Showering was one of many things Nathaniel Leight enjoyed doing. The rich male owned several properties around town but also the world and in each of them there were multiple showers. The house, or more like mini mansion he currently used as resident, to big for one person especially concerning that individual only used it to take a shower and every now and then a nap, was a very luxurious modern thing with everything you’d ever need to ever leave it. Of course it cost a fortune, one of the specially designed steam showers was worth over 2 months salary for a normally profiting person.

The dhampir had just begun taking what was supposed to be a long relaxing shower. “It’s in my DNA it’s in my DNA and I just take your breath a way” The mandatory singing phase of the shower initiated. His singing wasn’t bad but his choice of songs always questionable. When the muscular but vain male was starting the dance phase, dangerous habit with the risk of slipping and cracking his skull, his work cell rang loudly disturbing his ritual. 

It was one of the many downsides with being a police officer, you could get called in at any time and for a low pay rate. Not that Nate needed money he did it to have something to do. It had started with him hacking as a kid and later he was contacted and asked to come work as a forensics. Due to understaffing he had agreed to work extra as an officer. It was similar to his dhampir missions and he was well trained so passing the test was easy. “Yes” He answers his phone annoyed. “Fine I’ll be there” He responded before hanging up and mumbling “Unbelievable, the stupidity of the human and human similar race” Before turning of the shower and wrapping a towel around his torso. 

One minute was spent admiring or rather adoring himself in the mirror. Then he quickly got dressed luckily the uniform fit his body perfectly sculpturing itself around his muscly chest. The cocky male would probably look good wearing rugs but still it was nice that his work outfit was nice. It was in a inexpensive material of course probably cotton or ugh polyester.

Nate arrived to the scene 10 minutes later apparently some idiot had started vandalizing at a home showing. He entered the small house wondering who would be desperate enough to stay there. “Helloooo anyone here?” Nate said scowling as he surveyed the surroundings. It didn’t take him long until he laied his eyes on the guilty person a blonde female supernatural what else. “Seriously you have nothing better to do? I mean I understand why, this decor is horrifying the person making it should be killed or worse, but still.” He took a pause and sighed working without a partner had both privileges and disadvantages“Pay for what you broke, which shouldn’t be much, and apologize. Good now that that is solved I’m out of here” the brunette turned around and headed for the door. 

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Zeus had been staying here and there, a bit of everywhere while on the mission to find her mother medallion and show revenge to whoever the hell dared get in her way. Pain infliction, as a Nephilim had became a fun game of hers, against people who only annoyed her and done nothing else wrong, she hated... all people but herself. She walked to her wardrobe that held nothing but name brand clothes, picking her attire out for the meeting with a real estate agent today, finally her own place, or at least she thought so. Zeus then walked into the bathroom with her clothes, and turned her shower on, only stepping in after the entire bathroom filled with steam.

"ridiculous" she grumbled, noticing the built in music player, but she did love music, so after figuring out the controls, Zeus turned the music up loud, waking whoever up that still lazily slept. She sang along to the song (SILENCE) a song that had hit the radio's number one pretty hard, and she'd grown fond of it after visiting one of the Instar Diviner's night clubs. "I found peace in your violence, can't tell me there's no point in trying. Im at oneeeee cause i been silent for so long" she sang out loud "SHUT UP ZEUS SOME PEOPLE HAVE YA KNOW... SLEEP HABIT" one of the people shouted from their bedroom. "Screw you dick!" she shouted back  and began singing louder as she washed her hair, followed by her body.

Upon hopping out of the shower, she danced down to the angered asshole in her towel, and finished singing the song, dropping her towel, which only represented her naked body to them, who happened to be a couple as she trailed upstairs to get her clothes out of the bathroom. Placing a black sports bra on, a red and black flannel, and black leather pants with her grunge boots, she brushed her hair, then her teeth, before putting her make up on. Most days Zeus just threw clothes on whether they matched or not, but today she was meeting a real estate agent. And she took no time getting there. "Oh you... did you really think after seeing my name for the list of people meeting you today that I wouldn't bust your balls..." she said, realizing that her ex was the real estate agent.

She didn't hesitate grabbing a shovel that was sitting on the porch to serve whatever purpose, to start busting windows out of this not so fancy home. After busting as many out as she could, Zeus looked to him, "now I should crack your skull wide open, or beat the hell out of you with this shovel and enjoy the site of you bleeding out. Hows Tiffany?" she asked, drawing the shovel back at him, ready to end him, like he had her when he cheated on her, and just ran away .. like a coward when she told him her mother was killed" all of that though, royally screwed by a cop showing up. "What do you want?" she asked, laughing at his suggestion, also laughing at the fact that he said the decor was horrific here. "Well... now no one will have to worry about that huh?" she asked. "I rather ... I don't know, go to jail... arrest me officer" she said, winking at him,

"I aint paying for this piece of shit's home... but you can pay for me dinner, or a drink... since you're here." she stated as she followed him when he said he was out of there. Why had she seen this Dhampir before? She knew when she was near a vampire or a dhampir, it was her senses. Her eyes glowed purple as she looked at him, to let him know, she wouldn't fight fair if it came down to it. "Hold that thought" she then said, still with the shovel in her hand, and beat every window out of her ex's car and making sure to leave as many dents as possible. Zeus had always thought he had something to do with her mothers death, and this wasn't even repayment. This was her making sure each day he bumped into her, he paid for it, dearly. "Tiffany is next, I never liked that car anyways bastarddddd!" she said, whirling the shovel at him, hearing him grown. It only caused a creepy, calming smile to her face.

Brushing her hands off, like she'd done a good job. She looked to the officer, and chewed down on her lip. "Take me somewhere,,, anywhere but here" she said, "otherwise.... ill make sure you stay on call all damn day" she then said, winking at him, letting herself into his cop cruiser, she began playing the the walkie talkie thingie ... "Calling all dick heads, this is Zeus ... you all suck" she said, before putting it back in it's place smirking, not worried about officer whoever getting in trouble, she then turned the blue lights on, toying with all of his controls in the car until he came to do whatever it is he done best.

It was going to be a looong day. This Nephilim certainly was crazy. The slight change in eye color had given him the answer to what species she was. It was a small hint easy to miss, dhampirs were of course trained to notice all small changes like a pen moved a few inches which made them great guards and officers. Their training also made them persistent and charming to be able to communicate with all species.

"You woldn´t last a week in jail Darlin, and orange is so not your color" chuckling at her suggestion to arrest her. The blonde was really a fire work and the only other living person at the scene was the real estate guy. Nate had over heard their shouting, no the blondes shouting so he knew what her fury got its fuel. This was why he didn´t do relations jealousy complications ugh to messy.

The brunette only shook his head and sighed as Zeus smashed her Exes car. He couldn´t understand how you could go to such length. Himself was to carefree to ever get angry. "That´s not my vehicle blondie I would never ride such horrible thing" He revealed laughing. It had taken him several weeks to persuade his boss to give him the privilege to drive his own car like an intelligence detective. The colleague whos car Zeus had just entered would probably freak and arrest her. Nathaniel however thought it was hilarious.

"I´ll make you a deal you can hop along, but first we need to fix new clothes for you I am not being seen with you looking like that" Nate said while eyeing her poorly dressed body and walking towards his work car a black SUV. on the way he stopped beside the real estate agent and reached down into his pocket for a thick bundle of dollars. "Here, for the house, and your car and moving elsewhere, man I hope your new shag was worth it man my advice move far away" He said giving him the money and patted his back before walking to his black SUV and getting in behind the steering wheel. 

Zeus bit her lower lip as she took notice of his toned body. He then made a joke about her not looking good in orange, nor would she last a week in jail. "So tell me officer, what is my color then?" she asked, smirking at him, twirling a peice of her blonde hair around her finger, her eyes still tinged with purple as she glared daggers through him. Zeus had never been good at being a people person, because everything that came out of her mouth was either something straight from the gutter, or it was something sarcastic and arrogant. She huffed at him, giving him a pouty face "Perhaps I just wanted you to cuff me, better luck next time I guess" she teased, still smirking.

She was sure this officer would be a pure dick to her, he already seemed utterly annoyed with her and her actions towards her ex and the house that once sat there for people to buy. But Zeus made sure it wouldn't be worth selling. "I'm taking my baseball bat with me, by the way." she stated, letting him know that even though she had used it as a weapon on her ex, and she'd thrown metal objects such as a shovel at him, she was still taking what was hers. The cop at the scene didn't do anything as she smashed in her ex's car, and perhaps it's because he figured out it was her ex,. after all the shouting she had done. "You seem like a city guy, you fit right in, here in Evermore" she said, rolling her eyes, being the 'tomboy' she was, she didn't care for luxury and wealth. All she cared about was getting by day to day, and avenging her mothers death, and retrieving the medallion that was torn from her neck as she died.

Zeus found this man intriguing, he seemed to think it was epic, and his expression gave him away, that he thought her entering the car and playing with it's buttons was funny. "So tell me city guy, what kind of car do you drive? I have a Volvo" she said, smirking. Her car was what she did pay an arm and leg for and she called her car her baby, even over top of her ex's  she loved her car more than she did them. Offended, she looked down at her outfit, and glared at him .. an evil expression adorning her features now. "what';s wrong with my clothes? I could just...." she stopped talking and grinned at him before slipping her shirt off and throwing it over on him. "Better?" she questioned, smirking before resting her feet on the dashboard, sighing happily.

"I feel great now" she said, looking over at him. Since he wanted to be a dick about her clothes, why wear any? Her mentality was totally f***ed. "So, where are we going?" she asked, wondering where he was taking her for new clothes. Zeus bursted into laughter, when the officer suggested the asshole move far far away. "YEAH YOU BETTER MOVE AWAY... IF NOT ILL BE BACK" she shouted out to him and threw a rock at him. "That's to remember me, keep it" she said, hearing him groan again planted a wicked grin back on her face. "Ready?" she asked as she turned to the officer, wondering what his name was.

“I would say blue” the color of her eyes. They were purple now but the few seconds she’d been calm during their meet he’d seen her natural eye color a deep blue color. The blonde dressed as a tomboy and her fierce personality wasn’t exactly what you expected when you saw her nice figure and beautiful blonde hair. Nate had always been drawn the unexpected and her crazy ways intrigued him. When it came to woman he was never smart but he never stuck with one so the consequences weren’t to bad.

“To arrest you would only mean more work for me, paper work” the horrible thought sent a shiver down his spine. “I own several vehicles from different brands Miss McCartney” the cars were just toys to him exchangeable nothing he valued. He didn’t collect them he just bought things he wanted for the moment impulsively like a kid with a credit card. Living without money was nothing he had tried nor wished to. If he saw a poor person he always drained them in money unable to understand that they might be happy with their simple lives.

In the middle of whatever conversation they’d had the woman had decided to strip at least she still had her pants and undergarments on. Her nakedness didn’t bother him much didn’t make him uncomfortable or embarrassed as it would’ve made many others. Police school had prepared him for all kinds of situations and his careless personality fit well in with it. A slight chuckle escaped his lip and he shook his head while he started the car and drove off from the ugly house.

“Well darling I need a change so I am going home to continue my shower” he said smirking as he steered the car towards his fancy part of town.

Blue... had he actually been paying her attention enough to know her natural eye color was blue? She grinned over at him, shaking her head lightly. "So, blue huh? why blue? to match my eyes or is that your favorite color?" she asked, an attempt at getting to know him better. She'd never been good at this, she was more of a fighter than a lover, so getting to know a man due to a crush, was rather rough for her. She barely knew this man, so she wasn't going to overthink it and assume she had a crush on him already, although she did find him to be one of the most interesting men she'd ever met.

Men typically didn't care about appearance, style, etc. But him, he looked like a pretty boy who kept a clean shave, and dressed in nothing but designer brands. Folding her arms across her chest, Zeus rolled her eyes at him,. "Seriously? you take all the time in the world to look as good as you do but can't be bothered with paper work?" she asked, chuckling. Now he definitely interested her. He wasn't the typical male, much different from all the other asshole she had beaten up. "Weirdo" she then said, teasingly and playfully, but she truly felt like he'd grow on her in time if they continued a friendship. Perhaps she'd destroy more real estate properties to keep him coming back. A soft giggle escaped her lips to think that way.

"Well, do you also own several different houses.. mister cop man?" she asked, not knowing his name yet all but his badge having a last name on it. Zeus stayed where ever people would take her in, not having a home of her own, nor a stable job made it rough for her to keep a stable mind, especially while trying to avenge her mother and track down her mothers medallion. "Maybe I could ..." she cut herself off, how dumb could she be? To ask a man she barely knew if she could be his roommate? Sighing to herself, she frowned. Zeus' frown however, turned into a look of curiosity. "Is this something you see often?" she asked, kind of playfully, but also wondering why he wasn't affected by the loss of her top.

"REally... do you have naked women in your car a lot? Because most guys would have slammed their breaks on, or at least gotten distracted .. but you... I don't know what it is with you, but I like it. What's your name officer?" she asked, letting her tone become more of a soft one now as she had started warming up to him. As he began driving into a part of town she'd never seen before, Zeus's eyes widened, dazzling in awe .. being brought up in a simple life, she had never seen such luxorious things before. Nate apparenlty wanted for nothing, he had the world beneath his feet, but his personality wasn't one of a snotty rich boy. Nate was a very different kind of man, she'd be lying if she said she didn't like him already, more than she should.

"Sooooo... while you're in the shower, what am I gonna do? Twiddle my thumbs?..  do you have any game systems.. Call Of Duty would be a great way for me to pass the time, if I get to bored, ill end up in the shower with you. You can't reach your back to wash it anyways" she winked, chuckling, still gazing and taking in the scenery before her. "When you get out of the shower, I need to ask you something": she added, her mouth dropping open as he pulled into his mansion... "Wow... this is..." she stuttered out words, as a person in shock would "amazing.." she added, her eyes seeing the pool first off ... "Maybe I should become an officer, if it gets you these kind of things. Ive never ...never really known life such as this. I was raised on a farm, so..." she mentioned, before opening the door and letting herself out as he came to a stop. Walking slowly, she found herself staring into the pool, the reflection gazing back at her, looked like her mother, causing her eyes to pool up with tears.

Waiting quitely, she sat on the ledge of the pool, while Nate let himself out, watching for him to unlock his door so she could follow him inside. Hoping the favor she was going to ask him after his shower wouldn't make him think of her as a stray dog.

"I like blue but champagne, mint green or silver are colors I´d prefer" He chuckled at her curiosity it amused him. Actually life amused the always joyful dhampir. His chuckle developed to a laugh when Zeus asked how he could spend so much time on his handsomeness but not be bothered with paperwork. more than one had assumed due to his fashion sense and singing that he was gay. Which didn´t bother him the slightest the could think whatever they liked he was comfortable in his masculinity.

"In fact I do own several estates around the world and this town" he admitted. Just like with his cars his residents didn´t mean much to him. He had lived in his car a few weeks because of the loneliness and got tired with the decor rather quickly. The luxury house he used as home for the moment was one of his newest investments. Most of the other properties he owned stood empty and collected dust, a few he rented out for free to families and homeless people. Although Nate seemed like a vain guy he was very generous when it came to things and money. How he remained rich was a mystery.

He could sense that there was something the blonde didn´t told him but ignored that fact for the moment. Knowing her lack of self control she would probably spill the beans within hours if not minutes. He was surprised she hadn´t asked yet.

"No people do not have a habit of getting into my car and then strip" the male rolled his eyes at her and then continued to focus on the road. That he had a gorgeous a half naked woman in his car didn´t distract him much, the womanizer had seen many beautiful woman before and he knew that he could get almost anyone to share a bed with him by just flashing a smile. "I am Nate" he introduced himself smirking at her admiring eyes toward his neighborhood. To bad the people living there was not as nice as the view.

The dhampir parked the car at the front he had a special storage place for the rest of his many vehicles but it was a bit to walk and he´d need the car again soon enough. He had considered hiring a personal assistant to do this things for him but never got time to search for the right person. "I doubt you be bored the short time I am gone dear this house has almost everything you can ever dream about" as he spoke and wandered through the hall leading to the big main room he started to undress throwing the clothes aside. "Whats wrong love" he asked confused by her tears.

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It was odd, the colors he listed as the colors he fancied more so over others. Blue, champagne, mint green... most guys were into dark colors. But then again, this guy wasn't most guys. He was one of the most comforting people she'd ever met in her life. Any other time Zeus would simply shut someone out, keep walking and mind her business, attending to the loner life she already has. "So you mentioned blue ... an outfit for me, what about blue and silver together?" she asked curiously. The question was serious. What girl got style tips from a guy? Zeus... Zeus did. She'd lived on a farm and grew up as a tomboy, her first kiss even being shared with a female, and for the most of it, she didn't understand a thing about females. Zeus tended to act awkward around them, and steered clear of girls.

HE only chuckled when she asked how he could be a cop with so much to do, and spend more of his time on his appearance. But, it definitely did make for a sexy man, he took care of himself well.. and it wasn't just appearance he had going for him. Zeus wanted to get to know everything she could about him, and she didn't even know why yet. She'd only hope that when time unfolded it all, that it didn't end in disaster like everything else did she crossed paths with. The blonde angel-child perked up to him saying he had several properties/homes. What was with him buying all this stuff, and probably not even using half of it. "So, what do you do with all of your houses then?" she asked, knowing he couldn't possibly be using them all for himself. Her eyes softening back to their original vivid blues, still having a purple tinge, but at least she didn't look like her true kind right now.

Zeus hated exposing herself, being the overly emotional creatures that Nephilims were anyways though made it hard not to, especially when someone purposely pissed her off, and her ex deserved everything the world sent his way. Zeus felt alright, right now though, so thoughts of that idiot wasn't going to damper her smiling face. Cutting her eyes over at him, she then smirked. He really was something else.. and she had only just met him. But every now and then, people tended to swoop down into your life, when you least expected it and when you needed it most, so Zeus decided for now she'd just go with it, not dive or rush whatever this is she was feeling.

Zeus realized that he could read people a little to well too, when she'd been in her own head, stuck in thought, he'd given her a different kind of look .. an all knowing one. With that, she'd never be able to hide anything, but luckily for her, being what she was meant that she knew when someone lied, or she knew when someone was dangerous, the list sort of went on when it came to a Nephilim's senses. Zeus chukled at him however, when he said that women didn't make it a habit to get in his car and strip. "So., i'm the only one then? I feel special.." she joked, giving him a coy smirk before her bright blue eyes wandered back to the scenery. Zeus' smirk turned into a smile though, her eyes dazzling in amusement, and happiness both... mixed with emotions, she blonde inhaled and exhaled deeply. "So, Nate huh? it's a nice name, it fits" she stated, amused and still smiling as if she was a kid who had just been handed a lollipop.

His name fit because the name was sexy like he was, but she was trying her best to behave, and not seem like a typical female that just wanted to hop into his bed. Now that she thought about it though... she grinned, her cheeks blushing, but rolling her eyes as she realized her mind was decieving any good intentions she had. "I'm Zeus, it's nice to meet you Nate, or ManCandy." she winked, oficially giving him a nickname, and one that worked well for him.As they finally walked inside, Zeus had an awe expression adorning her features, despite the fact that she had tears in her eyes, she still smiled. Nate had then walked upstairs, assuming he was getting into the shower until she heard his voice echo down to her, asking why the tears.

Travelling the long spiral stairs, Zeus made her way up, following his voice, smirking at the trail of clothes he left to his bathroom, and hovered just outside the bathroom door so she could answer him, doing her best to keep her eyes straight, and away from the crack in the bathroom door. This was surely an amusing moment for her, but she decided to play "good girl" because if she was to get to know him, being a sex machine wouldn't go in her favor. Although she could sense him being only a one night stand kind of guy, she didn't care, she saw it more of a challenge and didn't mind taking it on. "Nothing serious, I look so much like my mom though, and everytime I see myself in the mirror I cry... I hate it that my own reflection haunts me this way.." she trailed off in explanation, holding onto her medallion that matched her mothers one that was now somewhere in Initia territory.

"I have to retrieve something that was stolen from her, which brought me here to this city... I didn't really like it here, until I realized that decent people still exist in the world" she added, referring to Nate himself, unsure if he'd catch on. Falling silent though, trying not to interrupt his shower time, Zeus found her way to his bed, waiting on him to get out, and as she gazed around, a smile danced on her lips. Deciding to use his stereo system, she played the song (SILENCE) and began singing along, dancing around his bed, just enjoying herself, and occupying her mind away from his naked body that was only within a small distance of her now.

Taking fashion advice from a straight guy wasn’t everyday matter for a girl. Men were expected to only comment nice or at most compliment the color. Nate’s sometimes rude advice weren’t a welcome addition to their day and in most cases his tips were completely ignored even thaw they were good ones. Shame really someone who spent hours each day on looking as attractive as he could knew what he was talking about. “Depends on what image you want to create and which body parts you like to bring to light” the fashionable dhampir explains giving her a wink. If they were going shopping he could explain further but then of course he didn’t know if he was going to be called in to duty again.

”A majority of them stands empty unfortunately, some I rent for free to families with unstable economy or homeless” With an ego as big as Nate’s it was a wonder that he had room for generosity. He  didn’t brag about all good things he did either as would be normal for a person in his position. Simply it didn’t matter if people thought of him as a vain ass. 

“I’ll keep you guessing on that one love” he chuckled again as checked the review mirror before turning left. Leaving her  question unanswered. It was no secret that the officer was a well known ladies man around town and never brought the same girl to bed more than once. Jealousy didn’t exist in his world, females had tried keeping his attention by playing that card. English as he was he was also a gentleman and getting naked in cars was just tacky. 

“Zeus isn’t that a boys name?” The Greek mythology had named the mightiest god and father/boss of all other gods Zeus. He didn’t know what powers the ancient god had or which traits so he couldn’t say if the name fit her or not.

Nate heard her walk up his big marble stairs, a copy of the ones you saw in all ballrooms and castles. After hearing her explanation to the tears he wrapped a towel around his torso and exited the bathroom.”That’s one way of seeing it however don’t you think it would be nice to think of it as a reminder, of old times every nice memory you two shared, and that the face you see is her proud face staring back at you not haunting you” being annoyingly positive all the time was another one of the males traits. He could’ve offered to help her in her seek for vengeance it was his speciality after all to track down things and solve crimes but he didn’t want to give her false hope. Supernaturals rarely left any trails and were almost impossible to frame.  Instead he gently placed one hand under er shin and with the other swept away her tears before kissing her forehead and then walking into the shower.

I just can’t wait to be king was the melody that he sang while showering this time. To live in a dry landscape where you had to save the water was nothing he could ever do he enjoyed his showers way to much. When he returned, dressed in jeans and a grey v necked t-shirt,  Zeus was dancing around in his Kingsized bed blasting music from his stereo so loudly that the windows vibrated. “Enjoying ourselves are we?” he laughed rising a brow  wondering how long she planed on staying. He got a feeling she intended to be a constant visitor in his life. 

Looking to him with a grin, Zeus shook her head. She tended to find amusement in everything Nate said, and she'd became overly intrigued by him. Maybe it was the blunt attitude he had, or how honest he could be whether his honesty was harsh or not, Zeus enjoyed that quality. The blonde Nephilim had only took a liking to her own style and fashion when she started working at a clothing store, but she didn't know a damn thing about putting outfits together, why is why she listened intently to Nate when he gave advice.

She then chuckled, her mind easily slipped to the gutter when he told her it depended on which body parts she wanted to bring to light. "I guess you can examine my body/my features and tell me what part of my body would look best brought to light" she said, smirking at the Dhampir,  she wouldn't have minded, now that the visual planted itself in her head. Zeus was brought back to reality though, when she heard his explanation of what he did with the empty houses. She admired him so much for the fact that he was helping the homeless, she'd never seen much of that in Evermore, no one helped anyone, so Nate again had her struck by his charm, and humbleness.

Growing up on a farm and her father making them live the simplest of a life, was next to living as a poor person, so if anything, Zeus knew all to well how the people felt who had nothing. She didn't grow up with luxury, which is why sitting in Nates house right now had the blonde Nephilim almost at a loss for words. Zeus could sense that he was merely just a player, a man who spent his money to probably wine and dine females only to sleep with them and start a new day with a new female. Rolling her bright blue eyes at him, he pretty much answered the question without meaning to, saying he'd keep her guessing

"Don't worry, you just answered the question, a masked answer at that, but ill take it" she stated, rolling her bright blue eyes at him before bursting into laughter at his question about her name. "IT is not a boys name, I don't know the proper term or use for the name my parents gave me, besides, do I look like a boy?" she questioned, almost terrified he'd say yes just to be arrogant. Zeus didn't realize that Nate could actually be this kind until he stood in a towel, which was distracting enough for her tears to go away, but the words he spoke to her, caused a bright smile to dance on her lips. "I guess so Nate, just never heard it put that way by no one ever. Ive had friends come and go, even relatives never knew what to say to me to stop my grieving and the issue I have with looking at my- - -" she trailed off, stopping just as he swiped her tears away, kissing her forehead.

Zeus felt goosebumps for the first time in her life, they almost felt like they were stinging her skin. "Ugh why" she asked herself, as she watched him walk to the shower with his towel around him. Over top of the music, Zeus didn't hear him re-enter the room. She swallowed roughly then as he asked if she was enjoying herself, "I am actually. The fact that I could get lost in this huge bed, for days was entertaining enough, then I met that stereo system over there... this is like disney land for adults" she stated, chuckling but her eyes falling onto his abs. Walking over to him, Zeus ran her fingers down his chest, stopping at the top of his stomach, looking into his eyes before parting her lips to speak "SO, what's next? shopping? or maybe we can say screw it for now and go watch a movie on that huge flatscreen of yours" she stated, clearing her throat, realizing she'd gotten lost with looking at every curve and rip that adorned the parts of his body she could see.

"And, thank you for what you did before you went to shower. Ive never felt relief over my mother before, until I heard you speak on living with her memories, and seeing myself as a reminder of her being proud rather than it haunting me. And there was something I wanted to ask, a few favors actually.." she trailed off in thought, simply because both favors were to much to ask anyone, no matter if they knew each other well or not, these favors didn't come often. "First, I don't wish to live in one of your houses alone, it's to much for me, so with that... what would you think of having a roommate? me of course, and I wouldn't expect to stay here for free, ill pay or work it off, whatever. Second, with your job im sure comes the role of a person who could help me retrieve something back of my mothers .. the Initia snatched it from her neck, much like this one" she stated, holding up her own medallion for him to see.

"You don't have to say yes to either of those right now though, im sure you'd like to get to know the woman who's asking to live with you" she added, smirking up at him before gazing to the windows that went from his floor to his ceiling, loving the view from his bedroom. "I like this place, besides... I don't have no one in my life, a roommate would be a rather new, but nice adventure for me to take. I'll keep it clean while you work, cook, etc... I may have had the appearance of a tomboy but im still a female who knows how to tend to a males needs" she stated, biting down on her lower lip, almost afraid of him replying to her about all of this. "But before you give any answers, where's all your expensive alcohol.. I'd love a glass of Scotch" she finished off, falling silent and waited on him to speak back.

Material things didn’t matter much to Nate they had lost their value a long time ago. He’d be almost as happy living in a tent with just his clothes and phone. Zeus who hadn’t grown up with the same privileges as himself looked at his shiny things with other eyes than himself. The blonde seemed to appreciate the fancy house in ways he couldn’t. Being born into endless of money taught you that nice things meant nothing as long as you didn’t have anyone to share it with. It didn’t mean happiness of course it helped short term but in the long run Nate would probably have been happier if he’d been raised in a family with normal profit. “I almost get lost myself” he admitted thinking of all the rooms in the house which he almost never visited. There was a cinema room even somewhere.

The dhampir saw her attention shift and focus on his abs that were pretty visible under the tight shirt. Unable to contain herself the blonde came closer before touching his chest and running her fingers gently over it. The reaction was normal Nate was used to the adoration liked it even. Having people drooling over you had its advantages. “Whatever you like Dear” he said letting her decide, she was the guest after all. He just needed to stay close to town in case someone else committed a crime. Saying Dear Love And Darlin to every one was a habit that reminded from his life in England.

“Go ahead” The Officer encouraged Zeus curios to what she had been meaning to ask. When the request came he was surprised. Just hours ago she’d been destroying an innocent families home because someone had aggravated her. However he had been seeking company without success for months. Everyone who’d offered to lived with him had been unstable. To strung up to handle his carefree way of living. The question was would Zeus be stand able. So far she hadn’t impressed with her self control.

“No need for that Love, I’ve staff for all of that besides won’t cost me more if you live here, must warn you thaw I’m rarely home so might not be so fun” his work required long irregular hours and dhampir duties on that plus training didn’t give him much time to be home. Usually when he had free time he spent it at the shag of the days place.

“My specialty is hacking and tracking people through their devices and internet trails I’m not sure I can help in your case I’m sorry I could try of course but supernaturals rarely use such modern ways” He didn’t want to give her false hope even thaw he wished to help her in anyway he could. Nate pressed a button and a glass cabinet with all kinds of booze came out from behind a wall. “Enjoy yourself” he chuckled as he gestured for her to go crazy “I can’t join you unfortunately as I’m on call and on a diet”

She chuckled softly, when admitting he got lost in the mansion himself. "I don't doubt that ManCandy, but how can you stand it? something this big for just yourself... seems so lonely" she stated, chewing on her lower lip as her eyes found his, locking with them immediately. Something about looking into his eyes, seemed to reach into her soul, and yank on it a little. These feelings frustrated her, but she decided to ignore it for now. "I want a tour later" she added before letting her bight blue gaze find the window again.

How could one possibly live alone? Of course his job and other ... things, probably kept him out of the house enough to make it bareable but still, she couldn't help but wonder. Noticing he barely even blinked to the touch of her fingers running along his abs, then caused her to wonder just how many women he was used to having around. This began to seem like a game ... his game. But, Zeus was to headstrong, and she would play along. Nate had a side to him that he was afraid to show... emotions, caring for someone, passion... and well in Zeus' mind the list went on.

Upon him saying 'whatever you like' her mind went to other places aside from watching a movie, or shopping for her some new clothes. "What if whatever I like is strictly against everything you don't want?" she asked, smirking up to him as she stayed in place, adoring every curve on this man visible to her blue eyes. Sighing softly, her hands fell back to her side, she'd meant to step backwards but her feet stayed planted causing her to stumble into him. An awkward moment at best. "Sorry.." she said, a girly tone, feeling nervous all of a sudden. "What is it with you?" she questioned him .. absent minded, not really seeking an answer from him, but she did want to know.

When he said 'go ahead' and then she asked her questions. The look on his face became priceless. Had she just ruined it all? Did she make him see her as a stray, desperate enough to ask anyone? She sighed in relief though, because that didn't seem to be his thoughts at all when he finally said there'd be no need in her paying him to stay there, and that he could afford her. Smiling brightly, she leaned up and forward, kissing his cheek. To his next statement, she shook her head grinning. "I'm not looking for fun, so you can continue with your daily routines without worrying if im here bored or not.. but you caring about that, is sweet Nate" she admitted and looked down to the floor, chewing her bottom lip.

Listening, it seemed that Nate didn't wanna disappoint her, she could hear it in his voice. "It's okay, you're helping enough by letting me crash here... the rest will unfold with time" she said before stepping back, giving him a little of his personal space back, but her eyes never left his. Right now, she felt things she didn't wanna. With the press of a button after an awkward moment of silence shared between them, Zeus was in booze heaven. Right away, she picked out a bottle of Scotch .. what she had asked for earlier and looked over to NAte. "So, a movie then... if that settles with you" she said, blushing feeling her cheeks become hot, with that, she turned away from him, not wanting him to see the girly moment she was struggling through.

"A movie will give us a chance to .. talk, get to know each other.. and whatever else happens" she stated, smirking as she began walking to exit his room, her eyes beckoning him to follow her.

Amusement filled the beautiful nephilims eyes as demanding eye contact locking her blue eyes to his green. She looked away to the window for a short second before meeting his eyes again. Enchanted by his charm and mystery. “Like I said it’s only a place I shower and sometimes sleep” the explanation was simple the cause behind it not quite as simple. It was wasteful to have such a beautiful home all to yourself and never tend to it’s full potential. In many ways the Dhampir was wasteful with all the stuff he indulged himself. Planet earth didn’t have endless resources and with his immortality he’d have to help the planets survival.

It wasn’t the cause behind his loneliness in normal cases guys like him dated and married early, by his real age, 30 maybe even remarried. What could’ve possibly caused his unwillingness to settle down? A rich kid who had gotten everything a personal could possibly wished for, except one thing, love and cherishing parents. They’d never come to soccer games, or other activities like other parents. His brother had been sent away and not bothered to contact him until his 18th birthday and turned his would around, okey maybe that wasn’t the whole truth but it was the that Nate saw it.

Getting attention from everyone else and being carefree, what was there to care about when whatever you did weren’t enough for your family to care? Become his thing. Dumping people before they could dump him. It was a common defense mechanism. Either that or being overly jealous and almost keeping your partner captive. If you grew up poor and unloved living fancy and succeed was their way of never being vulnerable again. The young male couldn’t stand the thought of a disappointment a possible wife, catch her cheating on him or being disappointed with him just like his parents. People around him hadn’t married because of love they did it to gain advantages and had not so secret affairs.

This decisions had been made so long ago that Nate had forgotten about when and why. They were buried deep down inside. Now he was just a rich carefree manwhore doing whatever he pleased. “I’m a gentleman I’ll give in” He winked at her before taking of the shirt smiling amused as she stumbled into him. “Don’t worry love women tend to be breath taken in my presence so I don’t blame you” He laughed softly as he steadied her. “Bored you might be dangerous for this town” He scuffed as pressed another button making a flatscreen come out in-front of the giant bed. “This place is like the matrix I know” he said rolling his eyes at all the modern things.

He placed himself on the bed still shirtless and patted on the space between him “The note book?” He asked, it was a movie that many females appreciated and men didn’t want to admit they enjoyed. The strange male had no problem listing it as one of his favorite films. “We could also sing karaoke something I must say I am fairly good at”


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