When Mikaere Bennet woke this particular day he dressed and decided he wanted to train alone out on the mountain, and meditate afterwards. Mik packed himself a bag of food and other things he may need in case he was gone longer than he intended, which with Mik was often more often than not. Mikaere rarely followed time the way others did, he let the events of his day lead the way for him.

The last 50 years of his life he was almost in a daze wherever he went his entire mannerisms had changed, he was not quite the man he used to be. Mik found it hard to be happy for long periods of time, how could any man truly be happy after losing not one but two of his true loves on a single day. Mikaere was once a happy man who loved laughing and just generally enjoyed life; now he was cold distant and set on his goal.

Mikaere had yet to encounter some of the people he had met on his travels from his previous life, though he had changed his face not the same as those who may have known him from long ago. His tattoos of course always stayed the same he couldn’t be without them, each had a meaning to the man. Taking a breath he stepped outside and got onto his motorcycle and drove deep into the mountains. The further he got the quieter it got for him just the way he liked it really, though it was also colder out here which he enjoyed very much.

Dismounting from his motorcycle after shutting off the engine Mikaere hiked just a bit further putting his bag on a taller branch on the tree, the Niveis began to practice. For a stalky man his moves were very graceful and quick, he hit and kicked at the various large trees around while he trained. The pain from the hits barely even phase him in the least. This routine went on for about an hour before he stopped to retrieve a water bottle from his bag, after a short break he went back to it; adding in the practice of his Niveis abilities.

Hours had gone by before he stopped his training to sit on the cold ground to eat his lunch and just admire the quiet area and just enjoy being alive and outside. After the man finished his meal he began to meditate listening to the world around him, letting his mind and body relax. Mik meditated to try and keep himself grounded without his family he felt as though he had lost his purpose and now his only purpose was to find his child again and nothing would stop him.

Even with the sounds of twigs snapping and animals skittering about the man did not move he remained still and quiet as birds landed on him from time to time. When he heard footsteps approaching and the snapping of a camera he still did not move until the person was close. “It is rude to try and sneak up on a person.” He said in a low voice but still had yet to open his eyes or even move.

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Over the centuries she has lived; Artemitra had met plenty of people. Not everyone always stuck out to her, but certain people made lasting impressions. Wether it was for a good, or a bad reason; it varied to a degree. Some people, she was slowly crossing paths with. Almost like it was fate, that the people she met long time ago; be in the Celestial’s life once more.

It was another sunny afternoon; and the Celestial had finally ventured up to the mountains in Evermore. To see some of the spots, a few friends talked about, being worthy of visiting; and for some great scenic shots. The Celestial was entranced by the beauty of the mountains. It felt cooler up there, the views were stunning. One could look down and far on the city life, that laid beyond the mountains.

Snap...Snap. The clicking off her camera was soft. As Artemis mainly focused on the beautiful scenery in front of her and the wild birds; she found sitting in the tree tops. Some were birds she had yet to see around; they looked beautiful in color, bit more exotic than she was used to. Artemis smiled to herself, hearing the chirps and the fluttering of their wings. They were free; free as the wind. They could fly anywhere they desired, and not be bothered by trivial things.

Unknown to her, she was making her way closer to a spot; where an old friend was sitting. Artemis was pre-occupied; by taking photos of the wild flowers and birds that were around. Until she spotted an older male sitting in the green grass. Something about him felt oddly familiar. But it seemed like the Celestial had announced her presence, before she could even speak. Yep, that was the voice of Mikaere Bennett. A voice, she hadn’t heard in a long long time. Maybe almost in 140 years? If not more?

“Is it really sneaking up, when one was enjoying nature and taking photographs, before spotting an old friend?” The Celestial questioned. It had not been her intention, to sneak up on Mik. But her attention had been snapped towards the Niveis.

“Fancy, seeing you around here Mik.” Artemis said softly, a smile in her tone. Of course, she did not know what the former Phoenix went through; to get to this spot and this city. But it was nice to see a familiar face.

A smirk crossed his face as he slowly opened his one eye before the other as well, “What brings you way up here Starchild?” the voice that had greeted him back was not a voice he had been expecting to hear, though he did not let his surprise become apparent. Slowly the man rose to his feet turning to look over at the young woman, Mikaere had met her a long time ago; it felt like another life. In a way it truly was another life, he had been a phoenix when they met and now he was a Niveis.

Mik had always felt like a father to Artemitra taking her under his wing protecting her, offering her advice if she should ever need it; sometimes giving it even when she didn’t want it. “How are you Mimi my child?” Closing the distance between them Mikaere wrapped her in a tight fatherly embrace. With all the man had been through he had almost forgotten of his long lost daughter so to speak, his first child.

Mimi was in his eyes as much a child to him as Avonie was, though Avonie was his blood Mimi was not. It did not change how Mik felt about her though, or stop him from protecting her even though she was old enough and strong enough to protect herself from most dangers in the world. “I never would have thought I’d run into you here in Evermore.” His deep voice was soft as to not disturb the wildlife around them. “I should have after all Evermore is a place for people such as ourselves.”

Mikaere used to avoid cold places, being a phoenix he preferred warmth, but that all changed on that fateful day that changed everything for the man. Mikaere was still trying to adjust to how his life was now, dedication to learning about their kind, learning new fighting techniques to defend his tribe. Now that Mik’s family had grown he was determined to protect them; he wasn’t able to protect his family before but he would this time. Pulling himself from his thoughts he stepped back “You look healthy, happy and at ease, are you well child?”

The Celestial, had waited for some sort of a reaction. Seeing him recognise her pretty quickly, made her smile. “A few friends, always spoke about how beautiful it is up here in the mountains. Thought, I’d go for a little hike and take pictures.” The Celestial gestured to the camera, that was in her hands. The Celestial hadn’t ventured up the mountains much. But with the things she heard, she couldn’t help herself. As her curiosity got the better of her. Plus, she knew the scenery would make for wonderful photographs. Putting her camera, back into her bag. Not wanting to drop it.

But it was a pleasant surprise running into Mik up here. He had been someone, whom had been of great help to her in the past. Since she was a Celestial being; she didn’t have any parents. Not Biological ones. And when she left Spain; and the home she had with the young couple that had found her and looked after her when she first fell. She had lost her parent figures in a way. Until a few decades later on her travel; she met Mik. The elder male; had became a father figure. Sometimes, she had her childish moments; where she didn’t want to hear his advice; if she hadn’t asked for it. In regards to her reckless nature. But more often than not; there was truth to his words. So she knew, he was looking out for her. 

The nickname, Mimi made her smile. Even after all these years. It still had the same fatherly ring to it. Feeling his arms wrap around her. He felt a bit colder than usual. Which was a surprise. But her own arms wrapped around him, hugging him back tightly. “It’s been….well...a long story.” Artemis said honestly. “But, I feel better.” At least, today. She was having a better day.

“You feel bit colder than usual.” Artemis couldn’t help the comment that slipped out; on his new found body temperature. Just then; she couldn’t help but think back to the Spring Fling. Where she had briefly met Anivia. She had the same cold touch. Could he be a Niveis? Whilst the species were new; the Celestial knew a little bit about them. Mainly through rumours circling the city.

His comment about running into her here, made her laugh slightly. “Well, I didn’t exactly think I’d run into you here either. But guess, this city has a way of pulling all kinds of Supernaturals in.” She spoke softly, in agreement. It was supposed to be a safe haven for all different species. But sometimes...it felt a bit unsafe; with the mysterious dark forces at bay. It had felt like an eternity, since she had last seen Mikaere. But it was probably over 150 years at least, if not a bit more. She was sure, that they had a lot to catch up on.

“Let’s just say, today is my good day.” Nature helped her feel more at ease. So she probably looked better and happier; than the last few days. “I’ve had a few ...well not so good days. But I am getting through it.” she assured him with a smile. It was probably a very short winded explanation. But the long way, might take a long while.

Mik laughed a hearty laugh when she mentioned his temperature “Si tengo frio” (Yes I am cold) Mikaere was no longer the warm Phoenix she had met all those years ago. Dropping his arms down from her he forced himself to smile, in spite of being disheartened by the events that led him to be what he was now, he could never bring himself to show the world how he felt about it; let alone his child. “I am a Niveis” his tone was soft and stated that it was a simple response and one that didn’t require much explanation at least not yet.

Lifting his hand to push her hair from her face “A good day suits you.” His eyes sparkled with his smile, though the mention of not so good days had the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. “The forces within this city are unsettling, they haven’t touched you have they.” The fatherly tone was one that was unmistakable. The star was his first child and that made him overprotective of her.

Mik has thus far been untouched by the dark forces within the city but he knew of many who had not been and the stories he had heard were most unsettling. This was a time he was glad that Avonie was not within the city limits, for that she would be safe and out of harm; so he hoped.

Turning his attention back to Artemitra the fatherly figure sighed “We need to stay in touch more.”

The hearty laugh made the Brunette smile softly. “Mucho.” she nodded in agreement. He was cold as the ice and snow itself. If not cooler. It reminded Artemis of a certain tribe of new species, that she didn’t know much about. Before she could even think of it, he confirmed it himself. He was a Niveis. “I do believe I've met one or two at the spring fling last year.” Of course, with occasions such as that being an entire town event, all different factions and species mixed together. It was quite an eventful yet fun night. “How long, have you been a Niveis?” Artemis asked. The last time she had seen him, he had been a Phoenix. But that was over a century and a half ago. If not much longer.

The Celestial swallowed a bit uncomfortably, at his question. “I don’t think you, want to know the answer to that question.” Artemis breathed out, trying to keep her voice even. The only one’s that knew about what had happened to her were her best friend Ridley, as she came to her for help from the nightmares that had caused her. Phoenix and of course Erythreus, whom had been there on that scary night, having gone through some of the crazy shit with her; when they were trying to sort out their own issues from the past. As much as she hated for dragging Phoenix into this mess; she couldn’t put more people at risk, by spilling the beans.

“A lot has happened, since I last saw you.” Artemis sighed. “Maybe too much. As much as I wanted to get in touch with you, for a time...I couldn’t. Not because I didn’t want to….I just wasn’t able to.” Being stuck in a metal cage, entrapped like the rest of her kind; there wasn’t any way to make contact with the outside world for a 100 years and the people she loved. When she escaped the Isle of Skye, with Ophelia and the others. She had no idea where to even start looking for Mikaere. Not having any idea, he was even residing in the mountains of Evermore.

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