After finding her sights set on Colorado, Evermore. Eden had moved to the Eternal city, where there were plenty of beings like herself, a place where she felt she could start over and begin to live again. At times, being a Valkyr was still something very foreign to Eden, but Lord Caldwell had taught her as much as her newbie Valkyr mind could soak up. Eden had always had a thirst for knowledge, it's the one thing that never left her, even after coming back from the dead. She had been shunned and casted out by everyone and everything she loved, heart broken at best, but it didn't cripple her will to continue being the person she was. Eden didn't have a pot to piss in most days, and the streets had been her one constant home, but she never grew cold because of it. Somehow, Eden continued being a spark of life, that a lot of people needed. No matter how much the world tried to darken Eden's soul, she remained humble. 

The night she had been turned, Eden was casted away by The Heathcliff's. She remembered specifically that even her mother spat at her for Eden being a creature of the night. Someone like Eden was no longer welcomed into the Heathcliff manor, and after she'd been tossed out onto the streets, it was Lord Caldwell, her sire who'd came to her rescue, giving her shelter, clothes, food, and a plane ticket. Though Eden didn't come to Evermore right away, she still had enough money left with her from what Lord Caldwell had given her to pay a couple months down on a motel, which became Eden's new living quarters. Eden had settled in quite nicely. Considering she didn't have much, her place wasn't cluttered. All Eden every really needed was a hot meal, and a warm bed to sleep in at the end of the night. 

Eden had began doing side jobs here and there to make extra cash. She had to have a way to afford her motel, but being a female could only grant you so many ways of earning money, and the Valkyr had been given some pretty harsh options from some of the rich bachelors she'd crossed paths with at some of the local bars. Tonight was no exception to Eden's usual routine. She started with a shower, and ended with dressing herself appropately for the bar, applying her makeup, fixing her hair, and catching a cab to one of the spots where she didn't get hounded as much as she did in some of the other bars. Eden wasn't a drinker, but the bar provided her with options. Men. She never had been the type of woman to turn down ways of making money, and living on the streets had taught her not to be picky. er pride was wounded by these events, but she had to take care of herself. 

Eden sat in the bar for a matter of three hours before she lucked up. Never did she take anyone to her motel room. They weren't special, nor was anything that happened between her and whoever. They didn't deserve to sleep in her bed, therefor, Eden went to whatever dark little corners she could find. It fit the occasion. Doing what she did didn't deserve a romantic setting. Eden wanted things to be special whenever she found someone special. Nearly thirty minutes after things had escalated, Eden was in the bathroom of the bar washing up, and on her way out, catching a cab back home with enough money to pay for her next month on her room. 

During the little while that Eden had resided here, she'd came to find herself transfixed by her neighbor. 

They hadn't really spoken enough for Eden to know anything serious about him, but given her living arrangements, and the fact that everyone else she had ever loved and cared for, turned their back on her, she kind of enjoyed the small talk as they passed one another in the halls.  Or the days that they invited each other over for food when one or the other splurged and bought more than they needed to feed just themselves. Eden tossed and turned for the majority of her night, trying to recollect herself after the things she had resorted too lately. She needed a friend, on these lonely, and sad nights where she kinda hated herself, and didn't know how to cope. 

It seemed like she'd only just fell asleep when the noise from her bathroom jolted her from her sleep. "Who's there?" she asked in a tone of fear and worry as she sprinted into the direction of the noise, which led her to the bathroom. Eden realized she needed more control over her Valkyr instincts, her fangs were detracted, ready to sink into someone for invading her room. That wasn't the case however, as she turned the light on, only to see water gushing from a pipe. Padding through the small puddle, she stood at the sink, stating into the mirror, frowning. Eden was fine with having nothing, but it was times like these, that she wished she had the knowledge to fix household problems. Slipping her floral satin robe and navy blue furry house shoes on, before grabbing the leftovers she had from earlier's dinner from her mini-fridge, Eden walked out into the hall. She was typically shy when it came to asking for help, because she loved being independent. Eden had struggled through every chapter of her life alone, so she didn't like asking for help. That wounded her pride more than anything. 

Sleepily, with her hair a mess, Eden knocked on Knox's door, stretching her tired limbs as she waited for him to answer. She had hoped he knew how to fix things like this. If not, maybe he'd be up for a late night conversation. She was blindsided by her ways recently, and while she'd never tell anyone what she did for money, it wouldn't hurt to have someone to talk to when she felt this low. Her feeding habits were in need of some shaping up too. As a newbie, Eden had made the mistake of killing a few people in the process of learning how to feed, and while it still haunted her, she craved blood more often than not, and so far, she'd not found any willing donors, and hurting anyone else, wasn't an option. She was scared she'd simply lose her mind if she did hat again, or that she'd end up getting herself addicted, like her sire had warned her about. 

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Knox had been in the city of all six months and made little progress, not that he had expected a grand showing or some great reunion. He had expected something with a little more fanfare than the lackluster greeting he had gotten with his one surviving relative. As much time and effort, he had put into finding her the least she could have done was grant him a coffee date, something besides the cold and outraged huff that he had been given. Call the woman's boss a scumbag and you would have thought he had insulted her and every hair on her head and the five unborn children she had been prophesied to have. Excuse him for jumping to conclusions but could you blame him?! The male still wasn't entirely sure that business arrangement was on the up and up, and if he found out that Nephilim was using sex to entrap his sister….

The Dhampir growled as fletched another arrow, inscribing the shaft with a series of runes that glowed an icy blues before going dark. Picking up his bottle he took a swig of lager, placing the completed arrow inside a quiver before grabbing another. Sleep was not going to come easy tonight, so he might as well make use of the time. Picking up a paring knife his hands worked over the feather, easily splitting the quill in two right down the middle. His tips were store-bought with some easy modifications, one that wasn't done four beers in. That's how the dozens of tiny white scars decorated his fingers had been earned, sharpening and affixing the broadheads to the ends of the shafts in just the right way so that the arrow was perfectly balanced yet sturdy.

With just a dab of superglue, Knox added the two feathers to the ends and completed another earning himself another sip of beer just as a knock on the door sounded. Narrowing his eyes at his watch the Dhampir spun one of the arrows around in his fingers, holding the thing like a knife as he padded barefoot silently to the door and peeked out through the peephole. Getting a look at the bedridden brunette vixen on the other side he tucked the arrow up above the door frame and opened the door up with a grin, "Hey neighbor, you know I think there is a hall rule about knocking after midnight. If Mrs. Sanders hears you we are both going to be in trouble." The blonde grinned, knowing the cantankerous old woman who lived at the end of the hallway would never tell at him. He could stomp around in his combat boots hollering like a lunatic and she would blame it on all the other residence before she said a cross word about him. Her husband had been a military man and she had a soft spot for Knox.

In the silence that followed his hearing picked up a bubbling sound and before she could answer the male was darting around her, into her apartment. He'd been in enough times to not mind or care about how it looked he went straight for the broken pipes, "Blast it!" He cursed, darting back into his room for his tool kit before heading back into her room though he stopped to kiss her cheek on the way. "How's your night going sugar?" Ignoring the water Knox was on his hands and knees, working on getting the issue under control before it got too far out of hand.

Eden gazed up to him through her long, thick eye lashes making sure she got  a sneak  peek of his well toned chest before making eye contact with the Dhampir, and giving him an innocent grin. The doe-eyed, busty brunette always felt a sense of insecurity around men, but something about Knox simply made her smile. She supposed it was his down to earth personality, not to mention those icy blue optics, and let's face it, Eden kind of adored his smile when he presented one. Snapping  away from his appearance, the Valkyr sighed, a slight frown weighing at the smile she typically had on her face "yeah, Mrs Sanders is not happy with me as it is" she started, and folded her arms under her bust "kinda late as hell on the rent money, but I finally got it, let's hope I can win her back over tomorrow" she added, chuckling, trying to make light of a shitty situation. 

Eden typically was late on her rent money, sometimes she'd even came up short, and damn did Mrs Sanders give her hell for it. Thankfully though, she had never threatened to kick the brunette Valkyr out for it. Eden had noticed the ones that  seemed to have a special place with Mrs Sanders, but Knox was typically like her own child, and she figured there was a reason for it, so Eden had never complained. She was just happy to have a roof over her head every night. Eden's own supernatural sense of hearing had picked up the same sound Knox had apparently heard when he cursed, and darted around the corner, filling her stomach with butterflies as he stopped and pecked her cheek on the way back to her room. 

Like a highschool girl, Eden stood there for a moment grinning, tracing her fingers over the place his lips had just touched. Damn him. She thought silently, and headed back into her room, watching as he worked through the water, not missing a beat. Grinning, with her cheeks blushing just barely, Eden sighed softly "It wasn't that great, but I suppose it just got a lot better" she smiled, and leaned against the bathroom door frame. It was a bittersweet moment she supposed, because while it upset her that her room was kind of falling apart, she was happy to have Knox around. Clearing her throat, the Valkyr  padded through the water and stood at the sink, next to where he worked on his hands and knees "how's your night been?? have you ate tonight mister?" she asked a little playfully, while her foot tapped away at the floor, smirking as she splashed a little water onto him. 

Eden walked over towards her mini fridge, rolling her eyes at how little she had in it, but thankfully she had brought fast food back with her almost every night, and there was always left overs. While shuffling around to fix up two plates and fill two plastic cups full of Iager, Eden turned her phone back on, and loaded a playlist. She figured she'd leave the Dhampir be while he worked to fix the busted lines, but at the same time, she smirked while occasionally looking back in the room he was in, and moved around casually to the beat of the music. Eden usually had the wight of the world on her shoulders, but no matter how many curve balls life had tossed her way, she remained humble, and tried to stay happy. "I got your favorite!" she called out to him, referring to the Iager. She'd paid enough attention now to where she had picked up on a few things about the Dhampir. 

She looked tired and worn out, as if the entire world were weighing upon her shoulders and every hour someone added an extra set of dumb bells to the pile. Despite the shadows in her eyes she was beautiful, gorgeous in a haunting sort of way. When the Dhampir had first seen her he had been nearly convinced that she was an apparition, a ghost of some poor young woman who had died tragically while waiting on her lover to come rescue her. The more he learned of her though the more he had realized that she wasn’t a damsel, she was a fighter through and through with a refreshing humility that made her down to earth and hella attractive. It had made it hard to be around her without sporting some wood but with a little bit of discipline Knox had managed to keep his libido under control.

It didn’t help when she batted her eyelashes or pursed her lips either; all he wanted to do was scoop her up and carry her to the bedroom. She was entirely too enticing and entirely too damned sexy for her own good and didn’t even seem to know it. “Nahhh, just grab some donuts from that little corner bakery down the street and throw in a gallon of lemonade from Hal’s and Mrs. Sanders will be putty in your hand." He gave her a roguish grin and a wink, as if to say that he had pulled the very same stunt with the landlady in question with successful results. He had of course, not for late rent but for one or two other infractions that the elder woman deemed against her rules for tenants. With some careful recon he had found she had a sweet tooth and a love for lemonade, which made sucking up so much easier. Add on a little bit of charm and she had forgotten all about his indiscretions.

Know avoided the main topic which was the late rent, a popular problem with many people who rented in this part of the city. He didn't like that Eden was having so much trouble but knew offering to help would be a useless venture. So he avoided what he really wanted to say and welcomed the distraction of fixing her pipes. Knee deep in water the Dhampir managed to get the water to ease to just a small trickle so that he could find the real problem and fix it. Listening while he worked the male grinned, "Yeah? Does my charming smile and winning personality really count for that much?" Laughing he re positioned himself around the pipes to get a better look, then decided he needed to be under them. "Meh. Day could have been better and my night was going to be boring until a beautiful vixen knocked."

Rolling to his back he ignored the cold water and went back to work as Eden disappeared, yelling something about food. And later, the angel had gotten him lager! "It better not be any of that fruity hipster shit!" He teased, switching tools as he found the problem and began working to patch up the shoddy workmanship. "Jesus that place on Dennison is looking better and better every day." The Dhampir grumbled, thinking about the broken down house he had been drooling over for weeks. Raising up he peeled off his wet shirt and grabbed the tape, "At least that place I could fix up and fix up right."

He huffed, trying to push the place out of his mind. He didn't have enough to make the down payment on his own and the renovations would take months. And money.


Eden didn't feel as broken around Knox. In fact, she often felt that he brought all the best qualities of her to the surface. While it was true that she did bare quite a bit of weight on her shoulders, and she knew Knox had caught on to quite a bit about her by now. But, somehow, the Dhampir still accepted her into his world, a world much like her own. She had found that they had plenty in common, and the more they spent time together, the more she craved. Eden was addicted to knowledge, but getting to know Knox, and being part of his life had been the source of the Valkyr's happiness.

It didn't go unnoticed that he struggled to keep his 'wood' under control,  but little did he know, Eden too had struggled to keep her hands to herself. She often fantasized about him when she heard the water to his shower turn on, due to how paper thin their walls were. Even now as she thought of such things, she blushed and became flustered. It had taken enough effort to keep her own libido under control.

The Valkyr arched a brow and placed a hand on her hip, smirking when he gave her advice on how to steal the landlady's heart. "Sounds like you're speaking from experience, Xavier" she quipped, and flashed a playful, flirty wink at the Dhampir. "Duely noted though, I'll rack up on sweets and lemonade" she grinned, and sighed happily. Admittedly, Knox's charm was a force to be reckoned with, something that made Eden weak in the knees, and her heart race, while butterflies consume her stomach. All those feelings were ones she never thought to be true. Eden saw the whole "he gives me butterflies' as cliche, but damn if Knox didn't give her much more than butterflies. 

His question brought a bright smile to her face, and she was sure she was still blushing. "You have no idea. I bet that smile and winning personality could make anyone's day incredible. Really, all you need to do is step into a room. Your presence brings joy to this shitty place" she spoke it bluntly, and gave a playful eye roll "Not that i'm trying to boost your ego or anything" she added, chuckling and shaking her head amused. She couldn't deny how sexy it was to watch him work. While he was knee deep in water, she had debated on whether to join him or not. She figured a small white tank top, and some water, would go a long ways.

The Valkyr smiled to hear him call her a beautiful vixen "Well, I'm happy I turned it around for you" she said a little proudly. She knew his life hadn't been a bed full of roses either, and while the world seemingly did it's best to bring each of them down, she was confident that they would always have each other, and to her, that would always be enough, even if she did want more with him than she had right now. She was hopeful that it would happen eventually. Her thoughts had been muted by the scene before her, how he had peeled a wet shirt off his gorgeous body and went right back to it, speaking all nonchalant, while Eden fell apart to what she saw. "Dear lord" she groaned, giggling innocently as she made it known that it had done something to her to see him strip his shirt off.

"You really know how to make a girl melt don't you?" she asked playfully. Eden then arched a brow though, when he spoke of another place looking better everyday. "Dennison?" she asked curiously, "she thought she had heard him speak of this place before, and knew it meant something to him. "You mentioned this place a while back. You must really want it" she grimaced as she gazed to the water in the floor. She wanted nothing more than to be the woman, that made him a happy man by doing something that sweet for him. She knew it would make his dreams come true just to have the place. "You know.." she started, before padding through the water in the bathroom, making her way to Knox, standing as close as she could, pressing herself  against him just enough for him to feel her, while looking up into his eyes.

"I was thinking.." she started out, clearing her throat nervous before continuing, "What would you think if I offered to go in half with you for Dennison?" she asked with a little hesitancy. Eden wasn't sure where exactly it was at, but if it were in the city, a place they could actually move to, then she was all for it. "I mean, i'm not sure where it's located, but if it's some place close enough for both of us, why not? I can't imagine not having you around.. I mean who would do my handy work?" she asked with a sly smirk, while really her thoughts were, how could she be okay without him? Knox had been the only man who had ever made Eden feel like she was worth something. So, when one moves out, the other must. For her, they had became a package deal in just a short amount of time. Never one without the other. She adored their friendship and how many cute moments they'd had and continued to have, but she also enjoyed knowing that it was blossoming into something much more magical.

Eden dreamed of the day she'd get out of here. But, she also couldn't see a world where he wasn't part of her life. While the suggestion was bold, it sounded promising, and like a dream come true. She'd became shaken up though while she waited for him to react, and opened the bottle of Iager she'd gotten for him. After taking a large swig, Eden coughed at the bitter taste, "Nope definitely not the fruity hipster shit. Got you exactly what you like, the original" she smirked, and held it out to him, "There's more than one, I thought if you weren't busy tonight, we could hang out and make a night of it. And at this rate, you'll have to walk around naked, because your clothes are getting soaked" she bit her lower lip, eyeing each visible inch of him, and closing her eyes for a moment, long enough to visualize what he looked like pressed against her, both of them soaking wet, and giving in to the urges they had both seemingly been fighting. 

Eden knew Knox respected her in ways that other men didn't, and for that she was thankful. But with him, she knew everything was different. Much more sincere, and real.

"With the holidays here, it would be the perfect gift for both of us" she smiled brightly, and gazed back up to him through her long thick lashes, before holding the bottle out for him to take a drink.

He couldn't look at her, couldn't watch the way her body moved as she placed a sassy hand on her hip. Each time she got flirtatious or stern the Male had to keep himself from leaning over and kissing her senseless. Chuckling at her insistence of his lack of innocence in the department of buttering up their landlord Knox gave the pipes one last twist that fixed the problem. "I might have a little bit of experience in that area. The woman talks a lot once you get her going and she reveals all sorts of interesting things." The male had gotten into it with the older woman just after finding out that she planned on evicting the older couple that lived above him. They had accidentally left a candle burning while they were out for an appointment and their cat knocked the thing over and started a small fire. Thankfully he had been home and able to get inside the apartment the moment he had scented smoke. With no real damage, he had convinced Mrs. Sanders to let them stay.

Of course, she hadn't gotten out of the deal without some consolation prize, namely him and his handiness with tools. Anything that broke he went to fix with a wide smile and a wink to his benefactor. It all worked out in the end, or at least for the time being since he didn't plan on living in this particular hole for long. Letting loose a snort at Eden and the idea that he was somehow charming in his presence, "I think you're exaggerating. My sister definitely wouldn't agree with you." The Dhampir ignored the ego part of the conversation as he did have an ego but he knew he had one. It came with the territory of being a former SEAL and special forces operator. Without that attitude, he would have been dead a long time ago.

Drying off the pipe he wrapped some black electrical tape around where the leak had been making sure it was sealed. Once that was done he stood up, grinning like a fool at the look on her face and the words that accompanied it, enjoying her flustered attitude. Scratching a spot along his ribs he picked up his errant shirt and tried to wipe some of the water off of him. “Do you have a towel that I can use? I’m all wet.” He chuckled, knowing that drawing attention to the fact that he was still half-naked would tease her a bit more. While he waited he heard her comments concerning the house he had mentioned, his dreams on Dennison. Knox went to gather up his tools while he mulled over what she said, wondering where exactly this all came from.

Once he had his toolbox closed and situated the male wandered back out into the main area of her apartment, trying to figure out what to say. “Angel I appreciate the thought but you don’t know what you’d be getting into. The house needs some serious repairs and refurbishing which will take time and money.” He’d already drawn up a plan for the house and what he wanted to do with it, but without the collateral or money to support it the whole thing was just a pipe dream. “Besides, who would want to move out of this castle in paradise?” He chuckled, knowing that they both felt the same way about the apartment complex and the gross part of town they had to return to every evening. The other tenants were either elderly who couldn’t live anywhere else or the dregs of humanity, the two of them notwithstanding.

Grinning through a slight grimace at the thought of walking around naked in front of her, the Dhampir as to shift on his feet just to keep his jeans from bulging out. Everything about her intrigued him and turned him on, making the visual of walking naked in front of her both enticing and uncomfortable at the same time. “I’m down to hang out. Just let me put my tools away and put on a fresh pair of clothes.” Grabbing the toolbox he walked back across the hallway, leaving the door open as was his habit as he returned the toolbox to it’s home and then went to his bedroom to find dry clothes.

The brunette noticed a lot. Eden had worked with people so much, that reading them, became a hobby. So, every time Knox would avert his gaze just to avoid her body language, she couldn't help but smirk and think to herself 'ive got him'. It was something she still yet couldn't conjure up the nerve to say out loud though. Eden was cautious, and maybe too cautious, but she certainly wasn't trying to lose what she had already built with this gorgeous man. Their friendship meant the world to her and it was one of very few things she cherished in life. The Valkyr quirked a brow when he spoke of how he had some experience in getting people to reveal things by striking conversation with them. "Look at you, all sly and crafty" she quipped as she stepped forward and gently, but playfully poked his toned chest, before looking up to him through her long thick lashes.

It was no surprise though, Knox definitely had a way with people and words, so she wasn't shocked that he was able to change Mrs Sanders mind. If anyone could do it, Knox could. She was almost sure he was the reason she hadn't been evicted the night Mrs Sanders knocked on her door to tell Eden that her time here was up. to this day she wondered just what the Dhampir had said, to convince Mrs Sanders to let her continue staying here after being extremely late on her rent. "Well, she doesn't see what I do then. But that's hard to believe. I need to meet this sister of yours" Eden never pressed him when it came to family, and never would. Mostly when it was the two of them, it was all about them, but Eden couldn't help but to be curious about Knox's family, and other things that they didn't talk about too often.

Eden had still been standing there with her eyes full of his gorgeous half dressed body, to transfixed by him to even realize he'd asked for a towel until a moment or two after. "Towel, right" she gave an eye roll, knowing he was teasing her on purpose. But, he did it well. Eden was so sick and tired of men that she had almost debated never looking at one again until she met Knox. He was what seperated idiots from real men, and Knox was one she planned on hanging onto. After grabbing him a towel, Eden strolled back over to him and waited as he finished gathering his tools before she reach it out to him, "I mean, you could just stay like that" she giggled cutely, and gave the whole 'i'm innocent' look, but her eyes likely spoke in volume.

Now that his tools were gathered, Eden followed alongside the Dhampir, and listened intently, specifically eyeing him and seeing that he wanted the place more than a little bit, but she also saw that hopelessness written all over his features due to the lack of income that they both had right now. "How serious are we talking here? I have some relatively good news that may be exactly what's needed to at least make a starting line, we'll worry about finishing later.. I know it will take some time, but .." Eden grimaced as she looked down for a moment. She couldn't help but feel like if they could actually invest in a fixxer upper together, then all her dreams would be coming true. She'd have the most amazing guy ever in her life, and she'd be building a life with him from scratch, literally, and that meant that they could make it as beautiful as they wanted. It would be theirs. "I finally found an honest job.. though honest isn't always the answer to survival. We may just have to become the supernatural version of Bonnie and Clyde" she smirked coyly, while turning to grab the bottle and open it.

It probably was a pipe dream, but Eden really thought that if two people wanted something badly enough, then they would work until it was theirs. Eden turned back around, shaking her head, chuckling at his comment about this shit hole being a castle in paradise. The Valkyr sighed, she knew it weighed on Knox the same way that it did her "Nothing better than these barren walls and the smell of flowers in the morning" the woman across from Eden was using something to clean with, that made the Valkyr cringe a lot, specifically in the morning time, but she figured she shouldn't complain. It was home, at least for the moment, and if she hadn't moved into this specific motel, she wouldn't have met Knox.

Eden noticeably looked down when Knox shifted on his feet a little, her eyes stopping on the prize before his voice averted her gaze once more, her cheeks painted a bright pink as she blushed heavily. If she didn't know any better, she'd say he was built like a machine, in all areas. When he finally agreed to hang out, Eden clapsed her hands together out of pure excitement. It had been a little bit since the two had, had any time like this, so yeah, she was thrilled. Knox was everything she needed in her life, and while she felt that she didn't tell him things like that enough, she planned on showing him instead. Besides, what was that phrase? 'Actions speak louder than words'.

When he left to find himself a change of dry clothes, Eden tidied up as quickly as a girl could, and changed into some shorts and a crop top, while adding her thigh high sports socks, and finishing it off with a thin jacket which matched her shorts and socks. She may not have had much, but she made sure the few outfits she had, looked damn good on her. Besides, she did love to impress Knox. Now that she was dressed, the Valkyr opened the cabinet in her bathroom, and pulled out some insence sticks, and tea light candles, arranging them around the room on the surface's she had available, before last but not least, dimming the lights, putting some music on, pulling a deck of cards out, fixing drinks, and putting the food out.

Her and Knox's time together was always simple, and made up of whatever they could both afford, but, it was their time that she adored. Eden didn't care about money, nor being in the spot light among the 1%. She guessed she'd never know what it felt like to truly splurge on herself, but that was fine. Eden had what many didn't, and that was genuine happiness. The Valkyr smiled as she heard Knox banging around in his room, while he got himself ready, and decided to flop on her bed face first, while she waited. Okay yeah, maybe she had fallen into this position on purpose, knowing when he re-entered her room, he'd get an eye full of ass first. They had a playful relationship, and a very sweet one for the most part, but the sexual chemistry was enough make one hell of an explosion, especially when they decided to cross that line for the first time.

Either way, Eden was ready to spend this night with Knox and allow their time to be all about them. The rest of the world always melted away when it was just the two of them, and she was sure they were both in need of forgetting their troubles for a night.

She was crazy, plain and simple. There was nothing in what she had said or what she was suggesting that was viable. Even with the pair of them the house, he was dreaming of would take a considerable amount of work. Not to mention the funds they would have to pour into the materials and the amount of manpower he would have to exert. Everything together spelled a pipe dream that was nice to indulge in during the rare moments he had time. Knox had a considerable amount of money saved up thanks to all of his deployments but it didn’t really touch on the amount they would need to bring the house fully back to life. The face that she wanted to buy into his own brand of crazy was sweet but the male doubted she knew exactly what she would be getting into.

A rare uncomfortable smile graced his lips as they briefly spoke about his sister. The situation or relationship rather between them wasn’t the best, given he had threatened her boss. “Maybe...someday.” He hedged thankful when they both turned to other matters, like getting him a towel to dry off with and a night filled with beer and camaraderie. More sexual tension built up between them, the suggestion that he would parade around her room half naked only had him stifling another groan as dozens of images flitted through his mind. The thought of her dressed as a modern Bonnie to his Clyde, all dolled up as they knocked over a convenience store or a bank made him laugh. “How about we consider the merits of buying a derelict house and living together while we fix it up after I get something dry on.”

Turing the Dhampir made his way back into his own apartment, taking a moment to change into a fresh pair of jeans making the slight decision to go commando before slipping on a fresh t-shirt. He’d started back towards her place when he decided to stop into the bathroom to run a comb through his unruly hair and put a dab of cologne on. Satisfied that he was at least decent enough for a night in Knox padded barefoot across the hall, nursing on the beer she had handed him earlier. Of course, he came through the door to the sight of her tight little ass sticking in the air as she lay face down on the bed. Shaking his head the male bit his lower lip, knowing she had most likely taken that position on purpose.

On impulse, the male reached out and smacked her ass, “Get up ya tease and let's figure out what we are gonna eat. I’m starving. Meanwhile, you explain to me what this straight job of yours is.” He knew that he had probably stepped over a line when he smacked her but she was doing it deliberately to tempt him. They had some things to discuss as far as the bomb she had dropped and he had no doubt that she wasn’t finished prodding him about the house.

Eden without a doubt bought into a nice pipe dream, but she had drawn a pretty bold line between reality and fantasy. It was just a nice thought, to think she wouldn't be stuck in her current situation forever, and that she'd spend her life with someone she was getting to know like the back of her hand, the only man who'd never offered her money for the satisfaction of what her body could do. Knox from what she'd seen so far, was a pure gentleman, with a hint of darkness behind that sweet smile of his. She often fantasized about what his touch would feel like, how it would feel much different from the scum bags who only touched her because their wives didn't suffice, and because they had the money to blow on a lush female like Eden herself. She didn't want her appearance to be what paid her bills any longer though. She wanted plain and simple, she wanted easy for once. 

Eden couldn't help the grin that graced her features when she heard that groan again. It had a certain sultry ring to it that made it incredibly hard to resist him in the ways that each of them had seemingly been fighting off a lot more lately than usual. Her smile softened a little when he said 'maybe someday'. Eden knew the topic of his family wasn't one to bring up often, so she just didn't bother, and knew that whenever he was ready, he'd talk. The Valkyr gave him a gentle nod to his suggestion of talking more after he got something dry on "I think I can work with that" she poked her tongue out playfully and quietened herself allowing him to go handle his business. 

The room had been pretty silent when Knox left to get dressed, silent enough that she'd began reflecting on what her life may have turned out to be like if she'd never met Knox. It was safe to say she didn't like where those thoughts led, but that was the very thing that scared her, the thought that she may not cope without him at all. She'd been in her own little bubble when Knox re-entered, jolting slightly as his hand made perfect contact with her ass cheek. Turning with her face a bright red, she smirked at the Dhampir and rolled off the bed standing up against him. "There's plenty of food. I splurged a little, and the pizza is from last night, but leftovers are better than a freshly cooked meal" she expressed, while gazing up to that gorgeous face of his. Eden could smell the cologne he was wearing, and couldn't help but bite her lower lip, enjoying the fact that he'd put it on just to come hang out with her.  "You smell as good as you look, which is a very tempting combination. What are you wearing, love?" she asked curiously, knowing she couldn't go wrong by knowing his favorite cologne, or favorite anything in general. 

"Okay so first" she spun around while grabbing his fingers to lead him to the table she'd set up with food and candles. "I know it looks prettier in a five star restaurant, but a candle lit dinner for two" she said cheekily, and grinned a pearly white grin at him. After turning the radio up a little, Eden rested her back against the table and crossed her arms underneath her bust. "So, this job I mentioned earlier .. Ive always been amazing at tutoring, and while my specialty lied with kids specifically back in my village, I'm able to tutor adults as well, and I thought, why not tutor those who don't have much of a chance to learn in their situation.." she trailed off with hesitancy in the last bit of her sentence, while averting her gaze away from him, nervously chewing on her thumb nail. "Inmates" she added plain and simple. "Prisoners don't get much learning done, and the Warden said they could use someone with my passion" she hung her head a little lower, because the Warden seemed like a scum bag, who was only interested in hiring Eden for her appearance, and she knew how dangerous it could be to go tutor a bunch of murderers, felons, etc. 

Reaching over, she grabbed the bottle to take a drink "I have a few days to think on it" she added, hoping she gave enough of a hint that she was definitely waiting for Knox's opinion, advice, input, whatever he'd give. Clearing her throat, the Valkyr took another swig from the bottle, cringing again slightly at the taste. "So let's get a plate, and hear your thoughts on that. We can attempt a game of monopoly, and there're cards.. or are we watching a movie?" she asked, giving the few options she had with the materials she actually owned. Thankfully she had sustained a decent running laptop, and figured out the joy of having Netflix, then she had a deck of cards and a couple of board games, not that she'd mind at all should he decide he'd wanna dance or just talk and listen to music. "I'm just happy you're here, so whatever we do, is fine by me Xavier" she gave a teasing smirk, and waited with a plate in her hands, ready to pile it full of whatever he wanted between left over pizza, Chinese take out, and Chick-fil-A. 

Eden knew he was under a great deal of stress with having met a new sibling, and likely having to figure out how to get to know her, and how to even get to know himself around her, so she hoped this night would bring peace to both their minds, since seemingly, being around one another, was the solace each of them needed from everything else in life. "So, i'm curious. What was your nickname when you were a child? or any point in life really" she asked curiously, while multi tasking to load her own plate with a little of everything. Eden knew plenty about Knox, or at least what information he had offered so far, but she knew they had a lot more to get to know about one another, tonight was just as good a night as any to figure her Dhampir in shining armor out.  "And I recall you mentioned buying a derelict place to live in together while we fix the dream house?" she asked with a serious expression on her face. She knew by now that Knox knew her well enough to know if she had her heart set on something, she'd keep reaching for it. "I know it's a lot easier said than done" she made sure she added that, because she didn't want the Dhampir to think she was actually crazy, and assumed that this was going to be a cake-walk. 

"What's your favorite kind of music?" she finished off and figured she'd play something more his speed than her own since she liked any kind of music as long as it was catchy or had nice lyrics.

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