Arthur was never the one to stay at home during the night these days anymore, now that he was a wolf, he couldn’t stay still. He decided to head into the woods that were near his house, his blonde locks bouncing as he jogged along the way. His hearing picking up crickets chirping, rabbits hiding away and it was really quiet here tonight.

The sky was as clear as anything, the stars were really bright tonight and he could see the moon shining brightly above the woods. Heading into a clearing, he spotted some fireflies among the tall grass that were floating about. The woods had slight fog to the area, making it mysterious. He enjoyed the peace; sitting down on the dewy grass, he found himself gazing up towards the stars, he smiled to himself as he saw so many stars.

He ran a hand through his hair then leaned on his hands as he watched the sky, he used to do astronomy when he was a kid, so he knew a fair amount of constellations, each planet of the universe. He learned a bit of everything since he was a Royal and he needed to know that apparently. A soft breeze went through the woods and it went around him, his eyes closing as it was a warm night tonight, he didn’t like summer and he preferred the cooler weather.

He hummed quietly to himself before he heard a snap of a twig, he instantly was on guard. His head turned and looked around, narrowing his eyes. ‘’Who’s there?’’ He asked as he stood from his spot, raising his eyebrows. ‘’Show yourself.’’ A growl threatened passed his lips, carefully he moved closer towards where the sound came from. He didn’t have weapons or anything on him; it was just him. ‘’Show yourself,’’ he growled again and crossed his arms over his chest, standing still. Watching silently as he watched the bushes rustle, his blue orbs trying to catch any life.

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Winther came out of the thicket with his hand up in the air.  His ethereal glow marking his silhouette around the darkness of his surroundings attempted to swallow his light

“I come in peace!”  The young celestial said with a playful wink.  “This is one of my favorite spots to star gaze and you are sitting on my spot dude.”

He had heard of the other species in Evermore but had had very little interaction with any of them.  By his growl, Winther assumed he was were-something or other.  Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to taunt him?  Ignorance is bliss.  He chuckled to himself.  Trouble was his middle name after all

“Haven’t seen any of your kind before.” He hadn’t moved yet, Winther still had his arms up in the air.  He was quite fond of his arms so he was going to let the big bad wolf decide if Winther could stay or leave.

Arthur's growl was a warning to the intruder who was passing on their territory, his eyes glowed in the dark unable to control them as it was night time and it helped him with his vision. His eyebrow rose as he saw a man descending from the bushes, his instincts were on guard if he was a threat or not. 

''You do realize you are crossing the therian's territory?'' He asked, a soft growl passed his lips but stopped as the man seemed a little friendly and in no need of a threat. If this man was going to do anything, he would keep an eye on him. His facial expressions changed, a small smile forming on his thin lips. 

''You can put your hands down, it's fine.'' He said, his voice changed to a friendly manner. ''I've not seen your kind either...Whatever you are.'' A soft chuckle left his lips and approached the man carefully, outstretched his hand towards the tall man. ''Nice to meet you, I'm Arthur.'' He said, flashing another friendly smile. He wouldn't reveal his specie of himself yet. 

''Do you always come here?'' He asked, his head tilting a little bit, curiosity taking over him. His eyes wandered over the man, his brows raising. He's cute. He thought to himself, obviously not wanting to make the other comfortable. ''Right, so, star gazing huh? I know a fair bit of astronomy myself.'' He said as he eventually plopped himself back down onto the dewy grass, patting the spot next to him.

''I won't bite,'' he flashed him a grin and chuckled, ''not much yet anyways.'' He said jokingly, knowing the other wasn't going to harm him, he hoped he would make a friend. A small smile came along his lips again, he really wanted some friends as he didn't have any family here and yet was avoiding to contact his family.

”Oh I’m no one important, just a guy that likes to look at stars.  And no, I wasn’t aware I was in someone territory.  Are there signs somewhere?”  He scratched the back of his neck.  He was pretty careless and in a way fearless.  Not because he was brave but because he believed that everyone was good if given a chance.  Ben had taught him that.  He had been very kind with Winther and had showed him how to survive in the human world.

Winther carried his heart in his hand. Always ready to help anyone, always ready to lend a good ear, a strong hand or gentle words.  There was so much suffering in the world.  It was Winther’s theory that everyone needed a smile in their life and maybe a good laugh.  He did enjoy making people laugh.

he went to sit down next to the young man.  “I do enjoy a fellow stargazer.  Tell me my new friend which is your favorite constellation?  Oh and by the way, my name is Winther Ramsey at your service.”

His brow raised at the strangers comment, he hummed a soft tune before speaking. ''Everyone is important in this world. You and I have a purpose to live.'' He murmured as his lips pursed together for a moment as he was deep in thought. Before shaking his head out of his thoughts, looking over to Winther. ''I guess there isn't, sorry I didn't mean to threaten you. Thought you were going to harm me.'' He shrugged.

His eyes flickered over the stranger, giving him a small smile. His head tilted towards the sky as various and thousands of stars twinkled in the dark sky. Due to his father always making him do more education than the rest of his siblings, he was taught on everything, literally. 

He blinked out of his thoughts once again, glancing over to the man who seemed to be also in deep thought before he watched him sat down next to him. His heart skipped a small beat as he heard the man say 'friend'. Well, that was a first. He hadn't made any friends here in Evermore yet.

He cleared his throat a little before responding to him, smiling at his name. ''Nice to meet you, Winther. Unique name.'' He said gently before continuing, ''my favorite constellation would be Capricorn.'' He nodded once, his blue eyes gazing over to Winther's. ''Have you stayed in Evermore long?'' He asked, keeping the conversation going.

‘the horned goat,’ it is not an easy constellation to see since it is one of the ones that it is farthest away from us.  Why do you like it?  Do you dream of having horns some day?  Or wait... do you turn into a horned creature?”  His eyes went wide with wonder.  Winther had heard of beings changing form but he had never seen one.  His eyes searched for the cluster of eleven stars and was happy to see that it was in the far side but still distiguisihble since it was a pretty large constellation.  He pointed right at it, drawing in the air how the stars connected.  “ There it is, your Capricornus.”

Winther was enjoying himself.  There was just one problem, his new friend hadn’t told him his name.  He wondered why was that?  Going back to his last question, Winther continued their conversation.

”I’m new around here.  Some of us still are concerned to leave the place where we live.  There seems to be some factions that will mean us harm.  Some think of us too weak, but I know I’m not weak.  I know I will try and defend myself.  Not attack or cause harm, but just defend myself.”

“Have you been here long?  Do you have family? If I get too personal, you can just ignore my question.”  He smiled at his friend and went back to gaze at the stars.

He thought deeply for a moment and he glanced over to Winther, shrugging his shoulders lightly. ‘’Reminds me of my father to be honest, I don’t know why it just does.’’ He let out a slight chuckle as he heard the comment of his, shaking his head. ‘’No I don’t, thank god I don’t. Because one I already struggle to accept what I really am.’’ A frown covered his features as he thought about it. He hasn’t fully accept that he was a werewolf.

His eyes followed the man’s finger as he saw the constellation and smiled, nodding as he scanned the sky with his own blue orbs. He saw another constellation and pointed towards the stars, following the outline of it. ‘’Cancer is there,’’ he murmured as he shuffled closer to Winther, their elbows touching slightly.

Once he settled back down to his position, he listened to Winther. ‘’Oh, my name is Arthur by the way, sorry I thought you heard me earlier clearly not,’’ he shrugged. He nodded as he agreed with Winther what he was saying, reaching up to flick away a bug. ‘’I’m the same too, I become protective of myself and others, I always defend.’’ He was taught that way as well.

A soft hum left his lips once more as he looked over to Winther, glancing over him as he heard him asked about his family. He wouldn’t tell him that he was a Prince. He grimaced at the thought and sighed, ‘’I do have family, they are back in Neath, Wales. A small town,’’ he said before he continued, ‘’I’ve probably been here for about a month. Still getting settled. What about you?’’ He asked, enjoying the man’s company.

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“You have a family?  That’s great.”  Winther’s eyes clouded a little.  He wished he had family.  In his many excursions outside the castle he had seen couples with children, some older people with young people... families.  A foreign thing to the celestial but one he desired deeply.  “A brother or a sister...I would like that, some day.”  Winther didn’t know how families were made, but he figured one day, if possible he would have a brother or a sister.

Pointing at the four star prong he uttered “Aries that’s me.  I have a tattoo.” Suddenly he noticed he had said too much.  Winther was not sure if he needed to keep his identity a secret or not, but it was so easy to talk to Artie.

Diverting the conversation he asked “Can I call you Artie?  Arthur sounds too formal.  I don’t have a nickname other than Win, if you think of one for me I will use it.  I have been here for a while, but only recently I have began to venture outside my dwelling.”  He didn’t want to tell Artie he lived in a castle.  That seemed too much information.

“Other than star gazing, what else do you like to do?  Do you work?”

''Yes, but they are in Neath. I don't really want to speak to them right now.'' He murmured as he looked over to Winther, a concern expression forming over his face. He seemed to be in deep thought and wondered if he had any family before he listened carefully. 

A frown slowly made his way onto his forehead, hearing that Winther may not have any family yet he was lucky to have a small family. ''Well, maybe one day you'd like to meet my family.'' He offered, hoping to comfort the Celestial. ''They'll be more than welcomed to see you.'' He said, he watched as he pointed to the four star constellation of Aries. He nodded as his blue orbs once again looked over at him. ''That's cool. Tattos are pretty cool although I do not have any,'' he commented.

His brow raised as he heard the nick name of Artie, he shrugged his shoulders and didn't mind in the slightest. ''I don't mind. Arthur is a very old fashioned name.'' He sucked in a breath for a moment, his lips curled in a small smile. He found it very easy to talk to Winther as well and seemed very comfortable with him. ''I'm sure I'll think of a nickname for you.'' He said softly, a hand ran through his blonde locks. 

''I see, well I guess we are very new to Evermore. I am sure we will be exploring places in the future.'' He had hoped that this man would become a friend to him, he already liked him. ''I used to do duties in Neath.'' He explained briefly before chewing on his lip in thought.

He shrugged, ''I used to be a Prince, well still am... I'm Arthur Brynn, Prince of Neath.'' He cleared his throat, scratching the back of his head. ''I moved here because I was turned and didn't want to be...'' His eyes gazed down at the dewy grass, and sighed. ''A disappointment to my family. I wanted them safe.'' He explained, he didn't know why he was telling Winther all of the a sudden, he seemed different and he could trust him. 

''Don't tell anyone alright?'' He mumbled and gave him a small smile. ''Other than that, I like to read, watch movies, adventure and love spending most of it outdoors. Horse riding, writing and much more. How about you?'' He asked gently, smiling softly at him. 

”Did you say adventures?  I would like to go on an adventure.   If you ever need a wingman, I your man.  What kind of adventures you go to?  My biggest adventure has been coming to this area  now that I know it belongs  the Thereians maybe I won’t be able to come here anymore.”

A shooting star suddenly cross the night sky.  It made Winther sad because he knew another star had fallen.  He or she will be lost and confused.  Like a new born child, the celestial wouldn’t remember anything, just like him, he or she would feel lost and alone until someone would show kindness and help them out.  Ben had done that for Winther.  He had been kind and showed him how to survive.

Winther looked at his new friend and smiled, grateful to have met someone that he could talk to.  “Don’t worry Artie, I have no friends, and no one else to talk to.  Your secret is safe with me.”

His mind went into overdrive and began to feel nervous and wondered if the man would judge him if he was a Prince. He didn't know why he was so worried about it, he never used to be like this but ever since he was away from his family and have been discontinued from the duties he has been given, he was afraid of being judged around the world. 

His eyes flickered up to the sky as he a saw a string of bright light go across the sky, indicating that a comet had flown by and he smiled. He loved seeing shoot stars, they were quite rare to see. A small chuckle left his lips as he heard the man talking about adventures, smiling at the man's interests of adventures. ''Yes, I've been on them quite a lot during my duties. Have traveled most of England and Europe. Father used to force me to do a lot of duties when I was younger, forest trips and all.'' He explained, his life has never stopped being interesting. He was always doing something.

Relief flooded through him as he heard the man's words, nodding at him. ''I am sure you will find more friends in time, Winther. No need to worry, and you will always have me.'' He said, winking at him and a slight smirk making his way to his lips. ''But thank you, I appreciate it.'' He said as his hand reached up and patted him gently on the back in an appreciative manner. ''Let's go get something to eat? It's almost morning.'' 

Dawn was approaching as the rays of colours were forming across the sky, his lips formed into a smile at the sunrise. He slowly got up and shook his hands to get rid of the grass that was on his hands. He outstretched his hand and offered it to him, ''want a hand?'' He asked, smiling at the man. His first friend in Evermore, he forgot what the feeling was to have a friend. 

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Taking the hand that had been offered, Winther got up. The colours of the sky began to change, some pinks and purples started mixing with the deep blues and black of the sky.  Some of his favourite constellations were no longer visible.  Food sounded good, his stomach grumbled at the mention of food.  Smiling sheepishly at his new friend Winther followed him.

They walked into town where the smell of food “How about that place?”  He pointed to an all night diner.  It had a retro theme, red and black leather with white tile, chrome finish on the sides of the countertops.

He hadn’t felt this happy in a long time.  Winther had a friend and that was just awesome.  This was great news for the young celestial since all his attempts at making friends had gone bad.  Things were looking good.

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