Luna’s eyes examined the room and sighed, she had seen at least four places already that she didn’t like. She wasn’t looking for anything extravagant just a clean and nice place to call her own. She looked at the suit dressed lady and gave her a quick smile “I don’t really think this is what I’m looking for, but thank you” Luna exit the building and put her sunglasses on to direct herself towards her last appointment for the day. She was really looking forward to end this search.

Even though she was extremely annoyed by the lack of luck she had with the last houses and apartments she had seen she felt coming to Evermore was a good decision, she could sense her life would take a wide turn. As she walked and appreciated the streets, a wash of peace filled her; it was nice for a change not to fear for her life every minute of the day. Remembering Alexander’s, her creator, angry face made her heart skip a beat, with a shake of her head she tried to focus on the present and not the past.

She reached the last house; it was a small house in a corner lot, a small front yard and only one parking space, but somehow it gave her a good feeling. As she was greeted by the realtor, she took a look around; it was furnished in a very feminine way. It made her smile. She could do some small changes but it could work. Determinate to close the deal as fast as possible she gave the deposit and some extra to ensure her movement the same day.

She was rushing outside to go to the small inn she was staying in to pick up her things when she stumbled upon a man, she was about to apologize when she met his face. His features reminded her of Alexander, she knew he wasn’t human and it only made her more anxious. She evaluated how to proceed now. She recovered and took a few steps back not moving her eyes from him “I’m sorry I… I wasn’t looking; I didn’t mean to… you know. Throw myself at you like that” Luna was ready for any reaction on his part “Please let me go, I didn’t mean any harm”

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