Mi-Yeon looked around the room at all the gym equipment that dotted the area, the amount of people there at that time was surprisingly low, but it just meant there wouldn’t be much hold-up waiting for equipment. She decided that she would start with a nice brisk jog on the treadmill, and headed in that direction. Placing her bag on the floor, along with her white hoodie, the young brunette made her way toward the treadmill. She uncoiled the earbuds from around her phone, and placed them in her ears, turning on some music to workout to. Playing music never seemed to be an issue before, mostly because everyone tended to keep to themselves, especially her.

There have been a few occasions where guys came up to her, trying to flirt with her and get her to go out on a date with them. Mi-Yeon had no intentions of dating anytime soon. The world around her was still fairly new to her after being locked away for 19 years of her life, and she wanted to discover for herself what the world had to offer her. As she jogged away on the treadmill, she began humming along to the music, and with her eyes closed, she lost herself in the music.

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It was a rather weird coincidence when he signed up to have a gym membership just days after arriving into Evermore City; he knew he was fairly in shape but it was mainly because he needed something else to do while the tribe was off with others to do their own thing. He was fairly new to the city and that meant, he didn't want to be stuck at house all day long. Running his fingers through his blueish dyed hair, he opened the door open to the gym and saw the various equipment with barely anyone in the room aside from another woman who was Caucasian appearance, he gave her a small smile before he walked over to the bench press; he wanted to make sure he had plenty of muscle in case there was any other war to happen if that was to ever happen again. He took his tank top off himself and his abs were clearly there, he let out a breath before he went under and lied across it, he stretched his arms out and gripped the bar. 

Puffing his chest in out as he started his work out, he made sure to at least do 20 of these before continuing onto another activity. After twenty minutes of doing the bench press, he lied there for a moment before sitting back up as he caught his breath, his eyes traveled over to the treadmill, his brow raised as he saw that she was Asian appearance. She was a rather cute woman too and it was unlike him to 'flirt' specially since he was a 185 years old although of course, he didn't actually look like that. He found flirting slightly immature of people and he thought romantic gestures were nicer. Shaking his head out of his thoughts, he grabbed his tank top from the ground and headed over to the Asian woman, she seemed to be in the zone so he bit his lower lip, looking around and it only appeared to be them. He was never the one to talk to people, specially not his own kind. He reached over to tap her onto the shoulder, waving his hand to get her focus on him. ''Hello,'' he grinned and he then began to talk Korean; it was well worth the shot.

안녕 내 이름은 백현'' (Hello my name is Baekhyun), he gestured to himself and waved his hand once more, he felt most embarrassed to use this language in America. ''어느 나라 사람이에요?'' (Where are you from?), he was half Korean and Chinese and his mother taught him their language and he looked around to see if any others had came inside; it appeared that a few others came inside and were curiously looking over to the two.

''미안해. 너를 방해하고 있지만, 나는 다른 많은 아시아 인을 만난 적이 없다.'' (I'm sorry to disturb you, I haven't met many Asian's.) He spoke gently towards her and he headed over to the next treadmill, smiling to her as he started up the machine, wondering if the woman wasn't going to talk to him or if she would.

Mi-Yeon had been enveloped in her music and workout, which posed to be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing of it was that she felt peaceful and at ease, allowing her body to relax, and keep a constant breath; rather than having rapid breaths. The curse side of it though, proved to be slightly more dangerous. While enveloped in her music, the young girl couldn’t hear anybody approaching her, and with her eyes closed, she wouldn’t see anybody approaching her either. At first it didn’t seem to pose an issue, as there weren’t many people in the gym, and it wasn’t like she knew many people in town. Most of the people she knew were Celestials like her, except for the two elderly people that she worked for at the coffee shop. As she felt a tap on her shoulder, her footing stumbled, and she felt herself about to fall; however her reflexes caught her by gripping the handles of the treadmill tightly.

After her slight stumble, she slowed down to allow her time to process what was happening, and that was when she saw him standing there. A young male Asian, one that she hadn’t seen before, and so she was curious as to who he was. Removing one of her earbuds from her ear, she heard the male speaking in Korean to her. She wasn’t entirely sure why he was speaking in Korean, nearly every person in the city was speaking English. Perhaps it is the only language he spoke, or perhaps he did it because he assumed she only spoke Korean, or it could have been that he like to hear his native language. Unsure as to why he was speaking in Korean, she decided to respond back in Korean and ask if he spoke English.

"유용하다고 생각해요. 내 이름은 미 연" (Pleasure meeting you Baekhyun. My name is Mi Yeon) she replied with a smile. Even though she couldn’t remember her past, it seemed as though she could speak a variety of languages fairly easy, and her native tongue of Korean was one of the easier choices. "나는 어디에서 왔습니다. 나는 문제는 나의 과거를 기억" (I am unsure where I come from. I have troubles remembering my past) she replied in a slightly saddened tone. She felt saddened by the fact that she couldn’t remember her past, but she felt some solitude in knowing that she wasn’t the only one.

"당신이 저를 방해합니다. 당신은 나를 놀라이기 때문에 나는 사용하지 않는 사람들이 접근하는 나에게" (You're not disturbing me. You just startled me because I am not used to people approaching me) she assured him with a smile. Although she wasn’t a very social person to strangers, Mi-Yeon knew that this was a chance for a new start, and possibly make some friends. However she also knew that she wasn’t going to trust people very easily anymore. She made that mistake once, and it got her locked up in a prison. "나는 죄송한데요,하지만 당신은 일이 일어날 거리에 있습니다. 나는 느낌을 좋아해 사람들이 쳐다" (I'm sorry, but do you happen to speak English? I feel like people are starting to stare) she questioned with an awkward smile as her gaze traveled around the room.

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