Being held in captivity had been tough on the young Initia, he struggled to fit into society as he was raised by Phoenix’s his whole life and only recently escaping even it had been a few years since he had escaped. It had been much harder than he originally thought when he was back onto his own feet, he wasn’t shown on how to handle any of these things, such as bills, buying a house and much more. It was a real struggle for the young Initia as he stared out the window of his studio apartment, a soft sigh left him as memories from the past soon to flood back through his memory, something that happened regularly and often nightmares through the night.

It had been never ending from the night he had escaped with his ex boyfriend, Silas, which he truly missed. The window was beginning to get fogged up by his breath, so with that, he moved away from the window and grabbed his jacket, placing it around him as well a scarf, the weather had been getting much cooler nowadays as winter was approaching them. He headed out of his apartment, heading outside as he wanted to get some fresh air. He headed towards the lake, it wasn’t far from his apartment building and it was a great way to clear his head, he placed his hands into his pockets as he walked along the footpath before turning, and headed into the trees that was behind the lake. He let a hand go through his red hair, his green eyes looked out towards the mountain, enjoying the peace that came with it.

He hadn’t made any friends yet here in Evermore, but was determined to make some friends at least. He heard a snap of a twig behind him and he jumped up on his feet, almost alert that someone was near. His brow raised before his green eyes began to narrow, biting his lip. ‘’Who’s there?’’ He asked, squinting to see through the shadows of the tree’s but he saw a glimpse of blonde hair, tilting his head as he saw it. Before he realized who it was, ''Sierra, oh... You gave me a bit of a fright.'' A small soft chuckle left his lips, letting his arms fall back to his sides, giving her a small smile.

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The past is a tricky and in depth thing. Where people tries to put their past behind them, to forget all the bad things that's happened to them. Not letting it affect them day to day but the past always has its way to haunt you. Sierra knew it best of all. Knowing what it’s like to lose the people that she loves. All with tragedy. Both her and Cedric blames themselves for what happening not being able to save their parents or to save their eldest brother from himself. Seeing how he always struggle with his grief whilst she’s learnt to hide it. In the inside she’s still hurting but on the outside not letting it show. In the end it’ll make it worse but for now it’s working. Far from being a therapist of course. Time from time initia’s are called healers with their elemental powers to help, their own magic. Yet these days nobody used it, no battles, no wars, no one injured and needing help. Changing to the healing of the mind and soul to the health. Part of her job as Magister was to look after her own kind, all the initia’s whose living in the city. To be their leader and protector.

Seeing over the years many initia’s coming to the city with similar pasts to her. All escaping loss and tragedy. Coming to the city for a clean start, safety. A few weeks back the blonde came across a new initia, looking lost and confused but in need of her help. Making sure to help Connor get settled within the city in an apartment, getting him set up to pay the bills and buy food. The essentials. Many people choose to live within the city part of the human territory rather than on the initia territory. Preferring to live in the city rather than out of the way. Sierra was one of them, it was a fresh start for her and her siblings too. Sierra wanted to go and reach out to Connor, see if she can help him. Way to keep tabs on him to make sure he’s settling in. Knowing what it’s like to come to a city not knowing anyone, she was lucky to have her brothers with her. Whereas Connor had no one.

Christmas would soon be here meaning too that winter was here. Around this time of the year it always got colder. Nights drawing in, getting colder and darker. Sierra always loved this time of the year. The cosier nights. Able to go out with it not being too cold or too hot. Used to the cold weather back in England where she grew up. Loving to sport big oversized coats and thick cosy jumpers and scarfs. Choosing to wear black skinny jeans, boots and then a burgundy chunky neck jumper along with a black coat. Her go to outfit. Leaving the comfort of her apartment, heading out to her car. Starting up her car as she drove to the initia territory. Her second home in a way. Some days she spent more time over there than back home.

Arriving in the initia territory the blonde Magister went out in search for the redhead initia. It didn’t take her too spot to spot him, seeing as he stuck out like a sore thumb. There weren’t that many redheads here in the city so he was easy to spot. Sierra decided to make a bit of fun out of it, to hide from him. Keeping within the shadows of the trees, away from his eye to surprise him. Doing to well at staying undetected till a snapping of a trig ruined it. She was never the best one at playing hide and go seek as she always make a noise. Hearing Connor call out her name, Sierra knew then was her que to come out of hiding. “Opps I’ve been spotted” She mused laughing to him as she came out from behind the tree. “You’ll have to be better at knowing when people are following you, especially here” She pointed out half joking, shaking her head as she walked to him. “So how are you Connor?” She smiled softly, greeting the fellow initia.

His backstory had been quite a rollercoaster, he knew that his parents were killed by the phoenix’s and that the phoenix’s continued to keep Connor in captivity. Connor was still adjusting to being in society again and it was taking some time to adjust, Sierra along with her help, he was grateful for it. At least she was welcoming and friendly towards him when he first arrived here in Evermore City. He pulled the scarf around his neck a bit tighter as he was becoming colder, his green hues looked beyond the horizon of the mountains, sighing to himself as he was enjoying the peace.

Christmas was fast approaching and sometimes around this time of year, it was harder for Connor to cope with. He had never celebrated Christmas even from a young boy, he never once had a gift or a christmas feast that people usually do around this time of year. As he heard a snap of a twig in the distance and saw the glimpse of blonde hair, he knew she was here. ‘’Indeed you have,’’ he commented as she announced she was spotted, he let his guard down now that it was Sierra. Running a hand through his bright red hair, his green hues scanned behind her just in case there was any threat around but there appeared to be nothing.

He looked over to Sierra and let out a slight chuckle, shrugging his shoulders gently as he heard the joke. ‘’Well, I’m sure I’ll become better at it if someone were to follow me even though I’ve had much practice of it before,’’ he said remembering the time he was back in the mansion with the phoenix’s trying to escape the first time but failed it. Hearing her question, his green hues looked over to her gently with a small smile, ‘’I’m getting there. Still… well adjusting.’’ He said as he bit down his lower lip and crossed his arms over his chest.

‘’Not easy when all you’ve done for 18 years of your life when you’ve been stuck in captivity with phoenix’s you hate.’’ He added with a shrug of his shoulders, ‘’how have you been?’’ He asked as he crouched down near the lake now, sitting down on the grass. He was glad that in a way he had chosen Evermore City to live in, so many species were around here now and he was grateful to be away from phoenix’s. ‘’Any plans for Christmas?’’ He asked, even though he didn’t like Christmas he knew other people did and it was always nice enough to ask about it.

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