Evermore City was quite an unusual city he has ever been in, however, he was settling in quite  nicely. Compared to his hometown, the American culture was unique and most people were rather laid back. He hasn't met someone he doesn't like yet, although things could change.

Arthur was quite the social type; he always loved talking to people and liked meeting new people. One of his dislikes were crowds, they made him nervous and he couldn't think straight even though he was taught to be confident in front of crowds, he always used to think that he was being judged with every time he did something. Specially now that the media is involved in his life which he did not like. 

A sigh left his lips and he gazed out the window of his home and saw the trees swaying slightly, a cool summer breeze swept through the Therianthrope territory. He found it rather peaceful living in the forest with a large house he owned. He did get quite lonely at times but he usually absorbed himself spending time with reading, drawing or even exercising. 

He stood from the chair of his living room and headed over towards the backdoor, the sun shining high above in the crystal blue sky. He ran a hand through his blonde locks, his eyes scanning the area before he decided to take his shirt off, placed it aside before stepping outside into the open.

He shifted into his wolf form and began to do his daily route; the smell of pine and oak trees filling his nostrils as he trotted through the forest floor. As a breeze swiftly went through the forest, his eyes narrowed as he smelled something rather... Off and it smelled like it was rotten. His face contorted before he began to follow that scent. 

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Tori pushed past the leaves and tree branches, moving at a humans pace for now as she wandered through the forest near her home. She was so excited to get out to explore the new area finally. She was off for a second time and decided to wander around into her back yard. She loved hiking and camping the only problem now was.. the sun. She wore a cloak, a hood covering her head but she managed to travel through most of the shady areas, careful not to step into the sun. She had been walking for a few hours now, noticing how things began to smell very weird. She must not be in the vampire territory anymore.

She checked her phone, it was the late afternoon now. She sighed and found a shady enough spot and shrugged off her cloak carefully. A cool breeze blew through and she smiled, delighting in the sounds and feeling of being surrounded by nature. She took a seat on a large rock and took out her phone again as is went off. Emails from work.. she sighed and began looking through them.

Arthur hopped over a large rock and scanned the area, the forest was quite peaceful, only a few birds chirping every now and then. His ears perked up as he heard some footsteps in the distance, his eyes narrowed and instantly, he was on guard. The smell still wafted through the forest, it was clear that this person wasn't wanted in the territory. He quickly jumped off the rock and landed perfectly, his ankle had mostly healed although he was still weary of it. 

He began to sprint through the forest in director of where he heard the footsteps and the smell was becoming more stronger. He panted as his paws thudded along the forest floor, he skidded to a stop for a moment to catch his bearings and whereabouts he was in the forest. He had explored most of this forest and knew it from top to bottom. He caught the scent once again and moved forward, slowly made his way to east. He stopped, his ears perked up and he heard someone breathing. His head tilted before he crouched down to the forest floor, moving along through the bushes. He finally found out what that smell was; he was sure that this woman was a vampire. She had pale skin, a cloak on and it was obvious to him. 

He knew that most vampire's and werewolves didn't get along; but he couldn't help but be protective of the therianthrope territory. A deep growl left his lips as he emerged himself out of the bushes, exposing his werewolf form. Over all, his wolf was quite large and he could easily attack her; but he wasn't going to do that. He knew that most factions got along however he was still quite protective over anyone in the Therianthrope faction.

His eyes shifted to the phone that female was holding, his head tilted to the side and came closer towards her. The smell was strange; it was almost like a death smell. He couldn't bear it. Another growl left his lips, this time it was more of a warning growl. He quickly hopped back into the bushes to shift into his human form, again he emerged himself.

''What do you think you doing here? You reek of something,'' his face contorted into disgust. His clothes were now crinkled, his shorts were holey as always. ''Why are you in the therianthrope territory?'' He asked, his voice was deep, full of anger and protectiveness. ''You better not be in here hunting.''

Tori could hear something getting closer to her but she only thought it was a normal animal, coming to check her out like usual. She still busied herself with her phone until she caught scent of an odd smell. It littered the area around her. She knew it was probably what other species lived here. She hadn't met many people yet and didn't know of what was out there. But somehow she knew this one was more animal-like, like a dog or something, nothing like she had met before. She heard a growl and her head jerked in the direction of the creature. She took up quickly but had forgotten about the sun. She hissed, hurrying to grab her cloak in seconds and her phone fell onto the forest floor. She perched atop the rock now, looking over as the growl became more menacing. What did she do exactly? Why was it so angry?

"What?" She urged, moving to hide behind a tree as it came out of the bushes. She peeked over and rose a brow. A man? Where did he come from.. right. She narrowed her eyes as she listened to his questions and she crossed her arms at his threat. "Um.. some people like to hike. Jeez, calm down weredog.. I'm not hunting anything." She stepped from the tree to shoot a warning glare in his direction. "Just because I'm a vampire doesn't mean I can't enjoy the outdoors.. mongrel." 

Arthur eyes narrowed as he watched the young woman before him, he was suspicious of her as he stalked closer towards her. The scent was strong and had an off odor to it, he definitely knew the smell of it as he once had encountered another vampire not long ago. His ears flickered as the trees rustled when a breeze swept by them. He was rather protective of the nature in this forest and even though he was a wolf and liked to hunt from time to time, he didn't like other species doing it. As he dashed behind the bush to return to his human form and came out out to greet this woman. 

Another growl threatened passed his lips as he heard the answer of her, he was sure that was a lie. She was probably hungry. His brow raised at the name ''were-dog'' and he growled again, his chest rising as he went closer to her. ''Unless you want your head ripped off, you better not call me that.'' his tone dark with anger as his eyes narrowed at her once more. ''Bloodsucker like you shouldn't be here. This is our land. Even if you want to hike...'' Another growled left him, his eyes narrowing at the woman. She looked rather young and maybe she was a recently turned vampire? ''What are you really doing here?'' He asked, his tone still rather dark and almost lacing with hate.

Torquil groaned, rolling her eyes and hissed. Who did he think he was talking to? "Like I said, dog. Hiking, enjoying the sun for once. Jeeze what is it with you, therians? So uptight about the damn land.. you don't own it you know?" she began looked around for her phone and grabbed it from the earth in one quick motion before facing the therian again. "I like the outdoors.. well mostly the night now but I wanted to explore a bit. I just moved here." She shrugged, her eyes never leaving him. 

Arthur arched his brow as he heard the hiss that came from her, a slight smirk curled upon his lips but that quickly left him when he heard the name calling. A scoff left him and he kept his arms crossed against his chest, a glare settling in across his face. ''This land belongs to all Therianthropes. We are protective of our land and its nature.'' He didn't personally own it but he had the right to protect it by all means. 

He couldn't tell if she was telling the truth or not but it seemed like it was true, he put himself back and knew she wasn't a threat to this land. ''I moved here not long ago either, I'm sorry for being so harsh.'' He clicked his tongue against the top of his mouth and kept his arms crossed, keeping his eyes firmly on the woman. ''You seem young... Recently Turned?'' He asked, his head tilted slightly as curiosity began to overtake him. 

Tori knew that much about the land but she wasn't disturbing anything, merely admiring the nature about them. She pocketed her phone, moving slightly as the wind blew through the trees, displaying the sun. "Cool and yeah sure." She shrugged, narrowing her eyes at the guy, remaining on edge. "Yeah, but everyone here is 'young' right? Who wants to know?" She went on, watching his every move. 

Arthur still remained on guard if this woman was going to be a threat but he tried not to show it as much. He cleared his throat and ran his fingers through his blonde locks, nodding his head. ''I guess everyone is young-ish here.'' He shrugged and looked over his shoulders as if he saw something but it was his mind playing tricks. ''Well...Since you aren't a 'threat' here. I'll leave you be?'' He asked, tilting his head at the pale woman, shivering at the thought when an image went through his mind as if the woman was drinking his blood. ''Right... Well... As long as you don't... You know, attack any of our kind then we are good.'' His tone was firm, a hint of coldness was in there too. He kept his eyes firmly on the woman, not wanting to leave just yet... 

She kept her eyes on him, not phasing in the slightest by his words. "Good and I'm not." She slowly moved to latch onto the tree, effortlessly climbing up. She moved gracefully, swinging over a branch to sit down atop of it. Most of her body covered by the shade of the trees. "I'm just enjoying nature as I said." She took her eyes from him to look through the trees, watching as a few squirrels hopped from tree to tree. "You can stay with if you'd like.. I won't bite you." She said, sincerely. She had no interest in hunting in the area.

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