The sun was setting over Evermore as Seonghwa walked towards Evermore's downtown bar. Sure there were more bars in Evermore, but the pink-haired male had decided to work at the one located near the heart of Evermore's downtown nightlife. Humans and supernaturals hung around and business was usually booming near the late evening hours. Seonghwa had seen some kitsune's hanging around earlier, their long, and various tails peeking out from leather and various scraps of clothing. He wasn't scarred by anything they were wearing. He was used to the scantily clad girls and equally scantily clad boys because his bar uniform was the same. A black tank top, leather skinny jeans, black dress boots, and a black choker with a butterfly pendant that made him strangely feel like a stripper. Streetlights cast a lovely glow on his skin, as it caught the subtle body glitter he was required to wear. Seonghwa didn't like wearing it, it felt sticky and made it seem as if he was a girl headed to one of the many clubs downtown. 

He remembered the first time he had come here. It was four years ago, a year before Baekhyun died. They had been dared to use fake ID's and drink until they were either drunk or just too tired to function. And, that's what they did. Baekhyun had used his pretty blue eyes to convince the bouncer that he and Seonghwa were twenty-one years old. They certainly fit the part, with as much makeup as Ayeon had put on them. They were let in and had one of the best nights of their lives there. Dancing with random strangers that found them cute. This was also the first time he had kissed Baekhyun. He was drunk, but he still remembered the way Baekhyun's lips had felt on his. Now, Seonghwa blinked back tears as he opened the back door to the bar. He wasn't ready to cry his face off in front of so many people. The bar was full of people, and the noise from laughter and music drowned out Seonghwa's tears as he walked behind the marble countertop. 

Seonghwa dried his eyes on one of the soft bar rags that hung in his back pocket and then went to the bathroom to fix his makeup. When he looked in the mirror, his mascara was smudged, eyeliner ran down his face and glitter coated his face. He twitched his nose sadly and then took some of the paper towels in the men's restroom and scrubbed at the runaway makeup. Now, his bare face looked back at him. eye bags and dark circles made his eyes look sunken in, his cheekbones looked more prominent than before and his skin looked dull. Tired of looking at the mess that was his face, he dumped out his makeup and began to redo everything, starting with making the eye bags and dark circles disappear. After he was done he winked at himself in the mirror and gave himself a thumbs up.

He walked back out behind the bar and took orders, cleaned glasses, flirted with some of the patrons and even flirted with one of the other bartenders. Minhyuk was pretty with his swooped up hair, body glitter and ever more glitter in his hair. Seonghwa was distracted by him for a good hour, focusing on the way he moved and talked. But, something else caught his attention. A certain someone wearing a black leather jacket and skinny jeans with swept to the side brown hair. It certainly looked like Baekhyun.

Seonghwa wasn't sure how, because Baekhyun was dead but that certainly was Baekhyun. The same tilt to his mouth, the same curved smile with dimples. He almost fell sprinting out from behind the bar to a confused Kihyun and even more confused Wonho. He gave them a smile and then bolted onto the dance floor trying to find Baekhyun, and he finally did. Baekhyun was smiling at someone and his eyes curved into crescents. Seonghwa made a startled noise and then grabbed his arm and said in Korean. "자기야, 난 네가 죽었다고 생각 했어. 어떻게 살아 남았습니까? 왜 나를 찾지 못하셨습니까? 백현,보고 싶었어!" (Baby, I thought you were dead. How did you survive? Why didn't you come find me? Baekhyun, I missed you!)

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Evermore slowly became a home sweet home to the young human who had a little knowledge of the supernatural world.  Working from a coffee shop that has a lot of business now. It was just a little coffee shop that no one hard came in, the memories from interacting to serving, to helping people to making people smile landed him eyes to be looked on from a dance company owner. All of that sounds like a dream that no one wants to walk off from but it happened. 

The practice was all his job is at the moment, every day along with making sure his limits are looked at by himself. Ha-Joon knew he had to buy a foot wrap or two in case of something down happen he can still keep going.  As this practice wrapped up, Ha-Joon sighed as she sits down thinking he might need to let loose a little. Stress is not the best friend of the young Korean. He had a lot of things coming into his mind, Mirae is one of them, his sister and how her heath is good. Reaching out to his phone to see no message from her which made him a little bit but texted her just in case.  Ha-Joon knew bothering Hana about her health can be annoying but he can't lose another family member in his life. He always lost so many already but the more people he meets and gets close to him might find a second family in friends. 

He took a shower as he but on a black shirt, black pants, his black leather jacket as he put his sunglasses on his shirt to hang. Ha-Joon walked out saying his goodbyes and having a great night knowing he would see them later. Ha-Joon walked to the bar that had the most people since he would be able to talk and have a good time. Maybe meeting and seeing new faces might bring his spirit up a little.

Ha-Joon smiled as he walked in looking around with his dark brown hues. The Human didn't felt any eyes on him as he was in his own mind thinking about how to talk to the girl who caught his eye. They both passed now he is more than shy to talk with her now. Ha-Joon is never a person to be shy around others so this is very new to Mirae. She had to put a spell on him. There is no other explanation for what is going on. Ha-Joon got out of these thoughts when someone started to talk to him putting a smile on his lips. Maybe a stranger can help him out about his girl problems? They say talking to different people about something might make you feel better.  That's when he felt a hand on his arm, Ha-Joon turned around to see another male talking to him in Korean. Beakhyun? Ha-Joon looked at the other person who was now looking at him and the male. " 당신의 용서를 간청하지만 당신은 누구입니까? 저는 하준입니다. 나는 당신이 잘못된 사람을 얻었다 고 생각합니다." The human said calmly at the other male. Did he get mixed up with someone else's boyfriend and what did the other mean by him being dead? He looked alive like everyone else in the bar.  Ha-Joon can tell by that short sentence something tragic happened to the other in their story.  

1.  I beg your pardon but who are you? My name is Ha-Joon. I think you got the wrong person. 

As soon as the male turned around, he immediately recognized his mistake. That was definitely not Baekhyun. The slanted eyes were a bit higher up and the nose bridge longer, and the hair was dark brown instead of Baekhyun's coffee brown. "I... I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else." Seonghwa replied in English and turned to walk away, but turned back around when he heard the dark-haired male say something. "죄송합니다. 하준. 제 이름은 강성화입니다. 다른 사람과 당신을 섞었습니다." (I'm sorry, Ha-Joon. My name is Seonghwa Kang. I mixed you up with someone else.) He said tilting his head so that dark-hair fell in his face. He was seriously confused, the boy had looked exactly like Baekhyun from a distance. He apparently wore the same clothes as well as he had seen that leather jacket before. Seonghwa's cheeks colored the longer the other male looked at him. 

He hadn't been expecting to mix up the only love of his life with another guy just because they looked the same. Maybe Ha-Joon looked like "Husband" Baekhyun and that had caused Seonghwa to be a little more sensitive to what people looked like. "당신은 내 죽은 남자 친구와 이상하게 생겼어요," ("It's just you look strangely similar to my dead boyfriend,") He said with a look toward him. "당신이 죽었다고 말하는 것은 아닙니다." (Not saying that you look dead.) He quickly said trying to cover up his mistake. That would've been rude if he had said Ha-Joon looked like a dead body. 

"음료를 마실 래요? 저는 여기 바텐더 중 한 사람입니다. 집에있을 거예요." ("Would you like a drink to make up for it? I'm one of the head bartenders here. It'll be on the house.") Seonghwa offered, scanning his green eyes over the male for any sign of a response. He had just been here to have fun and Seonghwa had to go and scare the poor boy by saying he was dead. The bar had quieted down now and Wonho and Kihyun were looking at him curiously. "Is that Baekhyun?" Wonho mouthed toward him, running a hand through his blue hair. "No, I just thought it was." He replied and waited for the other boy to say something.

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