Ray looked up at the sky as the first drops of rain hit his face as he sighed pulling his hoodie up over his head as he began to walk down the street as his mind wandered to himself did everyone hate the rain or was it just because he was a fire initia opposite to water as he slides past a group of people as he hissed as his shoulder and arm was hit the burns reminding him of how bad his shift was as he made his down the back alley towards the bar he had worked at ever since he moved to Evermore. 

Ray opened the back doors as he walked into the kitchen/staff area as he shook himself off, sliding off his jacket as he walked past the coat rack as he placed it on the hanger. The same familiar smell hit his nostrils it was Jeffs super spicey Chicken wings " tell jeff to save me some wings for mine. A break will you please" the. regular kitchen porter nodded as he replied "no problem " as he pasted the kitchens heading out to the bar as he slides into the familiar spot as he got his utensils ready as he turned around Merideth, the usual waitress that was on placed her tray in front of him " 2 larger and 2 vodka rockets Ray " Ray nodded like he usually did as he got the glasses out as he began to mix and pour drinks " may need to get the no-smoking signs up as its raining cats and dogs " he placed the bottles on the tray as he put it on tray to which was taken straight to the drink orderers 

Ray continued to make drinks as he felt flame energy spark his attention as a member of staff asked a group people to stop smoking he turned around to face the direction of the voices as. he watched them extinguish the cigarettes, but as soon as there back was turned they lit up in his mind Ray began to become annoyed as he watched before the energy hit Ray swiped his hand along the bar as he watched the groups surprise as the smoke didn't come from there cigarettes he chuckled a little as he masked his movements while he did his bar work smirking a little as the group became frustrated 

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Bars seemed to be Evermores breeding ground of social activity. Everyone met in bars, went to bars, frequented bars...It seemed everyone except the quiet initia was able to do the simple thing of just making friends. Arken had always found friendships difficult, he was heavily tattooed which made his look a little stand-off-ish or made him seem unapproachable which wasn't at all true, but looks can always be decieving.

The Initia had been visiting the same bar for the past few nights, long enough that he had a 'regular' drink that he merely needed to raise a finger to order and the bartender, Meredith, fetching him with a cheeky grin. Beer was his chosen poison at this particular place, merely because their choice of Whiskey was poor. The rain poured outside, which meant only one thing. The Fire-benders that frequented the other end of the bar, were lighting their cigarettes inside. Arken sighed, being taken first by Earth and then by water, he hadn't managed to master fire and didn't like the feeling bending the element gave him, so it made him shudder to see them doing it so willy nilly.

The bartender then caught Arkens eye, not Meredith, a male with mousy hair. He had caused the group of smokers to flinch with a wave of his fingers, almost covered with his bar work but Arken could see...The Initia let out a chuckle and shook his head.

The smokers sparked up again and impulsively, Arken flicked his fingers, picking up water from the sides of the glasses and drenching the cigarettes. Quickly dropping his hand as they turned, he stared intently at his drink until finally the group left. Chuckling, Arken shook his head again and glanced after them. "Idiots..." He muttered, his accent thick with Texan twang.

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Ray turned his back as he heard the disgruntled moans of the group as they got up to leave as he made his way towards the table he noticed droplets of water from where the group sat as he picked up the bottles and glasses of the group as he returned to the sink tossing the bottles in the recycling and the glasses into the dishwasher as he picked up a cloth-making his way back to the table just stopping some people taking a seat " hey just give me a couple of minutes to tidy the desk then it's all yours.

' Ray started to make the table ready for the next group as his eyes scanned the room everyone was looking towards the scene of the cigarettes apart from one guy and that he had overheard what he said as he finished the bell for service rang as he made his way to the hatch picking up the order of chilli con Carne as he turned he grabbed a decent bottle of whiskey as he walked out to the bar sliding the bottle in the slot under bar near the new guy as he placed the chilli on the bar in front of the guy that generally sat in the corner.

" and I thought I was the only one that frequented this bar " Ray chuckled as he pulled a glass and poured a large glass of whiskey " don't tell Merideth or let the manager find out " he lifted the glass to in front of the guy " trust me it has a kick "

Arken held up his hands a little and shook his head. "I won't dob you in." He purred before returning his hands to the bar. He wasn't big on social interactions in the bar, usually it was a bunch of hot heads. The Initia picked up the glass and scoffed as the tender said the whiskey had a kick. Lifting the glass to his lips, Arken knocked back the amber liquid and swallowed it in one. The burn wasn't too unpleasant and did not make him wince, Instead he smiled, nodding towards the glass. "Its good" He said softly. "Very very good."

Letting his eyes roam the bar again for a moment, Arken gestured to the bartender again. "Its Ray right?" He asked before offering his hand, "Im Arken, I suppose introducing myself to a fellow elementalist is the appropriate thing to do?" He placed his empty glass closer to the tap, a silent ask for another round. "Whats your poison?" He asked, once again shifting the waterdroplets on the top of the bar into the shape of a question mark, His hint as to the question. What elements do you use?

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Ray raised an eyebrow as his name was mentioned his mind wondered if they had met before " Nice to meet you Arken " he continued to make up orders " yea I'm ray how do you know who I am " ray poured another glass of whiskey as he walked back to the service hatch taking the next order out to the tables as he walked up beside to darken as he took the empty glasses " I'm guessing your water initia " Ray walked back behind the bar dumping the drinks in the sink as Meridith tapped him on the shoulder " break hun: Ray nodded as he put down the cloth on his shoulder as he turned to Arken " follow me "

Ray walked out from behind the bar as he waited briefly for Arken before heading towards the back of the bar picking up some ribs " cheers" Ray stepped out into the kitchen and towards the back door ray knew precisely what would be said " He fine with me " Ray walked out into the alleyway as he looked up to see the rain was still heavy as he quickly pushed the bins aside revealing an entrance to abandoned. building as he made his way inside as he took a seat on a wooden table placing his Ribs down. " how did you find me " Ray pulled out his lighter out as he gently tossed it into the air as he caught it as it fell to his hand." and only 2 people know I'm here the Grandmaster and Samuel

Arken frowned, gesturing to Meredith. "I overheard her mention your name and..." Ark' gestured to Ray's chest. "Name badge?" The bartender seemed nervous and the Initia worried if he'd over-stepped a mark by socialising. He sighed but Ray then asked about Arkens Element and he shrugged "Earth is my main poison, I dabble with water." He said simply. 

As Ray told him to follow, he glanced towards the bar, then stood and followed. He lead him through the back towards a back entrance that staff must take. Ark' was curious, yet also nervous what the other wanted. The rain had always been Arkens favourite weather condition and he glanced to the skies, almost missing the entrance to the abandoned building Ray opening up. 

Stepping out of the cold, a frown graced the Initia's features "How did I....?" He paused before laughing a little at the lighter. "You think this is some gangster movie Ray? I know your name because Meredith shouts it around 30 times on your shift. You wear a name badge!" He scoffed and shook his head. "I saw you, you're an Initia and if you haven't noticed im not the most popular guy in Evermore, I just wanted to meet someone like me. Pick up a thing or two in regards to other elements...My mistake." 

Sorry " Ray sighed as he   stopped throwing the lighter and held it in his  as he looked  down " ah I see your point I always forget about that darn thing, and I don't  particularly  talk about  the supernatural around the bar an old friend  warned me to be careful of hunters, but it's not much, but we are safe here " Ray rose to his feet  as he offered  his hand "Ray Herald "  he walked back to  a  wooden seat as he looked at Arken "and no I don't see this as a gangster movie I'm just overly cautious  you never know  who the next person is going to be 

Ray  began to fiddle with his lighter ", and this helps me keep in control I could of easily  of  made the cigarettes burst into flames  but then I would of passed out  after this morning plus " Ray shrugged " my pa  doesn't know I'm here so I'm extra careful in case someone came looking for me and feel free to help your self to some wings I can never eat this much  the chef says I need bulking up * he  smirked  as he got back up looking  at the night sky through the hole in the roof   as he  sighed  a little" you dabble in water right  how about a trade you give me info on water as I want to learn if or my other job  and ill tell you what i know about fire 

Arken nodded as Ray sokie and responded in a soft, hushed tone. "Dont worry, I get it but your bar is still safe." The initia ran his fingers through his long hair and blew out a breath. "Thing is, i don't know many Initia, so when i saw you were one, and fire at that, I just wanted to meet you."

As he mentioned passing out, Arken frowned slightly. "What do you mean passing out? Id think that was light use?" Arken had only ever passed out from his gift once and it was because someone burnt his garden and so he regenerated every blade of grass, every flower, every tree and every shrub all together and it was too much for him, it would have been too big for anyone that wasn't a master.

He smiled then and he grinned brightly towards the other. "that sounds fantastic!" Arken eventually wanted to learn all the elements, currently he had earth and water, two that go hand in hand, but fire was next on his list.

"When do we start?"

did you hear about the  explosion down at the fire academy about four months ago I was trapped I was doing ok  till  well I shouldn't have opened the  2nd door I held my own for 10 15 minutes  against the fire  but  eventually got too much I woke up  in the ER not sure how I got out I'm guessing the rescue unit is apart of got me out  "  Ray  shrugged "  one of the many mysteries  of Evermore *  he smirked 

You're the 3rd  Initia I have ever met I've met the grandmaster Sofi and my.  friend the one that found me Samuel and I know Arken  if you were here to cause trouble or kill me  you would have tried already, and I wouldn't be offering you my wings  " he laughed, but you do understand I am no master just a wielder I believe the fire master called Lydia  never met her, but  our paths will cross 

The incident Ray was talking about was on the news for a while after the event took place. The flames burnt so high that even the Fire initia master struggled to contain and control, the water initia, himself included, struggled to get the amount of water necassary to put the fires out. Arken shuddered because he knew someone had been trapped, but he didn't know it had been the man before him.

As Ray said Arken was only the 3rd Initia he'd met, the male scoffed and let out a laugh. "You must not have travelled far in Evermore then." He chimed with a smile and then shrugged. "I can promise im not here for your demise."

"No i get that, but Lydia isn't around much recently, i think she's out of town so its either you or nothing."

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