Scarlett’s findings were spread amongst the placid walls of her studio flat; she was determined to find her eldest brother. The young Necromancer needed answers for why her brother abandoned Colten and herself. His absence in her life caused her struggle some in the beginning until Colten manned up and took control of the role. Scar was successful in receiving a doctorate in Psychology, the only thing missing was her brother Aiden. She knew he lurked in the shadows watching from afar, but she needed true answers from him. 

Scarlett had only come to the city a little less than a month ago; she had immediately begun her search for her brother. She called the City hall searching for real estate deeds her brother may have filed for while living in the city. To her surprise she found multiple buildings around the city that he inhabited with his business. Scar’ knew that her brother wouldn’t agree to meet with her under her true name. She had to think of an alias to meet him with. After calling multiple buildings where his business resided; she learned her brother didn’t visit many of his other places, but one. 

Dialing the business phone number; she prepared herself to be greeted by a receptionist voice. After a small conversation with the receptionist and convincing the woman she was an investor under the name of ‘Alice Chalestor.’ The morning of the meeting finally arrived and Scarlett had to prepare herself for the biggest moment of her life. Reuniting with her brother was something bigger than she expected; her nerves made her an absolute wreck. Her hands were shaking more than normal as she sipped at her morning coffee. “You got this Scarlett.” She reminded herself to prepare herself to leave her flat. 

Leaving her apartment and entered the address of the building where her brother was going to be. Scar’ realized his building wasn’t too far from her apartment; her nerves caused her stomach to sink as she came into the parking garage of the building. “You can do this.” She mumbled to herself as she calmed herself after she found a parking spot. Exiting her vehicle; Scarlett made her way to the elevator and pressed for the 6th floor of the building where her brother’s office resided. The elevator came to a stop at the 6th floor; the ride seemingly faster than she thought. She was greeted by a woman with whom she checked in with. “Alice Chalestor, here to meet with Mr. Hale.” She purred in a professional tone. “He just stepped out of his office for a moment, but follow me and I will get you seated for once he arrives.” The receptionist stated with a soft smile. 

Scarlett soon found herself seated in her brother's office; back facing the double doors where he would appear through as soon as he returned. She attempted to steady her breathing as she searched for a focal point for her to focus on.

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Each night the same dream the fight between his father  Colten and his self the night he joined the darkness each move went through before feeling a tug at his wrist  Aiden woke with a start seeing a cup of coffee and a few biscuits and his receptionist tapping his arm “ Mr Hale your first appointment is in 45 minutes “  Aiden rubbed his face as he sat back yawning a little “ thank you please leave me to get ready “ he raised his hand to the coffee cup taking a swig as he made his way to the private washroom looking out at the clear sky out of the window as he walked switching on the light one he reached the room.

The washroom was a mixture  of stone and white  fittings     as he walked in the stopped in front of the skin as he  turned on the water  as he looked at the  mirror  removing the creased white shirt  revealing the  names covering his torso  with  lines through them  each name a life he had taken securing his fate to the dark  diviner line  as he cleans up   he looked to the rack to see what colour would  suit today before  moving to a light blue  shirt it was a day he  thought no tie was needed  as he walked out of the washroom he  walked back to the coffee  he left on the window ledge as he looked out watching the streets below 

It had been  3 weeks since he received word from his detective saying that Scarlett was in the city and the worrying part was she was only two blocks from the very building he was in since then he travelled different routes to work as well as using different cars as he stared out the window he remembered the conversation he had before he left any normal person it would break them but it didn’t affect me him at all since learning this news he wondered if he would ever bump into him what would happen but after he found out he began to use the skills he had picked up with the C.I, A. Aiden jolted back into reality as a knock on the door echoed  Aiden turned to the door come in “ he walked to his table as he took the biscuits off the table and ate them as his receptionist came in to inform him his 9 am has arrived, finishing his biscuits as he nodded “ please send them in “.

“2  hours passed like no time  at all with his regular client as  disgust the current plans and any alterations  to the plans for  the new business complex which all went ahead like normal  as  his last current left  Aiden looked up at the  clock seeing 11.20    in his mind he knew it would be a great time for lunch “  sushi and  perhaps a sub “   as he grabbed his jacket he made his way across the room to the door  opening it as he stepped out into the waiting area “ going for lunch  ill be 20 minutes “ as he stepped  into  the elevator  the receptionist  came running after him Aiden raised his hand  as the door closed “ it can wait till I am back “ he turned as he  watched the lift  move from 6th to the ground floor rather quickly before the familiar ping of the doors opened to a busy floor   as he walked out of the elevator  joining a crowd of people   exiting the building  as he  passed the doors he turned feeling an energy he had not felt in a long time    he stopped to look around  before continuing  on  into the street .

“It cant be “ Aiden muttered to himself as he crossed the street to the usual deli he went to the usual greeting he received made him smile as he asked if its the normal ball Aiden had to do was nod as Pier began to make his steak and cheese sub as they chatted and at the same spot Aiden would turn to pick up some ready salted chips and a dr pepper as he took out the money placing it out on the counter but like normal Aiden gave far too much but he left with his items quickly so it wasn’t refused as he raised his right wrist he looked at his watch seeing his time was almost up he began to walk back across the street back to his office as he made his way his mind argued with himself was it Scarlett and the yes and no questions barrage each other and what to do if it was his fingers began to tap the pepper bottle as he stepped into the lift as he pressed for the 6th floor as the doors closed and the lift began to rise.

The 6th floor pinged as  Aiden stepped out greeted by his receptionist started to speak in a hurry “Ms Chalestor  is waiting for you  she has been here 10 minutes she a last-minute appointment “ the receptionist  gave a surprised looked as he continued to walk towards his office door “ could you bring a plate in please “ Aiden  pressed   the handle of the door stopping   as he recognised the face of Scarlett  his sister   he closed the door  pressing the  do not disturb sign as he took a breath his  focus not leaving  his sister “ it is not wise you being here Scarlett “

Scarlett waited quietly in his office, her blue optics focusing on the mess of files he had littering his desk. Her curiosity had gotten the best of her and she began snooping at the titles on the files. Scarlett could hear the elevator, which caused her to swallow roughly. Her moment was coming and she was now nervous. The rage her brother was going to have once he knew it was her seated in his office. Scar found herself wishing to bolt from the office, but she knew there was no other way to escape this.  The answers were needed and the reunion was something she’d been longing for.  Colten and Aiden were the only family she had left, and she needed to feel at peace once again. “He knows it's me..” She whispered to herself as she could sense the change in the atmosphere in the building.

Lost in her inner thoughts about how this reunion was going to happen; She jumped hearing the elevator ping at the 6th floor. She could hear the receptionist speaking to her brother as he exited from the elevator. Scarlett heard the office door begin to open, her breathing hitched as he entered the office. Her heart racing as he spoke, she winced hearing his words. “Why not? What is going to happen?!” She frowned, her hands going to her hips as she stood from where she was seated.

“Aiden it’s been twenty damn years!” She scolded him in a motherly tone. “And that is how you greet me? It's not wise to be here!” Scarlett moved towards her brother, she moved to wrap her arms around him in a tight embrace. “I’ve missed you.” She whispered.

Aiden stood watching his sister Scarlett a few minutes before walking down to his desk placing his lunch on the table as he stared blankly at Scarlett as he raised his finger to his lips indicating to Scarlett to be quiet as he walked over to a black wooden cupboard opening it to reveal boxes of ingredients for spells, his eyes ran over the boxes before picking up a candle and a  small container of salt as he moved it to his desk placing the long white candle on a tattered piece of paper as his eyes turned white he whispered  Incendia” he looked around as the flame ignited at the top of the candle as his eyes returned to normal before picking up the salt his eyes turned white once more as he began to sprinkle the salt over the flame.

Aiden kept his finger on his lips as he moved around to his computer as he brought up the CCTV images of outside as he watched the footage of the receptionist trying to listen in on the conversation, Aiden shook his head as he closed the footage down before looking back  Scarlett “ Because you are not safe around me “ he stared blankly as he returned yo his seat “ like new york I allowed you in the city but not to find me “ he watched his sister “ it has been longer than 20 years “ he stopped as he listened before sighing as he rubbed his face.

Aiden picked up his cellphone as he handed his cellphone over to Scarlett “ the deli across the street tell him what you want e will deliver it “ he stared at  Scarlett his face showing emotion “ being around me in this city either the city will corrupt you to the darkness of I will you are not safe around me “.   Aiden rose to his feet  as he picked up the salt as he began to move back to the cupboard   stopping   as  he watched Scarlett  hug him ““ Aiden’s  voice was cold and lacking emotion “I missed you  as well “ those words would send  happiness through most people   Aiden felt nothing  to him they were just words

Scarlett grimaced in her brother’s direction as he went to the cupboards located on the side of his office. Noticing the ingredients the cabinet contained; she realized they were for performing spells. Her brightly colored optics watched as he began the ritual for privacy; Quietly she waited for her brother to finish with the incantation and the ritual. In her mind she wondered why he would be performing the ritual with a human seated right outside his office, without the worry of being caught. Scarlett knew the ritual/spell herself, but she felt his office was private enough for the conversation at hand. She felt the spell taking effect around them and now shielding them with more privacy than before.

Cocking a brow in his direction as he ‘shushed’ her with a finger placed to his lips; her optics focusing now on the CCTV. With a shake of her head and roll of her optics at the sight of the receptionist attempting to listen in on the conversation. In all seriousness though Scarlett was there to reunite with her brother. “Why am I not safe around you? I know everything you know!” She exclaimed. “Aiden this isn’t far for you or myself! You abandoned Colten and I because why? You think it’s unsafe to be around you?” Her anger was reddening her features as she watched her brother. She couldn’t fathom that after all this time he still thought ‘he wasn’t safe to be around.’ She never understood why though? Scarlett knew her brother had murdered her ex, but he did that for her own safety. How was he unsafe?

Scarlett watched as he offered his phone in her direction, but she wasn't interested in eating at the moment. Stubborn as she was, she disregarded his nonsense about the city and him corrupting her. She was her own person and could choose for herself whether she went dark or not. While she embraced him; she could sense the lack of emotion he resonated as he spoke. She let go of him and stepped away. “Aiden, please no one has to go into the darkness. I-I know you were the one who killed my ex, but I don’t blame you!” Her optics darted to the floor at the thought of her past. “What would mother want for us? Do you think she’d want us all separated? We are stronger together!”

She needed to get through to her eldest brother and make him realize that all of this was nonsense. Then again just like her; He was just as stubborn and thought he was protecting her, but in reality he was doing more harm than good. Emotionally Scarlett needed the guidance of her eldest brother now that she was older.

Aiden stared at Scarlett as she mentioned she knew that he had given the killing blow to the ex his memory recalled each spell he used to torture the man that abused his sister and at the end burning the corpse  Aiden snapped back into the present as  Scarlett mentioned mother “ with your ex I did what any brother would do to protect his sister”.  Aiden rose to his feet as he walked to the window looking out as he thought.

A few minutes passed before he turned to his sister “I watched father pull the dagger from mother she wasn’t able to defend herself how do you think I won how did I strike down a diviner many years superior”  Aiden stared at his sister “ that night I used dark spells and killed father securing my fate on the necromancer line if you stay around me I will draw you to my fate or the city will”   Aiden returned to his seat as he undid his tie and top button revealing the ends of the tattoos of two of the victims he had killed  “ mother would be ashamed she made us promise never use dark spells no matter how much hatred or grieve took over “.

Aiden raised his voice  “ how can a coven of light be lead by a user of darkness  contradictory  don’t you think”  Aiden raised his  hands to his face  as he sighed “ my apologies but if you knew the coven rules you would understand why I could not stay  as much as a mother   would want us to stay together “   Aiden sighed  “I have killed a lot of people Scarlett”

Scarlett noticed her brother's horrified stare in her direction at the mention of the murder of her abuser. She noticed her brother lapsing into memories about the night in question. She had lost everything because of her abuser. Scar lost the one thing she loved more than her brothers. Understanding her brother had done what he’d done to protect her, she just wished she could feel protected not from the shadows. “Aiden, I don’t want your protection from afar! I want my family back!”

Noticing he turned back towards her as he began to rant and rave about how he’d taken down their deranged necromancer father. “Aiden, you did what you had to do to protect yourself. Otherwise he probably would have killed you too.” Scarlett knew the rules of the coven; if dark magic was ever used your fate was decided. Scarlett didn’t want to believe the truth that her brother was forever a dark necromancer. She sighed her optics staring towards the ground for a moment as her idea of her perfect little family was shattered before her. Her sapphire optics found themselves staring at an array of tattoos. Scarlett’s glance darted away as she shook her head. She couldn’t believe the truth unraveling. 

She could feel her frame shaking from anger and sadness; as he raised his voice at her she flinched some. The post-traumatic stress took over as he yelled at her; Scarlett stood from where she was seated, tears played at the corner of her optics. “I do know the coven rules, but doesn’t mean you have to push the people you love away!” She yelled. The tears slipped down her cheeks. “No, Aiden I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come.” She said before she turned to leave the room, tears falling down her cheeks. 

Aiden sighed as he watched his sister leave the office as he rubbed his face “ could have done better Aiden “ he sighed as his secretary walked in giving him a lecture on not letting clients leave crying and the intercom was not working “I’ll sort it Aiden took the candle off of the table placing it in his draw as the secretary walked out closing the door behind her as he closed his eyes  Aidens memory flew back before the battle each summer he would leave the first daffodil in a glass of water for her to wake up and see first thing a small smile appeared on his face as the memory went on till he was brought back into the room by his next client and the meeting continued till the end of business hours. 

After his client left Aiden looked out into the night sky as he undid his top button as his memory turned back to the battle and the emotions he was feeling as his world was torn apart and he knew sadness was a factor of going dark and he did not want that for his sister at all  Aiden walked into his private quarters as changed clothing from a suit to black informal shoes. grey combat trousers, black t-shirt and jacket as he looked towards the mirror he did before every C.I.A  assignment before turning into the office once more walking over to the picture of his very first building sliding it aside it revealed a safe that he put in when he moved into the building as he pressed the code a loud beep ignited and opened revealing a  dark case full of lock picks and a  pistol taking them out placing them in adjacent pockets “ Aiden wondered why he kept hold of the gun as he was a weapon his self but all over the office he had hidden guns as he closed the door he made his way out of his office towards the building exits.

The cold breeze of the night air hit Aiden’s skin as he looked around at the crowds living their lives as he moved into the crowds heading in the direction of the apartment he was told Scarlett was staying at as he walked the busy street he stopped to see a florist was still open as he walked in his pupils scanning over the flowers before meeting the gaze of the florist “ Good evening I am looking for some Daffodils “ he watched as the florist walked across the shop picking up the last bunch as he took the cash out exchanging the money for the flowers “Keep the change “   Aiden walked out of the shop as he made his way along the street specks of rain began to hit his face as he looked for the nameplate of the address he was given for Scarlett.

The entrance hall was very Scarlett minimalist but beautiful as Aiden entered his eyes scanned the Tennant list before seeing Hale.S , he took note of the floor number before moving himself into the stairway slowly making his way up to the correct floor. Aiden took a deep breath as he made his way on to the  floor  issue Aiden had was being a former spy his training never left as he scanned his environment and read  every person he encountered till he reached  the door to the apartment Aiden knocked once before looking around as he pulled out  his lock pick and began jamming the lock before the familiar click  of an unlocked door was  heard  slowly making his way indoors  closing the door behind him 

Aiden looked around the room admiring the taste his sister had as he made his way towards the sink grabbing a large glass pouring cold water into it before placing daffodils in and placed them on the counter as he began to scout the apartment for information before coming across a  file marked AIDEN   as he placed it on the table he opened the file spreading it over the desk as his eyes widened seeing his sister had been searching for him after the decade of him walking away Aiden could not recall the first two decades till he became a spy his mind placed grieve as the answer as he    grabbed a pen off the desk correcting locations of sightings of Aiden as he corrected them to exactly where he was but couldn’t  state the reason he was there but  Scarlett would be full to aware what the Dark diviner would do he stopped as he looked at her abusers corpse the   if  Scarlett wanted to know he would show her he continued to look through the  material stopping as he looked  at the door as it clicked  grabbing  his pistol unsure who it would be  

The tears streamed down features as she exited the building to the parking garage where her vehicle was parked. Her emotions were absolutely everywhere; her brother admitting that he was indeed dark and him denying her access back into life. Colten warned her that Aiden may have changed and wasn’t the family oriented brother he used to be. Arriving at her black sedan; unlocking the door she entered the driver seat. Her forehead rested on the steering wheel and sighed. “He’s changed.” She muttered to herself. Scarlett found herself lost in thought as she waited to leave the parking garage. The necromancer couldn’t wrap her head around the thought of not being a family anymore. Her heart ached at the thought of never having her family back.

Scarlett shifted her sedan into reverse and drove out of the parking spot; with a swift movement she put the car into drive and was driving out of the parking garage. In the moment her whole entire family sequence was out of whack. Now she was miles and miles away from Colten, the only non-dark family she had left. Her father was a maniac who killed their mother and caused havoc at their old coven. The Hale's mother was gone after her father murdered her, their mother was the glue that held the children together. Aiden was now no longer the family man he once was. He wasn’t the father figure that Scarlett remembered growing up all those years ago. Of course she was thankful for the sacrifices he made for their family, but she missed him.

On her way home Scarlett detoured to her favorite coffee shop; after all the anxiety she needed some caffeine to lift her spirits. Her favorite blend was a French vanilla cold brew with an extra shot of expresso. Paying for her cold brew at the drive thru window, she sipped at her drink as she drove back towards her apartment building. The coffee shop was only a few blocks away from her apartment and it hadn’t taken her long to park in her designated parking spot. Parking her black sedan; exiting the vehicle she swiftly walked through the parking lot carrying her coffee. On her way towards the entrance of the apartment building she heard her phone ringing; Answering the phone she stopped right before the entrance and began speaking to a co-worker who asked about one of her clients they’d counseled while she had her day off.

“Cami are you saying he asked for my psych meds? We can’t prescribe anymore than what he already has.” She informed her colleague . The woman on the other end of the phone agreed and the two went on with the conversation about their patient acting out of the ordinary. He’d been saying the voices were back. Their patient was never diagnosed with psychiatric issues; such as voices. Scarlett was concerned about her patient, she hadn’t noticed she’d made her way inside of the apartment building and was heading upstairs to her apartment. “Listen Cami, when I get back in I will speak with him and sort out what’s going on.” Ending the phone call; Scarlett made her way to her apartment door. Scarlett went to put her keys in the door, but soon she heard rustling in her apartment. Scarlett soon drew her little 6-shooter that was for personal protection. Unlocking the door slowly as she opened it. “Who's there? I am armed!” She yelled into the supposed to be empty apartment.

Aidens ears pricked as he heard footsteps stopping at the door as he rose to his feet moving quickly behind the door muttering to himself as he reminded himself about the notes of his sightings " Aiden you fool "the first thing you learnt leave no trace as he took a deep breath hearing his sister as he walked in front of the door with his arms raised " not going to shoot me now are you ?" his blank expression on his face he tried to do his brotherly smile even though it was hard hoping she had clocked the Daffodils.

Aiden looked at his sister as he smirked'' how did you get the files on my sightings, Scarlett they were classified..” Aiden stopped as he realised  “teleportation spell to the C.I.A field office and took copies of my covers'' Aiden tried to look blank like he did when he was back before the dark times knowing exactly what she did but pretending not to as he walked to the couch removing his jacket as he did before sitting on the end as he watched “I remember everything you mentioned “  he stopped as the images of his girlfriend flashed before his eyes as he stared straight through Scarlett like she wasn't there Aiden had come to terms with many of the happening that night but the loss of the only girl he had loved still stabbed him in the chest every time he thought of her but the man she loved was gone but the shell remained. Aiden soon snapped out of his trance as he pulled out his cell phone and ordered a series of  Chinese meals “ you wanted to talk so we are and seriously you like peppers and bean sprouts “ he gave a slight unimpressed look as he noticed she was looking at the edge of the marking on his arms  Aiden wore jackets or long sleeves most of the time but he felt his sister may want to run off the information of suspected death he was involved in due to nature so he intentionally came in short sleeves but to an average eye it looked like a tattoo.

Aiden stopped as he looked to his sister “I have a few questions “ his mind turned business like to prevent upsetting Scarlett “ you may not like what you hear Scarlett but why do you feel you have to help me I've kept you and Colton Safe I sacrificed everything to let you and Colton keep our line going or do you feel trying to bring back the old Aiden heal the coven  Aiden hale is still here Scarlett but you have to accept what has happened since I left changes people I have seen and done things no sane person could ever believe “ he stopped as he pointed towards the files.

Scarlett slowly pushed the door ajar; her piercing blue optics clocking the Daffodils on the counter. Her weapon lowered some as she heard his voice as she entered her apartment. “No, but what the heck are you doing breaking into my apartment?” She asked before holstering her weapon once again after she realized that the intruder was her eldest brother Aiden. Her eyes scoped out the rest of her apartment. Her office appeared disarrayed from the way she’d left it before going to see her brother.

Scarlett relaxed walking into her apartment and shutting the door behind her. Listening to her brother’s comment about how she got his files on his sightings. A smirk came forth to her lips as he thought she used magic to get the files. “Or a little bit of psychology and manipulation.” She said simply. Scarlett knew what she did was illegal, but she needed more answers than what she was getting from using magic. Scarlett tidied up around her apartment as she watched her brother getting comfortable on her sofa. The smile couldn’t help but form on her features as she watched him. “How could you forget? We did everything together…” Her voice tapering off as the thoughts flooded her mind for the moment. Her heart wrenched for a moment as she remembered the night their coven was burned to the ground and their father killed their mother.

Her mind focused on her brother as he mentioned they were going to finally talk. Scarlett wasn't used to getting answers. “What? Peppers and Bean Sprouts are healthy, but throw in a thing of sweet and sour pork!” She licked her lips at the thought. Scarlett rolled her eyes at his unimpressed look about her order. Her optics glanced at the markings on his arms. She knew her brother had done some unspeakable things which changed him. She knew her brother saved her from her abusive ex and he allowed her the freedom she so rightfully deserved, but she knew what killing did to a necromancer.

She noticed the shift in his composure; he turned his questions into more of a business aspect. Scarlett moved into the living room and seated herself onto the chair next to the sofa. Crossing her legs over on another as she waited for him to ask his questions. “Aiden, stop trying to businessman me. I’m not one of your clients. I am your family.” Her frustration began to overwhelm her as he spoke. Her brother was one of the most hard-headed men she’d ever met. “Do you think you’re the only ONE who made SACRIFICES?!” She exaggerated the words ‘one’ and ‘Sacrifices.’ Scarlett frowned as the anger covered her features as she shook her head in his direction. “I don’t want to heal the coven, I want to heal my family and have my family! Just because you've done terrible things doesn’t mean we can’t be a family. ”

Aiden shrugged " i kinda partially own the building  till the owner pays his final instalment is paid    I took a special interest in this room may I add" Aiden  chose to remain silent about why as  he looked to his sister " And I am here to apologise for the office  you have to understand   I'm not the same Aiden you knew I wasn't the minute I killed father " he  ordered the food a he looked at the time " it will be here  in 30 minutes" he put his cell away as he listened to what his sister had to say " you know if you stole it while I worked for them your lucky your not dead  but I am proud of you to an extent "

Aiden noticed Scarlett had  noticed his arms as   he looked at her rolling up his sleeve to reveal a lot more names" check them off my list if you like they are all here " Aiden rose to his feet as he  walked over to a wall staring at it " where did I leave i it  " he began tapping  the walls till a hollow  sound echoed  as he pressed the wall causing it to open as it revealed a cupboard  of ingredients “ he turned to her as he smirked”  i'm surprised you never found it “ h sat back down  as he watched her  his mind thinking of answers

you know Scarlett I'm your brother but  not the same brother and you have to accept well part of your aiden is still there “ he  thought about the names on his skin  “ a priest said every  person that has died cause the killer will never be found its my way  of  remembering them “  he chuckled a little as he remembered   halloween  many years before the  fire” do you recall the Hallows eve where you wanted to scare colten so we dressed you up in the scarecrows clothing and lured him in    i have never seen him run so fast “ a slight smirk appeared on his face as he recalled but his stature was still in  a meeting . 

A little irritation grew in him as he  heard the tone of his sister “what did i say Scarlett you should be grateful  i'm here answering this not even  my secretary doesnt even know i'm older than i look “ he really fought the urge to get angry “ he listened as he mentioned  reuniting the family “  you and Colten are Fae  i turned into a Necromancer a long time ago Scarlett “

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