Sariah had buried her head in her work for the most part of the early hour she had arrived at work, she liked to show up before the masses of the organization arrived so she could wander the building if she felt the need without getting interrupted or stopped, as much as Sariah appriciated the work that the people around her were doing, they did need her input and thoughts fairly often. This morning however Sariah found herself lost in paperwork, because today was the day they finally got in a new recruit.

The blonde had to admit that she had been doubtful about Samira's potential at first, especially because Sariah had suspicions that the young girl had far more complicated a past than she wanted to admit but Sebastian had convinced the human ambassador to give her a shot. Knowing how much that a job like this had meant to her after her trainwreck of college years, she had reluctantly agreed with the condition that Bash take care of her training and guidance in the lead up to her entrance tests.

Today however would be the day she welcomed Samira as a new recruit to the organization. Sariah, dressed in her usual smart attire of a green dress, paired with pumps and her usual ponytail hairstyle tended to stick out around the halls of the organization. The fighters tended to dress in looser fitting clothing when they were training on base and they wore armored special agent gear when out on missions while the scientists tended to be dressed in lab coats. Sariah took pride in her look however, she wanted the organization to give off a professional vibe and she and Violet were the faces of the organization. 

As the blonde's clicking heels finally reached the lobby of the main entrance to the building she swiped her pass as she walked through the gate and she looked around for a moment before spotting the raven haired girl she had met at the bonfire. "Samira" she had spoken in a greeting before crossing the distance and holding out her hand "Welcome to the organization" she said the words proudly as she met the other woman's gaze.

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The day that she had long waited for had finally arrived, and Samira’s excitement was through the roof. She had began to doubt that she’d ever find someone to train her to become stronger, and now she had found more than a trainer. If she passed the entrance test, she would become part of something much bigger than she could have ever imagined, she would become part of the organization. Of course she had no idea what to expect, the research she had done seemed a little dodgy on details about the entrance tests, most likely to prevent people from cheating or something. Surprisingly enough, the young brunette had a great night sleep the previous night, and no nightmares allowed her to sleep well and rise early. Looking through her closet, she wondered what she should wear to her first day of training. Most of her closet was filled with dresses, skirts, and jeans; none of which did much to help during training.

Dresses and skirts would provide people with a pretty good look of her underwear if she had to do any high kicking or bending, and jeans didn’t exactly give much freedom for movement. Finally deciding on an outfit, she pulled out a pair of black leggings, a pair of black denim jean shorts, and a long sleeved shirt. She wasn’t entirely sure if there was a dresscode, and she had forgotten to ask both Sebastian and Sariah about it, so all she could do was hope that her outfit would be okay. After getting dressed Samira looked at the clock on her dresser, she still had some time before she had to meet with Sariah. “Well I guess I shouldn’t train on an empty stomach” she said with a nod of her head before making her way to the kitchen. She made herself a cup of hot chocolate, and had a couple of blueberry muffins that she made the previous night.

After she was done eating, Samira made her way out of the apartment, and out to the street. Once on the curb by her apartment, she hailed a cab and gave them the address that she had been given. The young brunette felt like a child at Christmas time as she watched the city fly by. Her excitement was almost too much to handle, but she also knew that she needed to be professional. Despite going to the organization for training, she still had to consider this a job interview. After all, if she passed the entrance tests, she would gain entrance into the organization. She didn’t want to disappoint herself, or those that believed in her.

As the cab came to a stop, Samira paid the driver and stepped out of the vehicle. Looking at the building, the young brunette found herself gulping in nervousness. Taking a deep breath, she made her way into the building and waited for Sariah. As she waited, she found herself looking around the building before hearing a very familiar voice speak her name. As she turned around, she saw the blonde from the bonfire looking much more professional than that night. Reaching out her hand to meet the other’s, she smiled and bowed slightly. “Thank you for having me. I shall do my best not to disappoint” she replied during her bow.

Sariah returned the handshake and bowed her head a little in response to Samira's greeting before she stepped back a little giving the girl a once over to make sure her attire was appropriate for the day she had ahead of her. Glad she had come dressed appropriately for fight training she nodded gently before she walked over to the reception desk and retrieved a security fob which she had asked to be put aside for Samira. Walking back over to the young woman she offered the fob out to her before she headed towards the gate into the back area she had come from. As she walked, she talked, looking over her shoulder every so often to make sure Samira was keeping up.

"This is the main HQ for the organization, though we have two other lab facilities and another training facility for more in depth combat training" she introduced before they came to the end of a corridor where the halls split in two different directions. "You go that way to find yourself in the science labs, when you enter those you'll need to wear a lab coat and grab a pair of clear face goggles, you can find both the intelligence and the science team that way, during your training you'll have sessions and a chance to get hands on with both" she nodded softly. 

Now pointing to the other corridor she explained the rest of the floor plan "Turning this way will lead you to the offices, that's where you'll find everyone with office based jobs, which is essentially myself, Violet and the bulk of the recruitment team" she smiled softly as she started to head down that corridor. "Once you get to the end of the hall, this leads to the training center, we have a gym, physical combat room and a many different shooting galleries and the likes" she added hoping that the brunette was keeping up with the pile of information.

"We'll start you off with some paperwork in my office" she declared as they reached the door to her office, the door was already open and so she stepped inside smoothly heading around to the other side of her desk. "Once we have all the boring stuff out of the way, your mentor will be around shortly to take you down to the physical training lab, we typically start with the physical before we go for the mental" she nodded softly before taking out some papers that were stacked on her desk. Sariah took a seat in her chair and slid the stack over to Samira. The stack was mostly health and safety disclosures, as well as a NDA to ensure that whatever Samira learned from her time at the organization would stay in her mind and nowhere else.

Sariah sat back in her chair and waited for any questions that might come. Logging into her computer she also sent an email off to Sebastian, letting him know that he should come to collect their new recruit in about 20 minutes time. "Any questions?" Sariah asked as she scanned her eyes over the other woman trying to figure out how well she was coping.

Just being at the organization made the young brunette feel hopeful. She knew that just being here wasn’t going to be enough, but she also knew that she would work hard to join them. All of her attention was focused on the blonde as she handed her a security fob. She figured that with such a big place like this, there had to be plenty of security around, which was most likely what the fob was for. After accepting the fob, she began to follow the blonde while listening to her words. One thing Samira never had an issue with was retaining information, it was a huge chunk of the reason she had done so well in school. Main HQ, two other lab facilities, and another training facility. She repeated the words in her mind to trap them there, as well as to keep up with the information provided.

The more that they walked through the building, the more information she had to collect and lock away in her mind. Of course she had no trouble with information, and she kept up fairly well, nodding her head to show she was listening, and holding her questions until the end of the tour. As they entered Sariah’s office, she heard the blonde mention a mentor. She wasn’t entirely sure, but from the way that Sebastian had spoke when they first met, she figured that Sariah would be her mentor. So of course this brought an immediate question into her mind as to who would be her mentor if not Sariah. Mental training. She wondered if her current mental state with the nightmares would cause an issue in her training, she hoped that it wouldn’t and kept quiet about the nightmares, but if she had to, she would talk to Sariah about her nightmares.

As she looked at the stack of papers in front of her, Samira began signing them, scanning over each paper before putting her signature there. She didn’t want to find herself stuck in another tough situation ever again. As the blonde asked her if she had any questions, her mind unlocked the question vault in her head. The main question the popped out was the first to come forth. “Would you be able to tell me who my mentor will be? From what I understood before coming here, was that you would be my mentor” she spoke curiously and honestly. Then a second question came out, “What would happen if one entered the science labs without the required lab coat and clear face goggles?”. She did have other questions, but for now she would just let those questions hover and wait for an answer as she continued to sign the documents.

Seated in her chair Sariah leaned her arms on the table and rubbed her temples as she looked at the list of tasks on her emails, stifling the urge to sigh she remained composed and as Samira completed each of the documents she collected it checking it over for a moment before placing it into a tray she had put aside for paperwork to be scanned and stored later. As she waited patiently for Samira to read and sign each of the documents Sariah started tapping away at her keyboard answering a few emails and scheduling in a few training notices for different heads of department around the organization. Sariah was a very busy person, she was always doing something and usually it involved either a computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

Hearing the first of Samira's questions the blonde nodded gently "I'll be here to oversee your overall progress, as well as do personal sessions with you for advanced computing and intelligence. It's likely we'll also catch each other in the science labs a few times over the coming weeks" she smiled gently raising her gaze to the young woman for a moment "But like everyone in the organization, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. your mentor is part of our buddy system, their job is to show you around, make sure you get to the places you need to be, answer your questions and participate in all your training with you, I guess it's the way we refresh our veteran members in their less used talents" she tilted her head hoping that explained how they approached the whole situation.

"Since he was the one who convinced me to bring you in, I assigned Sebastian your mentorship for the next few weeks, he'll be with us shortly" Sariah took off her glasses and pulled out a cleaning cloth before wiping the lenses over a few times. She couldn't really see very well but she continued to talk anyway, she never had a problem with talking. "Well nothing would happen specifically, but it's for health and safety reasons, we deal with some supernatural substances as well as the creation of weaponry and therefore we wouldn't want anyone to get hurt when they come into contact with such things." Sariah placed her glasses on her face and smiled for a moment.

As she listened to the blonde explain more about her mentor, as well as explain what she would be teaching her, Samira grew a little wary as to who would be training her. She trusted Sariah, Bash, and the rest of the organization, but that didn’t make things any easier about having someone that she might not know train her. She didn’t have to wait long though before the name of her mentor was said, and a small smile appeared on her face before slowly disappearing. She hadn’t spoken to Sebastian since the night of the bonfire, the night that a lot of stuff had been revealed. The young brunette worried what he must have thought about her, especially after she brought out the soju and got drunk.

With her first question answered, it was onto the second, though it wasn’t exactly what she was expecting. Samira had been expecting some form of penalty for entering the science labs without the proper equipment, but Sariah didn’t say anything about there being punishments. Those restrictions were put in place for health and safety purposes which she could fully understand. Studying supernatural substances alone was enough of a reason to make sure she was wearing the proper equipment when entering the labs. Last thing she wanted was to end up sick, hurt, or worst. When the other female had finished speaking, it was then her turn to respond. “Well it’s nice to know that my mentor-ship will be with someone I know at least” she said with a smile. She always tended to work better with people she knew, rather than someone that she had never met before.

“I heard you mention the name Violet before, she’s one of the ambassadors right?” she questioned curiously. Samira had done some research on the species of Evermore, and in the process she had learned that each of the species had a leader, an ambassador. “I guess my final question is this. Are there any requirements that employees of the organization are required to fulfill each day?” she questioned as she finished reading and signing the documents in front of her. While the stack was a large size, Samira was quite efficient with scanning through each of them and signing where she needed to. All she had to do now was wait for Sebastian, and hope that things wouldn’t be awkward. Most likely though, Sebastian knew how to keep things professional at his job, and that was probably what would happen.

Sariah noted the little smile that curled at the other girl's lips when she revealed her mentor, she had a feeling that the two of them would get along well, having known Bash for a fair few months Sariah knew that he tended to get along with everyone, he was naturally charismatic and intelligent and she found that people tended to flock to him, it was what made him such a good recruiter, he could draw people in and filter them out in the blink of an eye. Sariah had never had much of a talent for people herself so she was glad for the support. Samira however seemed a lot more closed off, she showed a lot of potential in her fierce determination the blonde agreed, but she was looking forward to seeing how the other girl handled herself in the organization rankings. 

Looking up from her computer as Samira responded Sariah smiled gently "I figured a familiar face would help to give you the confidence boost you need, plus Bash needs to get out of his office every once in a while or he starts pranking all his colleagues" Sariah chuckled gently thinking about the countless times that she had wandered into the recruitment office to some bickering about a joke that had been played earlier in the day. Answering one last email Sariah locked her computer to turn her attention on the paperwork that Samira had completed, placing it all in a neat pile on her desk, she wasn't usually one for lots of paper but it was a necessary when you were dealing with very sensitive subject matters such as the supernatural secret.

"That's right" she answered with a bright smile which she hoped hid the doubt she had about the future of herself and Violet in the organization, Sariah wasn't sure she was ready to take over as a full leader despite spending a fair amount of her time running it alone. Snapping out of her daze she realized that Samira had been looking for more explanation than what she had given "Violet's out of town right now so you'll have to live with my presence for now" she answered smoothly as she picked up a pen from the desk twiddling it between her fingers as they talked. "Well once you get assigned to a department then you'll have a line manager who will communicate your goals and tasks, but for now you just need to complete the tasks your mentor assigns you" she nodded gently her blonde ponytail bouncing a little with the movement. "Don't worry, it's all relative on talent an ability".

Hearing the buzzer at the office door behind them Sariah raised to her feet upon Bash's arrival into the office. "Well I shall let you get on with your first day" Sariah smiled gently before she held her hand out over the desk towards Samira "I'll be here in my office most of the morning if you need anything or have any more questions" she added brightly.

The human population on Evermore were a force to be reckoned with, those who knew the supernatural secret protected it but beyond that they protected their kind, in a world where people could do the impossible, those who were normal had to become stronger. Sebastian McKinnon believed in the humans of Evermore city more than anyone could know. Bash had never experienced the level of mistreatment that a lot of his colleagues had at the hands of the supernatural but he had seen first hand within it's walls the damage they could do if they were allowed to run wild with no laws and rules. Bash kept that on his mind every day since he arrived in the office and spent his hours searching for more likeminded people in the city. 

Eyes focused on his screen he read over the 4th profile that had been brought to him this morning, as his eyes scanned across the page he shook his head a little before shooting a look to one of the few members of the team. Why was it so hard to find people with potential in such a large city? Of course the answer to that question was because Bash was especially hesitant with the people he picked out for the organization but regardless, he knew they really needed some good new recruits. As he was about to open another profile a reminder popped up on his screen and he smacked his hand against his forehead, how could he forget? Hoping that Sariah wouldn't mind his lateness too much Bash raised to his feet not bothering to take off his glasses as he locked his computer and headed out of the door of his office and down the hall. 

Pressing the buzzer to the ambassador's door he waited for the lock to open before peering around the door and giving the blonde a sheepish apologetic look "Sorry I'm late" he spoke gently as he watched the ambassador pick up and hold out a piece of paper, mouthing a thank you he took the paper before turning his attention on their new recruit "Samira" he spoke brightly as he looked at the young brunette, he suspected from the look of her that they were probably around the same age, maybe she was a little younger. Fixing up his glasses he held his hand out to her in a formal greeting, despite the not so formal background between their last meeting. When he pulled back he scanned his eyes over the paper thankful that Sariah had prepared him a list of activities, he was beyond unnorganized for today.

"Lets begin with..." he started the sentence confidently but it was pretty evident he was reading it off the paper "A tour of the labs" he nodded gently. Before now he had been avoiding eye contact with Samira, mostly because he feared things were awkward thanks to the bonfire party but regardless, if they were gonna work together every day he probably needed to get over that. "You ready for this?" he asked with a raised brow as he met her gaze, he had to admit that he was proud of her for making the step, she was braver than she gave herself credit for. 

As the blonde spoke about Bash giving her a confidence boost, Samira couldn’t help but wonder if her lack of confidence was visible to those around her. While she wasn’t exactly the most confident person, she was however determined to change her fate of living under the man who controlled her from such a young age. While she did regret her decision to marry Jae-Hwa, she still wouldn’t change her decision to this day. That decision had saved her mother from an early death, and allowed her an extra two years before passing away. Getting her head back into the current position she was in, she smiled at the blonde before her, “Yeah he does inspire confidence in me. Still not sure why though. Maybe it’s just him, or something else” she replied with a shrug of her shoulders, trying best to play it cool.

“Well I’m sure that I’ll survive with presence” she replied before laughing gently. The blonde actually seemed like the type of person Samira would get along well with, both from a personal and professional perspective. When Sariah began explaining more about the duties of an employee of the organization, Samira sat quietly and waited until the end before speaking. “Okay, I do believe that I understand you” she acknowledged with an enthusiastic smile. There was much more to the organization than meet the eye. The more she learned, the more she wanted to work hard and become part of the organization. Just then Samira heard a buzzer, followed by witnessing the blonde standing up. Unsure of what was going on, Samira rose to her feet as well.

Not long after she had stood, she heard the door behind her open, followed by a very familiar voice. Turning her head, she saw Sebastian standing behind her. “Sebastian” she responded with a slight smile, unsure as to what tone she had used in her greeting. Extending her hand to meet his, she shook his hand gently before releasing it. She had been trying to refrain from so many bow greetings, and so far things seemed to be working well. While she found it respectable to greet others with a bow, she was learning that not everyone around her did the same and probably considered her strange for doing so. Turning her attention back to the blonde, she extended her hand once more to meet hers and shook it gently as well. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity, though I do hope I get to see you more” she responded with a smile.

After shaking hands with Sariah, she turned her attention back to Sebastian once more, “A tour of the labs sounds like a great place to start” she responded with a nod of her head. Samira had noticed that he seemed to avoid eye contact with her no matter how often she looked his way when he first arrived, and she couldn’t stop herself from blaming the bonfire party for it. Then again, she also blamed herself, mostly because she should have kept lying until the very end. As she finally met his gaze, she heard him ask if she was ready. “More than you know” she stated with a bright smile, she was more than ready to get started.

Bash hadn't really been expecting to have to fit newbie training into his schedule but somehow he had managed to clear down all of the tasks he needed to do for the next few weeks through a bit of shuffling of his time and delegation out to his team. Honestly he was quiter looking forward to the break it would bring him, he had only done one sponsorship training block in his time at the organization and that had been over a year ago, everyone tended to enjoy being picked for the task and considering that he had had picked Samira for the organization himself he was quite happy with his assignment. 

Nodding once more to Sariah he smiled gently back at Samira before he reached for the door to the ambassador's office once again "Great, an eager attitude is exactly what we need" he agreed as he pulled the door open and waited for Samira to exit the room before he followed her out. As he did so, he quickly held up the paper that Sariah had given him scanning over the listed tasks before he tucked it away into his pocket, it wasn't too crammed for a first day, likely so Samira didn't feel completely overwhelmed. Coming to a stop a few paces away from the ambassdor's office Bash stopped for a moment to face the petite woman "So how you feeling so far?" she asked with an interested tone, he really did want to see her succeed here at the organization. 

Whilst waiting for her answer Bash walked backwards a few paces as he listened until they reached one of the entrances to the labs, while the labs weren't his usual work place he had been in them more than a fair share and he knew the protocols and processes the be followed when you went inside. Grabbing a medium and small lab coat from the rack he held it up in front of Samira before biting on his lip, she was so small that it looked as though either one would drown her. Regardless he held out the small one to her with a half nod "I think we might need to get some smaller sizes" he admitted with a chuckle before retrieving his usual size and a couple of pairs of goggles which he tucked into the front pocket of his lab coat.

Once they were both done getting kitted up he pressed his fob again the lock and then his finger against the scanner on the door."Do as I do" he explained as the door to the man trap opened. He stepped inside and the glass door closed behind him. Looking up at the scanner inside of the booth he waited for the scanner to read his features. Once it was done, the light above turned green and he stepped through to the other side of the door. Turning around he nodded gently at Samira waiting for her to do the same. The security at the organization was beyond anything he had seen at places he worked before but he knew it was in the best interest of the city to be that way, they dealt with some extremely sensitive and dangerous matters.

Although it had been a rocky start, with Bash avoiding eye contact with her at the beginning, Samira quickly realized that he was able to retain a sense of professionalism. A smile crossing her features as she felt grateful that she had been right about that. When he spoke about an eager attitude, Samira gave a nod in his direction with a bright smile. If he wasn’t going to let the bonfire’s events affect his professionalism, than the least she could do is return the favor by doing the exact same. “I feel pretty good so far. I have a good feeling about the organization, and I have you to thank for getting me an introduction” she replied as she looked right at him. “Thank you Sebastian” she continued in a formal tone. She wanted the appreciation she felt to be conveyed as sincerely as possible, and she felt the best way to do that was to be formal with the delivery.

As they reached the entrance to the labs, the young brunette looked at him curiously as her eyes followed him. It didn’t take long for him to return with a lab coat that was slightly too big for her which caused her to laugh when he spoke about needing smaller sizes. “This will do fine” she spoke reassuringly as she pulled the lab coat over her petite frame. If there was another person there the same size as her, she was pretty sure the two of them could use the same coat if they squeezed together tight enough. “Okay, so maybe it’s a little big” she stated with a giggle as she rolled the sleeves up slightly, just enough that her hands weren’t hiding under the fabric.

When she watched Bash enter the next area, her facial features turned to amazement. She had never seen such a thing in her life, except on television or something, but never personally. Samira paid careful attention to what Sebastian was doing so that she would be able to repeat the process. When her turn came, she stepped into the next area and followed Bash’s movements. She looked upward and saw a scanner or something, which was most likely what he was looking at, and waited patiently until it was done. When the light turned green, Samira stepped out and smiled at him, “Now that’s some security. Can we do it again?” she stated in a joking tone. While it wasn’t exactly professional to joke around in a workplace, it helped her relax more. “Where are we headed to next?” she questioned curiously.

It wasn't awkward because of the party specifically, it had been a lot of fun and they had all gotten very drunk and done the usual silly things you did when you were drunk. The party wasn't the kinda thing you brought up after it had happened, especially because a lot of truths had been spoken which he was sure that people there didn't want to elaborate on, himself included. Bash hadn't really talked about that night with Sariah either, he figured it was weird considering she was his boss and all, though he was curious to see what came of what was clearly blossoming between her and the therianthrope ambassador. Hearing the sincerity in Samira's tone as she answered his question he nodded gently, he knew she would fit in well here, she was strong minded, even if she didn't see it.

"You're welcome" he echoed her words with a half smile "You can pay me back by acing this probation" he responded with a half smirk, he had seen plenty of people come and go from the organization but he hadn't been personally invested in many of them, Samira was one of the first he had really rooted for the success for. After he had shrugged on his usual sized lab coat he had turned to see Samira who was being half drowned in hers, a little like Sariah tended to be when she headed down into the labs. Bash stifled a laugh but he couldn't help but let it escape as she spoke again, his expression lighthearted "I'll talk to HR about getting some smaller sizes" he agreed with a brief nod of his head.

Once through the security Bash chuckled softly as they started to walk through the corridor which lead down to the intelligence department, learning the intelligence role had been incredibly important to Bash when he had first joined the organization, he even considered it more worthwhile to him than the fighting training had been. "Believe me the novelty wears off quickly. but hey, at least you know you're safe" he shook his head a little with a gentle smile before he took off walking leading her down the corridor to where the plan opened to a large open computer lab. "We'll start with the intelligence department, it's made up of some all sorts of different people, their job is mainly to find out what's going on the city and control the flow of information, whether that's people gossiping or online news articles, the intelligence department knows everything".

As his explanation ended they entered the main room where there were several people tapping away on their keyboards similarly to the way that Sariah always was. "Hey everyone" he spoke up loud enough to grab the attention of all the people around who weren't wearing headphones "This is Samira, our newest recruit, you'll see her around over the next few weeks for her probation classes" he smiled gently as a few people came over to introduce themselves to the brunette and Bash stepped to the side leading against one of the desks as he waited patiently.

“It’s a deal. I shall ace the probation for you” she stated with an eager tone. Despite what she felt, Samira realized that Sariah wasn’t kidding when she said that Sebastian gave her a confidence boost. With him in her corner, she was sure that she would be able to ace the probation and become a member of the organization. She wanted to make him proud, as well as see if she could bring out the potential that he had seen in her the day they first met. “That might be wise. Despite my appearance, I can be quite clumsy at times, so oversized clothing isn’t exactly a good thing for me” she replied truthfully. As long as her feet were clear though, she should be perfectly fine, and so far, all seemed to be well.

Samira couldn’t stop the small giggle that escaped her lips as he spoke about the security once more. “I do believe you Bash, but you’re right about feeling safe here” she responded brightly. Within the walls of the organization, Samira felt relieved of the stress of worrying about her husband finding her. She could feel more relaxed than ever and was laser focused on becoming a member of the organization and getting stronger. Following the male down the corridor, she looked around the location like an energetic child on their first school trip, all the while paying close attention to the words of her mentor. When she heard him say that the intelligence department knew everything, she stopped in her tracks for a brief moment. “Everything?” she queried in retaliation, worry laced within her tone. Samira was worried with what they might know about her. It wasn’t that she was worried about what they might know, so much as who knows. If the wrong person found out the right information, she may end up in a lot of trouble.

As they entered the intelligence department and she listened to Sebastian announce her status as the newest recruit, shy Samira came blossoming outward. So many unfamiliar faces, so many strangers. She knew internally that she had nothing to worry about, but outwardly, what showed to everyone else, was a shy girl. She accepted each introduction with a small bow and a handshake, while her hand motioned to move her hair out of her face quite frequently. It was a good thing she had shortened her hair, or half of her face would be covered most of the time. By the time the introductions was over, Samira walked over to Sebastian and took a deep breath as she attempted to relax. “That was more than I expected” she spoke softly as she exhaled a long breath. “Where to next?” she asked curiously. Despite working at a cafe, Samira didn’t consider herself much of a people person. Her troubled past had caused her to keep people at arm’s length and now she was at least attempting to change even that.

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