Cameron had been in Evermore a little over three years now unsure if his sister was still alive or even if his family was still alive since he left shortly after he was turned. Sure he was growing older at a much slower pace than most humans, he was twenty-four now but he looked like he had just turned twenty-one. Earlier that morning he ran through the streets of Evermore on the jogging path that he has taken for the last three years that cuts through the Diviner and Therian Territories and leads him to a park in the human territory before he stops gets breakfast before returning home.

He only knew of where his apartment was and the path that he always takes in the morning for his morning jog. Of course, he also knew of the Therian territory since he had often gone by to run through the woods in the night before going to a clearing he found to watch the stars above hoping that his family was alright.

The night began to approach rapidly shaking Cameron who had been sitting in his little clearing out of his stupor. He had been drawing something he hasn’t done since the death of his girlfriend he was starting to move on which is what he needed to since having discovered in his time before coming to Evermore that he was attracted to both men and woman. He had been very confused during that period of time when he was hit on by a rather cute male that had him hot and bothered to cause him to take a cold shower later.

Shaking out of his thoughts he changed into his panther form running through the woods at a breakneck pace becoming a streak of black against the growing blackness of the woods. He blended into the growing shadows causing him to disappear amongst the trees.

A strange scent caught his attention in the woods he took off towards the scent trying to figure out what it was. He spotted a male of what looked like Korean descent as he took a step towards the male letting out a slight growl to alert the male of his presence wondering why the male was in the woods, to begin with.

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Evermore City, a town full of supernatural’s just like himself although they were new arrivals to the town. It was an interesting concept the way have things set out here and the way things were here were quite different back at Unyak when Coldren was still alive and way before Coldren had changed his personality. He became so adjusted to living on the small isle that he loved it there and he was disappointed that the tribe had to move on and so did he, with that, he was going to try and make some friends while he was here. Exploring different areas he has never been too; getting to know what he liked to do like a ‘normal’ human being.

He was far from normal, however he was very different like every other species there was among the city. He was thankful that it was still winter here and the cold was still around even though it made no difference when they are living on the mountain tops. He decided to take a hike throughout the city today, leaning towards the Therianthrope territory as the woods surrounded at the back of the city and it seemed like the most peaceful place to be. It didn’t take him too long to reach to the woods; upon arriving the pine and oak tree smell filled his nostrils and it felt like it had been ages since the last time he had been in the woods.

The further he went into the woods, the more he became aware of his surroundings in case someone was going to follow him or if someone was going to attack him since this was completely off his territory. He was not nervous however, he was quite confident in using his powers if he needed too. His brown hues looked around the woods, brushing back a branch before turning his head to see a pure black panther growling at him, he quickly stepped back and almost stumbled over a damn rock.

A black panther in the woods? He smirked slightly as his eyes flickered over the large animal, tilting his head up towards the sky, concentrating on to make it rain heavily. ‘’What do you want?’’ He spoke as he glared towards the animal and he became instantly protective over himself now. He leaned forward towards the black animal, his brow quirked as the rain teemed over them.  ‘’There’s someone in there, I know that’’ Black panthers were only known to South Africa, so he was sure that this was a supernatural. He proceeded to reach over to snap a branch off the tree, freezing it solid and pointed it towards the animal, ‘’if you strike, this will go through you.’’ He threatened, if the cat were to attack him, he was sure going to regret it.

Cameron watched the male grab a branch freezing it solid pointing it at him as the large animal nodded its head backing up but still curious over the male and what he was. He moved behind a tree changing back before grabbing the shorts he had tied to his foot with a string quickly putting them on.

“Well for one your on our turf and I haven’t smelled anyone quite like you before so how about you answer my questions and I answer yours?” A voice said as Cameron stepped out from behind the tree looking at the male before him.

Being ever the curious cat that he now was sometimes caused him to get himself into horrible trouble. This time was no different seeing as a new being was lurking around the woods of his turf a place he usually was a good eighty-five percent of the time when he wasn’t looking for a job. Sure he had enough money from his parents to be comfortable for a few years or more but he wanted to earn his own money no longer have to life off his parents money they had given him.

Baekhyun was ready if the black panther was ready to attack him, his eyes narrowed when moved to go behind the tree as he lowered the branch however his grip was still rather strong whilst he held the frozen branch. He was a warrior for sure when it came to fights, he never backed down on a fight nor did he ever lose a fight against another. His brow once again quirked as he heard the voice from behind the tree, he knew it. He was a supernatural creature; letting the branch shatter to pieces in front of the other male. Who does this male think he is? A friend of his? 

A scoff left from him as he eyed the male as his chocolate brown hues landed on the male but his eyes seemed to somewhat wander over the rest of his attractive body but he quickly pulled himself together as he knew, he was sure that he wasn't gay. His lips pursed in a tight line and he knew that most of the supernatural city knew of the tribe. Sighing to himself, he loosened himself a bit as he knew that the man wasn't going to attack him. ''I'm a Niveis. Our tribe recently moved here.'' He explained, once again, his brown hues wandered over the body of his and he averted his gaze, away from the male. ''I wanted to have a hike through the woods. Didn't think anyone was going to be around because of the cold.'' He spoke as his eyes once again looked at the male. '

He was still on high alert if the male was going to strike at him but he was sure that he may have just been protecting his territory. Every specie was protective over the territory, running a hand through his blue-ish dyed hair. Deciding that he should make friends instead of enemies, he shifted his hand towards the other male, eyeing the male as he then spoke his name. ''Baekhyun Yukio,'' his name left his lips with ease, giving the other male a half smile.  

Cameron watched the male shatter the branch he had frozen making him let out a soft inaudible sigh thankful the male wasn’t going to lash out at him. “I heard a new species moved in but I didn’t know what they were or could do. I’m used to the cold Virginia was almost always getting hit with snow all the time. Plus I run at a different temperature in my other form.” He said softly looking away clearly embarrassed for blabbering.

“Well there is a small clearing nearby with a slight hill to overlook the city and the rest of the woods.” He replied curious about the Niveis species in general since they were new and smelled like freshly fallen snow or rain. Which brought Cameron back to why it was currently raining when it wasn’t when he was in the woods.

“I’m Cameron Cullen you can call me Cam. So are you the one that made it rain?” He asked curious as he shook the males hand with a playful smile adorning his features despite being half naked without a shirt.

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