It's been centuries since the last time he thought about his mother or when he thought about smiling like he used to. The older sibling of the Dietrich couldn't bear to think about his old life before he found out who he truly is. A Pheniox.  He knew the species of his mother is around still even today but never thought to meet another. Andrew sat in his living looking at his phone thinking about everything that life is giving people today. Knowing he has to get a job. He is slowly learning the new technology that everyone uses today. Getting a phone was a big experience for himself Andrew found out. 

He got his wallet, keys, and phone, walking out of his apartment to walk around to see where things take him. Andrew does not know a lot of people even though he should by now.  With someone who has trust issues and is closed off from people other than his younger siblings. Shut out, pushed away he is a rather cold person who wants to be kept to himself. At times Andrew can surprise everyone by caring by retuning or even saving a life. The last point is what really happened.  It's funny how a retired Mercenary from killing for money and how is a hero to someone's life. It will not be the first time for him to stop something but last time he was able to come back from the dead this time one wrong move he is good as dead.

Walking through the streets of the city, he felt the air on his flesh, nothing bothered him since all he can feel is cold and ice. One thing that bothered him about being who he is. Who would want to be with someone who will never give the other warmth or else they are into someone else but he is no one to judge.  

The older Nivies walked up to the door of a coffee shop he brother told him had a really good coffee or was it something else? Andrew didn't really care what he was going to get as long at it tasted good. Looking at the menu with her blue-green eyes wondering what will taste good but the looks of the drinks name.  Andrew orders himself an Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte. He was not there to be social at all with no planning to meet anyone so he stayed by himself as he felt a few eyes looking at him and probably talking about him and how good looking he is. Nothing going to be the first time Andrew heard all the saying from every girl who crosses him who isn't stubborn or whats to kill him from doing something good. 

He was in his mind wondering as he brought out his phone to text him, brother and sister, if they want him to order them coffee since he was still in the cafe. In the middle of texting, he heard something fell on the group. More like an echo as loud at the thud was. He looked around to find a tiny journal on the floor. "Looks like a woman dropped this. I hope she is still in the cafe." Andrew bent down to reach out to the tiny book as he looked at the cover as he held it in his hand sending the message waiting to see if anyone is going to claim it before turning it to the employees. 

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The young Initia had spent the day out and about the park; it had been a lovely day. So she thought she would enjoy the sunshine and some fresh air. As she spent the day in the park. Jessalyn had also taken her a small journal with her. The young Initia sometimes doodled, or wrote down her thoughts and feelings from time to time. Since the death of her eldest brother Adolf. Jessalyn had a rough time, dealing with it; like everyone else. It brought her some peace; getting things out on a piece of paper. Letting her feelings and thoughts out. Even if she confined in Cedric and Sierra a lot. Other-times, she needed a different outlet. Especially, if things frustrated her. Jess would rather write it down first, have some time to process.

It also allowed her to escape. If only for a few moments. Escapism, had been her other way of dealing with things; ever since she could remember. But being a young adult; she couldn’t escape from things and realities of the world forever. One way or another, she had to face certain things, whether she liked it or not.

Eventually. The young woman wondered into the city. Jessalyn felt a little peck-ish; and was in need of some coffee. Walking into a small cafe. Jess had ordered herself a Vanilla Late and a Blueberry Muffin. All things considered. If she was going to treat herself to a muffin, might as well make it a fruity one. Maybe a bit more healthier, than all the chocolate-chip flavored one’s.

Taking a seat, by the window. Jess was enjoying her coffee and snack. Her small journal on the table. Scribbling some of her thoughts away onto the paper. With more people piling into the cafe; Jess ignored the hustle and bustle going around. At one point, Jessalyn arose from her seat. Bag over her shoulder, stuffing the journal into her bag. But as someone nudged past her...the journal slipped from her grip. Landing on the ground, instead off in her bag. Not realising it fell to the floor; whilst she headed to the bathroom. After freshening up. Jessalyn walked out of the bathroom a few moments later.

The young Initia saw someone holding up a journal. It looked familiar. She glanced into her bag. Nope...her journal was not there. But in the hands of the stranger. Did someone steal her journal? And now was, waving it around for fun? Walking over to the elder male. The British female spoke. “Excuse me? What are you doing with my journal?” Jessalyn asked. Her words coming out with a more accusing tone than intended. It wasn’t like her to accuse people. But the young Initia didn’t realise he found her journal, that she accidentally dropped.

Standing there he is holding the book waiting for her order he heard a young female call out him. Turning around his gray-blue eyes look at the brunette walking over to him. "Is this really yours?" he asked wanting to make sure he does not give it the wrong person. "Since you said it's yours I will give it to you." Andrew did what he said. As he got a chance to look at how her in the face something about her made his skin stand up. It was not like he knew her but something felt familiar. 

Andrew shook his head as he came back from his mind. "You dropped it or feel out of your bag to the ground. I just got here." As if it was right on time the lady called out his order as he nodded and thank the women. Andrew was very calm knowing if she wanted a rise out of him it would prove he did it. "Please be mindful of your things you might not be as lucky next time to find someone who is nice enough to return something," Andrew said to the young female not like he is trying to be rude but it's very true. There are not a lot of nice people who would do something for others, not like how it was before. His travels from Denmark and Europe has seen the good and the bad of people. For others who see him, a person to keep to himself can find him a little selfish and cold with no pun intended.   

Being pushed away from his mother, the one who he thought understood him and understand him turned out to hide the truth from him. Leaning what family really means when he meets his brother and sister he never knew. Andrew has been through so much and sees so much as he took lives for money to survive. Among all the dark of his life, he still gives back knowing he didn't own anything to others. Simple little deeds like that make his dark past feel brighter but that can only go so much. Andrew gives the women a light smile, "I hope you have a good day and always be careful people are ruthless sometimes." Andrew said before leaving to get a sit in the corner to bring out his laptop to look for jobs that are airing.  Nothing with killing or to help him with being active. 

 Jessalyn wasn’t sure, whom was more skeptical in the moment. Her...or the elder male in front of her? Compared to the male. Jessalyn was a petite young woman; standing at 5’3”. The male before her looked at least over 6ft, giving him the slightly intimidating vibe.  “Yes, it’s really mine. I am sure, I’d recognise my own journal anywhere..” Jessalyn breathed out the words, softly. Not that she could really blame the male for questioning her. Anyone could have seen him, holding it up/and want to claim it as their own. Her small hand reached out; as the male handed her journal back. Her fingers clasping around the leather bound object. Holding it close to her, once it was in her grip.

The male before her, was calm. Almost like he took no offense to her comment, which would have left others offended. Jessalyn had been feeling a little tense lately; so maybe keeping her guard up, was partially the reason for such a comment, being made. Before Jess could thank him, for giving her back her journal. The young Initia felt a little sheepish, for accusing him as he said she must have dropped the journal. Her mistake. Way to go Jessie, accusing someone innocent. She thought to herself. But in this city, anything could happen. Anyone could have tried taking that out of her bag.  “I am sorry, I didn’t realise...I must have dropped it.” Jessalyn apologised to the stranger. Giving him an apologetic smile.

Hearing his warning comment.It reminded her of her siblings. The youngest of the Reigns family, had a tendency to lose things, if she wasn’t careful.  Being a day-dreamer had that effect. Stuck in her own little world and thoughts, always got her distracted and before she realised; she forgot something somewhere. “Yeah, I should be more careful. I am not always the best at it.” Jessalyn admitted, cringing in embarrassment at that revelation. The young Initia slid her journal safely into the bottom of her bag. “But thank you...and so sorry, again.” The British Initia, feeling apologetic. What a bad way to make an impression on someone before.

Out of her family; Jess was the most innocent and probably most trusting of people. Some looking down at her as a naive young woman; despite her high intelligence. 

His soft smile, made the Initia feel a bit more at ease. Returning the soft smile. “Thank too.” she wished him, a good day back. Something about the elder male, spiked her curiosity. Some enigmatic energy about him. And Jessalyn had no idea, what that was. “Hey, wait…” she called out softly, all of a moment. Her small hand reached out...grabbing his wrist gently, to stop him in his tracks. Jessalyn felt his cool skin, beneath the fabric of his shirt. God, his skin is icy. She thought to herself.

“I...Is there anyway, I can repay you?” Jessalyn asked. “I did find my journal. I want to thank you somehow...and apologise for my rudeness.” Jessalyn smiled a little bit shyly. It was the least she could do. Repay him, for his kindness. The young Initia haven’t seen him in the city before, so she gathered he was new. She would have remembered seeing him around. As she had lived in Evermore for a few years now.

The young woman is very attractive to the older nivies but building connections with others is something he is unsure of.  He didn't blame her for putting a guard up it's natural to get protective. Andrew watch her hold her book again as she helps it close telling him she is the right owner.

For his many years of being alone, Andrew still had his cold Demeter, who always wanted to be left alone. Though out his travels he learned to be calm get you everywhere then being angry and being the person to keep talking. That makes him hard to read if you want to put it that way.  His pride is the very thing that will blind him one day and he does not expect others to be around him for a long time. Watching her with his grey-blue hues he felt her Demeter change to being apologetic. "Don't worry miss like I said, please mindful next time there no need to apologize" Andrew saw how genuine the female is which made him feel bad for her. People do makes mistakes, he can't say she is a human due to what vibe he got from her.  It made him wonder who is this girl? 

Andrew listened to the female as something give them the impression that this is not the first time this happened to her which would make sense for the apology. "As I said, Don't worry about it. We all make mistakes one point or another. No one is that perfect human or supernatural." Andrew day that to make a point. The way he saw the two worlds is everyone does make mistakes even if they want to say they didn't. It easy to point at someone and call them names or to blame. Some mistakes are not ok but with a simple misplacing a journal is forgivable. 

As he was making his way to were he plans to enjoy his coffee  Andrew felt the young female grabbing his wrist. The Nivies turned around instead of looking down and pulling away he looked at her. Great now he has to explain why his skin is cold. Andrew didn't felt the other let go which made him wonder why. The female took him by surprise, he never gains anything return to anything he has done to others.  "You really don't have to do anything really miss. You were not being rude, trust me I would react the same way," he said in his calm tone of voice. Something inside of him told to stay with the other for some reason. He never felt like he needed to watch over someone even since that Christmas he met his sister for the first time.  "I just did what most won't do which is being truthful." Andrew thinks if she is stubborn and wants to sit down with him he might see what is special about her and why he wants to look after her.

For an older male, he was quite attractive. Sophistication and intelligence seemed to radiate from the stranger, that stood in front of her. Jessalyn had no idea, what he was. But there seemed to be some enigmatic aura around him, that made the young Initia curious to a certain degree. Living in this city, with so many Supernaturals around every corner; he could be from any faction/tribe that resided here. But which one? The young Initia, wasn’t just going to come out and ask. That would be plain rude. Even if, she was curious. She couldn’t deny that.

Jessalyn was quite a warm person, she liked the company of others. The young female, couldn’t bring herself to be cold towards anyone. It wasn’t in her, to hate. When other people held a vendetta against someone, she found ways to let it go. Living your life like that, it wasn’t healthy. To be constantly mad at someone. It wouldn’t do you any good, at the end of the day.

“I’ll pay better attention, next time.” Jess promised. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be stuck in a world of her own, with day-dreams and thoughts, as she usually was. The young Initia didn’t want to loose her journal for good. After all, it was a birthday present from her elder brother. It held value. Hence her protective mode, few moments ago. Jessalyn felt some relief, knowing the elder male wasn’t mad at her, for her mistake.

His bold words, took Jessalyn by slight surprise. No one said such things, in the open. Not with mortals present. Even if humans in this city must have known by now, just how supernaturally populated the city was. If they had knowledge of such things of course. Otherwise, they’d think his words sounded insane. “That is true.” The Initia nodded her head, in agreement. There was no such, thing as anyone being perfect. She had her faults too, no doubt about that.

After grabbing the male’s wrist. Jessalyn had no idea; why she didn’t let go. His icy skin, should have been enough for her to drop hold of the contact. But maybe, she had caught herself off guard with her own actions, that she couldn’t. Realising, she must held his wrist for a little too long. Jessalyn’s grip loosened on his wrist, letting go. Her hand tingling from the coldness of his skin though. Almost like it was imprinted into her skin. The lasting memory of the cold. If he was so icy, what was he?

“I know, I don’t have to.” Jessalyn said softly. “I want to.” That was the difference. The young woman, wanted to express her gratitude to the male somehow. She had been raised mainly by her siblings; but she had good manners. And didn’t like feeling, like she owed people a debt. If she could repay them, Jessalyn found ways to. “I mean...It’s the least I could do…”Although, Jessalyn did appreciate his honesty also. She was quiet lucky, he found her journal. If it had been someone else, she might not be in the middle of a civil conversation right now...or it would simple be gone, with a stranger.

Realising, he kept calling her miss. Jessalyn thought it’d be better if she introduced herself. “ name is Jessalyn Reigns.” It felt bit weird, being called miss so often.

Feeling loved by a single person is so unknown to the Nives. His own life he was lied to and then when the truth came out he was pushed out like he didn't want at all. His mother didn't care even if she did Andrew always wondered if she didn't know how to show love or else love is favoritism. He is trying to understand what love means to other people as he is not that loveable to his siblings as he is trying. His mother was one of the most powerful Initia in the clan which is the only one who had a relationship within the species. For well know the species is still out there with other tribes but for who he is it does not matter. Andrew stays clear to have to make a scene for everyone else to see.  

Andrew was not scared to speak his mind but is very mindful and keep both Supernaturals and Humans equal in his small talks. No other is better than the other and that is one thing not a lot of people can't understand. From the past and now to the present there is still no difference. When she spoke up about it's true which is it, he felt happy one person can tell the difference. Andrew does not know how to talk with people still preferring to be to himself.

Still being confused with no words Andrew didn't know why the younger female held his wrist for the longest as she did. Was she cold? Jesslyn was the very first person who held his wrist like that. The Nives wondered who is she? Is she another of his kind but then again he still had this very familiar feeling he has not felt for a very long time. it drove him made but in a way, he felt himself detaching himself knowing he does not know her at all. 

As the other female told him it is the least she could do felt weird to Andrew. He does what he likes and never asks for anything in return but she surprised him once again. He thought about it not sure what to say but if she wanted to repay him then he has no choice but to allow her. "Am not use to people repaying me after doing something. " He admitted truthfully. What should she even do? The Nives heard the younger women's name he felt something inside of him to stay still. "Jesslyn. What a beautiful name, I never heard of that name before," he said with a light smile. "Since you introduced yourself I guess I shall too.  My name is Andrew. " he has not heard of the Reigns family as of yet but if he did Andrew would pick up her species. 

The youngest Reigns, hasn’t heard of the species of Niveis much. Not knowing, that some of the tribe members were former Phoenix’s. She was very much aware of the lasting feud between Phoenix and Initia though; the same feud that took away her parent’s lives when she was a small child. But unlike her elder siblings; Jessalyn held no hatred towards the other species. Never did.Hate, wasn’t in her bones and persona. If anything, the war made her sad. Jessalyn always thought, that everyone had a right to be in the world, to live, to be a part of it; no matter what species one was.

Judging from his expression, he seemed confused why she had held onto his wrist like that. It partially confused her too. But she brushed it off. Telling herself, maybe he was just cold blooded. But no supernatural, nor human could be that cold blooded. His skin was too icy, to be naturally cold blooded.

She rose a slight eyebrow, hearing his words. “Hasn’t anyone ever been that kind to you?” Jessalyn didn’t know much about him, or his past to know why he wasn’t used to certain things, or why he preferred to keep to himself. So to her, it was bit odd; that no one ever done anything for him in return. His compliment about her name, caused a gentle blush to creep up onto her cheeks. It’s been a while, since anyone genuinely complimented her name like that.  “I suppose, my parents opted for a more unique name.” Not many heard of it, that was for sure. Despite her British nationality, her name came from the Hebrew Origins. Giving him a soft smile. “It’s nice to meet you Andrew.” Jess said softly. 

“Are you new in town?” There it was, she didn’t stop herself from asking that question. As she indeed felt rather curious about it.

The war between species made his mother change as a person. It's was sad what he went thought due to he was a phoenix and later found out none of his siblings pleased their mother which lead to her death. Either he was still a phoenix or a Niveis, Andrew could not care less about the war if it will change people to the worst side of themselves. He could be a little cynical for him not to think of others but by having his on experience he will always stand by what he sees fit. 

 Andrew stood there still unsure why he let her keep holding his wrist. he has been careful not to tell anyone tough him unsure how people will react to how cold he is or how well they can handle the cold without letting go. Andrew did found it amazing how it didn't bother her.

"Of course some have but a lot." Andrew didn't know why the other is asking so many questions.  He was more of that guy who does things without asking anything in return, only a few people in his life have ever wanted to do things back which is like what is going on. He would never say no to a woman unless it's something he has to do, the female has not done anything wrong which is why he is not saying no. 

"Ah I see, people with unique names tell the other person a lot about you. It's rare for someone to have that as many people thought the years like the popular common names. I think in a way it's easier for them but those who have names like you they took the time to find a reason and the meaning. " Andrew said is true the meaning of the name is always the very thing that sometimes describes the person. 

He nodded hearing her tell him she is nice to meet him. As the questions, he is always hearing all the time but it never gets old to Andrew knowing it's a common question. "I am indeed, I didn't come alone either. I and my family came here to start a new life. Our life before, well you can say it's quite complicated it's a very long story which can be told another day." Andrew said knowing he does not know her enough to tell her about his family background. 

Jessalyn hid the fact; that her hand was tingling from his cold skin. She would be lying, if she said it didn’t spark her curiosity. As it did. But she would keep her thoughts to herself. Not wanting to annoy the handsome stranger, with her questions. But the young Initia liked to figure things out. She was sure, she would eventually. 

It was like Jessalyn to be curious. But of course, she meant no harm. It was just part of whom she was. “I know, some people can be rude.” She nodded in understanding, as he said not people have been kind to him. “It’s sad really. You’d think, they’d be brought up bit better, in this day and age.” But she had met quite a few bad eggs; whom had appalling manners. It’s like people forgot, what it was like to be decent human beings and actually be nice. Some by choice. Others...well she wasn’t sure what was wrong with them. But human beings were tricky.

His view on unique names, made the young female smile. There was something to his words, that seemed to strike true. “I always liked unique names.” She thought there were so many pretty and unique names out there. But why did people settle for the more common ones? She had no idea. But in a way; names seemed to match up with people;no matter if they were unique or common.

As he told her, he came with his siblings. It sounded quite similar to her and her siblings. “I understand. I am no stranger, to having a complicated issues, when it comes to family.” It wasn’t her place to ask about his family issues. Jessalyn didn’t know him well, enough to ask. Everyone had their past/things they struggled with. After all; she had went through a bad time with her elder siblings too; after their eldest brother Adolf had died. She, Sierra and Cedric...hadn’t been the same. Now, it was just her and Cedric in the city. Her elder sister had moved to Milan, due to a job opportunity...and Adolf? He had been brought back, going by the name of Finnick. But things were awkward and strange...that they hadn’t seen much of him. “I hope you and your siblings, will find happiness here. I lived here a few years...and came to love the city, more than I first thought I would.” she admitted. Jessalyn hadn’t expected to like the city as much. But it grew on her. Like she was sure, it had grown on many people.

"It's always been like that even thought history. There will always be rude to arrogant people even thought the books." Andrew said knowing what the female is talking about. Not a lot of people know what it means to be decent now and days.  "People are raised with that their parents want to be but when they grow up and get away from them they tend to change." Andrew knew that all too well, he changed the moment his mother changed as he was out in the world alone he changed more. 

Hearing she has siblings, Andrew nodded looks like they have something in common after all. The Niveis would not be like his own family, well it was more like him trying to be someone he was never allowed to be or to do. There will never be a day he will regret every part of himself not to in their lives, to begin with. "We had not so good relationships with our whole family. It's not an ideal if I say so myself. We hope to get to know each other and be a better part of our family." Andrew said with a chuckle to himself. "I for one don't even know how to be a brother if that does not sound weird." Andrew knew he didn't know a single thing about his siblings as of their likes, dislikes, their hobbies. Anything to show he is their brother. Andrew was more of a stranger than a normal brother to Anderson and Josefine.

"The city is really nice for what I've seen. Lots of things have happened ever since I came. Not too sure it's a good thing or a bad thing." Andrew said knowing it was not a good thing if danger is following him. He just noticed them standing for a long time as he sighed and looked at the other chair. "You want to sit down and talk? Where are my manners?" he stepped back as he got his wrist back as he pulled out a chair for the female and sit down himself. "Since we are here. Tell me about yourself."

The young Initia couldn’t help but nod. “I know, what you mean. I’ve always liked reading; anything I could my hands on really. Mainly Greek Mythology as a child, I suppose.” She wasn’t sure, why she decided to share that. But it seemed relevant to the topic; as she read a lot of myths about greed, selfish people...and the Gods, not having the best manners. Especially Zeus. So whether reality, or in books. People’s manners varied. But whilst she and her siblings had their rebellious moments; mainly harmless pranks; especially her and Cedric. Some of her elder siblings; had their moments of faults. But they had been mainly raised with good manners and respect for people. “Even in literacy, and real life. There’s some decent people around.” That was the upside of it all. As he mentioned, people were raised what their parents wanted them to be. “That sounds like an awful amount of pressure on a person.” Sadly, she lost her parents; when she was a young child. So she never knew, what her parents wanted her and her siblings to be like. Jessalyn had mainly been raised by her brothers and sister. So, everyone had their freedom, to chase their dreams.

Listening to him talk. It was clear, his family was bit more troubled. “That’s sad. Hopefully, you and your siblings can grow bit closer.” Jessalyn was a very family oriented person. So she couldn’t imagine, not being close to her siblings...or being without them, when she needed them and their support. The young woman looked slightly confused, as he spoke about not knowing how to be a brother. How was that possible. “I take it, you didn’t grow up with your siblings?” The question was innocent. But seemed to make sense, if he was having struggles in being an older brother.

“There’s a lot of nice spots around the city. I quite like going down to the rivers and mountain springs in the Summer. Beautiful views.” As he mentioned a lot of things, happened since moving here. She smiled. “I guess it depends on what sort of things. If it’s good things...then it’s a good thing.” Of course, if some bad things had happened. It made the year more stressful. 

Jessa hadn’t even noticed, how long they had been standing and talking. As he offered her a place to sit, she smiled softly. “It’s quite alright.” she said, as he asked where his manners were. With a thank you, she sat down on the chair he pulled out for her.

“Well, I grew up in England, Surrey.” She started, Knowing she picked up an American accent...but sometimes, her true British one came out on occasion. Guess, living in America, did that to you.  “I am the youngest of 4. I guess, that can be a good thing...and also bit annoying. My elder siblings, always had a tendency to try and keep things from me; for the sake of protecting me. It’s annoying, they still do it know. Like they don’t realise, I am not a child anymore.” The young Initia vented slightly. But all in all, she loved her elder siblings; despite their protecting techniques.  “Sadly, we lost our parents when I was very young. So I pretty much got raised by my brothers and elder sister.” She didn’t know, how she opened up so quickly to him. But something about him, put her at ease. And with her usual social butterfly persona. Jessa was very trusting of people. Sometimes a little too much. “When I got older, me and my siblings travelled around Europe, and places like Korea, Japan. I quite enjoyed seeing the more foreign countries. Guess, it helped learning foreign languages.” Jessalyn liked to be able to speak a language a little and get by. As she thought it’d be rude not to. She always made an effort. “After I finished my college studies. I moved to Evermore...that was about 3 years ago.”

Listening to the female, Andrew grew interested when she said Greek Mythology."Interesting for someone like you to say that. Not like it's wrong for you read about Mythology but that is rare for someone to say that if you get what I mean." Not a lot would say that not in this day in age. "Am guessing by you reading about them, do you have one that always stood out or read any of the goddesses?" Andrew didn't know why he wanted to extend the conversation but he did speak what was said in his mind. He understood why she did bring it up knowing what they show they are not good role models to work or look up to. 

"It is a lot of pressers, of course, it's a lot more when you are an older sibling," Andrew said knowing he can't talk but he got an idea from Mirae about her own older brother. What he got and it's no brainer for someone to be like this is not only you are trying to please your parents but to be a good role model for your younger siblings. This is something he never got to do and now he gets that chance; Andrew does not know how to approach it the right way. Guess their mother got her wish and is still ruling his life beyond the grave. 

Hearing her say about him and his siblings will grow closer all that he can think of was easier said than done. "True me it would be easier if I was around them and would be as normal as them. They had each other so it's easier for them to connect." Andrew was not shocked for her to connect two and two together that quickly as he nodded lightly. "It was not by choice of course. Our mother didn't allow it so I watched from a distance until the day I was cast out and ordered to ever come back. leaving behind my baby brother and sister was hard. Seeing them as babies and then years later meeting them once again as older adults is a bit of a shock" Andrew said knowing it's nothing for him to hide. His family life didn't treat him any better and it didn't bother him as much as it did before. "You can say I don't know the first things about being a brother. Not knowing them it as painful as it sounds."

Sitting down after Jesslyn did, Andrew listened to her telling him about herself. How she described her older siblings given his theory correct. " I see, am sorry for your lost. My own brother told me that our parents die as well looks like we have something in common as sad it does sound." Andrew said looking at her with his blue-gray eyes. "I never went to Korea or Japan but I had my own travels among Eastern Europe, from Belarus to Romania." Looks like traveling is something they like as well. "Do you know more languages?" he asked wondering. 

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