Am I insane or did this dog just talk? {Open to Rachel Morrison and Anastasia Bélanger}

It was something that brought Anastasia joy the minute she saw in the local newspaper that the local humane society was looking for volunteers to sign up and visit the animals. Some of them were skittish and scared from their previous life that they endured before coming here, but others were willing to trust human again and got excited to see someone coming to see them. It was funny to the young Celestial that after all the things that she’s seen, it was something as simply as seeing the cats and dogs that warmed her heart. She truly did have a love for animals and she wished how she would be able to bring one home with her but she wasn’t sure if that’d be allowed in the Celestial palace.

Since seeing the ad, Ana’s visits became a part of a routine in her everyday life. She’d take time to go down there so she got to know the people around there. There was also one girl that she would around the same time as her. She would sometimes cross paths with her and one instance made her learn that her name was Rachel. And this was one of the times they were in the same room

“We’ll be closing up soon guys,” one of the caretakers said with a smile before he swiftly left to tend elsewhere. Ana was scratching the ears of one of older dogs that she grew an attachment too. “You take it easy Roxie, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said to the dog before standing to her feet to leave. “Good night,” she said to Rachel before walking towards the door.

“Help me get out of here, will ya?” an unfamiliar voice called out to her as she was near the door. Before she could look confused, she heard it again.

“Down here,” the small voice piped up as she was met with a dog staring right up at her. No. Pfft. No. That dog couldn’t have talked. But still as she turned her head to look at the other person in the room, she could already feel the stupidity of her question cause a flash of heat to her cheeks and neck.

“I know this is going to sound crazy but… did you just...hear that?” She asked Rachel, not wanting to turn her attention to the dog just yet in case she heard it again.

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Rachel stared at herself in the bathroom of the local humane society and groaned. She wasn’t exactly a huge fan of dogs and being her made her sneeze often. At first, she didn’t really deserve to be there on community service. Her latest assignment had gone super wrong and so the court had told her she could get away without an charges, as long as she’d perform community service. She’d taken the agreement and choose to visit dogs at the local human society. As much as she hated to admit it, she slowly began to love the furry animals. After her community service was over, she continued to come help.

The Dhampir left the bathroom and entered the room where the dogs were kept. She noticed Anastasia was already there and gave her a friendly smile. She’d met the small girl a few week ago and thought she was a friendly person. One of the puppies came running up to her, nipping at her heels, and suddenly she had about four puppies crawling over her. The small dogs had taken sometime to grow used to the Rachel, but now they loved her. Rachel played with them until it was almost time to leave. She glanced around to see most of the volunteers had already left. 

Rachel glanced down at her watch, noticed what time it was, and sighed. She hated leaving the puppies, especially one of the rings of the pack. The small golden retriever snuggled into her chest, as Rachel stood up. Helping round up the pups, she felt the owner slip a key ring into her back pocket. “I’ve gotta run. Can you lock up for me?” The female asked, already walking out the door. Nodding, Rachel looked over to see that only her and Anastasia were left. A funny sounding question floated through the air and she glanced over at the small brunette, in confusion.

”What?” She asked, feeling utterly confused. The voice sounded again and they both looked at the floor. A brown dog was laying on the floor, staring up at them. Shaking her head, she laughed a little bit. No way a dog had just spoken to them. It wasn’t possible. Dogs don’t speak. The Dhampir figured she must just be imagining things until Anastasia asked her if she’d heard it too. “I think I heard it, but that’s crazy... right? Dogs can’t speak,” she whispered, staring at the other female in complete shock. 

Hearing the other girl’s words was enough confirmation and that she was losing her mind from hearing weird voices. “No, they can’t. But this one...just spoke,” she said, glad that she was the only one that looked shocked. “I know there are things in this city that are the unexplained,” herself included but she never thought she’d come across this.

“So are two just gonna stand there or are you gonna help a guy out?” The dog asked again both Rachel and Ana. Her eyes went back to the small dog before she knelt down to be at it’s level. “How are you even speaking?” She asked the dog before looking away. “I can’t believe I’m asking a dog that question,” she said to herself before hearing the dog bark at her.

“I do bite if I don’t get what I want,” the dog said which earned a furrowed eyebrow expression from Ana. She looked over at Rachel to see if she was still standing there. “Sassy,” she muttered under her breath before she stayed in the knelt position.

“I’m only talking because this is the only way I can communicate to get help. I’m a Diviner trying to receive help. I’ve been kidnapped and don’t where I am but I managed to send out this message.” The dog spoke and the more it all sounded crazier than before. Ana stood up and just looked dumbfounded.

She looked over to Rachel as if to see what her reaction was to this. After spending her time studying the supernatural creatures in her spare time, she knew that a Diviner’s magic was capable of sending messages in a form that they pleased. Though, it was an unusual mode of communication. Whoever this was knew that Ana must have been a supernatural but she wasn’t sure if Rachel knew of their presence. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t know if the girl was either a human or someone who like her was part of the unexplained. She just knew the girl was very friendly and was good company to be around.

“What should we do?” She asked Rachel before glancing at the dog once again who just stared at them. “I’m willing to do some weird rescue plan if I’m honest...” the Celestial admitted. Her kind was known to help people in need which only landed them in either good situations or bad ones which the outcome always seemed to be the latter. But she was still here so at least all of them worked out in the end.

Disbelief was written all over Rachel’s face as she looked at the other female. She couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around a talking dog. Maybe she need to see a therapist or something. The search for her brother was obviously starting to pay a toll on her mental state. Then again, how would Anastasia hear the dog as well? She glanced down at the dog who seemed to be staring at her. “Unexplained... we can explain this. Maybe we both drank some sort of weird science juice and were hallucinating?” She asked, not really wanting to face the truth. 

The Dhampir flinched at the sound of the dog speaking up again. She furrowed her brow and wondered why a dog wanted so much help. As impossible as the situation was, Rachel had the urge to help the poor thing. She watched as Anastasia knelt next to him and started asking it questions like it was a human being. She crossed her arms and went utterly silent. The dog’s bark made her glance back at him with an eyebrow raised.

The attitude the dog gave was amusing to herself and she barely managaed not to chuckle. Rachel gave the dog a slight smile and walked closer to the pair on the floor. “If you bite, I’ll take Anastasia, and we’ll just leave like nothing ever happened here.” She threatened, glaring at the small dog. She looked at Anastasia and nodded at her soft word. “He truly is,” She agreed, smirking. 

The dog started to speak again and Rachel listened intently. A diviner had been kidnapped? She could work with that. She hadn’t ever saved anyone from a kidnapping, but her years of hunting experience would come in handy. Her eyes drifted over to Anastasia to watch her intake of what the diviner dog just said. The look on the other female’s face was what Rachel was feeling on the inside. 

The brunette Dhampir stood there in silence, gazing at the dog. She’d encountered rogue diviners before but never actually talked to one face to face. She tended not to hang around other people, other than Dominic, Katrina, or Valeria. Glancing at the other woman, she wondered how much she knew about the supernatural. There was something about her, a glow or beauty, that made Rachel realize she wasn’t a normal human. She noticed that Anastasia was looking at her too and glanced back at the dog. 

She thought about Anastasia’s question and then looked at the other female. “If we’re doing this, we need a plan and supplies,” she said. She didn’t know why but she was alright with helping a random talking dog that claimed it was a diviner. She just hoped that it wasn’t a dark diviner because then they’d more than likely have a fight on their hands. Rachel realized how crazy what they were about to do was and looked around the room. “Oh dear lord,” she whispered, looking between the two in front of her.

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