As Autumn seemed more like winter, the sky you expected to blue and warm somehow instantly looked colder. Instead of the golden rays of divine warmth upon the cold skin, it was deceptive and colder still. Tree's shivered in the bitter wind, naked branches adorned with Jack Frost's light kiss. Arken loved this time of year, the tree's denuded forms stood starkly against the frosted grass, almost like charcoal outlines sketched by a passing artist. They were like the tree's of storybooks, of paintings or christmas cards and they inspired the artist within Arken more than any other scene, from any other time of year.

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The morning blew by like a wave of a hand, Arken had done three separate clients during the morning, but was booked out for the entire afternoon by one of Evermore's Leaders. It wasn't the first time he'd met one of the local Ambassadors, but it was the first time he'd be purposefully causing one of them pain. Kaelyn had booked in for a tattoo, she hadn't stated what so he presumed she had her own design, if not, he had an arsenal of designs for her to choose from.

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Arken was a quiet man by nature, and his Parlour reflected that. The walls weren't adored like many other shops would have been, they had minimal designs on them, hand drawn from Arken himself during the first few days of owning the Parlour. There were some images of him on the walls with people he'd been particularly proud of inking, but everything else was minimal. The colours were black and white with hints of brightness, mostly from the flowers he grew. Being of the Earth and Water inclination, Arken had grown an abundance of flowers all over the shop, in great big plant pots, with shelved area's that adorned the walls for the ivy to grow up and cling too.

The time of her appointment was close, and Arken couldn't help but be a touch nervous. More so that he usually was meeting new people. He sat at the reception desk near the door and clasped his hands together tightly, sliding his thick black rimmed glasses up his nose a little. Was this too tense? He tried to relax a little into his seat, raking his fingers through his long chocolate hued locks. Then, when all else failed him, he took a cigarette from his packet, clasped it between his teeth and lit it up.

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The Redheaded Diviner has travelled the world. Seeing all dfiferent places in here. Years back she couldn’t see herself settling in one place for too long. Being one of those people who’d find themselves bored of being stuck in one place. Whether it be running out of things to do. There’s only so many people that you can con and steal money from. That's how it used to be for her. Yet things changed even she found herself changing to a different person. Finding herself influenced by those around her all makes her want to stay and stick around. She had even found herself opening up her heart with people starting to break down her walls whilst in the process she had found herself having her heart broken. Reminding her why she doesn’t let others in. Only finding herself getting hurt and people all let her down in the end. Kaelyn was happy that she had her cousin Wyatt there for her. How now it was like they’d always had each other in their lives, more like siblings than cousins. It only took her to stop being stubborn to know that having family isn’t so bad.  

Kaelyn was someone who liked to do things on spur of the moment. Liking to live a spontaneous and exciting life. That's what she loved about her other life of being a con artist, doing things and not worrying about the consequences. Kaelyn was one for change. Being one of the people who after a breakup changes things up to do something she wouldn’t do before. How most people choose to either change their hair or their look after but she loves her hair and style so she thought of something else. Getting a tattoo came to mind of what she could do. The Diviner didn’t have any as of it. Never choosing to get one before. She thought of it a few decades ago but decided not to get one. Now with times changing she could see how far designs and artists have come. All different things influencing her to get one. A few weeks back she had booked an appointment, finding a local tattoo palour in the city. Being given an apartment with a tattoo artist called Arken. At the time she didn’t have a set design she wanted but knew it wasn’t going to be a big tattoo. Thinking it;s best to start with simple simple and little to see if she likes it. 

There’s a few designs she picked out looking online on pinterest she found ones that she liked the best. Simple but nice. Hoping the designs she picked out won’t be too hard for her tattoo artist to use. With time soon coming to the appointment, Kaelyn made her way to where the shop was. Remembering where it was when she passed it a few weeks back. It weren’t too long till she reached the place, seeing the ligh up sign in the door telling her the place was open. Pushing open the doors, Kaelyn looked around. Curious to see what the place was like, if it’s like she’d imagined it to be but it was different to how she pictured it would be. Seeing it was full of life, seeing different colourful flowers all dotted around the place. With pictures of tattoo designs all scattered on the walls. Kaelyn looked to the reception desk that was near to the door seeing a man sitting behind it, who was smoking a cigarette. Thinking that it was probably her tattoo artist. “Hey, I’m here for my appointment” She greeted him with a friendly smile knowing that he was expecting her, choosing not to give her name since they probably had it written down already.  

Arken shifted a little in his seat as he inhaled deeply, the smoke billowing back out of his nose like a dragon. Cigarettes were Arkens only vice, the only thing he did that truly would damage his life expectancy, but it was a habit the Initia had yet to pluck the nerve up to break. Tattooing helped, in reality, Arken couldn't go an hour without puffing on a cigarette, but put a tattoo gun in his hand and he could go an entire day without any cravings. Misplacing the addiction into productiveness was something Arken did well.

When the door pinged open to announce the arrival of the red headed ambassador, Arken quickly fumbled around the desk to dock out the cigarette. "Hello!" He said, his Texan accent still prominant as he offered his hand out to Kaelyn. "You must be Miss. Brookes, Im Arken. We spoke a bit about the design you wanted?" Dropping his hand, he guided her closer to the reception desk as he pulled out a large sketchpad. "You gave a couple designs that I sketched up, but then I merged all the designs together in the last one, so its your pick really." He explained, flicking through the pages to show her the work he'd been doing on her designs.

Arken usually took designs and changed them a little, personalised them to his own style. Especially if someone comes in with a few designs that they couldn't decide between, why not mix them up? "Once you have picked, depending where you want to tattoo, I can throw together a transfer and you can see it on before we start."

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