Katrina was sometimes tense being a midwife. She felt it slowly as her work crept up in any muscle. Knowing that yoga and different movements can help with certain aches and pains she decided to buy a yoga mat and join a local yoga group.

When the day came for the very first yoga class she was excited and enjoying the fact that she could help her body. She walked to the park from her house hoping that was a bit of a warm-up for the yoga. She arrived at her destination and placed her mat down.

Now it was time for her body to try her hands at yoga.

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As she looked at the class she noticed it was quiet. She thought it was nice. She was not poise worthy and if she were to do this, people were going to be looking at her. As a woman came newly into the group of people in the park she noticed it was that woman who had saved her. 

Their meeting was a bit strange, a woman came picked her up and protected her from what she didn't know. If she had her here... her name was Rachel then she would ask what it was all about. She smiled and waved to the woman not wanting to be rude and wondered if she recognized her. 


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