Every new experience brought new images to his broken mind. Finn had to re-learn the most basic of things.  Social customs confused him the most.  From the day his brother and sister had found him in the ruins of their ancestral home to now, only three days had passed; the young Initia found himself struggling.  When he remembered something it came in a rush.  A jigsaw puzzle all scrambled up.  Events came in a nonsensical pattern.  He would remember the last words he had said to his sister, but couldn’t remember anything about their time together as children.

He had become a hermit since he was found, going through photos and old videos.  All were foreign to him but in the back of his mind Finn felt like something was missing.  At first the people in the Initia mansion had looked at him with fear.  The cook had even run away from the kitchen when Finn had come down to get some breakfast.  Finn found out that he liked cooking.  He had fixed a pile of pancakes, fresh bacon and sausage links, eggies with English toast nicely crisp on the outside but soft on the inside.  Finn had found some oranges and made some sweet oj.  The table was filled with delicious food.  The aroma of freshly made coffee floated though the kitchen.  With a big grin Finn sat down and helped himself to this culinary bounty.  Once he was done, he had washed the dishes, dried them and put them away.  

The cook had come in just as he was putting the last of the dishes away.  She had a look of pure shock on her face.  The following day, the cook had breakfast ready for him with a cup of black gold waiting for him.  “Do we have some cream and sugar?  I like mine sweet.”  The cook looked at him astonished at what he had said “Mr. Adolf, you used to like it plain with nothing added. “  She shook her head and went to the fridge, getting out the carton of milk.  “Never mind sir, here you go.”  She gave him the sugar bowl and some milk in a little cow with a mouth in a shape of a spout.  Finn smiled at the crafty ceramic thing “Please call me Finn.  I don’t like the other name.”

Little things like the coffee incident and not liking to be called Adolf perplexed him even more.  Finn had the feeling he was no longer the man he used to be. That much he already knew from his jailer.

At first his pallor was sickly pale with a tinge of gray.  After spending a couple of days outside in the gardens, his skin color had improved.  His hair didn’t seem lifeless anymore and his nails had been trimmed to a more socially acceptable size.  When he had been found, dirty and in rags, his nails were three inches long.  Today he had taken a shower, put some comfortable clothes and went for a walk outside the Initia complex.

The day was cast down, the smell of rain danced around the area but the clouds didn’t look heavy with rain.  He had brought an umbrella and that thing that Sierra called a mobile.  Finn didn’t care much for the gadget but she had insisted he would carry it in case he got lost.  He had remembered how to use it, but like the coffee Finn did not like the device.  He didn’t know why. There was something about the thing that made his skin crawl.

As he walked a path, it began to look familiar to him.  He followed it.  Images began to appear, again in no particular order.  He was looking around when he saw her.  His brows furrowed as he saw the female approaching him.  Finn remained calm with a curious look on his face.  It was hard to read the woman’s expression.  His heart began to beat fast the closer she got to him. He grabbed the medallion that had clung to his neck for a long time.  His jailer had said that Finn had been buried with it.  He never took it off and he didn’t like other’s seeing it, but now, he held on to it as something right at the of his mind tried to come back to him.  He held his breath looking at the female with intent, frozen in place as his feet would not obey him to turn and run

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Ever since that horrific phone call from her father, Zeus's memories seemed to be in a blurr. But, that didn't mean she'd forgotten a single thing about her mothers death. When Zeus ran away from her date that night, without so much as a word to the guy, she figured he thought she was insane, but the moment she'd gotten that call, time had stopped, and so did her heart. Peggy McCartney had went missing, and faced a gruesome death at the hands of the Initia. Luckily, after Peggy told Zeus's father the truth about who she was, and how she had been in hiding; Joseph made both her and Zeus matching medallions, each with co-ordinates in them, should one or the other come up missing, they could easily be tracked back down. Both the McCartney women had vowed to forever wear them around their neck, and when Zeus popped hers open, while her and her father searched for her mothers matching one desperately, it led them right here to where she now stood; Colorado, Evermore City. 

Initia territory was a place the blonde Nephilim warrior visited often these days; Each day she arrived on schedule and set up in the same spot. She could see everything from where she sat, and she stalked each individual who walked the territory for any signs of her mothers medallion. Her heart raced each time she thought she saw it. But, Zeus had came up to so many dead ends lately, that she never felt she'd put an end to this and avenge her mother. Today was no exception; just like a tiger, she was ready to pounce. After getting ready, Zeus headed to Initia territory, and used a set of expensive  binoculars to expand her view of the territory. 

Her day had started off pretty simple and slow. No one she laid eyes on seemed like a suspect of her mothers murder, nor did her medallion track anyone down directly, to point her to the one responsible of stealing her mothers matching one. A few hours had passed by, and Zeus was leaned against some rocks with the scope on her assault riffle zoomed in when she finally saw it. The medallion her mother had been wearing shined at her like a bright light opening to another world. Zeus's eyes pooled with tears as she stared for moments longer, unsure of how she'd even approach the male with her mothers medallion around his neck. But all rationality was out the window as Zeus loaded her stuff up into her bag, strapped it to her motorcycle, and took off to meet him before he could get far enough for wandering eyes to see what was going on. 

Zeus's heart pounded the entire way there, making the drive to him seem impossibly long. When she was just an inch away from the male, her tires screeched as she came to a daring stop just in front of him, her timing was priceless. Had she not stepped exactly when and where she did, the young man would have been flattered underneath her bike. Zeus took no time in getting off the bike, and approaching him with a dagger clutched in her grasp "Who are you?!" she asked through gritted teeth; ready to end him here and now. "You have about 2.0 seconds to tell me why you have that around your neck" she then said, and began twirling the dagger through her fingers flawlessly. 

Zeus would give him a chance to speak. But there was no doubt in her mind now, that this guy wasn't part of her mothers death.. no matter if he did it with hisbare hands, or helped.. he had her mothers medallion, and she wouldn't be leaving without it. Zeus knew she had put herself in danger to approach him. If others came to his rescue, she'd be outnumbered, considering she had told absolutely no one where she was going and what she was doing. It'd be way to easy for the rest of his kind to outnumber her in this situation. But, she didn't care. Her main, and only purpose was to avenge her mother. She'd never move on until the deed was done. 

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