked slightly as he leaned back, intrigued as he waited for him to speak. 

Arthur nodded at his words as he saw the waitresses cleaning all the food up before scattering off to the kitchen again. ''Yeah it's been rather quiet, I like it.'' He admitted and kept one of his hand's curled around the glass, watching Cameron for a moment then his eyes flickered outside, seeing that the clouds were starting to roll over the city, he turned his head back to see Cameron blushing and he thought it was rather cute. 

A chuckle left him as he heard him and smiled, ''thank you.'' He took a sip from his coke and listened to Cameron as he spoke, his mind wandering off for a moment before he brought himself back as he saw the food arriving to their table. ''Well, luckily you aren't otherwise you might not like me.'' He winked playfully as the waitresses set down their food across from each other and thanked them, they went off to do their other jobs.

''Anything. Aside from tattooing, what other things do you do?'' He hummed for a moment as he shook some pepper and salt onto his meal. He began to eat and after he swallowed one mouthful, his eyes flickered down to Cameron's lips and he looked away, a soft tint of blush covering his cheeks before he continued eating. ''You must have someone in your life hm? Are you single?'' He asked, his brow raising as he took another bite of his burger. 

Arthur nodded his head and continued to eat his burger, it had a great taste to it and was different to other burgers he's had. ''Yep, Lycan.'' His forehead creased for a moment as a memory went through him and shook his thoughts away. He wasn't sure what Cameron was but he could tell that he was another specie; the scent was giving it off. ''What about you?'' He asked curiously, his brow raising as he took a sip of his coke and wiped his greasy fingers off him. 

He listened to Cameron and took note that he did a art classes and an apprenticeship, he was really good at what he did. His eyes widened when he mentioned that he was a diviner, so he could do magic? That would be really cool. He recently found out that his best friend Merlin was also like Cameron. ''My best friend Merlin has magic as well. I never knew for so many years.'' That was a long story to explain so he didn't go into that part. He watched Cameron for a moment and he smirked when he saw the glare, laughing quietly.

''That's fair,'' he nodded and had some chips he had left over before he snorted when he heard the word women. ''I'm more gay than anything to be real honest with you. I am bisexual but I just prefer men.'' He shrugged and his eyebrows scrunched together. ''So I guess I am gay but I claim myself as being bisexual for a long time...'' He paused for a moment and let out a sigh, taking a sip.

''Someone has claimed my heart to be honest with you, it only happened recently.'' He bit his lip and his cheeks tinted a bit. ''Merlin is in Evermore and I've never thought I'd see him again... We have been friends since we were sixteen years old; but he was my servant more than anything before he came here...'' He rambled on and his cheeks darkened a bit more. ''Sorry it's just I am more surprised that he's here now.'' A small chuckle left his lips as he leaned back against the chair. ''Instar diviner, huh? I guess you could do real cool magic tricks.'' He smirked, changing the subject. 

Arthur smiled at Cameron and knew that he hoped he was going to be friends with as they stayed in Evermore City. He had already finished his meal before Cameron as he was rather hungry, so he ordered another drink for each of them. He had felt bad that he may have led Cameron on from his earlier actions is why he was apologizing to him. His brow arched as he heard him and laughed quietly as well, ''I am saying sorry because of my earlier actions. I was being quite flirty with you when I was single then soon finding out that Merlin had returned.'' He assured him as he took a sip of his coke as he continued to watch Cameron curiously. ''More than magic tricks, how?'' He asked as he was curious to know what he could do; being forced to hate magic in the past was something else to Arthur. 

''Merlin is a instar-diviner just like you, I never knew for many years and he knew that in the town I was in it was outlawed. Stupid rules, really. Magic can be useful for many things in this modern times.'' He explained as he thought it over the many times that his father used to say he hated magic. ''What things can you do then?'' He asked as he was intrigued by Cameron. 

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