With Christmas around the corner, Illiana had thought a shopping spree was well and truly needed, not only for the Christmas gifts that she still needed to buy but also to get a start on some baby shopping. Sure, she was only just over 12 weeks along in her pregnancy, but babies were demanding which meant lots of clothes, bibs and many other things that would be needed once the little d'Fierro child was born. So with a list in mind of what the blonde would be buying, she set out to get ready for her day in the city shopping to her hearts content. Pushing herself up from her spot on the couch, the Nephilim headed up to change out of the clothes she had stolen from Draco which were a lot more comfortable than her own. As soon as she had gotten upstairs and into her room, she changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a loose white jumper which sat comfortably over her baby bump. Pulling on a pair of knee high boots, Illi grabbed her bag before checking she had her keys, purse and everything else she would need. Once she had everything, the blonde pulled on her coat and scarf before heading out the door.

The drive to the city was short and Illi quickly found a parking spot to park in before she headed into the shopping centre. First off, baby shopping, the part she was most excited for. She had looked briefly before with Draco at baby clothes and toys but hadn't actually bought anything. Ever since Illi had found out about her pregnancy and the little baby d'Fierro she was carrying, she'd been looking forward to meeting their first child and holding the baby in her arms, looking forward to watching their baby grow up. She couldn't wait for every moment, she was looking forward to it more than ever. Walking through the aisles of the first store she had walked into, the Nephilim headed over to the baby section, a hand on her baby bump with a smile on her face as she reached out for a set of neutral coloured baby grows. Since she was only just at the end of her first trimester, she still had around 8 or so weeks until they could find out the gender of the baby if they even wanted to which meant sticking with neutral colours for now. Placing the baby grows into the trolley, Illi continued down the aisle, picking different outfits up and placing them into the trolley as well as other things before she came upon the section for pushchairs, cots and highchairs etc. This would be where Illi would be stuck with what she wanted and where she would also need Draco's help picking things out. Shaking her head Illi moved down the aisle to look anyway just to get an idea for the things they'd need, especially for the nursery they'd be decorating. Which also meant choosing paints, decorations and everything else.

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Bellamy was just leaving the house for a little shopping war in the shopping center. As she usually loves to have long walks, she walked gently towards the mall without having any rush. She got a hand through her hair as she looked around through the sunglasses at the people that passed her. Some in a rush, some with seriously no bother or getting at the destination too soon. She chuckled with a bright laugh towards them before looking at her wrist watch. She will get early then she planned it but it wasn't such a bad thing. She will just have to do something in that time to make the time fly and just get home early then planned. She thought of a movie night and she was curious if Maverick will join her in this holiday she took from work. She loved her job and she loved helping people so it was a plus every time she could something for someone that was in need. It felt that was the right thing to do. For them, for the world. For herself. She was thought to help even if they don't need her help.

As she heard they were having a pregnant woman in the hospital that will gave birth in the time she gets back, she thought of making a sweet thing of the patient and buy some needs for the woman from the hospital. She usually does that for her patients and every time she was seeing their face was a true blessing. As she walked into the first store she had, she didn't waste any time and walked at the cots wondering around them. She usually talks with all her patients and usually hearing them speak she finds interesting facts about different things like object that look perfect but they break easily. Walking gently around them she was a blonde woman from afar looking at one. That was one that one of her patient explained that after a while that starts to break. At first she thought she doesn't have to interfere but her sweet side was killing her in helping so she gently rushed at the girl gently." I am sorry to interfere but you shouldn't buy this cots." She admitted gently looking over to her before placing her hand on it." I heard that it can't keep it's balance after a while and this starts to just... break."

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