Arthur had been so caught up in his university bachelor degree that he had needed a break from it as he hadn't been outside that much in the past couple of days and he was in need of a good run. Exercise seemed to help him out when he was stressed or things were getting on top of him. Although he was used to the pressure from years of being a Prince back in Neath but since he is now away from that scene with his family, he wanted to become something more and the purpose that brought him into this life. 

Being away from family had been hard for Arthur as he had relied on them for so long however he was glad to be away from it all and the duties that came along of being a Prince. Stretching his back as he began to put his notes aside and cleaned up his desk, he glanced over towards the time and it was beginning to get late. It was around 9.30pm and he really wanted to go for a run. The last time he had been in the forest was when he had been caught by a trap that was place in the middle of the woods and that's where he also met Arwyn. 

He took his shirt off and placed it on the back of his chair, he lived in the Therianthrope so it was easy access to  the forest as he basically lived in it and he quite enjoyed the serenity of it, he wasn't big on the city and never had been. He opened the back door of his house and headed out onto the small balcony before descending down the stairs, making sure the coast was clear, he shifted into his light and dark brown coloured wolf. 

He entered into the woods and began to jog and swerve through the pine and oak trees. It was fairly quiet at this time at night and it was very unusual if he found someone at this time at night. The cool night air was welcoming as it had been a fairly warm day even if he was just inside of his house for most of it. He sniffed the air and couldn't smell anything, he continued along the trail but slowed down a bit, enjoying the peace that came with the woods. His eyes scanned his surroundings as he tried to pick up any movement; he hadn't yet and he knew he was alone in the woods. 

As he sniffed the ground, a snort left him and there was slight smell to it. So he began to follow that scent along the dirt pathway, weaving through trees as he did and stepping on a few twigs in the process. 

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There was a certain freedom in running, the mind flew free of all the thoughts and worries that bogged a person down allowing the senses to soar with the body across countless miles. With four paws she did indeed fly through the forest, traversing the entirety of the Therian territory and going over the Lycan area twice. It was an Alpha urge that she couldn't fight, needing to run her quarter of the woods often. It wasn't a part she minded, in fact it was often a time when she could put away everything and focus just on running. Granted she shifted through the scents and sounds, making sure her realm hadn't been encroached upon and that those running in her woods were of her pack while making sure her own scent was blatantly obvious.

Rounding an oak tree along the western ridge the silvery white wolf came to a stop, lifting her muzzle into the air as she caught an unfamiliar scent. Lifting a paw she turned her head this way and that, taking in all the notes as they drifted to her on the breeze. He was male, young, and one of her kind. Over the last few months there had been a few new additions to the pack and given her work schedule at both jobs, the meetings with Orion, and her stolen moments with Aeryn she hadn't had much time to meet them. Deciding it was a good time to meet this male the female Alpha turned in the direction his scent had come from, setting off at a sedate trot. Her ears flickered at the sound of a few twigs snapping, giving her notice that he was ahead of her. So as not to startle him she let out a soft growl, weaving through a bunch of trees and into a small clearing.

Across the short distance to the other side was the wolf she had been looking for, his posture alert as their eyes met. His coloring was unique, a mixed of grey and white and red that she hadn't seen before though it wasn't too surprising. Most of their kind had some sort of unique coloring including herself; her own coat being white than fresh snow with an almost silvery cast. Harper stepped confidently through the clearing, an Alpha at home in her territory. When she spoke she spoke into his mind, an ability reserved only to the Alpha’s one she quite enjoyed. “I don’t believe you and I have met, I'm Harper.”

She halted a few steps from him, sitting elegantly with her tail wrapped around to drape over her paws. It was a relaxed yet authoritative position, one that she naturally took.

Arthur had been sitting upon the forest floor as his ears were keeping alert, he had come across an unfamiliar but familiar scent as it was found all throughout the forest area. He had never once met the alpha yet and although he has heard of her, and that he could feel the connection even from afar. The connection was strong between the pack and everyone knew who to submit to, he never expected to be in a pack when he first came into Evermore City but decided to as it would be less risky to be an omega.

He has heard different stories of what an omega means to the lycanthrope pack and some can be quite traditional others not so much. Standing back up as soon as he heard someone’s breathing from behind him, a soft growl left him as he was ready to attack if they were a threat but it turned out to be the opposite, his ears flattened instantly when he first caught a glimpse of the alpha - the female alpha as she had come towards him, and sat not far from where he was standing. He had never seen her in person yet and even though he found attracted towards more males, he still found her beautiful and specially her silvery white coat.

Her voice rang through his mind and it gave him a slight surprise but nonetheless, it was how the alpha could communicate with each pack member. A soft snort left him and sat back down, letting his tail swish behind him gently, his head tilting slightly to the left. ‘’Hello Harper, pleasure to meet you.’’ He gently thought in his head as he kept his eyes on her, a wolfy smile forming across his face. ‘’I’m Arthur, I’m sure you would have heard of it by now,’’ he thought once again as he looked around for a moment, it was clear no other pack members were around.

‘’Enjoying your day?’’ He knew that alpha’s could read their thoughts, so that is how he was communicating with her as he got up onto his paws as he walked over to lay upon the rock that was bathing in the sunlight, as he did so, he sprawled out of the rock and he looked back over to her, he could feel how strong her power was and it was in no doubt that Arthur was willing to submit to her and be respectful towards her; never did he want to upset an alpha. ‘’I’ve heard much about you and yet seen so little of you. I hope that we could indeed see more of each other, would be nice to be closer with the alpha.’’ He commented in a respective way, nor he didn’t want to intrude her personal space but it would be good to become friends with her, a small breeze went through the forest and it was definitely starting to get cooler as winter was soon upon them.

The female wolf stayed where she was as he approached her, laying himself down on a sunsoaked rock not far from where she sat. His movements were slow and measured, calculated so as not to present any sort of threat to her. His reply brought a very wolflike huff to her throat, an affirmative to his comment of her knowing who he is. “It’s nice to finally meet you Arthur.” Her voice echoed through the link she had with everyone in her pack, his addition being known to her but she hadn’t had the time or opportunity to personally meet him. As with all of her pack members she had done some background checking, making sure that everyone in her family was kept safe.

“I am.” She responded as her head swiveled back and forth, looking through the trees and surrounding forest with both keen eyes and sharp ears. “It’s a nice day to be out and about.” The weather was turning colder, daylight savings time cutting the days short and extending the nights. Her kind though didn’t pay much attention to those types of things, they ran so hot blooded most days it didn’t matter to them what season it was. His voice rolled through her mind, drawing her attention once more from her scan of her territory.

“I have a busy life. I work two jobs, one I own and operate myself in order to keep up with the bills of the pack. I also have to have some down time and I run the perimeter often.” Perhaps more often than was necessary and yet since Elijah’s pack had caused issues she had been extra vigilant. Getting jumped and nearly killed would do that to a person, especially since there wouldn’t be a handsome stranger around all the time to hear the plan and swoop in to lend a hand. Shaking her head to clear it of a certain Nephilim the Alpha looked over at the male, her own head tilting.

“I’m around any time you want to chat or get together. Don’t be afraid to ask.” Rising back to her four paws she stretched her body out, measuring how much sunlight she had left. “I was just starting my rounds of the territory, you are welcome to join me if you’d like.” Harper hadn’t had anyone join her during her patrols, but she was willing to spend some time with Arthur since that seemed like the polite thing to do.

Once Arthur was sprawled out onto the rock and was comfortable enough; the sun rays were soaking through his coat and it was a relaxing feeling. His ears perked up slightly when he heard her voice, letting his head nod once. ‘’Same to you,’’ he spoke to her through the mind link and his eyes scanned their area, making sure they were no predators nearby. Letting his mind wander for a moment before Harper’s voice came back through, he watched her as he listened to her. He had not met many of the other pack members; but he was sure he will meet them eventually.

‘’Indeed it is a nice day,’’ he commented gently as he stretched along the rock, rolling onto his back as an itch was slowly edging it’s way through, he continued to roll left and right with a slight huff from him. ‘’I have a busy life too,’’ a small snort left him once he stopped rolling on his back and stood back up, letting his tail curl around him once he sat back down. ‘’I am going to university, so I am studying pretty much all the time.’’ His ears flattened slightly when he heard something in the distance, tilting his head softly to the left. ‘’At least you’re keeping busy,’’ he spoke once again but kept his eyes sharp in the nearby distance, he looked over to her then stretched.

‘’I appreciate that and I guess, same goes with me if you ever want to chat, hang whichever you want to call it.’’ His eyes narrowed when he heard disturbances in the distance, birds started to fly away as he heard them chirp away. ‘’I would like that, I haven’t had the chance to do any patrolling recently.’’ He said as he walked over to her, his head pointing into the direction of the sounds. ‘’We should probably go check that out?’’ He mentioned about the disturbances in the distance, unknown of what it could be.

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