Cameron had been in Evermore a little over three years now unsure if his sister was still alive or even if his family was still alive since he left shortly after he was turned. Sure he was growing older at a much slower pace than most humans, he was twenty-four now but he looked like he had just turned twenty-one. Earlier that morning he ran through the streets of Evermore on the jogging path that he has taken for the last three years that cuts through the Diviner and Therian Territories and leads him to a park in the human territory before he stops gets breakfast before returning home.

He only knew of where his apartment was and the path that he always takes in the morning for his morning jog. Of course, he also knew of the Therian territory since he had often gone by to run through the woods in the night before going to a clearing he found to watch the stars above hoping that his family was alright.

The night began to approach rapidly shaking Cameron who had been sitting in his little clearing out of his stupor. He had been drawing something he hasn’t done since the death of his girlfriend he was starting to move on which is what he needed to since having discovered in his time before coming to Evermore that he was attracted to both men and woman. He had been very confused during that period of time when he was hit on by a rather cute male that had him hot and bothered to cause him to take a cold shower later.

Shaking out of his thoughts he changed into his panther form running through the woods at a breakneck pace becoming a streak of black against the growing blackness of the woods. He blended into the growing shadows causing him to disappear amongst the trees.

A strange scent caught his attention in the woods he took off towards the scent trying to figure out what it was. He spotted a male of what looked like Korean descent as he took a step towards the male letting out a slight growl to alert the male of his presence wondering why the male was in the woods, to begin with.

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In that moment between the two, he couldn't believe what was happening in just a short time of meeting each other. Running a hand through his hair, his expression was confused as he wasn't sure what his sexuality was. Was he gay, bi? He didn't know what else there was. The bond was definitely forming and he bit his lip harder as he could somewhat feel the sadness or rejection the other male was feeling. He wasn't rejecting him at all! Growling gently as he heard the other male speak about the static, he was about to walk forward towards him but he stopped because of the way he stared as the way he landed from the rock and then stretched his limbs. His eyes widened once more as he saw how flexible he was, he felt something wet coming from the corner of his mouth realizing that he was drooling, he quickly wiped it away.

''It--'' He paused himself as he tried to gather himself up but he wasn't sure how, he almost felt completely... He shook the thoughts away, he knew he had to accept the fact that he had a mate that was a Therianthrope and whom was male. He never knew that it was going to happen in Evermore City, his eyes flickered over to Cameron and he walked over to him, letting his hand glide over the others muscular body. The electricity went through his fingers then he began to speak. ''It was definitely not your fur - I can feel something... A --'' he gulped slightly as his cheeks flushed.

''A bond.'' He admitted it finally and he walked over to the other side where the others face was, plopping himself down onto the woods floor and he sighed, burying his face into his hands. ''I-I'm sorry..I've never been gay.. I'' He almost felt completely vulnerable next to Cameron and a tear almost fell from his eyes. ''I-I'm not going to reject you..'' 

Cameron knew for at least a year that he was bisexual but was leaning more towards men having felt an immediate attraction towards Baek upon meeting him. He felt the confusion from Baek even smirked noticing that he was, in fact, drooling because of him he had hoped that he would accept the bond that was slowly beginning to form between them. But his initial reaction scared Cameron to the point that he would probably be alone forever. 

He heard him speak starting to stutter a little bit probably due to what he was feeling at the moment. Cam felt his own emotions that were raging within him until he felt Baek's hand run over his muscles causing him to turn a bright shade of pink. He moved over when Baek went to the ground burying his hands in his face. Cam felt horrible for his reaction but he wanted to scope Baek into a hug and never let him go. "Do not cry, Baek. I don't know what to do here." He said as he moved sitting on the ground next to him his arm wrapped around him as he leaned forward to look at him in the eyes. "I wouldn't fault you for wanting to reject it, Baek. Never apologize for something that isn't your fault alright. Now cheer up for me please." He asked softly looking at him, his face incredibly close to Baek's. 

Baekhyun was feeling confused on how he was feeling, unable to help that he had a strong attraction towards the other male as well as the bond that was pulling them together. He sighed softly, running a hand through his hair as he sat on the ground. He was sure that he was straight but until now, he was really contemplating maybe he was indeed bisexual. The old Niveis turned to see Cameron, he was at a vulnerable state now and he was sure he felt quite stupid for crying. He licked his bottom lip as he wiped the tears away, he never cries well, not around people that was.

He didn't want to reject, he was conflicted on what to do as he has never been with a guy in his life. Biting his lower lip as the other male came closer and sat on the ground beside Baekhyun, he felt all tingly all over something he has never felt before. As he felt the other's arm going across him, he bit his lip again and he noticed how he was quite close towards Baekhyun. He didn't know what exactly came over him but it was as if the pull was working, his eyes flickered down to Cameron's lips. His hand cupping the others cheek gently and stroked his thumb across the cheek bone, sucking in a breath. It didn't take him long as he flickered his eyes shut, embracing for the moment like this. Leaning forward, his lips met the others and tenderly gave him a soft kiss. The sparks continued as he slowly crawled onto the others lap, bringing the other male closer towards him. 

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He watched as Baek listened to what he had said about crying he barely knew him but he didn't like seeing him cry. The moment he sat next to Baek he felt the tingles go through his body lighting it up like he was being electrocuted. He sat there letting Baek gather himself before they start to talk about what had happened knowing he needed to explain to him since he wanted him to be comfortable with him never wanting to feel pressured by the bond. 

Brown eyes widened quickly feeling hands cup around his face causing Cameron to look at Baek making sure he was alright with what he was doing not wanting him to feel pressured to do anything. Once he saw his eyes start to close he felt his lips touch his own as a shiver ran through his body. It didn't take long before he felt Baek climb into his lap pulling him closer as Cameron pulled him closer snaking his hand into his hair a purr rumbling through his chest his inner cat was purring at the fact their mate had, in fact, accepted them and was taking the first step into the acceptance. 

Baekhyun was rather surprised to know that he had a mate and it was something he never looked for through his life as he knew if he went looking, nothing would have happened. He's never been in a relationship before either so this was entirely new for him although it will take sometime for the older male to adjust. Sighing to himself as he climbed into Cam's lap and his arms snaked around the other male, gripping his shoulders as well. He kissed him with passion as their lips glided together, tingles ran through his body as the bond seemed to strengthen. 

A chuckle left him as he heard the other male purr from the chest of his and it was something that he was going to get used too. He pulled back slightly to get some air and his eyes looked into his, biting his own lower lip as he starred into Cam's brown orbs, gently breathing in and out. ''G-Give me some time? I-I'm not used to this,'' he mumbled slightly as he felt his cheeks flush as he looked at Cam and he didn't know why he was suddenly so shy around him. ''D-Don't be mad, please?'' He let his head leaned into the others shoulder and took in the others scent as he cuddled into his chest. ''I-I need time,'' he spoke gently as his hand softly went over Cameron's chest, unknowingly a few things ran through his mind and he shook them away.

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The loss of lips against him brought him back to reality as he opened his eyes looking Baek before he cupped his cheek looking at him smiling. “Take your time I would never pressure you into doing anything you are uncomfortable with.” He said softly running a hand on his cheek.

A soft surprised looked crossed his face hearing him stutter before wicked smirk took root on his face. He knew he had an effect on the poor guy but nothing like this to the point he was acting like a school boy with a crush. “I can never be mad at you why would I be mad? You took a chance to experience something and to be honest I am glad I found you.” He whispered holding Baek close as he laid his head on his shoulder before running his hand on his chest.

Baekhyun's chocolate brown hues closed as he tried to calm himself down; he knew that in the end he was going to have to tell Anivia about this but he wasn't sure when he was going to do so. He didn't even know that he was bisexual, gay...Who knows? Biting his lower lip, his eyes flickered up to Cameron whom cupped his cheek. He let out a sigh  as he heard the other, knowing that he could take his time with this. He never expected to be like this; he wasn't sure how he was going to accept this as he always knew well, part of him thought he was heterosexual.

''Thanks,'' he let out another sigh as he was brought closer to Cameron and he leaned his head onto the others shoulder, his arms circling around the others waist. A light blush covered his cheeks when he heard him that he was glad that he was found by him, he shook the negative thoughts away and continued to calm himself down, without realizing he was making it snow with his powers. Looking up, he scowled at the small cloud above them that made it snow around them, specks of snow covered his hair.

''Damn it, sometimes I can't control it when I am emotional.'' He said regarding the cloud appearing over them suddenly. Being next to Cameron, felt nice. It was a different feeling he felt altogether. ''I'm sorry for freaking out on you. I.. didn't expect it.'' He sighed again, this time the cloud above them continued to snow heavier than normal. ''You smell nice,'' he mumbled as he dipped his nose into the crook of his neck, relaxing in the others arms. 

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