The allure of Evermore, or the reputation that he heard of the place, was that the city didn’t offer many chances for people’s ghosts from their past to show up at their doorstep one day. That aspect sounded perfect to Maverick when he decided to make the move from Detroit to Colorado. What he didn’t expect to hear was the word about Celestials. He only knew one personally back in Russia and her name was Talia Petrov. He never knew her kind could even possible existed but like most people of her kind, she had a natural pull only made Maverick curious and eventually fall in love with her. During their time spent together, he had met someone else who was like her. The woman’s name was Freya Davenwood and she was a friend of Talia’s. Their history was a mystery to the dark Diviner but he could see the natural light that was bound to the other woman just like Talia. He knew the other Celestial was a good person by the way she carried herself. However, their meeting was brief and by the time he saw Talia once again, Freya had disappeared to another town and with time, the brief encounter was stowed away in the back of Maverick’s memory.

That’s until one evening when he was out and about in the town. He couldn’t stay locked up in his house again another night and knew fresh air might do him some good. He passed a few clubs on his walk and it brought him back to the days in Detroit. Though, they weren’t memorable and certainly no extraordinary story came from them but he realized how far he had come along from his days in Russia. When he first arrived in Detroit, it was like a whole other place from where he came from and it didn’t have anything to do with the fact he was in another country. He can now easily slip in and out of towns if he was needed to but he wasn’t going to leave Evermore until he found out what happened the night the comet struck.

“Oof!” A small grunt left Maverick as he realized he collided right into another person, too busy getting lost in his mind to even pay attention to where he was head. “I’m sorry, there. You alright?” He asked as he was glad they didn’t knock each other over. He had barely glanced up but as he did, a surprised look came across his features.

“Freya?” He asked in an incredulous tone. “Freya Davenwood, right? It’s me, Maverick. Talia Petrov’s friend from Ostashkov.” He added, in case she needed the extra detail.

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Memories are sacred things, especially the ones that can so easily come back to you, small little moments in time that stay with you. Easily triggered by a sound, a smell, a touch. And when one memory wants to be remembered it comes back to you so vividly. Freya had many memories that she carried, some more darker than others that she didn't want to think of but when the memories that were so sweet and filled with the most angelic light she did not want to forget. With being a Celestial came with tough circumstances, having any sort of relationship was dangerous, and when it was safe and a Celestial had a long moment of solitude, it was time to go before drawing any sort of attention to one's self. But with each city, person, building, anything... Freya took a memory.

Talia Petrov was a celestial that taught Freya how to do such a thing, keep a chest of tiny symbolic memories, and too introduced Freya to a man named Maverick Romanov, he was a a kind soul. Maverick was not like other people who sought after the Celestial power for his own gain. And that sort of genuine demeanor gave Freya a sliver of hope in this world. But all was short lived when Freya had to relocate. But she remembered him, keeping it under lock and key in the back of her mind.

Memories such as that is what got the gentle star through her captivity on the Isle and her move to Evermore, clinging to that sliver of hope that there were others just like that man from so long ago. It is what encouraged her to venture out of the confinements of her room as well as the castle grounds. Just like tonight, Freya walked somewhat comfortably through the streets of the hopeful city until her slender frame collided with one much larger and harder. " Oh!.. " she spoke softly and grabbed onto the stranger to steady herself. " No, it is rather alright, I was looking up and not where I should be- " When her eyes finally looked at the stranger a small gasp left her now parted lips. " Maverick Romanov... Oh my stars. " She smiled fondly at him. " I remember you... "

Seeing Freya before him only brought back the memories that he thought he would never remember again. He thought after Talia's death, all the good memories would go with her but seeing Freya Davenwood only made them spark back up from the depth of his mind. He fell into a dark place after he lost Talia but he got himself out with time. It also helped that he kept her pendant in his pocket with him and it was a small memento of hers that she gave to him one night. The pendant symbolized the mutual trust the two shared between each other.

Maverick was glad to see the recognition find Freya's features along with his name flowing out into the air made him smile. He helped steady her back on the ground. "I'm relieved you remember me. It would have been pretty awkward if you didn't," he let a chuckle escape before taking a good look at Freya. "I can't believe it's you. It's been quite some time since the last time I saw you. You look great," he replied with a nod and smiled. It was a nice surprise to run into someone that held good memories in Maverick's mind but everything still had a tinge of a bittersweet feeling.

"I was just about to get some coffee," he admitted as he pointed to the café's direction of where he was headed. "You're welcome to join me. Maybe we can catch up," he said with a warm smile. He could recall that Freya was just as kind hearted as they could come. That was the genuine trait that he could tell came with her nature. He guessed that kind of trait was somewhat contagious as it rubbed off on him but he only showed it around a selected few.

"It'd be great to hear what you have been up to," he said to Freya. He hoped that the subject of Talia wouldn't come up just yet. He wouldn't know how to break the news that Freya's dear friend had passed away but also in a gruesome way. All he could think of in the moment was the nostalgic feeling that settled in him but it also caused him to feel the bitter-sweetness of the situation. Especially when he knew how much Talia thought of her fellow Celestial.

Freya looked at the male, feeling every memory from Talia flood back into her mind like it was never gone, she missed carefree times like that so desperately. They were memories that kept her going, her mind centered and sane when she was held captive for all that time. Now here she was staring at a face she thought would only be a memory for the rest of her immortal life. Her smile never left her face as she stood there with him. 

Freya looked up at him happily, as they steadied each other, her smile turning into a grin at his words. pushing back her bangs out her face, letting out a small sigh of relief being in his presence. " How could I forget someone like you." she laughed lightly with him. " I never thought I would ever see you again, it has been ages."The celestial smiled and looked him over, everything about him was still as she remembered. " as do you Maverick... " Freya nodded her head gently, her eyes twinkling with a joy. Everything she remembered was flickering in her mind, but a twinge of sorrow was there as well, Talia, one of very few that Freya had a special bond with. 

Raising her eyebrows, the brunette fallen star smiled in delight at the idea of getting to spend time with him. " Yes, that would be really great...I want to hear all about your life." Freya nodded. She remembered the gentleness his soul possessed. It was made Freya feel comfortable and safe when Talia introduced the two to each other so many years ago.

" I have much to tell you my dear friend... " Freya smiled, it was so great to be with him again, it brought her a since of safety knowing he was in this eternal city with her. Freya was hopeful that maybe some part of her past that was good, could happen here. That the fear of the unknown could vanish and she could live happily as she once had. " lead the way?.." 

Seeing the warm hues of her brown eyes reminded him, thankfully, of the Celestial’s kindness flowed naturally like the glow illuminating her frame. He glad that part hasn’t changed. Since Maverick had arrived in Evermore, pieces of Maverick’s past kept finding themselves to him but this was one that he didn’t mind. It was all good memories from Russia that had Talia laced with them. And now Freya. He smiled brightly, for once, before nodding once. “It’s been too long,” he agreed with the brunette.

“Well I’m looking forward to catching up with you and hearing what’s been going on in your life,” he said but he could feel his stomach twist as he thought of what had happened since he last saw her. Though, he didn’t let that feeling show as the soft grin remained on his face. He knew everyone had their secrets and it was at their own discretion to share what those are but Talia had a way to get those secrets out of him. He wondered if Freya would be the same; if it was something that Celestials had a natural gift of but thinking of lying to her almost sat guilty in his stomach. However, he wasn’t going to think about that and letting it spoil his night just yet.

“It’s just a block away, not too far of a walk,” he commented before gesturing in the direction. “So, when did arrive to the city?” He asked as his icy blue hues landed on her for a moment before looking forward. It was a nice summer night as a slight breeze blew past them.

It was as if Freya was right back when she had first met the kind young male, it made her heart erupt in a warmth that made her feel so safe, as if none of the bad things had happened to her. Ever since the celestial's capture and then their release Freya thought she would never meet another kind person who eluded compassion, but being in Mavericks presence reminded her that there was such people as him. His smile was contagious, her own elegantly shaped lips displayed a smile that was almost brighter than she was." It has hasn't it... I never thought I would ever see you again, only in my memory."

Freya had such happiness flowing through her immortal veins, she couldn't help but feel a radiating feeling in her body, she had to control herself or she would light up the whole own of Evermore it seemed. " Oh, as am I... " A pang of hurt stabbed at the bubbling happiness she had, her decades of captivity was always present in her thoughts. Just a simple smell, or a strangers voice would suck her right back into the moment. Freya never truly grieved or expressed any emotion of it, she was always the beacon of hope. She pushed away her own emotion to look out for another celestial. It was who she was, selfless.

Freya had so many questions, she wanted to ask him of Talia, what adventures did they have, what did she miss, where was her dear friend. But she would wait, she wanted to know of him more. Walking with him she let the summer breeze envelop her as long brown waves blew back, her almond eyes looking back at him. " Oh, I have been around for sometime, hiding, one can never be to careful. But now that is appears to safe I have been exploring more. Staying in the same patterns. " She smiled at the ground before looking over to him happily. " And you Mr. Romanov? How long have you been here?."

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