The days had begun to blend together, one right into another in a never-ending loop of madness and hysteria. Voices and thoughts blended together into a choir of discombobulated noise that ebbed and flowed in volume. At times it all sounded like whispers that floated through her consciousness sounding like the rustling of leaves in the background of life. Then at times, the volume turned up on full blast, making Tia feel as if she had been thrown into the middle of a crowd of shouting people all trying to be heard over one another and yet when she looked up she was usually alone or sitting at the table with Clay. Then, of course, there was the problem of her other powers going haywire, the elements that had been under her mastery for countless years were suddenly rebelling.

She had woken up several mornings to plants having bloomed all over the house, having suddenly grown over every surface of the house overnight. Then just as quickly as they had appeared the foliage died off and reduced to dust in the blink of an eye, almost without the Aspect having to think about the action. Lightning had struck several cattle-killing the poor creatures instantly, an earthquake and landslide a week later had caused some injuries on the farm down the road. Then two weeks later Clay had shouted enough to wake the redhead up, startling her into realizing that in her sleep she had managed to alter the flow of gravity on every piece of furniture in the room making everything float. Her loving boyfriend had gotten up to use the restroom and tumbled several feet to the floor, bruising more than just his pride.

Aurantia was coming to hate the look of both fear and worry in his eyes when he looked at her. She was sure that the fear was for her and not of her but it was still something she didn’t care to confront at the moment and after the latest incident in the kitchen involving the melting of all the metal implements the female had had enough. Even the Aspect of Elements had to admit that something was wrong and that she needed some help, which was why she was parked in front of the Initia compound with her truck on idle. Rumors had been circulating about the new Magister and for the sake of everyone she held dear Tia desperately hoped that Sofi Zahara was willing to help her. With a sigh of resignation the redhead shut off the engine and stepped free from the truck, heading towards the main entrance to the faction house.

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The clock hung across the room kept ticking, exactly like it should do; to work. Like what the person inhabiting the room should be doing, but no, instead she was busy jotting down her reviews on her notebook. From page one, it had been random sketches, but up to page 4, it was filled with a completely different content, most those that consisted of her Psychic element. She also had list down the names of all the Masters in Evermore. The fact that Evermore had rare element Masters such as Electric, Metal and Gravity was already an amazing feat. And now they would be the first tribe in history to possess all 8 element Masters. To be honest, Sofi wasn't sure how she would ascend to her leadership as the new Grand Master of the Evermore tribe and while she kept convincing and encouraging others, the same didn't exactly work for her own self. 

She was a good actor to show that she hasn't been encountering the same insecurity issues as others, of course, it was a tad bit easier when you've been in the field where manipulating the state of mind for a while. It builds you up to mask any emotion when you probably feel the most. Rubbing her temple after letting out a heaved sigh, Sofi decided she couldn't keep doing this self thing with herself, not when she's surrounded by things that would pressure her more than good, aka the newspaper articles she collected regarding the Initia tribe here. Before she assumed the leadership for the tribe, it was under the command of another one, who she knew to be quite wise beyond his years and that did hold a weight over her to be the best successor her predecessor will ever get, that's what you get for being such a perfectionist, she could almost hear Rowan saying I told you so. Which doesn't really work when the Electric Master is just the same as she is, dictating every move perfectly to make sure it stays precise. 

With one hand running through her blonde locks, she got up from her seat and closed her notebook shut, tossing it inside her drawer before grabbing a hold of her jacket as she makes her way to the shelves where all the books were arranged neatly as she closed the doors to her office so she could walk around in the living room. She desperately needed to let off some steam, when she's not in control of her unpredictable element, she's always a bit overwhelmed by all the voices. That's the con of having that element, you really had to train diligently to make sure you are in control of it at all times. Sofi had heard about the two people who would come to seek her help in training them in this new element nobody has ever mastered, and she wasn't sure what to feel about it. Teaching someone who is so much older than her, not just by a century or two but a whole millennium? Had she said she wasn't shook by the fact would be a vast understatement.

 Speak of the devil, the knock that came from outside managed to disrupt her focus, who could it be? The moment she opened the door, she was greeted by a redheaded female who definitely stood taller than her, "Hi, uh… are you looking for someone?" It was clear that she wasn't an Initia, no, Sofi made sure to memorize each and every Initia in the community. "Oh right, sorry where are my manners, please… come in." She looks... Familiar. "Sorry for asking, but do I know you?"

Knocking on the door felt like she was knocking on the door of fate, tempting the universe into throwing even more at her. Right now everything seemed to be falling down around her ears and struggling to handle things on her own wasn’t working. Coping or attempting to cope wasn’t doing it anymore, not when she was putting the people around her at risk. Given the events from the past few weeks, it was coming to a point where the redhead wasn’t able to keep her instability under wraps anymore and people were starting to notice. Clay was starting to notice.

Taking a deep breath as she approached the door, Tia held up her hand and knocked trying not to wince at the hollow sound. It was almost humiliating to be here asking for help, that an Ailward Aspect wouldn’t be able to get her own damn part of the universe under control. For thousands of years now the elements had almost been like a friend, an extension of herself that easily flowed with her wants and needs. Now it felt like a beloved puppy had started acting out against her, biting and tearing up everything in its wake. Perhaps she was taking this too much into her pride but the thought of getting help was humiliating none the less.

Blinking and taking a step back as the door suddenly opened, revealing a petite blonde with alabaster skin and shimmering eyes. The woman stumbled through a greeting, such as it was, and then clarified things by inviting Tia inside. Shoving her hands inside of her back pockets the redhead stepped across the threshold, taking in the decor before turning her attention back to the blonde. “My name is Aurantia Ailward, I’m looking for Sofi Zahara. I was told she would be able to help me.” Her voice sounded steady despite the turbulent emotions and thoughts swirling around in her head which was a blessing. As much as she hated asking for help it was better to ask for it and seem as if she was confident in that request.

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