It seemed like Amoura spent most of her time cooped up in her apartment over the pass couple of days.  Living in Evermore has been an alright experience since she arrived here. She goes out only to two places; her apartment and her art studio. She keeps to herself a lot. Even her neighbors barely know anything about her. Yes she lives in an area where other celestial's reside but she does not engage with them. Anytime she tries to she gets choked up. When her mind repeatedly goes back to Isle of Sky, she becomes anxious and fearful. Amoura woke up one night, from a dream. She was fast asleep earlier in the day but this particular dream made her get up. 

She got out of her bed, slipping her feet into her comfy slippers before walking out into the living room. Amoura walked towards her art supply closet where her easel which laid inside collecting dust had been sitting. She grabbed it and brought it out of hiding. The celestial began setting up her work station. Her art studio was becoming bear without her bringing in new pieces to grace the walls with. She was sure she needed to bring in some kind of income soon because her rent will be due. Amoura grabbed a hold of a cup and poured water into it. She then opened up some of her palettes of paint, mixing a few colors here and there. When Amoura begins to paint she gets lost in her art. Sometimes to the point where she does not realize she has been in this one place for hours.  The only things to snap her out of her painting trance is her stomach or the phone ringing, otherwise she will paint for hours. 

Before she knew it, Amoura had painted enough pieces for her to sell in her studio tomorrow. She had paint all over her hands and face per usual. The sun came peaking over the mountain tops and shined through the small cracks her curtains made. The celestial took a small peak outside of the window, looking down at the few people who were walking the  sidewalks and some cars that had passed by. Her eyes squinted down at the sight. The brightness of the sun made her repel back due to the fact she was in the dark for so long. Amoura took a look over at the paintings she had created before proceeding to take a shower to get the paint off her body. Amoura then got dressed for day, throwing on a cardigan and some shorts to accompany her. She put on her favorite converse splashed with a colorful amount of paint. 

She grabbed a hold of her paintings and wrapped a tie around them to keep them secure. Amoura took her pieces down the stairs and out the building. She could hear the morning birds chirping in the sky. She wasn't much of a daylight person to begin with. When she arrived at her studio, the celestial searched in her bookbag for the studio key. It took a few minutes but she was able to find them, opening the glass door. The bell above rung as she made her way inside. Amoura flipped the lights on and soon began putting up her new pieces she had created. It wasn't long before a few customers came through the door. She welcomed them as usual before continuing to set up and price out her new pieces. 

Amoura took a look at her store front window, seeing the amount of fingerprints left on the window including the door. She went in the back and got some window cleaner along with paper towels. The celestial started with the store front window. she climbed inside and sprayed a few squirts from the bottle. She then began wiping off the smudges and prints. While cleaning, Amoura did not notice Zane who had crossed the way standing a few feet away from the window staring at her. It wasn't until he found his way inside of her studio. She turned around in time to see the man taking a look around. She has never seen him before and he looked pretty brand new. "Can I help you with anything?" Amoura asked while still in the store front window. 

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He was a lost man, looking to be found in the most unlikely of circumstances. Evermore was a foreign place still, a strange city with strange people - and now  - Zane was among them, left to do nothing more than to make himself at home. He'd spend the first few days settling into his new apartment, setting it up with furniture and paint. When he was hungry, he didn't cook, or ordered food. Instead, he wished to venture out into his new world, to see whatever he could of the place his wolf forced him to live in before the full moon stripped Zane away of what little bit of freedom and bliss he had yet again. He departed from his home that late morning, carelessly embracing the heat of the eleven o'clock sun that shone across the muscles and ripples of strength that exposed itself from his tank top. The warmth of the dawn felt soothing to him at first, almost putting Zane at ease as he traveled across the street and continued to look for that diner he'd found the other day. His didn't know exactly what he'd do for the day. He knew he needed a job, using most of the money he had on getting his apartment to a more comfortable position. However, he didn't know where to look. He wasn't interested in being a doctor anymore, or at least couldn't fathom the idea of being one now. But then, as he thought more of it, Zane knew there was a lot he had to do if he was going to live here.

Despite it's grandiose nature and variety of people, places, and things, it wasn't Boston, it wasn't a place that he'd known for most of his life. It had only been four days now, two days longer than most places he's resided in since he was made a werewolf; and the only things he's seen to catch his eye on the west-side of the city, was a small, mom/pop diner a few distances away from his home, and a small storefront just in between them both, one that inhabited art pieces inside that garnered his interest. He passed by it again that day, almost hoping to see anything new just for the sake of sight until something - or someone had caught his eye in a different way. 

His eyes glanced up to the girl upon the ladder, occupying herself with a spray bottle and rag while his glances traveled to other places. He found her body at first, seeing as how the only thing he and his wolf agreed on was the fact that they both liked the way she looked. However just after he took his momentary break to look at the girl in alluring admiration, his stares quickly fell to the pieces laid just outside of the storefront; and after that, it didn't take much for him to put two and two together. "Aye these are yours?" Zane started as his mouth parted ever so slightly as he looked to the pieces of art around her. His dark irises glanced along the images and colors smoothed across the pallets. And though he could be the first to admit that he wasn't any sort of expert in art, the interest still swelled within him. 

Amoura climbed down from the ladder, placing the spray bottle and towel onto the floor. She looked at the man that stood before her, analyzing his features. There was something about him that threw the celestial off, like he wasn't from around here yet he did belong in this city. Amoura had closed herself off for a couple of days now. This was her first time being outside of the four walls of the apartment that she resided in. Seeing the busy streets and now a new person roaming around had her thinking was she gone for to long? 

Stepping outside felt so different. The fresh air filled her lungs as it rushed passed when a breeze went by this morning. The celestial almost felt disconnected from the city she had lived in for so long. By now she should be used to it but taking a few days off, away from reality had her thinking she had just arrived. Amoura didn't like not knowing who or what certain people were. Seeing new faces usually made her want to step away and not even acknowledge that particular person. Amoura's skeptical thinking always gets in the way when it comes to interactions. She is constantly having doubts about that person's demeaner and what they are really here for. Amoura took a look at Zane once more. He did seem like he wasn't sure of what he was even doing in her studio or why he even decided to stop by. 

The celestial however kept her cool but held her guard up. She then gave the man a friendly smile before taking a look at the paintings she had laid out. She almost forgot to put them back in the store front window after cleaning. "Does any of these pieces capture your interest?" She asked him as she picked them up one by one, placing them back on display. "I have other ones you could take a look at if my art still peaks your interest." Amoura told him as she noticed his focus was on those pieces specifically. "But yes they are mine." She said, responding to his random question.  She walked over to her new creations she had made just last night, continuing to set them up. "I'll be right back." Amoura walked away to go take care of some customers who were ready to buy. 

"Hello, did you find everything alright?" The celestial asked the human couple. Her eyes went from them to Zane who began walking around the studio. 

"Yes. Thanks! We can't wait to put this up in our new home we just purchased." The woman told Amoura while holding onto the man's hand tight. She gave the couple a forced smile before ringing them up. 

"Oh so you just moved here to Evermore?" The celestial asked the two out of curiosity. She wanted to see if they have seen Zane around that part of the city, the human territory. 

"Yes. We came to Evermore a couple of days ago actually." Amoura listened intently to the woman speak as the man continued the transaction. 

"Have you seen him around before?" Without pointing out Zane, she used her eyes to look over in his direction. 

The woman turned her head in that very same direction before turning back and shaking her head. "Not at all. He seems lost though." She shrugged. Amoura smiled half-heartedly before giving them their painting. 

"Enjoy the rest of your day." She said as she came from behind the counter. The celestial walked over to the wolf who was still acting like he was intrigued by her art.  "All of these are mine. I own this studio." She told him.  Amoura brushed passed him, not really wanting to say much more. She wasn't feeling the whole get-up he was showing to her. Today she allowed her vice of being skeptical get the best of her. Maybe Zane was a friendly face? Maybe he was actually interested in what she had to wise. Giving people the slightest chance of seeing her vulnerability was the last thing she would ever do. 

"So are you going to buy anything or are you just passing through?" She asked him, while fixing a painting that was slightly tilting. 

As she walked away, he stared on at her for a brief moment in a gaze that set itself allured and tempted to fantasy as he couldn't get enough of looking at the girl that greeted him. But as she dealt with her customers, Zane stood in the place he was left in. He browsed around some more, catching a glimpse at a few of the paintings he admired more than most while the curiosity continued to run it's course. However, if it wasn't for his hearing, he wouldn't have caught onto what she had asked the customers. The question alone raised his eyebrow, making him wonder just a bit more about the girl and her all too careful nature. However, such thoughts came to a halt when she returned to him, and the slight graze of her shoulder swiping against his own as she walked wiped away another piece of friendly nature they had started off with. 

"I'd be down to buy some though." He answered. "I mean I see what you got goin' on 'round all this. It's some slick shit I ain't even gonna lie." Throughout most of the things in Zane's life, art wasn't his forte. He didn't know much past the colors of the paint, and yielded to learn any meaning behind a piece that was presented to him. Where the friends of his past life settled for drawing or painting, the young werewolf - once remembered as Lakieth - had his sights on only medicine and anatomy. He stopped just in front of one of the pieces, however, his mind setting itself into a more concentrated focus after her hounding of whether or not he'd buy something today. A part of him wondered why she was so quick to see him go, and yet, another bit had understood. Maybe she knew that he was a werewolf, that whatever he was caused a bit of cautionary attitude to be thrown his way. Or perhaps she was something else herself, maybe another werewolf, or something of the supernatural variety that he hadn't heard of, nor had no interest in learning about. 

And so he finally began to give his interests a shot, hoping in some way it could ease her. When he looked up at a portrait, he recognized it as it mirrored the skylight of the city just outside the store, though the buildings under a soft pastel coloring, and it's sky a shade of hues that looked far too beautiful to resemble the atmosphere they stood underneath now. He saw as this painting illuminated the moon, and the stars that surrounded it. In fact, his focus quickly fell upon the stars themselves, as if everything she painted here in the canvas was set to surround those specifically. "Y'know what, I'm kinda feelin' this one right here. Look like you put your heart and soul into this. Wanna tell me about it?"

Amoura's eyes scanned around her studio once more, looking for other customers to tend to. She then found herself staring at Zane who began to talk again. The celestial listened as he attempted to praise her for the art she had around here. A slight laugh escaping her lips. "Some slick shit eh?" She raised an eyebrow at the man. 

"You are definitely new around here. I never heard anyone speak the way that you do." She said. His accent was kind of thick but she  found it interesting. As Zane spoke, Amoura walked beside him. She kept a good distance away as she did. When she noticed he had stopped in front of a particular painting she had done awhile back, her focus went from him to that piece.  "Oh...this one I did a few weeks ago. I was actually looking out my window one night." Amoura had said as her fingers glided lightly across the canvas. The celestial focused on her own painting, not sure what to tell the man about it. This was something she had done while in one of her artistic moments. 

"My heart and soul go into each of my pieces but yes...this one in particular I put the most in." Amoura turned to look at Zane. "I'm more of a night person...I like it better than the daylight." She continued to speak. "The sky is my home and the stars are my family." The celestial let out a soft sigh before shaking her head. She wasn't sure why she even said to him. Zane was a complete stranger and she had no reason to tell him anything close to deep. "I's just a painting you know? But if you like it so much I'll give you a first time customer discount." Amoura forced a smile. 

"How about I give you sometime to think about it? I'll be closing up early today actually." She then walked away once more. There was a few other customers still lingering about the studio. She went to them for awhile, leaving Zane sometime to process and think about his decision. If anything, she wanted him out. Not to be rude but to keep from allowing her vulnerability to show. The celestial has been for years keeping herself aware of anything or anyone. At this point, she feels everything she's worked so hard to cover up is slowly falling apart. Zane makes it no better for her. But for some reason, there was something about him that she did want to get to know.

But Zane didn't need anymore time to think about it. He took one last look at the painting, and then one more attentive glance at the girl. And in the lack of it's comprehensiveness, in the unexplained sensations running amok in his brain, he didn't dare try and let this one go. In the short time that Zane was split into two beings - his human and his wolf - the pair had never truly allowed one another the peace in agreement. However, the beast inside had clawed at the surface, and for this one time, all Zane wanted to do was obliged to the both of their desires. He departed from the painting, knowing he'll be back for it real soon, and was quick to make his way over to the artist. 

"Aye! Shawty hold up!" He called out until the distance between them was only in the form of a few dozen inches. He recognized the interruption he made between her and what looked to be two other customers, but his impulses didn't allow anything other than carelessness. "So I don't get it. You gonna tell me the life stories of all these paintings but I wasn't gon' catch your name? You got me hella curious already. So say I buy it, y'know? What's that discount lookin' like? Do I get your name? Do I get you to have lunch wit me? What's up with it?" 

Amoura was talking to another customer about a specific painting they were interested in. The person wanted to know a little bit more about the colors she used. They were mainly into the mixing and blending of the colors rather than what was painted on the canvas.  She wasn't sure if they were actually here to buy or here to gain a lesson on colors to use. 

Zane came just in time to interrupt the mini lesson that the celestial didn't want to give in the first place. His accent echoed throughout the studio as he spoke. When she turned around to look at him, some of her braids swept across his chest. The celestial didn't realize how close the wolf had gotten. The little distance he put in between them made her look away but then her eyes found themselves back onto him. Her eyebrow raised at the man who was now claiming she was only going to talk about her paintings but never mention her name. "Is my name that important to you?" The celestial asked the wolf, her arms folding against her chest. 

She looked at him from head to the toe. She could tell something was up with him but wasn't quite sure what it was. These impulses he clearly was having showed. She continued to listen to what he had to say up until the mention of her name again and if she would have lunch with him. Amoura turned her head, just thinking about it. "So you are that interested in me huh?" She said, clearly annoyed with the man by now. "A discount for you would be 15% off." Discounts were rare for her to give to any customers. First time buyers never got them, more like her returning or frequent buyers did. Zane however changed the celestial's mind. 

"I'll give you the first letter of my name. It starts with an A. For lunch....we can go next door and you can figure out the rest of the letters as we eat." She said to him. 

He didn't expect it. He was sure to be turned down, to be scoffed away or even scowled with seething words of his slang or even the impulsive question to be so personal. But she said yes. And that sent fireworks through Zane's system. An array of endless possibilities as this stranger before him slowly unfolded to be an actual person. A - just for the start at least. A: the painter, the girl with the angry gaze, the girl that said yes to lunch and gave him to chance to know more. He didn't want to believe it so easily but deep down, he wanted this, almost needed it. 

And so he captured her as soon as the store closed, and they made their way next door to the diner she suggested. A hint of nervousness slithered along Zane's system once they sat across from each other, but he endured it. In all honesty, he was surprised. He didn't expect her to give him an answer, let alone fully agree to having lunch with him.  "So A..." He started as his fingers snatched another seasoned fry from his tray. The wolf snarled within the confines of his mind; not so much as an urge to escape - and yet - not ready to go without experiencing what was occurring between the two. Zane was curious in A. He was simply attracted to her.

Being so close to someone like this again was strange and almost foreign after the few years spent in isolation. He didn't expect or intend on the possibility of meeting someone while living here. And yet, here, in this city of strangeness, he sat across from the girl with the stern gaze, ever so wondrous if she's ever looked anything other than annoyed. "I mean we're here now." He said. "So what comes along with it? Alanna? Ashley? Alex? A'monique...? Also, where'd you learn to paint like that? You go to a school or somethin'? And what made you come out here in the city? You a vampire? Some kind of ghost? An alien? Is you an alien?"

Amoura wasn't sure why she gave this perfect stranger a straight forward answer to his random question. Usually she would back away from anyone who tried to get to her through a personal level. Zane however managed to catch her off guard. Since the celestial hasn't been out in awhile, she figured she would give this a chance. 

The only thing she had been looking at for the past few days was either the four walls of her apartment, the television screen, or the ceiling. Amoura was still very cautious while going out to eat with him. She knows nothing about Zane besides he has a weird impulse mentality to him. And that he seems like he doesn't know or mind that his impulsive ways overshadow him. The celestial finished working with the last customer before gathering her things and closing up the studio. Zane who had left a little bit earlier soon came back around.  They both walked over to the diner that resided next door to her. There wasn't much of a crowd inside today so they were seated upon arrival. 

Amoura looked at the wolf as they sat across from one another. There was silence between the two for a few seconds.  Amoura who was a usual around here was able to get her usual a sandwich and some fries. The waitress who sat them down came back within five minutes. She placed the celestial and the wolf's trays down. Zane soon snatched up one of the fries from off his tray after starting off with the first letter of her name. 

Simagehe knew he was trying to get his words together in the process. The celestial wasn't trying to analyze the wolf so much but she wasn't sure where his mind was right now.  She grabbed some fries off her tray, eating them while waiting for him to finish the rest of his sentence. Amoura should've just ended this little rendezvous with this person already. She has never been out with someone, not since her arrival in Evermore. Everyone to the celestial felt like they were after her for something.  "No, No, No and definitely no" She replied to him as soon as he listed off a list of names he had guessed were hers. She listened to the rest of the questions he had for her. Amoura was going to be as vague as she possibly can. There was nothing more she wanted to tell him but in order to not make this awkward she told him a few minor details. 

"Well...I began sketching first before I got into the whole painting part of the art form. A few years back prior to coming to Evermore, I stopped at Boston University. I wanted to major in their arts program but...."  The celestial paused for a bit. She never really thought back to that moment in a long time. Stopping in Boston was apart of her cross-country journey in finding a safe haven to stay in. It came years after escaping from Isle of Skye and scattering like she was running away. "I was interested...but got sidetracked by...something" Amoura stopped at that. She didn't want to revisit that memory. It was the first time she was ever vulnerable with someone but they ended up being a lie from the beginning. 

The celestial looked up at the wolf, sort of puzzled by his last few questions about her species. "I'm none of the above. I'm just a plain old human." She said to him, lying through her teeth but she wasn't ready to tell him exactly what she really was. "I just found this city unique from the others I've stopped by in. Plus the studio I now own was easy to buy out than others I've seen." She added. "What are you? A mixed breed of something?" She asked the man before grabbing a some fries off her tray.

In the matter of a few minutes, Zane had done more than he thought he'd ever would in the last few years of his new life. Sitting here in this diner, with the only person who shared more than five words to him had the werewolf on edge, yet he didn't know why. And so he tried to focus, to maintain his interests as he continued to see how she'll correct or explain the question running from his lips - whether that'd be through her name or the history of her pieces. Besides, he was never one to buy art pieces, and if he was to grab one or two from her studio, then he would've liked to know just where the passion of creation came from. 

Though, she went on to say no to all the names he guessed at, he realized he still didn't know her real one yet. He didn't go on to ask - at least not at this moment, not when she was finally giving more to him. What surprised him the most was that she said she attended to Boston University. A part of him had wondered if he'd seen her before, if maybe she was in the same classes as his friends. But Zane didn't bothering attempting to calculate the probability or chances of them actually knowing each other before all this. He listened a little longer, the curiosity sinking into him as he began to notice her pauses and vague wording. His eyebrows were furrowed through most of her story. And by the time the stranger revealed that she was just human, he attempted to believe her, if only for the sake of avoiding anything awkward. 

When she asked about him - or really his species, he laid back in his seat, licking the little bit of salt from the fries of his full lips as he tried to answer. "Nah uh... I'm a werewolf actually." He paused then, realizing he's never exactly said those words out loud before. He never had to tell anyone until now, never had to explain that he was mauled by some beast on his bachelor party. He never had the luxury of telling someone that his friends died while he was forced to live with a monster forever inside of him; that instead of a wedding, he attended funerals. I'm a werewolf. Saying those three words in such a collection had already made him feel crazy. "There was an accident about 4 years ago and now I'm here, bothering a girl about how she paints her pictures of the sky. Tell you what, this ain't nowhere near where I saw myself bein' at five years ago"

Amoura took a few more fries from off her tray, once she stopped speaking. She knew the wolf was in heavy thought about what she had just told him. She herself was deep in thought about this whole situation. Here she was sitting across from a stranger she had just met only moments ago. The celestial pushed the rest of her fries away, towards the middle of the table before looking up at Zane. 

"Well...have you thought about any other random names? or Did you give up?" She said with a slight smile. Amoura was kind of enjoying this guessing game with him. Nobody was ever able to figure out her actual name unless they asked or she trusted them enough. That was close to never happening with any of her customers she had come across. They all knew her by 'A' or 'Queen'.  The celestial took a sip from the glass of water the waitress had placed beside her tray moments ago. She watched as Zane got comfortable in the way he began to lean back in the seat. 

She listened to him as he spoke those words to her like he knew her for awhile and they were old friends just catching up on missed out moments. Amoura raised an eyebrow at him when he finished his statement about what he really was. The wolf didn't even hesitate to tell her. He just came out and told her like it was nothing. "A wolf eh?" She said as if she was sort of surprised by his response to her counter-question about his species. Amoura was going to say something else but he continued on. The celestial listened to him closely when he mentioned there was an accident that happened 4 years ago. The curiosity that built up inside of her whenever someone had a crazy past made her want to know more. But she was one not pry into other people's business. 

"I see.." She said to him. "Well I didn't see myself waking up this morning and talking to an impulsive werewolf man in a diner on a Tuesday morning." Amoura told him as she proceeded to get up. "I may paint pictures of the sky because maybe it's like my second home." She added on before grabbing her bag. She looked over at the clock on the wall, it was mid-afternoon and they were pretty much finished eating. "Since you did not figure out my name in a timely manner Mr. Wolf,I think our little lunch bunch is just about over." The celestial swung her bag over her shoulders, not knowing that one of her personalized paint brushes; with her name on it had fallen onto the floor. 

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