Jearmin Grace had existed for 125 years now. She has traveled, been imprisoned, witnessed the crumbling of an isle, and lived to tell the tale. Yet, the Celestial longed for more, for adventure, excitement, anything besides the dull life she now lived in Evermore, Colorado. The blonde found herself in a park she didn't bother learning the name of, longing for adventure, she walked the hiking trails far past dark.

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Arthur as usual was going to spend some time outdoors since he was loving the warm weather here, although his pale skin was burned quite easily due to the warmth of the sun since it was always cooler weather in Neath, Wales; it was a rare occasion they ever had warm sunny days like it is in Evermore City. 

It was quite different compared to Neath, it was much busier and the people were... well, he couldn't really place his finger on it. Some were rude but some were nice, it was a mixture. Since he was basically the Prince back at home, people would always respect him in many ways but over here, they hardly knew about them which is a good thing too, it leaves attention drawn away from him. 

He found a rather odd looking trail near a park he was going to sit and have some lunch but curiosity took over him and began to follow the trail. The trees and bushes as well as flowers lined the pathway, the dust kicked behind him as he walked along the trail, keeping an eye out of anything dangerous. 

He walked into a different direction, arrows pointing in various directions. ''This feels like a scary movie,'' he mumbled as he took the right path and walked along the path, grabbing his lunch and began to eat.

Hearing a rustle to her right, Jearmin stands, poised to fight. She smirked happily, slinking behind a tree to await the arrival of whatever creature was also on the trail. Her heart rate sped up as she waited, the rustling growing closer and close. Her hair stood on the back of her neck, adrenaline pumping through her veins. 

"Finally," she grinned to herself, blonde locks falling over her left eye. "Something exciting is going to happen in the dull city."

As the movement got closer, Jearmin slipped farther into the brush, suddenly remembering her celestial glow. She crouched, trying her best to conceal the light. She wanted to surprise the mystery creature with a sneak attack.

Arthur continued along his trail, an apple in his hand as he bit and chewed down the delicious fruit. He stopped for a moment as he came to more trees and bush surroundings, his brow raised as it was eerily quiet. He looked around and saw no movement, he didn't hear any birds chirping. He bit into the apple once more before throwing the core onto the land. He sniffed the air and could smell a scent, his brow raised and he was on guard again.

He however, continued to walk down the eerily trail, the bushes rustled and a breeze swept through the pathway, his blonde locks flowing in the wind. He cleared his throat before he heard something, almost like a voice. He stopped once more, a growl left his lips as he looked around, unknown where it was coming from. ''If anyone is out here, show yourself.'' He said as he stood in a stance, waiting in silence. 

Jearmin grinned as her prey finally came into view. Biting her lip to keep herself from squealing in delight, she slowly creeped from her hiding spot. She moved from brush to brush, trying her best to keep her glow from alerting the blonde male ahead of her. Suddenly, he stopped, looking around. Jearmin froze.

”if anyone is out here, show yourself.” 

Sighing, Jearmin noticed the stance he was in, and realized she had given herself away. Quietly, she moved into his line of vision, skin glowing with her celestial power, a pout making its way onto her face. 

“I was really looking forward to attack you.” She whined, looking at the stranger through her blonde locks. “But no, you just had to get all defensive, ruining everything.”

Arthur could hear the rustle of the bushes, his ears perking up every sound they were making. He gave himself a chance to speak as he waited patiently yet cautious if this person was going to attack him. He kept still as a he saw a young female coming into his view.

His head tilted to the side a little as he watched the female, obviously he was slightly surprised by her act. Why would she want to attack him? Although he couldn't trust everyone, surely. A growl passed his lips and his eyes narrowed at the female, clearly he didn't like it and was a bit annoyed by it. 

''You think attacking someone is fun?'' He asked, his voice was demanding and a hint of anger into it. He was a wolf, he easily loses his temper yet he can still be patient like he was back at home when he was normal. ''Scaring someone like that could cause you a lot of harm.'' He said as he stood normally and went back into a normal pose, his brow raised slightly at her, watching her closely. 

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Jearmin rolled her eyes at the anger and annoyance in his tone. crossing her arms, she analyzed the male before her before finally speaking.

"Oh calm down blondie," She snorts, a look of annoyance taking over her own features. "I was simply looking for a little fun. You're too serious."

His brow raised as he heard the word Blondie, he hated that nickname for some reason. Shaking his head and sighed, running a hand over his face. A soft growl left him as he was told to calm down, he was very short tempered nowadays and sometimes he didn't know how to control it since it was part of his therianthrope gene, he now has.

''Fun? Do you not know that you could easily get hurt if you were ''attacking'' someone for fun. It doesn't work that way. I've experienced many times before that attacking someone like that can get out of hand specially when you do not know the person.'' His voice still held irritation, his brow still raised at the female. ''You shouldn't mess with people you don't know.'' His tone serious now as he continued to look at her.

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