The one thing every tattoo studio has in common, is the guy who thinks he can hack a days session...


His natural golden skin has sunken in tone to something so lifeless it scares me just to look at him. His eyes close and he sucks himself into a deeper place to cope. Sweat pooled on his brow, his upperlip, the nape of his neck, his breath dragged in and out like razor blades against a chalkboard and his face returns to the white of the ink...

The low buzz of the tattoo gun echoes around the room and finally, Arken ceased the noise and all that could be heard was his clients breath. "I've got a fainter." Arkens husky, tainted-Texan accent bellowed across the parlour. Another man, as covered in tattoo's as Arken was himself, came from the back room with a can of pepsi, a chocolate bar and a cold flannel "How much did you get done?" the man asked with a smirk lilting his lips "20 minutes, this guys paid for the entire day..." Arken replied with a chuckle.

Popping his equiptment down, he took the drink and the chocolate from the other and placed the cold flannel on the comatose males forehead. When the client came round, Arken soothed him with the Pepsi and chocolate and grinned "Want to carry on?" The Initia teased. The client on the other hand stood and left promptly.

"Well thats my day suddenly free..." The intia responded with a sigh, sitting back in his seat.

He only hoped he'd get a walk in soon...

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Priscilla had finished with her counselor at the local college; the counselor had mentioned that Priscilla needed to begin looking into an internship at a local tattoo parlor. Leaving the college counselor ‘Cilla was now determined to find her new internship home. The pressure was now on for her to put her insecurities of her artistic visions behind her as she found a reputable place to sink her fresh talons into. Her dark chocolate optics scoured the city for tattoo parlors that looked promising. Using the voice feature on her phone she searched for reputable and five star parlors; she found a parlor in which she’d pasted multiple times while going to her favorite coffee shop .

Parallel parking the vehicle; she moved from the driver side seat as she opened the door. Priscilla saw the inside of the building a tattooed male inking another male. Soon P’ saw the other male fainting in the chair. Her dark chocolate optics widened for a moment as she began rethinking her options once more. How would the nephilim handle moments like those that had just unfolded in front of her. Watching on the outside as the male moved into the back room. Her heart raced as all her insecurities began flooding her mind. Soon her mind began thinking about the buzz of the tattoo gun and the feeling of watching someone walk out with her art inked forever on parts of their bodies.

Once Priscilla had gathered her courage to enter the shop; the male who’d been unconscious on the table had finally come to and was exiting the building. Priscilla entered the store once the male had exited, her optics began gazing around the walls that were littered in template of ink the artist did. Some of the templates were normal, but others were more creative and most had more detail.

Snapping out of her gawking at the beautiful creations on the walls once she heard the male’s low tone ringing through the parlor. A soft nervous voice graduated from the Nephilim’s voice. “Is the owner around?” She asked the tattooed male.

Her fingertips tapping at her sides as she awaited the male’s response.

Arken had been sat for a while, sketching some new work on a big A3 sketch-pad, smudging with his finger the pencil lines he was creating. His brows had knitted together in the middle as he chewed on the end of his pencil, turning the page to and fro to see the art from different angles before adding some more lines here and there. 

Hearing the door, the Initia glanced up and saw a female walk in, black hair around her neck and tattoos littering her skin. Arken couldn't help but stare at the handy work of her artist. Her voice broke his concentration and his eyes flicked to hers. "That would be me today." He said softly and smiled. Placing the A3 pad down on the counter, he then hissed as he inhaled "Well, I say today. The 'Owner' Pays the rent, I run the place so I presume I'm the bossman." Arken joked, his accent heavy with Texan twists. 

"Are you here for a tattoo?"

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Priscilla clutched her sketchbook to her chest while she wandered around the parlor gazing at the creations that were spread among the walls. Out of the corner of her chocolate optics; she noticed the male sketching away in an A3 sketch-pad. P’ noticed the smudging technique he used with his fingers; Attempting to not stare Priscilla went back to admiring the tattoo art gallery.

Her attention soon focused on the male who now glanced up from the A3 sketch-pad. Priscilla’s dark chocolate optics met his own, as she noticed him admiring the art that peaked around the collar of her t-shirt. A little smile lightened her features as he mentioned about the owner. However confusion still covered her features in some way he’d still managed to confuse her. Shaking the confusion from her, P’ fell for his Texan twist that played with his words delicately. “Perfect!” She said with a bounce in her step as her voice chirped through the store.

His next question had thrown her some; she definitely had room for more tattoos, but at this moment she hadn’t any designs in mind to ink into her skin. “No, I am actually here lookin for an internship…” she mentioned as her voice nervously cut off towards the end. Her confidence was extremely strong, but her insecurity always made her second guess herself.

“That is if you accept interns. I have some of my work here.” She said referring to the sketch pad she clutched closely to her.

The arrangement Arken had with the owner was purely business and, even to him, confusing. The owner paid the bills, the expenses and such, Arken however ran the parlour, hired, put orders in and ran the place...The 'owner' was his silent partner of sorts. He smiled as she beamed Perfect and he nodded "Great." Arken chimed, almost in thanks that she understood him.

Arken had been admiring the tattoo's he could see and cocked his head to the side as she asked about interning here instead. He opened his mouth to respond, but closed it as she continued. He offered his hand out to take the Sketch pad from her and had a flick through. He wasn't really looking for an intern, so he glanced quickly at the first couple of pages then...Wait

Arken paused, looking more intently at her line work, his brown furrowing as he concentrated. Her lines even in pencil were crisp, her dot shading too..."This is an impressive pad." He said with a smile and flicked through every design she had.

Handing the pad back to her, He grumbled in thought for a moment before ranning his fingers through his hair. "I don't usually take on interns...But that Sketch pad is amazing. So, When are you available to start?"

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Confusing as the arrangement sounded between the silent partner and the male who now stood before her. The tattooed Nephilim was aware of the confused appearance that had come over her features showed loudly. Oddly enough she understood the arrangement most tattoo parlors nowadays were run that way. The head artist made orders, hired others and over all ran the business while the silent partnered owner sat back and collected some of the profits. 

Priscilla noticed the male admiring the tattoos that played peekaboo from the collar and arms of her long sleeved shirt. Clutching onto her sketch pad, for only a moment longer before handing the book over to the male. Nervously, she watched as he began flicking through the pages. Her insecurities were heightening even more than they already were.  Being an intern tattoo artist wasn’t something most heard about, because most parlors didn’t allow them. They were more of an insurance risk. 

A glimmer of hope sparkling in her dark chocolate optics as she watched his facial features. Watching as his eyes fixated on the pencil lines that were crisp and her dot shading. “Why thank you.” She purred bouncing on her heels some. However she knew not to excite herself too much. She knew that he may not accept her as an intern.

Priscilla took the pad back into her hands and she watched him fighting with his own thoughts. Noticing his hand run through his hair she soon heard his voice speaking and the excitement burst from within. “Thank you! Thank you! I can start whenever!” She chirped loudly. 

Her beaming voice called up and he couldn't help  but chuckle, holding his hands up and trying to calm her. "Alright Alright." He joked with a grin stretched across his features. "Im Arken Hazard, I'll be the one teaching you. I do have the qualifications to do that I just...I wouldn't say I'm good at it." He said with a smile.

After their introductions, he gestured for her to follow him, speaking as he walked. "We only have one entrance so, we come in and out where the clients do. The equiptment we have is set up every morning, disinfected, cleaned and sterile but I won't be showing you that for a while." Arken wandered to the back of the store, opening up a door to a short corridor with four doors "Bathroom at the end, Office, stock room and a private room for if you're inking any...Well...Privates." Leading her into the office, He wandered behind his oak desk and sat down, opening up the laptop on the top.

"Lets see" He purred, clicking a few buttons. "I'll have to send you some things including contracts and must knows but, its not overly formal here." Arken then twisted the laptop around to face her, the contact information page up. "Here, can you fill that in? then I need to know if you've ever done ink before? Or if you know the basics?"

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