How do you accept the fact your friend was gone? The Niveis stared at the frosted glass before him in the bar, his pale sapphire hues glaring almost before chugging the liquid down. This depressing, he had tracked her to the city but still couldn't find her. She left him thinking she hated him, he showed her the truth behind his frosted gaze and within the next week she vanished.

It was bemusing, to know that his best friend someone he truly cared for... A human... She didn't give a damn about him and left him in his own depression. 

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"Why did I trust you... I need god damn ANSWERS!" The voices in his head screamed, the terror of having truly lost his best friend... his sister... It was horrible.

Nyx sighed, his face buried in his hands before he heard the bartender approach. "Sir, it's your turn for the open mic." The young male looked up before nodding, his body moving like liquid as he approached the mic. This was his way of making quick cash, he knew there was a cash prize for the best singer, and the schmucks could barely hit a proper note since they got drunk prior too.

Then... He began, always one for musicals, he sang from SIX The Musical.

"Good evening... I am Nyx and I will be singing "Get Down" from one of my favorite musicals."

Then the music began.

"Sittin’ here all alone
On a throne
In a palace that I happen to own
Bring me some pheasant
Keep it on the bone

Fill my goblet up to the brim
Sippin’ on mead and I spill it on my dress
With the gold lace trim
Not very prim and proper
Can’t make me stop"

The music was definitely hyped and by the end of the song it seemed like more then a few people were shell-shocked especially those who realized. They had probably lost their chance at the $500 dollar cash prize.

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Blood. Is what the kitsune saw. The night of her mother being murdered as she could not do anything but being held back by her brother. That night in Nevada will always stay in Nevada. It was the same night her father took everyone to the city she lives in today Evermore, Colorado. The Kitsune lost all her friends, her mother, her brother and most of all she never got to see her childhood best friend Nyx.  

Not a soul today but the ones that entires her family's life know about the tragic tale. How it left Seraphina that once was happy, strong in emotion and compassionate to being distant to everyone. Training like there is no tomorrow to be stronger so if something that happened with her mother happens again she would be ready with no regret and no worries knowing she will not lose anyone else.  Closing her self to love and new people might sound very cold to someone who does not know the kitsune personal but that's what happens when an event so traumatizing can do. 

The events didn't help back then as it the all in wrong timing as she knew her best friend from childhood showed himself the real truth. He is a Nivies. Never in her life, she would think to meet anyone in a species like that but it didn't help she never heard of the species before either so she had questions. They both didn't know the event that will happen after. Seraphina did keep a photo of both of them on her vanity mirror. Since her brother came home she had not had time to vent. Crying will only make her family worried. Her father is already worried by the people who seem to be following her as her brother comes into a bar in the Valkyr territory to pick her up from what happened.  Death followed her but it also brought people who care to protect her from the dangers. 

When she gets out of the house she always brings a pocket knife with her to protection not knowing what will happen she does not want to get killed. The kitsune still had a lot to do. Wearing her black hoodie and jeans, she walked the streets into a bar with Karaoke, well at least it was not like the one she almost got killed. 

  Walking in she heard a male singing as she turned as her blue hues looked at who is at the mic. Something about him was familiar to the Kitsune she couldn't pinpoint it as she didn't hear his name. The blonde sits down as she ordered a soda with a little vodka something light but still with a little something. She kept a watch on if anyone in black is watching or following her since she is alone like always. As her order came to her she smiled shyly as she let her hand hold on to the glass with her white nails clicked on to the glass. 

Seraphina looked around to see if there were anyone alone like she is since a lot of couples were in that night. A sigh came out from her mouth, she is still single. She had one blind date and had fun but she didn't know if they wanted to meet up again or if he had a good time. Maybe love was not in the cards for her after all. "Cheer for me. Being single and bride until I die." Seraphina took a long sip as she shallowed feeling the drink go down.  If only her life can get better or have an old face come back into her life to get her back on track.

The scene shifted, the music was gone and there stood 10 people waiting to see who would win the prize, the smirking face of the newly appointed detective of the ECPD waiting for his name to be called as per usual. Then suddenly, it started as the announcer gave way, their voice pounding through the speakers in attempts to hype the crowd into a frenzy for the announcement.

"LET'S MAKE SOME NOOOISE." The voice was grating to say the least but to the drunkards they were having a blast screaming to match the announcers voice. "We had alot of great competition, but we can only have one winner!" A smirk was on the Niveis face, but it seemed one red haired young man knew he had one as he stepped forward earning a confused look from the announcer.

"Today's winner is our theatre boy! Nyx Arygis! The Ice Prince with the frosty gaze and the killer smile!" It was almost to die for, the human announcer had no clue the truth to his words as the Niveis stepped forward laughing away and giving the man a hug. Then he gave a bow, his grinning smile earning more then a few lustful or heated gazes from the audience.

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Most would've given some form of a speech but he was off the stage and at the bar within seconds, he wanted his blue long island and he needed to drink some more. Time to forget about the problems the world brought to him as he did for the past year since he lost his best friend.

As the singing competition went on, Seraphina got her drink as she took a sip as she watches everyone having fun and get excited. To the kitsune, it was not everyone else but the male she kept her blue eyes looking at. The moment the male's name was revealed, everyone is clapping but Sera froze in place. Nyx..... 

Her mind went back as she remembered everything they went through along with her knowing how he really is. She stood up as got some looks but she kept her eyes on her childhood friend. A few tears came to her crystal blue eyes. The shock with her thinking he will never comes to the City or will he be looking for her but there he was right in front. "Oh my goodness." 

Seraphina had no idea if she should even go up to talk with him. Sitting down bitting her thumbnail hoping he wouldn't notice her standing up in shock with tears coming down her eyes. Her childhood, Nevada, her mother all came back to her like it was an ocean wave trying to pull her into the dark times of her life. Night terrors might be welcoming her tonight but it didn't scare her at the moment, it was about Nyx. Does he even remember her or even care about her anymore? 

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