당신은 정말로 그입니까? (Are You Really Him?) || ( Miyaza and Joshua)

Cold floor, chins, yelling, and cages, is how most of her species had to deal with. For others, it was more years being away from the outside world but for Miyaza was it took 16 years of her life away from her family who loves her among the amnesia. They have given her a chance to live a life with learning new things and having friends. Being the youngest out of those who were captured Miyaza was scared for her life. Wishing for someone to end the suffering. There was one person who made her felt like she could talk to with no trouble or being alone. She knew his name is Joshua. Among all the stars they spoke Korean as she found he is a native Korean which made her felt happy. 

The past is the past as she lives with the other stars and gains training help from Ophelia. Today is one where Ophelia was out doing business so she had a morning to relax before he going to the training room to practice. There is no time to slack off her training, mastering the powers she has does not come out naturally by night.  

As the young star grabbed her journal, she walked down the stairs to grab breakfast. She found eating fruit is her new favorite food to eat but she knew real food is something she needs. At least it is very healthy for her than eating something fatting and very unhealthy.  She started to make pancakes, along with the waiting Miyaza got herself to learn some English words with the light broken English she has. With everyone she has met they were very nice to help her out as well for her to listen to how people speak. "Hello, am Miyaza. You have a nice uh.." She looks at her book as she sighed. " Hello, How are you? My name is Miyaza?" she asked herself as she smiled and then nodded. Miyaza knew the basis will be a great start like the other suggested. 

Miyaza cut up some strawberries as she got the syrup and started to stake up some of the pancakes she made and put it out if anyone else wanted some they can get ahead. The young star didn't mind to share or make food for others. It's something she can do since she can't properly talk with words. Little things of kindness are worth more than words themselves.   

As she heard someone coming in she smiled. "I made them..... they are for.... open for everyone?" she asked wondering if she said that right but sighed muttering to herself in Korean. Miyaza knew it would take time for her to get somewhere with English. Miyaza looked up to who came in as she saw it is a male which made her smile. "Enjoy," Miyaza said with her sweet smile hoping that will be alright. Miyaza has not seen him before so she didn't know if he is someone she talked to or not but she has given everyone space. 

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Cold floor, tight silver chains, bars drove into the ground to create a cage. All of this appeared in Soonyoung's dreams every night and woke him up in cold sweat every morning. This morning was different, he awoke to the smell of coffee and the sweet scent of pancakes. It smelled so incredibly good that it took a while for the ebony-haired male to actually get out of bed. He cast sky-blue eyes at the ceiling and went cross-eyed as he noticed that he forgot to take off his contacts last night. Since he was the oldest of the three youngest Celestials, he often liked to take care of them. He remembered the youngest Celestial Miyaza had been his best friend on the Isle. The poor girl could only speak Korean and since he was a native Korean he had been able to talk to her and help her off the Isle. Hanseol was the other Korean Celestial, but Soonyoung hadn't seen him in a while because the second youngest had moved out some time ago. Shifting his body over into a sitting position, he slung his long legs over the side of the bed and rubbed a slender hand over his face.

The star squeezed his eyes shut and stretched before heading to his drawers to get clothes for the day. Since it was a weekend, Soonyoung had no classes today and didn't have to go to the bar until 10 tonight, so he had some time for fun. Sunlight streamed through the light blue lace curtains that someone had apparently opened earlier. Probably one of his siblings. Soonyoung groaned and headed towards his bathroom, flicking on the light. 

Taking a long shower usually helped Soonyoung think, and he often didn't get a chance to do it. Since he had no work in the morning, he loved sleeping in, sometimes like a cat. He loved the sun, but since it was fall, it was usually rainy. Today was one of those rare sunlit days that Soonyoung could enjoy. After getting out of the shower, and dressing in a The Rose t-shirt that he had gotten at one of their concerts in L.A., skinny jeans and converse, he leaned over the counter, trying to get his eyeliner to wing perfectly. Soonyoung often hit his elbows on the counter as he tried to do his makeup since the stupid thing was shorter than him and had about an inch of sharp marble on the sides. It hurt really bad, but he had gotten used to it.

Grabbing a towel from the rack, he wrapped it around his neck, letting his ebony hair drip dry. Maybe the coffee that he smelled was still there? He certainly needed it, with his terrible morning voice. It was low and deep, something he didn't like. Sure he had a pretty face, but he didn't want his voice to contrast with it. He lightly ran down the stairs and then paused as he heard a familiar sweet voice arguing with herself softly. That wasn't a normal occurrence and he wasn't sure where he had heard the voice before. Maybe from the Isle? A lot of the stars had come to the Castle after they had escaped and many still lived there.

He entered the kitchen as the girl was pouring syrup and cutting strawberries. With a teasing smile, the ebony-haired star reached over her shoulder and grabbed a strawberry with slender fingers, popping it into his mouth and savoring the sweet fruit. Soonyoung backed up a little when she turned around and smiled at him. He could tell she was trying to look up at him since he was so tall, and that she was having a little bit of trouble with English. She looked somewhat familiar but he couldn't place her to a face. 고마워, 별빛 여전히 커피가 있습니까? 그리고 당신이 좋아하면 베이컨을 만들 수 있습니다. " (Thanks, starlight. Is there still coffee? And if you like, I can make bacon." He replied in Korean, his accent lilting softly around the words, and gave her a sweet smile in return for hers. As soon as he said this, another ebony-haired male bounded down the stairs and snatched a granola bar from the counter. This male was Soonyoung's brother and he was super happy. 

The voice she heard echoed in her mind, were have she heard it before? Seeing as the male is Korean she felt happy about talking in her native tongue. Hearing Starlight made her happy knowing it is a fitting nickname for celestial.  Miyaza has never seen his face around but does she get the feeling she knows him. {1} "예, 여기 오기 전에 만들어졌습니다. 감사합니다요." The young star got two pancakes along with two sliced strawberries on top making her way to the table as she can back and get some milk. 

She took the chance to look at the other's face and appearance. Yeap never has seen him before but there is a change she knows his name and voice since that is how most celestial knew each other due to cages. "Um... My name is Miyaza. {2} 미야 자" The young star didn't know if she meets him before it is worth a try hoping the other would be happy enough to return his name back. "(3) 죄송합니다. 당신은 내가 아는 사람처럼 들립니다요." She admitted hoping it will not feel weird to the other.

Miyaza did admit she would love to meet the person's voice with the face. The star did help the other when she was so lonely and with little too basic to English. The voice made her feel hopeful as well as looking forward to getting out. The only thing she held to her mind was a man name Taehyun. Her first love and the man who did cause her to go into tears. With no knowledge what happened to her. Miyaza hoped he loves her enough to look for her then to think she cheated on him. She would die inside if that is the case. The only thing she had of him was his dog tags that fell out of her hands in the park in Busan, South Korea. To know someone who is a friend would make her feel happy that things are going back to normal.
~ |Translation |~
1. Yes, it was made before I got here. I don't mind you making some Thank you.
2. Miyaza 
3. Sorry. You sound like someone I know.

"물론 별빛." (Of course, starlight). Soonyoung said and weaved himself around the table, narrowly avoiding Seungcheol who had decided to plant himself on the kitchen counter and make silly faces at him. "Yah! Byun Seungcheol! Get off the counter! I have to cook there!" The ebony-haired star yelped and hit his brother on the shoulder with a spatula. He wasn't sure if he knew the girl's face, but he definitely recognized that voice. Someone who only spoke Korean since she couldn't speak English very well.

The dark gray hair and wide eyes were different from what he thought the girl who belonged to the voice looked like. He had thought she would be dark-haired and have smaller eyes than she did, but voices can be deceiving. "안녕하세요, 미야 자. 저는 순영입니다. 여호수아라고도합니다." (Hi, Miyaza. I'm Soonyoung. Or Joshua) The star said, waving the spatula in the air in the general direction of the other star. "이상하지 않다. 친숙하게 들린다. 아마도 우리는 섬에서 서로를 알고 있었 을까?" ("That's not weird. You sound familiar as well. Maybe we knew each other on the isle?") Soonyoung said, taking a shot at maybe him knowing her.

If he did get it right, maybe she would be his long lost friend from the Isle? He had to admit her name had sounded familiar as well. A noise from behind him scared him so bad that he hit the person with his arm't and laughed when he noticed it was his brother. "Serves you right, Cheollie. You shouldn't have been behind me." The star said with a laugh. 

The younger star smiled when the Male called her starlight. All the peace came to an end when a few more people come into the kitchen. Looks like the other has people new knew. Miyaza felt lonely by the thought since she has made friends with a few celestials but without knowing their faces it made it so much harder on her. The one thing that made her lost when they started to speak English which only made her look at them in confusion. 

When the Male said his name she smiled and nodded. "Your voice does sound familiar but I can't place it." Miyaza hollowed hard as she knew to bring up the past is still touchy. "Was your part of the Isle?" The young star asked biting her lip. It was not that much of a worry as the star asked her about the same subject. "I was on the Isle," she said holding her hands together. Miyaza did not like I talk about it but knowing it made all of them they way are today. Then it all went into place, Miyaza looks at Joshua as she smiled. "Than you? You the one talked to me? " she said in her broken English. All she needed was a yes and she would be so happy to finally see the face. 

Miyaza never really think about what his face looked like as she only had her mind on Taehyun. His name did ring a bell to her but she didn't want to get her feeling hurt. Miyaza always believed in the hope no matter what the cost is as she also knows if fate wanted people together then they have their way in doing so. She hoped it's her best friend out of all the people she really wanted to see face to face.

Joshua looked back at her, his radiant smile coming out. She really did remind him of his best friend from the Isle. The only thing that he could tell that scared her was that Seungcheol was in the kitchen and he was speaking English. He had seen her flinch when the first words had come out of his mouth. "괜찮아, 별빛? 무서워 보인다." (Are you okay, starlight? You seem scared.) He asked and shot a glare at his brother, who in turn gave him a scared look and scurried out of the kitchen. Putting the spatula down, he walked over to her to see if she was okay.

"That's okay if you can't place my voice, starlight. I can't place yours either, but it does sound very familiar." He said and gave her a sweet smile. Her voice really was familiar and it was weird that he couldn't place it to a face in his head. "I was on the Isle." The star replied and nodded his head at her. "All Celestials were on the Isle, starlight." He said and then clapped a hand over his mouth. He hadn't meant to say it like that. Then it could scare her and he would be responsible for it. When she asked if he was the one who talked to her, he instantly knew that it was the Miyaza that was his best friend on the Isle. The one who couldn't speak much English but was the sweetest thing. "Miyaza, I definitely did talk to you on the Isle. I missed you!" He replied and ran over to her, wrapping his arms around her tiny body in a big, warm hug.

He hadn't seen Miyaza in forever and now that he was getting to see her again, it was like a dream come true. He really did hope that she would accept him back as her best friend since they hadn't seen eachother in a while.

The young star stayed quiet as her mind was trying to connect every English she was hearing.  If it will help her with the language she does not mind. "Oh, I am not. Am fine," she said lightly in English as much as she knew. "English... Learning." the young star said with a smile hoping it will make the other not worry about her. Out of all the languages she heard from the Isle she got used to all of it.  Miyaza did saw how fast the other was to make sure she is alright. Did they know each other for him to react that way? 

Miyaza smiled and then nodded. That was very understandable since they were from the Isle it could be anyone's voice. To think of all the voices in her mind would make her head hurt to try to find out why and were.  When the male said about all the stars were on the Isle didn't surprise her one bit. Seeing the other freak out the way he did make Miyaza scared. "Don't ... be. Scared? 

Hearing the male's word made Miyaza tear up, the one person other then Taehyun in her mind is finally in front of her. The one who made sure she was not alone, who understood her when she talked. Joshua. She hugged him back as she cried. "당신은 정말로 그입니까?" The young star asked though her tears holding the other male tightly not wanting to let go. The first time they meet in person felt like forever to get a chance like this.  What could they do? What questions would they have for each other?

"I don't know what to say," she said in English as she wiped her tears away from her cheeks and eyes.  "We, catch up. So much to do," she asked with a smile looking up at Josh. For the first time, ever since they came to Evermore she felt happiness.

Joshua could tell she was struggling and he understood. English was hard to learn since Korean usually placed their sentences backward. He had taught some of his Korean friends that lived in Evermore that had struggled with English at first. "Okay. Let me know if I scare you." He replied and put a hand on her shoulder to reassure her. "English is hard, I know." He said and laughed. He could tell that she knew some English and she was trying her hardest to speak in it for him. He smiled back at her warmly, wondering what was on her mind.

Voices were different in their own way and he had to admit that he had thought Miyaza's voice wasn't hers at first. He had heard similar voices before but now he could recognize her voice and place it to her face. "Scared? Who's scared?" He asked and looked around with a curious look on his face. He didn't want to admit that he had been worried that he would scare the younger Celestial.

"No don't cry, honey. It's okay." He said and patted her back. He was worried as to why she was crying and then he figured it out. She missed him, he guessed. Patting her hair, he smiled softly. She seemed to have missed him a lot. He missed her too, but the level of which Miyaza was crying stunned him. He nodded at her question and mumbled words of comfort to her. He did wonder what they would do since this was the first time they had met in a while. Maybe they could find somewhere to eat and talk.

"It's okay. You don't have to say anything." He said and smiled down at her softly. "We definitely have to catch up. Maybe we could go to the Korean BBQ place in downtown?" He asked with a curious tilt to his head.

Miyaza never wanted the other to feel like he is scaring her, she was really far from being scared it was more like she is going to get frustrated. The young star wanted to talk to people and be normal than having a language block, it limits her which makes her feel lock within her own body. Miyaza smiled and nodded, "I want to learn but English." she said shyly biting her bottom lip. Miyaza was thinking so much about how easy it can be to talk but it's nothing for her to do other than taking it slowly at a time. 

"Your face. Scared you?" she asked trying to say did I scared you with my voice by the way she saw his reaction.  Miyaza didn't want him to worry anymore. "Your reaction on your face scared me so I thought I scared you," she said in Korean.  The younger star smiled lightly as she looked at him. She did admit he was really handsome then she thought. When she looked at him her ex came to her mind Taehyun. Her smile faded as she looked down at her hands telling herself not to cry or that he forgot about her. It was easier for her to think that knowing if there is a chance for him to still be alive and they meet she is unsure if he is alive or dead. 

Her tears came to her face without her approval, she tried to pull herself together when she heard the other telling her not to cry. She didn't think her life can have a bright side. Joshua is the one person who keeps her holding and have so much hope. It was safe for her to break down crying, finally, she can let it out. "Thank you," she said in English knowing he would not mind he is like this. 

Wiping her tears with her hand she looked up with her puffy eyes with a light smile. "Am sorry for crying. Someone came to mind that seeing you made me remember," she said in Korean. How was she going to tell him about Taehyun knowing it will come up once again. She wanted to believe he is dead due to it's easier but who Tae is it will not surprise her if he is alive. When she listened to him about Korean BBQ a smile came to her face. "Let's have some and talk. I am happy to finally meet you in person like face to face." 

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