Loneliness... it is a feeling that everyone knows at some point in their lifetime, for Seniah it was a feeling she felt most of her life. While yes, she had a great mother, a supportive mother, a mother who would do anything for her child. It didn’t stop the feeling of loneliness that came with being deaf, the teasing at school, the not being a part of conversations because she couldn’t hear everyone and she wasn’t able to read lips. Books and writing became her escape from the feeling, but now on her 19th birthday, the young woman couldn’t shake the lonely feeling she was having no matter how much she wrote or read.

Why was she feeling this because her writing was about a boy, a boy she hadn’t spoken to in a while. The pair had gotten very close during and after her hospital stay, and suddenly he ghosted her. He just vanished, no video game request replies, no texts, no facetime, nothing it all stopped. Normally Seniah would have let it go and moved on but not this time the feeling that curled itself in the pit of her stomach wouldn’t let her just forget and move on.

No, she liked him and she was pretty certain he liked her back after all they spent so much time together without any other teens. That generally was a hint that well things were going somewhere, and now nothing, she wanted, no she needed answers. Why she chose her birthday of all days to do it, she wasn’t really sure. She packed up her bag with treats he liked and drinks, as well as her wallet and the switch lite she had purchased recently to game with him some more.

Grabbing the keycard to her hotel room she still hadn’t found a place to live yet, once she was ready, she headed outside looking down at her phone GPS she began to walk in the direction of his address. When she reached the house, she knocked on the door, over and over and over again until finally, an elderly lady answered the door.

“I am sorry to be a bother; I am looking for James... Jem?” She signed and spoke watching the lady's lips. “What do you mean he doesn’t live here? Where is he? How do I find him?” She asked looking confused and now she felt panicked he left town he seriously just up and ghosted me... was I that bad of a friend? She wondered and the woman began waving in front of her face trying to get Seniah’s attention.

“Oh sorry, what was that?” She handed her a paper with a new address, copying it into her GPS she thanked the woman and off she went. In search of James, when she Arrived, she once more knocked on the door this time answered by a dark-haired young woman named Rissa. “I am a friend of James; I haven’t heard from him.” Rissa showed her in and to his room and left Seniah.

Knocking on the door before she walked into the bedroom met by the smell of a boy who hadn’t really left his room in a while, she tried her best to shield her face from showing disgust as she moved to the drapes and pulled them open to let in the sunlight. Moving to the bed she shook him awake “You GHOSTED me!” She signed and practically yelled at him.

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