Love. The four letter word, that seemed entirely foreign to Marcos Moretti.

The Nephilim, had never been in love. Not with anyone. He never allowed himself to get close to anyone, on such a deep and committed level. The only love, he knew was towards his sister. But that was different. Where Romance was concerned, Marcos seemed to avoid it like a plague. Preferring short term flings, never having to be attached to anyone for too long. The Italian was well aware, that at one point; both his parents and grand-parents wishes for him to settle down, have a family of his own one day. But that was more of their dream...not his. It was without a doubt, one of the things they had a falling out; those many years ago; before he had finally left his home town of Verona, behind.

Marcos didn’t mind being alone. The male, had kept him busy with his job anyways. Some said, he was married to his profession; just because he had spent countless hours at the office; or always out a mission with another of the F.B.I agents. He led a busy life, where work was concerned. But that had been his choice. After reckless behaviour in his teenage years. Marcos had made up for it, and he had been dedicated to his job, just like he had been dedicated to his baby sister, in keeping her safe and well looked after. He didn’t think there was anything missing from his life.

The only person that seemed to think differently was his baby sister Liyanna. She seemed instant, that he needed someone by his side. He knew, she had good intentions. But her constantly trying to set him up on blind dates, was getting irritating. Marcos always struggled to wiggle out of it. But granted, he had met a few interesting people because of it. Even if he felt like it would not go anywhere.

After returning home, from a long and stressful evening/early morning at work. Marcos was just about ready to rest. Rubbing the back of his neck. His sister greeting him, with her usual cheerpie, happy usual self. “Morning, what’s got you in such a good mood?” he asked, with a soft chuckle. Walking over to the counter; where a freshly brewed coffee was already made. Taking a mug, he poured himself some coffee. Taking a sip.

“I’am always in a good mood.” It was true. His sister was barely in a bad mood.  “What are you doing this evening? And don’t say you’re working.” Liyana spoke. Not letting her big brother, argue as he usually liked to do. “You need to go out, and have a little bit of fun.”

Marcos rose a slight eyebrow, hearing his sister. “Why? What are you up to, Little Liya.”  At times like these. The elder of the two Moretti siblings, was scared to think; what his baby sister could possibly be up to. If it was another blind-date. It was just his bad luck. The last 3 didn’t work out so well. 1 of them, had stood him up; forgetting about the arrangement. Not that it bothered him that much. It hadn’t even been his idea, in the first place. But being stood up, was a first for him. The other two...well boring as a plank of rotten wood.

Liyana had just, that familiar smile on her face. He knew that look all too well. “You’re going out to dinner tonight, at 6. Look your best M.”

Marcos groaned, hearing his sister. Leaning his head against the palm of his hand. “Not again, Liya!” He sighed slightly. “Who is it this time? The ugly step sister, to the one that stood me up?” Marcos asked, slightly heavy on the sarcasm. It was times like this, that left the Nephilim annoyed. He was quite capable of finding himself, his own date. It was just a matter of being picky, as to what he was looking for.

“Marco!” Liyana whined slightly. An adorable pout on her lips. “Don’t be like that. I promise you’ll like her. Seraphina is sweet and pretty. You won’t regret it, this time. I promise.” How many times did he hear his sister say that? Marcos had lost count. And often, he wondered where she even met half these people. Liyana always thought, that everyone he met...was ‘the one’ as she put it. 

“Okay...okay.” Marco huffed. “Fine. I’ll go to dinner, with this Sera. Just once.” If it would make his baby sister happy, and stop bugging him about being single and having no life outside of work. He’d do it.

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Whenever someone talked or asked her about dating or being in a relationship it's one conversation Seraphina didn't know how to talk. Family love is all she needed, not being limited to anything or where she wanted to be. The thought of her falling in love or dating never crossed the kitsune's mind. One time she liked a guy from her High School days, never once took the risk since she thought to bring him home to her father being the protective dad he is along with her brother adding the additional fact they had weapons hidden in the house since they are valkyr hunters. Yeah, all that didn't sound appealing.  Sera always thought that one quote she will always stand by is, "Why would anyone wants to date a girl who knows everything to know about weapons and how to use them."   

Sera always remember her mother telling her someday you would find someone who would love and cherish you. She didn't believe it came to happen but after her mother got killed her mindset when to just training and protecting her father and now her brother since he is back in town from anything who tries to be bold about messing with people they shouldn't. That is for normal humans and is not on a full moon. 

Last night, in particular, got Seraphina into a mess she didn't think would happen like the way it did. There was a very pretty woman who walked up to her in the cafe, it seemed normal at first as the mystery lady talked about her brother as the question to Sera asked are you ok with blind dating my brother? Seraphina didn't know how to respond, this was her first time being asked that type. She guessed the women thought it was yes as she told her the time, the place and to dress her best. Seraphina didn't really know how to pull her mind about what happened. 

When the morning came, she laid in her bed trying to figure out what happens and if she is really going to do this blind date with a stranger. That's how it works right? She got up to look in her closet for good clothes for a date. Seraphina sighed as she laid on everything in her wardrobe. "What does one even do on a date anyway? What will be the weather like?" She asked herself as she remembered in it was a dinner date. "Alright, something that will not stand out but look nice."

She spends the next few hours looking up thing on the internet trying to figure out how to be a girl along with what can happen on dates. "Alright, Mom please be with me. Look over me," she said looking at a photo of her mom seeing the time it was close to 5:30. She got ready.

Seraphina took a cab to the address as she looked around with a sigh. "Ok, Sera maybe he will not be so bad. Give him a chance." She told herself as she looked around with her brown eyes. " Alright, show I wait here or go on the side? This is not a good start." She looked at her watch to see it's 6:00. The kitsune hopes not to mess this up. Never going on a date is something she is scared of going out of her comfort zone. 

Marcos wondered, how his baby sister got away with this. How did she constantly manage to talk random people, strangers into going on a date with him? Either Liyana was always persuasive, or she was just so adorable and innocent; that people had a hard time saying no. His baby sister, always used the puppy dog face on him. Marcos wondered if she tried it on others. Or she must have had other tactics. But he didn’t really have much time, to mold over all the different possibilities and keep guessing. Not today at least.

Before he would change his mind. Marcos took his cup of coffee upstairs. Before looking through his wardrobe. From suits and work outfits. Marcos closet, lacked a certain style. Marcos was never high on fashion trends. Preferring simple and comfortable. Picking out a decent t-shirt and some jeans. He set them on the bed.

The Nephilim spent a good morning of the evening getting himself ready. Taking a shower, which included washing his hair. After he felt clean and refreshed from his shower. Marcos drape a towel around his waist, before he proceed to shave. With him being busy, his facial hair tended to build up. Beneath all that, a youthful handsome face was hiding. He always looked a bit older, with the beard. With a clean shaven face. Marcos put on some aftershave. Soothing his smooth and clean flesh. Once he was dried off; he got himself dressed.

Marcos looked at himself in the mirror.The outfit looked casual, yet nice. With his slightly longer locks. Marcos had a sexy edge. Yet Sophisticated, with the way he held himself. The Nephilim was curious about his date-to-be. How was she like? What did she like? Would they get along? The usual questions once again, swirling inside of his mind.

Doing his best to push them aside. Hopefully, this would not turn into a disaster. When Marcos was finally ready. Both dressed and mentally prepared. Or as mentally prepared, as he would allow himself to be. The elder Moretti Sibling, left the house. Getting into his car. Marcos drove off towards the restaurant; where he was supposed to meet Seraphina. All he had to recognise her by was her appearance and name. Not much to go by. He would either find her, quickly. Or embarrass himself, by asking random women if they were here. Who knows how it’d turn out.

Parking his Dark Blue 2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata, outside near the Restaurant. The Nephilim stepped out. Heading inside. Marcos began to scan the restaurant; searching for his date. Whomever she was.

As the same went with Seraphina, the kitsune didn't have much to off of either. The blonde stood there with a mini black dress along with small heels. She didn't like wearing this stuff. Sera was more of a tomboy forest girl but it can't beat being a Nevada girl either.  She brought out her phone to text her father and brother she will be home soon but not to worry as she is meeting up with someone. Don't judge a girl who does not want to tell her own father she is on a blind date. Protective papa fox is too early along with the kitsune not sure what she will be going up against. 

With the blonde, she never felt or smelt anything about the female who talked about her brother. It was peaceful and somewhat comforting, words she never felt in a long time. The questions finally came to her. What he would look like, did she overdress, was she to formal? Was she going to be too girly for him? Seraphina put her hand on her heart closing her blue eyes hoping whoever he is will not judge her or not see through her.  As it got a little discomfort along with her mind telling her to go inside to wait for other than being outside for someone thinking they can have their way with her. Another respect of the guys in black is a no thank you for her. Deep down, she didn't want this date to get involved, an innocent person in the middle of that chaos will not be good. 

Putting her phone in her small backpack wear she kept her pocket knife, pepper spray and other things such as lip gloss, her mini mirror, wallet and house keys. Seraphina can't trust anyone and in her pride, she will not let no one fight in her own battle. Walking up to the door as a couple was coming out as the male held the door for her. "Thank you. Have a good night," she spoke to the mystery duo as they said it back to her. Seraphina watched the walk away as they walked with the male's shoulder around the other women's shoulders. " Is that what dating looks like?" she asked in her mind as she looked down at her black nails. "What am I doing?" she asked herself as she sat down breathing in counting to 10 as she let go.

The Kitsune didn't notice the door opened by her date. As she took in another breath a familiar scent came to her nose. "That smell. It comes close to the female I meet this morning. Could he already be here?" Seraphina looked at the time, 6:06 pm. Her blue eyes looked around as she saw a male looking around as her mind wondered if it is him. Marcos. 

Her legs made her walk towards the male as she froze seeing the male's face from the side. Tall, Handsome, a face a girl would love to look at. Seraphina thought about her looking at an Angel but little didn't she knew it was so dead-on. Here she goes, time not to tell anything about your family and history. Seraphina got scared but she faced up to her fears. "Hi, are you Marcos?" she asked after tapping his shoulder. Dang is he so much taller than her five-foot self. " Am Seraphina most people call me Sera." Seraphina smile trying not to show how nervous she really is. Knowing the start at the moment their first meet is now in the process along with the start of their date. 

The Nephilim was usually well composed; calm, collected. But for some reason, he felt a little bit nervous tonight. He had no idea why. What was this awkward, nervous feeling, he was suddenly getting? He knew, it was just a blind date; 1 blind date. Nothing serious. Blind dates, didn’t usually make him feel this jittery. Maybe it was the fact, his sister sprung this on him, last minute. That usually threw him out his usual, comfort zone. But he couldn’t cancel and run now. It would be rude, and he wouldn’t hear the end of it, from Liyana either.

Blonde, Blue eyes, Petite. He kept those pointers in his mind; as he was looking around for someone, that fit the description. The Nephilim saw a few blonde girls, but few were tall, more on the bustier side; or with a man at their arm.So he didn’t think any of them, would be his date. He hoped, he was at the right place. Did his date even arrive yet? A soft femine voice, and a tap on his shoulder; snapped him out of his thoughts and wondering eyes.

The elder male, stood at almost 6ft. Hovering over her by roughly 11 inches. His tall, muscled frame shifted. Looking down at the petite young woman that addressed him. She fit the description his sister gave him, to a tee. Although, she was a bit more smaller than he had expected. But it made her look quiet adorable. The blonde hair, blue eyes; giving her an innocent look. The pale, creamy complexion making her almost look ethereal like. Not that the Nephilim wanted to be rude; but she was much prettier than the last few, blind dates. It took him a few seconds to find his voice, again,

“Yes, that would be me….You’re welcome to just call me Marco.” His lips curved into a friendly, yet charming smile. Holding out his hand, he gently shook hers in a greeting. “Pleasure to meet you Sera.” Marcos could pick up on how nervous she was. Not that he blamed her; she was on a date with a stranger. “I know, this might be a little weird for you..I’d like to apologise, on behalf of my little sister. She has a habit of getting random people, involved in things like this.” Before, the evening would begin properly; he felt the need to apologise. In case, she had been stunned by the entire arrangement.  Some previous dates, had been more freaked out by the arrangements, and total nervous wrecks...others were cool about it. Marcos never knew, what type of person he was dealing with, until the evening would carry on.

“Shall we?” The Nephilim gestured to one of the free tables. So they could sit down. “I hope, you weren’t waiting too long...there was slight traffic, getting here.” Even though, it was a blind date; he didn’t want to come off as the flaky sort of guy, by being a few minutes late. But with how busy, the town centre got, especially around certain hours of the day; he couldn’t help but apologise, nonetheless.

Not knowing what the other looked like but for Sera, she paid attention to the smell that she got from the sister. When the male turned to face her Seraphina was taken back by how handsome he is. It did make her feel bad knowing he would not like the real her not that she is talking about her being a fox but the hunter part. This was her jumping to calculations. Sera felt the warm, soft and comfortable. There is something about Marcos that she never saw in others which made her interested. 

If people said Tall dark and handsome didn't exist Seraphina would tell people they are wrong due to she is looking at him. She let her blue eyes look at him from bottom to top checking him out. Casual but looks nice, damn looks like she misread things when she was getting ready. Sera felt a heavenly vibe from the other that made her wonder who he is and if he is a peaceful species. 

When he spoke up with a charming smile, the kitsune could not help but smile back. Looks like he has one of those smiles.  "Well ok, Marco it's nice to meet you," Seraphina said trying to make her comfortable. Was it due to him bring a stranger or was it her wearing a dress?  The kitsune listened to him apologize for his sister as she chuckled looking up at him with her blue eyes as she got a good look at his face. "Oh don't worry about it. Trust me, if my brother finds out I don't think love or dating is right for me he would do the same. This is my first date or being with a guy in my life but I don't mind trying new things. " Sera said truthfully.  

Since Sera is a will mattered person so has no nervose about her behavior. She does not know what two people who when they are on a date other than talking. When Marcos asked shall we Sera smiled and nodded. "You are good. I would've driven here but I thought a cab might be easier. I didn't wait too long if you wanted to ask. You got here with nothing wrong that's all it matters." Sera smiled and being mindful. She didn't want to be careless about someone's well-being anything could happen. The blonde sit down with the other in an empty spot the worker told them they can. She looked around seeing many couples mind their business and talking. Sera knew she can just sit there so she thought what will hurt her to ask some questions.

"So um.. Since we are strangers with knowing the first name base I don't think it would hurt to get to know each other. Tell me a little about yourself. I do have to admit you have my interest. There is something about you I never have seen in others if it makes sense." Sera thought to get everything out before she goes distant as she usually does, to her this is a gamble for herself. Would she go shy or will she find her old self? The only thing that she is going by is other couples and how her father describes his dates with his girlfriend. Sera is a huge softie for romance but with the thought of should try to bring someone in her life and not let it go down like how the murder of her mother by the group of Valkyr. The choices were big but she would not be herself if there is no daring involved. Seraphina wanted to give him a chance and if she ends up liking him and he does not return it then it's fine at least she tried. You can't blame a girl for trying. 

The Nephilim wasn’t one, that over dressed. Most of the time, he preferred Casual. Unless he was at work; then he stuck with his uniform in the office and specific clothes, during any missions he had, whilst working for the F.B.I. It was rare for him to go all out; with dressing up. Compared to him, Seraphina looked more dolled up. But in a nice, feminine way. It was nice to see, girls make an effort. The black dress, seemed to highlight her slender figure. The male, thought it suited her; even if Black wasn’t his particularly his favorite color.

Her smile seemed to add to her innocence and beauty. However, her words did strike him as a surprise. Now, that he did not see coming. “You haven’t been on a date before?” Marco looked slightly in disbelief. It was strange, that a young woman like herself hadn’t been on a date before. Since this was her first; there was no pressure to compete against other guys; if he would like the young female enough, to see her again at a future date. “Wow...sorry. It’s not a always, a guy hears something like that.” She was young, quiet pretty. He didn’t see, what the issue was frankly, as guys could have been lining up for her. But at least, she didn’t mind the situation, even if it was slightly awkward; meeting like this, strangers...on a first date. Especially for her.

He walked with her to the table. Politely pulling out a chair for her. Despite the fact, that Marcos could sometimes come off as having a high ego; he was capable of being a perfect gentleman, when he wanted to be. She had a fair point, about the cab. Whilst it might have been easier for her; he preferred the comfort of his own car, and not having to pay a cab to get into town. Nodding his head in understanding.

Sitting at their table opposite her. Marcos rose an eyebrow in surprise, as she stated he had her interested. “Already?” The Nephilim asked with a slight chuckle. “And what, is it about me that you find so interesting?”he asked her curious. Marcos wasn’t your average guy. Not just because, he was a Pure-Blood Nephilim. But because of the background he came from, and the struggles he went through, partially were his own fault/errors he made over his teenage years; that he learned from and grew into a better person.

“Well, as you already gathered. I have a younger sister.” Marcos said with a slight chuckle. “I grew up in Verona, Italy. My family still lives there..” There wasn’t much warmth to his voice, as he said the word family. Mainly due to the distance that was between his parents/him. It had been that way for years, the Nephilim not that close to the people that gave him life, for a long long time now. “Beautiful country, Italy is.” Sometimes, he did miss home. Mainly for the culture and beauty. But that was about it. “I am very work oriented. My sister, always jokes about me being married to my job.” But he work did keep him very busy.

The young kitsune didn't like wearing dresses at all, she likes herself in jean and comfortable shoes. Then again she had not worn a dress since her mother passed away. It does feel weird for her, not the whole date but her being dolled up but it's something she knew used to her old self maybe after tonight she might have a gateway to the light of the dark tunnel. She didn't want to stand out along with trying to look nice the balance was hard on Sera. Simple Black a girl can never go wrong with, she wished she had someone to tell her she looked great before leaving the house. The only two girls shes knows were Elle which she didn't know were she lived now and Sariah but she didn't want to bother her for options since she is as busy as her father. 

Looks like she shocked him, good going Sera. "I never really went out with guys. I never really had a boyfriend either so everything is new." Sera said honestly. It was not like she never wanted to date it was her unsure and busy with many things. Everything was put on hold after her mother passed away so dating was never on her mind.  "You're fine really. I never really think any guy would be interested in someone like me so I never tried to stand out for anyone." Seraphina said the truth but left out the main parts. How does her father do this and still be calm like he is? She may never know and asking him would lead her unanswered and many questions will be coming to the surface. 

Walking to the table with the male she was not used to guys as she was taken back when he pulled the chair out for her. Flattered Sera became putting a smile her face sitting down along with a thank you. A Gentleman, wow what are the odd chance of her having a first date with. Maybe this date might end on a good note, what Sera thinks in her mind. Everyone is different but how is their luck? 

Her blue eyes looked at the other as she smiled with a light giggle. "Yeah I mean there is something about you makes me comfortable. Heaven peaceful like vibe, I have not felt that since my mother passed away." Sera looked down wondering why did she bring up her mother's passed on a date. "Sorry about that. Why did I bring that up?" she questioned herself. "All in all, you just interest me. I know it's early but there is something about you I like but I can't put my finger on it." 

The kitsune listened as her eyes grew bright when she heard about him from Italy. He surprised with the change of tone talking about his family, looks like she is not alone with family trouble. Sera is very close to her father, use to with her brother until he left with no word she is still want to learn why he left other than their mother.  "I hear many things about Italy. Good food, great people and amazing landscapes. I never meet someone from there. Also, hear the guys there are charming." Sera said out loud as she looked down smiling. She is quite bold tonight but it did make sense for her when she first was his face to face. Sera is very daring when it comes to certain things mostly when she is fighting with a crossbow when she feels in danger. "Ah, I see why she is looking for someone for you. There is nothing wrong for being married to your work it means you are passionate about what you do.  What do you do if you don't mind me asking." Sera looked up at him with a smile. She didn't expect someone like him to be easy to talk with.

Marcos was still trying to wrap his mind around the fact, that the young female had never dated. Never had a boyfriend. It wasn’t something, he heard every day. He wasn’t entirely too sure, how to react. It wasn’t a bad thing, that she was new to everything. Just surprising. “I know, there’s plenty of jerks out there...but not the entire of the male population is that bad.” he assured her. Of course, he didn’t know her reasons for not dating. So his comment, probably came out as an awkward joke. Way to early for awkward Jokes M, you haven’t had anything to drink yet. His voice internally scolded him. His brows furrowing, at her next few words. “If you don’t mind me asking, why would you think that? I am sure, there’s plenty of guys that’d find you attractive, and want to get to know you.” The Nephilim was truthful.

The young woman seemed humble enough. The fact that she didn’t try too hard, to stand out was quite unique. Other girls, would put in tons of effort; to try and stand out. To catch someone’s eyes...sometimes trying a bit too hard.

The Nephilim flashed her a soft smile. As she thanked him, he gave her a gentle nod. Marcos could tell, his mannerisms flastered her slightly. He had been known to have that effect on people, before.

Her giggle, rang through his ears. Cute. He thought to himself.  The Nephilim slightly chuckled, at the way she described him. “Heavenly huh?” Considering, he was an Angel Child. It was sweet Irony. His smile faltered, as she mentioned her mother passing away. “I am sorry to hear that…” Marcos offered his condolences. The Kitsune before him, seemed pretty young. No doubt, her mother must have been taken away, too soon. But he didn’t ask when. It wasn’t his place to ask, such things. Not wanting to stir up bad memories, for the young woman. Out of respect, he kept quiet about the sad matter.

So, he had her interest already? Quite a few people, liked him on the first encounter. Unless they rubbed him the wrong way. Then not so much. “Must be the Italian charm.” Marcos said with a chuckle.

The Nephilim saw how, she lit up; when he mentioned being from Italy. It was quite cute, seeing how brightly she smiled. Compared to other blind dates in the past; she was quite easy to talk to. He liked that. He smirked slightly, at her excitement about Italy. “Yes, Italy is quite popular. Rich culture. I am sure you’d like it there, if you ever visit.” He lightly chuckled at what she said about Italian Men being Charmers. “That’s not a lie. Although, I do have British routes, after my mother.” Marcos wasn’t 100% Italian. Even if he had been born and raised there. Italian blood still run through his veins. From his father’s side, of course. Marcos wouldn’t have pegged her for a bold girl; but some confidence was nice to see. It meant, she was at ease around him. “Well, in job does keep my quiet occupied. But I do love my job.” Marcos said truthfully. As she asked what he did, for a living. It wasn’t often, he gave away that part of himself, so soon. But he trusted, she’d keep it between them. “I work for the Forces...F.B.I.” The Nephilim smiled back at the young blonde.

Their conversation briefly interrupted, when a young waitress walked over to them both. “Good evening, may I take your orders?” she offered the pair a friendly smile.

Marcos looked at the Waitress. “Ah...we haven’t looked at the menu’s yet.” He gave a hearty chuckle. “But, a drink would good….Ladies first.” Marco glanced to his date, giving her a smile. He didn’t know what Seraphina liked; so he let her order a drink first. He didn't want to assume, the female liked wine, so he didn’t ask for any yet. Despite the fact, he would be driving home later on. Marcos did enjoy a glass or two, with a good dinner.

People always find it shocking to hear that she never had a real interest in dating nor had guys who were interested in her. Sera never found it any wrong to not to date anyone or have someone by your side as most would understand. Guessing that was her loving her independence and being the good daughter she is. What Marcos started to about not all guys are jerks or they ain't that bad Sera looked at him wondering where that came from but smiled with a little giggle. "Are you saying your not part of that population of being a jerk? Out all honestly you don't seem like the type to be one really.  When he questioned her about what she said something deep within her dropped oh no what to say now.  "I and my family's history has a thing that most people would either look down upon, scared upon and even judged upon. It's something I rather not want to talk about on a first date since it might be shocking and abnormal for a woman like me to be involved in. I hope you understand?" she asked looking at him hoping he could see how genuine she is about saving it for another day.    

Seraphina knew if she is one of the modern women of today she could've dressed a lot better but she didn't like the attention. It's not like she judged or anything it was her wanting to be simple. She can look back on Sariah, her father's girlfriend, very fashionable and looks amazing at the same time. maybe if there is another date she can ask her for some fashion date help. At the moment for a first date, she liked the way they dressed it was not fancy but casual and simple. They looked very nice in her eyes. 

The kitsune never meet a gentleman before nor would she be treated this way.  Guess this is her night to be the women she is supposed to be. Not the tomgirl shooting arrows into trees but one to wear dresses being herself while leaving things out for the better in time. She is sure her mother is with her at the moment to guide her thought this first step into a world she didn't understand. 

Seeing the males' smile faded knowing she did ruin the mood but before she can apologize she heard him saying the words she uses to get at that time period. "It's alright, Honestly I think if she is watching me right now she might be saying finally my baby girl is finally dating," Seraphina said laughing at what she said brightening her up a little. "She was a caring and loving person who wanted the best for the whole family. Am sorry I brought that u. I didn't know what I was thinking." Seraphina didn't want to make the other pitty her or look at her in a different light.  "But yes you have a heavenly vibe to you which is something I really like." Seraphina did find the other interesting and with he scent, she got from him it was not bad but good so she knows she is in good hands and not in any danger.  Which the male spoke up about his Italian charm she giggled once more. "Can be that too." 

The Kitsune listened as she looked at the other's features, Sera swears she sits there all night looking at him. He looked perfect there is nothing out of place. "One day I would like to see it with my own eyes. I've been out of the country before so it will be a great adventure." Sera nodded. The Kitsune did have to say she didn't expect him to be in the F.B.I. "Wow, I didn't see that coming at all.  I can see why you said it keeps you occupied." After hearing what he said Sera felt better about the weapon department but still unsure what he will say if he finds out about her family were hunters. 

Seraphina was going to ask him about his thoughts about family hunters when the waitress came to them for there orders. Seraphina looked around for the menu and smiled shyly. "Oh um... yeah. I would like water for starters I will think of something more when I do think about what to have." Sera said with a smile looking at Marcos. She wanted to order Wine but what she said is true. Good food with a glass of wine is important but keeping yourself hydrated for the moment water is a best friend for anyone.  

True, The Nephilim might have vouched for the male gender in general, but that didn’t mean he was without faults. On the contrary, Marco himself had plenty of faults; like any other person. He slightly chuckled hearing Seraphina. “I can be.” he said honestly. Hopefully, him being honest wouldn’t scare her off. “It just depends...if people push my buttons. Like everyone else, I have my faults.” Otherwise, he was quiet decent. Unless of course, he was playing the field; then the women would not consider him to be decent. “But, in saying that. There are are some good guys out there...even if I tend to be on both sides of the scales.” Not everything was black and white. And not all guys were jerks, or perceived to be bad. The Nephilim looked both confused and slightly intrigued as she spoke about her family history, what could be so bad? But for now, he would drop it. He didn’t expect her to tell him, that instant. Seraphina was welcome to share that with him, when she would wish. “Of course, I understand.” The Italian born male nodded.

Marcos never understood women and fashion. Girls tended to be bit more fussier; trying to perfect their looks and the hair. And make up. Sometimes, he wondered what happened to natural beauty? Make-up, always hid all of that. Marcos wasn’t fond of women, looking like fashion dolls, with so much make-up. If opting for make-up, something light was more taste-full.

What she said about her mother, it could be quite possible. He gave her a soft smile, nodding. “Wherever she is, I am sure she’s watching over you.” he told Sera. Her own Guardian Angel, in a way. “, don’t apologise.” Marcos shook his head softly, as she felt the need to say sorry for bringing up the subject of her mother.  Marcos wondered, why she got that feeling from him. No one had ever described him as that before. Not on that level at least. Strange, but also nice.

“I am sure you will like the experience of travelling. There are lots of wonderful places there.” he told her, with a smile. Sometimes, he missed it. Sometimes, he was glad he left; found himself and found a better place in his life to be at. Her reaction to his job was expected. He lost count how many times, it surprised anyone. It wasn’t the job, that they first would associate with him. “You’re not the first person, nor the last to be surprised. But yeah, it’s very demanding job...but in the end, worth it.” he said with a nod.

As she ordered herself a glass of water. Marcos ordered himself sparkling water; something about still water, didn’t sit well with him most of the time. He preferred the minerals, in the bubbly one. The waitress took their order, before smiling. “I’ll leave you two, to decide what you’d like to order.” Kindly leaving them with the menus for longer. Before she walked off, to get their drinks.

Her brown eyes watched the male expressions as he talked. What surprised the kitsune the most was how truthful he is which made things easier with her. Not a lot of people want to be straight up truthful which is refreshing. “Well, I hope I won’t push your buttons tonight for me to see that side of you,” she said joking with a small smile. Sera was not the type to get mad at someone unless there was a reason. “I mean it’s good to be both, am the same way with everyone. I can be sweet and loving but see my other side might be a death wish but I am sure that’s like most girls,” she said biting her lip hoping she didn’t say anything wrong. Sera was not wrong she is not scared to put a crossbow in someone’s face enough for them to never come around here again. “Thank you. It’s kind of a long story and traumatic at the same time. To give you an idea.” she said as she looked at her hand trying to find words. “I …. Sorry,” she asked choked up on her words trying to clear her mind. “You know that can also be later,” Sera said clearing her throat, the moment of weakness which is very rare for her to show is every side she hated the most.

Some who know her really well would be shocked to see she is out of her ‘Tomboy’ style. It’s true Sera is not scared to get her hands dirty or to do the work herself but at the end of the day, she is a woman who needs time to dress in skirts and dress and maybe a little makeup to make herself feel pretty. Sera knows she can rock a no-makeup look but for tonight makeup is something she felt is pretty.

“You know, my father always reminds me how much I look like my mother. Some times I wonder if I hurt him without meaning to. I know I can’t change who I am or how I look but there are times questions do come up.” she said with a light smile as it grew a little wider. “Thank you. I really don’t want to make this a sad snappy date. Since it’s the first.” Sera said in high spirit ignoring she just said as she calmed down knowing this is something she can enjoy and be herself.

“The only travel I did was from Nevada to here. Never thought to go out of the country. My friend has told me stories and pictures of England. Maybe someday I can know what Italy looks like, am guessing pretty flowers, warm air, and buildings that withstand many years and centuries? Did I get it right?” Sera asked with a smile. As soon he explained she is like everyone else Sera nodded. Really she had no place to be surprised she was like him holding a weapon but for her, it’s more of a hunt family history then one job and takes them out. “Oh, I didn’t mind any offense. I mean anyone can do a job without having the face or the looks for.  I mean what my family does I have no place to tell you what is or what it’s not right you know… Well am mixing myself up.” she asked knowing her head hurts for being so confusing. “Am sure you do your job well and if you are going to ask this does not change my view on you as a bad thing. It makes my view on you in a great way, I mean not a lot would risk their time and life to do a job like that. It makes you admirable to me if that makes sense.” Sera said looking up at him. It made her wonder what will he say if he saw her holding a crossbow or will he not care and happy someone like her can pull her own weight and protect herself.

Sera let her brown eyes look at what they had. “They have too many good choices. How can someone pick?” she asked in all honestly. “Have you been here before?” she asked wondering if he knew any good dishes for her to try. The kitsune is not a picky eater as she is willing to try anything and everything.

Marcos was usually upfront with people. It was just whom he was. Often preferring truth over lies; even if the truth would hurt. The Nephilim knew he was far from perfect; so he wasn’t going to sugarcoat that. And it seemed like his date appreciated his honest streak. Her joke, made him chuckle slightly. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be as awkward; as he first may have thought. So far, so good. “I don’t think there’s any danger of that happening.” he assured her. Listening to her; it surprised him she had that view. “I guess it depends on where the bad side stems from. I always had some...temper and resentment issues.” Only his sister truly knew the ‘real him’ along with a few select close friends. Other people were easy to judge him; based on bad episodes. His jaw slightly twitched on the subject. Marcos rarely spoke off his parents and what came to pass in Italy; not entirely sure she’d like his past choices. But it would probably come up sooner or later.

The Nephilim had expected her to tell him, something about her family. But she got choked up. His brows furrowed slightly. But let it go for now. She could tell him, whatever it was; at a later date. “No pressure.” he assured her. Gathering, it was something personal. Like his story with his own family.

On the subject of Seraphina looking like her mother. The Nephilim didn’t think it was a bad thing. Sera was an attractive young woman. No doubt had a beautiful mother too. “Something tells me, he doesn’t mean it in a bad way.” It wasn’t often that someone thought they’d hurt their parents by looking like a parent that was lost. Or, he never heard cases of that happening. “It’s more so, in the sentimental ...there's a part of her alive, in you sort of way.” His nose scrunched up slightly. Did that make sense? He hoped so. As she apologised, he shook his head. “No worries, I’ve had worse dates than a sappy one.” Sometimes, Sappy came with the package; in certain moments. Marcos could cope with that.

As she confessed to only moving from Nevada to here; it seemed like she didn’t get to experience much off. “Well, if you ever change your mind about travelling. It’s a good thing for self discovery.” The way she tried to guess more about Italy, made him smile. Sweet innocence to her, in that moment. “You’re not far off. There’s quite a lot more to Italy than that. But you’ve painted quite a good picture of it already.” He found his home town Verona, to be picturesque and full of History. The way she spoke next, did confuse the Nephilim a bit. It seemed like she confused herself with her rambling. There was a slight awkward silence; as he tried to figure out what she meant. But if he was silent for too long, it’d give him a head-ache. The Nephilim decided to drop the confusing matter.But her complimenting him, on his job was a surprise. A pleasant one. “Well thank you, that’s sweet of you. It’s not often, I get such warm words about doing what I do.” Maybe it was one of the first few times; where he didn’t sound so arrogant and cocky, when mentioning his job.

Her comment about the menu; summed it up to a tee. His lips pursed; as he kept scanning the menu himself. “Mhh, No I haven’t been here actually.” he shook his head “My sister, found this place. Apparently their Shrimp Risotto is supposed to be something special...unless of course you’re allergic or something.” He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, at his rambling.Not sure, if the young woman had any food allergies and such. “But I have to admit, the Steak with the Mushroom sauce and veggies looks quite good.” Yep..this would be a long night trying to decide on what to have.

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