It's been centuries since the last time he thought about his mother or when he thought about smiling like he used to. The older sibling of the Dietrich couldn't bear to think about his old life before he found out who he truly is. A Pheniox.  He knew the species of his mother is around still even today but never thought to meet another. Andrew sat in his living looking at his phone thinking about everything that life is giving people today. Knowing he has to get a job. He is slowly learning the new technology that everyone uses today. Getting a phone was a big experience for himself Andrew found out. 

He got his wallet, keys, and phone, walking out of his apartment to walk around to see where things take him. Andrew does not know a lot of people even though he should by now.  With someone who has trust issues and is closed off from people other than his younger siblings. Shut out, pushed away he is a rather cold person who wants to be kept to himself. At times Andrew can surprise everyone by caring by retuning or even saving a life. The last point is what really happened.  It's funny how a retired Mercenary from killing for money and how is a hero to someone's life. It will not be the first time for him to stop something but last time he was able to come back from the dead this time one wrong move he is good as dead.

Walking through the streets of the city, he felt the air on his flesh, nothing bothered him since all he can feel is cold and ice. One thing that bothered him about being who he is. Who would want to be with someone who will never give the other warmth or else they are into someone else but he is no one to judge.  

The older Nivies walked up to the door of a coffee shop he brother told him had a really good coffee or was it something else? Andrew didn't really care what he was going to get as long at it tasted good. Looking at the menu with her blue-green eyes wondering what will taste good but the looks of the drinks name.  Andrew orders himself an Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte. He was not there to be social at all with no planning to meet anyone so he stayed by himself as he felt a few eyes looking at him and probably talking about him and how good looking he is. Nothing going to be the first time Andrew heard all the saying from every girl who crosses him who isn't stubborn or whats to kill him from doing something good. 

He was in his mind wondering as he brought out his phone to text him, brother and sister, if they want him to order them coffee since he was still in the cafe. In the middle of texting, he heard something fell on the group. More like an echo as loud at the thud was. He looked around to find a tiny journal on the floor. "Looks like a woman dropped this. I hope she is still in the cafe." Andrew bent down to reach out to the tiny book as he looked at the cover as he held it in his hand sending the message waiting to see if anyone is going to claim it before turning it to the employees. 

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“Why do you look so surprised?” Jessalyn questioned softly, as he seemed almost shocked that she had a liking for Greek Mythology. She knew the stories were old...very old. But she supposed, she was always a lover of something unique and different than most. Whilst not every Greek Mythology story stood out; there were a few that she liked. Some set good examples. Others, showed that they had good to them, like other people. “Mhh I suppose the one that always stood as being a good example of greed, was the story of Tantalus and his punishment for being greedy.” The young Initia pointed out. “Then there’s also the tales of King Midas.” Second example, that came to mind with their greed. She nodded gently. “I think my favorite would have to be anything related with the Goddess Artemis. She just always seemed like a strong role model. I mean, everyone has their faults. I admit. Even though I did always like the tales about the Goddess, including Aphrodite. She too, done some questionable things.”

Jessalyn nodded slightly. “Yeah, I can only imagine. I suppose trying to be a good role model and always the protective figure to a younger sibling, can be hard work and pressure on one person.” But pressure worked both ways. It worked on anyone, despite their age.

The Initia looked a bit confused, when he spoke about not being a normal person; because he didn’t know how to be around his siblings. True, it was probably easier for his younger brother and sister; as they grew up together. But just because he was struggling, didn’t make him an abnormal one. Or so she thought anyways.  “Well...I don’t really know, what it’s like to be in your position. But when it comes to your younger siblings. I’d start with small gestures...and work your way up from there.” Hopefully, her advice might do him some good. The young Initia was smart; even sometimes she gave off the impression of being naive. Jessalyn figured things out pretty quickly most of the time. The story tugged at her heart-strings. “That’s cruel.” She frowned. Why wouldn’t his mother want him to be around his siblings? She certainly couldn’t blame him for being shocked, when he met his younger siblings as adults. “Well, I suppose you can start a fresh, in a new city now.” At least, that’s how she would look at it. New city, new life, new start. Right? Or was she being too optimistic?

The more they spoke. It seemed like they had more in common. She gave him a sad smile, as he expressed his condolences for her losing her parents. “I am sorry for your loss too.” she said softly. Even if his mother had forced him out; She was still that. His mother. His flesh and blood. It seemed like Andrew stuck to other European Countries, than she with her siblings. “They’re both beautiful countries.” Jessalyn said with a warm smile, as he mentioned not being to Korea or Japan. “Certainly quite interesting, learning about totally different cultures.” The young Initia nodded. “I’ve always tried to learn a bit of the language, wherever me and my siblings went. I didn’t want to come off as rude; not knowing their language and assume, everyone would know English. Knowing a little bit, made it easier to get by. But I think, I am more fluent in Spanish.” Afterall, she was also learning Spanish in school. So it stuck with her a bit more. “What about you?” she asked curious. He seemed like quite the intellect and he definitely wasn’t British or American. So there was a chance, he knew different languages too. 

It was not like he was surprised in having her likes in history, everyone has some so it's nothing for him to judge. As Jessalyn retold the stories as examples Andrew had to admit he is impressed. She is right of course, the stories and myths are supposed to reflect the lessons to those who read them. For people not to respect their mistakes but it looks like it didn't matter after all. When Andrew heard her favorite goddess told him everything he needed to know about the female in front of him. A Warrior sprite with general love who might not be easy to move. 

Hearing what she said made Andrew sighed knowing it's something he has to be now. A Role Model. How does one become that? He knew help is what he really needs but how to ask is something Andrew is not good at. Guessing you can say he is too independent to rely on others. being a hermit-like male doing everything yourself is all you can rely on if he wanted to live.

"Small Gestures? Like what?" He asked looking at the female. He supposes giving them small gifts won't hurt but it did turn back to square one what would they like?  Andrew didn't know how to shop for anyone but himself. Everyone has their own likes so what can he do? 

Andrew didn't tell her to be a pity, he was far from that. "That is what we hope at least," Andrew said knowing they want to restore the family name to be a little bit better and not the shadows of the past and the downfall. Their clan is not them then nor it is them now. There are who they are but he knew soon Andrew will have to meet with the ambassador but until then he will play ears about what is doing on and if they will be accepted.  After hearing the stories from Mirae Andrew wants to make sure his family will be safe. If them being out is better then that is what he will still free and not tied down. 

Common is one word he never thought he will ever use. Not a lot would understand him but he did meet Svetlana who seemed to understand him on a deeper level which shocked him at first. His parents made their choices as it got them killed which is nothing for anyone to control. "Thanks. I rather remember my mother when she was warm and loving." Andrew really remembered that time and he missed that version of his mother. it's fair to him but not to his own siblings well for what he knows as if his time before leaving. 

Hearing around her travels made Andrew listen. "I miss my own taste of adventure. I've traveled to Eastern Europe, from Belarus to Romania," he said looking at the female for her reaction. "I've tried to learn their language but with Danish being my first language and then English I thought it would be enough." 

Quite a few people, had the tendency to misjudge Jessalyn, Just because she was young and seemingly naive at times. But inside; she was more of a warrior spirit, high intelligence and compassion than some people saw. Of course, with her being young; she still made mistakes like everyone else. No one was perfect. Right?

It was clear, that the elder male in front of her was lost on what to do. If someone would have taken him to a gift store; he’d look like a lost puppy trying to find his way around. “Well, just simple things; like finding a mutual hobby and bonding with them over it. Or, heading into the town’s new Arcade, or going bowling...I mean...sure you might all get a little competitive...but it could be good fun.” After all, a little sibling rivalry in games like that was healthy.”There’s a few nice gift shops around. Maybe getting your siblings a personalised necklace or bracelet, with their name and birthstone, would be a really nice gesture.” Especially if he didn’t know what his siblings liked; it was the best suggestion she had.

Looking into her bag. Jessalyn pulled out her other notepad and pen. Before she quickly wrote down the addresses off the different gift shops that she knew around the city. Neatly pulling out the piece of paper; she then slid it over to Andrew. “These should help. You might find what you’re looking for in any of those. But if you want something unique and personalised...I’d go with, the last one on the list.” she gestured to the shop address, she meant on the list.

It was probably a big task, trying to redeem a family name; after the drama he and his siblings must have faced. It’s not like it was his...or his siblings fault, how messy the family turned out to be, with the drama that revolved around their lives. Jessalyn could understand that. “That is probably a good way to remember her.” Jessa said with a soft smile. “If anything, might help get rid of the resentment and anger, if you think of her in a better light than bad.” She probably sounded a bit philosophical. But that was probably her being optimistic. And she usually tried to find the good in a situation.

She smiled, as he talked a little of travelling on his own. “I don’t think we ever went that far in Europe. But it sounds, like you have seen some amazing places.” At least, from she heard about Romania and Belarus. It sounded like one of the few places to go and visit. As he mentioned Danish being his first language, and knowing English. “It’s still something ...even knowing two languages is better than none.” she said softly. But she supposed, he would easily get by with English, in most European Countries.

No one is perfect and that is what Andrew believed when he meets someone for the first time or watches a group of people from a distance. It didn’t matter if you are older or younger anyone can be naive but also they place in the world and what they want to believe in.

He didn’t want to admit anything due to his pride and how people see him but it’s true he would be so lost. Hearing what the other said Andrew knew he had yet to learn what is fun to do around this time period but he didn’t know what bowling is.”Simple is the new fun am guessing?” he asked wondering if he got that summery right. Andrew seems to think about what he can do but he has been watching his siblings without saying anything seeing how they interact with what they like but nothing seems to stand out but how they talk with each other.  

Watching the other bring out a pen and starting to write down things as well as handing the paper to him. “Thank you, I have not walked around this area yet to know where is everything. This will be very helpful, this can be helpful for them as well if they want a special gift for someone.” Andrew said folding it neatly as he put it in his wallet for safekeeping. 

It would be a lot of work for them to repair unless someone from that time knew the family and will show back up at the most random time. For now, they will say the good things about their family and if the dark stuff comes up then people can believe what they want to hear. “It’s been years but we hope we can find a way to view our family the way we want. It might take a while but I know it will give all of us closer or at least I hope.” He can understand where the female is coming from and is happy someone else understands what he means. 

“I recommend if you ever want to travel far up,” Andrew said with a smile if he gets a chance to take his family two those countries they might love it as much as he did once. Andrew did have an idea about how to bring his siblings together and have a fun time but for it to work is something he does not know yet. “It’s very true, I rarely get to talk in my native language but I know I still remember everything. Sometimes I talk in danish under my breath and no one will not understand unless they know it. It does not work with my siblings, they know what I say no matter what I am speaking.” he remembers his sister telling him to watch his month once when he spoke the truth about something, Josefine is very good at catching things.

As he questioned the simple aspect, the young Initia gave a soft laugh. “That’d be like saying Orange is the new Black.” she joked. “But no, simple is just a good start in getting to know your siblings...after...long time of not knowing them.” Jessalyn stated, as he questioned the meaning behind her words.

Jessalyn gave him a soft smile, as he thanked her for the bits of information. “You’re welcome.” Nodding in understanding as he mentioned not exploring that part of the city yet. “Well hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for.” She was sure, it’d come handy in for him and his siblings for sure. The gift shops made quite nice gifts. It was worth visiting.

It wasn’t often, that she met someone whom seemed to have family issues. On some level, she could relate. Her own family, had a fair share of drama. Mainly most of it had been concealed from her when she was younger. But she experienced some, during her elder years. Family life wasn’t easy sailing and breezy. But sticking together through it all, was the main thing. For anyone. “I am sure you’re family will get there. As long as you stick together.” Nothing happened in a day. Especially, when it came to giving their family a better name from being tainted in the past.

She nodded gently, as he suggested it. “I’ll keep that in mind.” It was just one more place to add onto her list, of where she wanted to visit in the future. The young Initia looked slightly amused, as he spoke about talking in Danish under his breathe. “Your siblings know the same can’t get away with it, that easily.” Then again. Your siblings always know when you’re up to something. That was the magic of the sibling bond. It seemed like they had that too, in a way. Even though he didn’t know his siblings so well.

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