Evermore, a city that housed supernatural beings and humans within its walls protecting them from the outside world that had no clue they existed or wished harm on them. Everyone had their own story, background to how they ended up in a city that was a safe haven for those of supernatural origins. Cameron Cullen was no different than most he lost his best friend and girl friend only to be turned into something a year later.

He had been a walking zombie for years after the events that lead him straight to the safe haven of Evermore. After being there for a few years since the comet had struck Evermore he had been becoming more humanized that before coming out of his Zombified state of depression. Once he ‘woke’ up from his depressive state he realized how bad it truly was to the point that he was thin and living in a motel room just so he didn’t have to see the looks of the pack.

So picking out his nice clothes he showered and got dressed before leaving his room on the hunt for an apartment and a job. Luckily his parents were quite well off but he still wanted to earn his own money. Nothing seemed to bad to him other than working with people that deserved to be punched in the face, those grouchy people that hate on everyone because they weren’t hugged enough as a child.

He went to the first place listed in the newspaper as he asked around only to be shot down. As he was leaving he bumped into someone causing them to fall over. “Oh I am so sorry are you alright?” He asked the person reaching out to help them up.

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Madison fell to the ground dropping her purse and sighed and she looked at her broken high heel shoe and skinned knee "I am alright aside from a broken shoe and a skinned knee, other than that i am fine"she stood up slowly taking off her broken shoe and held out her hand "Im Madison or Maddie and you look like you are lost, is there anything i can help you with?" she smiled sweetly after helping him up to his feet.

She knew he was new to this side of evermore so she wanted to make a good impression on him and since she lived her since she was 18 she knew that she never saw him before plus she has made quite a bit of friends over the past few years so if she made a friend with him she would be more proud of herself "so do you have a name or can i just call you Brown eyes with the cute smile?" she asked tucking her hair behind her ear and pulling down her dress to somewhat cover her knees

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