Everyone in the world always talked about addictions being a bad thing, no one would ever suspect that they would encounter their very own addiction. Always thinking that could never happen to me, not in a million years that was exactly what Castor thought. She enjoyed her life she enjoyed living on the edge of things pushing everyone and everything to the brink of what they could handle. 

This was a truth that all of her friends knew about her, Castor was a mess most if not all of the time and no matter what anyone said to her, she was never ready to face the reality of that situation. When she received a phone call from her ex and occasional fling, she was more than willing to help him out on his next big adventure to find some ancient spellbook. Wyatt had been searching for this book for as long as she knew and he had gotten a bead on its location. The downside was he needed a dark diviner’s help in retrieving the book, Castor didn’t mind helping Wyatt out with things like this. Ancient magic usually gave her new insights into spells she could learn and use, right now she wanted all the magic she could have on hand to go after her uncle's killer. 

“I’ll be right over L.D” Those four words changed the course of their friendship forever without realizing what was to come.  

That was the last time Castor could recall the pair being close, she missed their friendship and she intended to get it back in some way. Yes, she was seeing someone now and that aspect of their relationship would be stopped; but there was so much more to her relationship with him than that. Picking up her bag and stuffing things into it, she grabbed the keys to her bike and headed out the door. 

Recording a voice message on the recorder she had bought Lorenzo so she could leave him messages and he knew where she was without panicking or worrying after the incident with Wyatt it was a natural reaction. Castor climbed onto her baby driving towards Wyatt's place, once there she dismounted and headed for the door.  

Holding her hand up to knock she froze the last time they talked Wyatt. All but said he could never see her again, the sting of the words still hurt her but Castor didn’t want to let go of the longest relationship she did have in her life. Being with Lorenzo had shown her that she needed to let go of the anger and bad things in her life; in her eyes, Wyatt was a good thing before the event. 

Taking a deep and steady breath she knocked on the door when Wyatt opened the door, she stuck her booted foot in the door to stop him from closing it on her. “Come on L.D... My white Rabbit you can’t shut me out forever.” She forced a smile and looked down at her feet before looking up the knot in her stomach made her realize that this may have been a very bad idea. 

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Wyatt turned the eggs over in the frying pan and reached for the coffee cup on the counter, taking a long sip. The warm liquid was just what he needed in order to wake up after another twelve hours of sleep his body was continuously forcing him to take. His sleep schedule had been messed up for weeks now and he had no one to blame but himself for that. He looked down to his hand that gripped the spatula and saw it shaking as the thoughts of the passed several months began to seep into his mind. "Stop," he commanded himself out loud, forcing his attention back on the food to rid himself of the oncoming memories.

A knock on the door made him sigh in annoyance as he placed the utensil down and made his way to the front of his house. Wyatt tossed the kitchen towel over his shoulder and pulled on the knob, wondering if his cousin was making her way over for an unexpected check up on him; perhaps even Penny. No, it wasn't either of them at all. 

Wyatt stood stunned with his mouth slightly open as his eyes saw Castor at the door. She quickly stuck her boot out between the doorframe to ensure he wouldn't shut her out like he had been doing for a long time, but not in the same way. She had been trying to contact him for the past couple weeks and Wyatt could never respond to her texts or calls. How could he? Not after... Not after what he did. 

She was looking good now. The last time they were together it was a chaotic disaster of emotions and toxic magic that had cost them both in many ways. What they were back then was not themselves, but he was too blind to see it. Castor was the one who tried to protect and save him when she knew he was losing himself and he betrayed her trust more than he could ever forgive himself for. He never would. 

He couldn't ignore her forever and she was too stubborn of a person to let him do it anyway. Wyatt opened the door for her to come in. Pulling the towel from his shoulder, he could smell the eggs and toast burning, having completely forgotten he was cooking. Wyatt put his coffee down on the fireplace mantle and hurried into the kitchen to shut all the appliances off, cursing at himself. He opened the window to let the smokey air out and slowly walked back out into the living room again. "Cas..." he said softly, not even sure what he wanted to say. An apology? No, words were not good enough to be forgiven for what he did. He stepped a bit closer, but made it abundantly clear that he couldn't even be near her. "I..." His stomach was in knots and he could feel his body begin to have a physical reaction from her being in the house, even if he was on the other side of the room. His hands began to get clammy and he swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat. The feelings of the withdrawal were pulling at his insides, but he couldn't backslide after the progress he'd made. Penny and Kaelyn would kill him. Wyatt let out a shaky breath and met her eyes with determination for the first time. "You shouldn't be here."

Castor felt the lump in her throat and the tears start to well up in her eyes as she watched Wyatt’s reactions to her presence. She went to take a step forwards but stopped when he said she shouldn’t be there. “You are my best friend... I … we...” She pushed the tears away from her cheeks. Cas was not one for emotions but after everything, it seemed like emotions were all that ever spilled out of the Dark Diviner. 

“I can’t lose someone else; I know we need time away but I need you to promise me that we can try and get back to some kind of a relationship... Something... L.D You know all I’ve ever gone through. Don’t walk away from me.” She bites down on her bottom lip so hard that the metallic taste of blood seeped onto her tongue. Wes and Lorenzo were the only people who knew just how badly Castor had taken the whole ordeal. 

She was better now, she felt clearer now but being around Wyatt it was hard to not want to slip back but knowing she didn’t want to go through it all again. She just wanted to try and repair and mend this, they used to be inseparable and now it was like climbing a mountain just to get a text.  

Hearing Wyatt’s ringtone going off brought her tight back to that day.


Lying in bed curled up with Wyatt her head on his chest sleeping soundly until Wyatt’s phone began to ring and Castor and Wyatt both reached for the phone at the same time. “Oh, don’t even think about answering that Rabbit.” She threatened and stole a kiss to distract him trying to grab the device and silence it. As Wyatt moved her out of his way she laughed happily as she lay back on the bed rolling her eyes, pulling the covers up over her body. 

Running her fingers through her hair as he answered the call, she fixed her hair before pulling it up into a ponytail, picking up her phone she had no missed calls but she had a few e-mails telling her that the parts were ready to be picked up.  

Castor was in the middle of restoring a car for a client, fixing a motorcycle for another and an oven for another client. She was a girl of many talents and could fix just about anything it was like her affinity, dodads and gizmos were just her thing. 

Wyatt had been soundly asleep in bed, fully immersed in a dreamworld that felt real. He was standing over his table in the living room and was completely enveloped in a magic unlike he'd ever felt before. It made him feel powerful, yet, it was also frightening at the same time. The magic rolled over his skin in magnetic waves which pulsed in swirls of light and dark energies and Wyatt was willing to let himself go completely to its hold over him. It was intoxicating and he never wanted it to stop.

The sudden sounds of his phone ringing pulled him from the dream. 'Godammit.' Wyatt groaned in annoyance and felt the weight of the woman he had spent the night with laying on his chest, her voice making him open an eye and smirk at her. Castor kissed him after her playful threat, causing him to lose focus on the call at all. Kissing was far better than whatever anyone had to say on the other end of the ringing until he suddenly remembered there could be one bit of news he'd put the intimacy on hold for. "Don't go too far," he said with a teasing grin.

Breaking away from her, Wyatt reached over and grabbed the cell, seeing the caller. This was definitely worth the annoyance. "Hello?" Wyatt waited as the information he had been waiting for for a few months came through by Dr. Adley. The excitement coursed through him as he sat up in the bed and leaned back against the headboard. His research was finally amounting to more of the answers to the puzzle he'd been trying to solve for endless nights of unrest. Funny how that wonderous dream had come to him just before this call. "Yes. Yes, of course. I'll cancel or postpone my other engagements and fly out tonight. Thank you, Dr. Adley." He hung up the phone and for a moment couldn't move. Finally things were coming together.

Wyatt could feel Castor's eyes on him with a curious look and he finally broke the vacant stare he had to smile at her. "I need a favor. A really big favor." He reached over and grabbed Cas's leg to lift over his lap, pulling her closer and twirling his finger in a piece of her hair which framed her face that hadn't made it into the ponytail. "Come with me to Ireland." Just as she was about to probably give him a big fat no, he raised his finger against her lips before she could begin to speak. Wyatt knew she had a million things going on at once, but he couldn't do this without her. "I think I have a chance at finding the most powerful grimoire to date, but a lot of the magic inside is dark diviner heavy. I'm probably going to need a dark divy to even find the damn thing. You're the only one I trust enough to come with me." He lowered his finger slowly and continued on. "This could really help the coven immensely. This book dates back well into the medieval era and," he hesitated slightly for a moment. "I think I may even be able to find more things out about my family. It looks as though my mother's side of the family, despite human, had some dealings with diviners in the past. I'm talking pre Renaissance. They may even have some type of royal bloodline." 

As he finished, Wyatt tried to read her face. Most people found it difficult to understand Castor, but somehow it was easier for him. He caught her russet colored gaze and playfully pouted at her. "Pretty please? All expenses paid. Adventure. Magic. Beautiful landscapes. Maybe a castle or two." He walked his fingers up her arm and brushed her collarbone softly. "I'll owe you big if a magical time in Ireland isn't payment enough."

“You and your never-ending favours” She rolled her eyes playfully at the man when he lifted her up over his lap, she rested her hands on his chest looking down at him as he played with her hair. She was about to say No because the truth was, they were not supposed to be getting serious about each other, this was supposed to be a playful no strings kind of thing. After listening to what he had to say she thought about it. “Well now that is some favour asking me to fly around the world with you, I didn’t think we were that serious.” She teased and danced her fingers up his chest to tap him on the nose. 

A powerful Dark Diviner heavy Grimoire could come in handy; she bit her bottom lip on the left side while she tried to think about what all this meant. He had to say information about HIS family, Castor was a sucker for helping Wyatt when it came to that department. Her own family may have been a total catastrophe but it didn’t mean his had to be.  

When he pouted, she let out a slight huff and looked into his eyes opening her mouth to speak as he brushed her collarbone, she stopped for a moment. “Oh, you owe me big, putting my whole life and shop of hold for you.” She said and bent down to kiss him. “I will let you know what you Owe me when I think of the rest of it, but for right now I know a thing or two I want...” She smirked against his lips and lay down on the light Diviner. 

After getting part one of her payment Castor climbed out of the bed to go shower while she showered, she called out “So when exactly are you planning to leave? Because I have to pack some things as well. I don’t have enough stuff here for a trip.” She called out over the bathroom fan. Washing her hair, she closed her eyes and stepped back into the warmth of the shower.  

Hearing the curtain slide back she smirked and shook her head as she finished rinsing out her hair. “Just can’t get enough can you.” the Dark hair diviner enjoyed teasing Wyatt, the pair had an odd relationship most would think they were a couple by how they acted together but any mention of commitment and Castor would more often than not bolt and not be heard from again by that person. Wyatt seemed to know how to read her and know that she wasn’t the settle down kind of gal. 

Wyatt watched as Castor unwrapped herself from around him and headed towards the bathroom. His mind began to wander to when they were official and things had been different. Despite their casual rendezvous every now and again, more often than casual lately, he wondered sometimes if they should've stuck things out to see if they could work through their problems. There were a lot of really good times between them as their personalities, despite being opposites at times, seemed to work perfectly together, but then there were the really explosive times when the epitome of their kind seemed to take hold. They were the definition of yin and yang and it worked so well for a while, but somehow those differences pulled them apart. He had the feeling that something about her would always make him question their choices.

As Cas called out to him from the shower, he stretched and headed to join her. The heat from the steam hit his face as he stepped inside the bathroom and pushed the curtain aside. Wyatt grinned down at her and placed his arms on the wall behind her, trapping her between them. "I guess not," he responded and moved his head under the comfort of the warm water, wrapping an arm around her. "At least in here it makes for the easy clean up of our sins though," he joked, pressing her against him and chuckling in her ear for a moment. He sighed after a moment and tried to behave by pulling away, knowing there wasn't a lot of time to prepare for their trip.

"The plane leaves tonight at six. Our host is Dr. Adley. He's a history professor at Oxford, but has a ton of doctorates and other fancy titles that make him an expert in the field. He thinks he has a location for the grimoire that we've both been looking into for years now. He and I met at an auction once where we were both in a bidding war over a Roman short sword. Adley won out, so naturally I followed him home to steal it because it was a powerful athame." A smile spread over his features as he recalled their meeting. "Turns out Adley was well prepared for any intruders. There was a silent alarm on the case he kept the sword in and he came out of the dark with a shotgun pointed at me. I thought I was a goner, but a high whistling sound was coming from one of the glass cases nearby. Apparently this interested him more than shooting me dead at the time because he revealed to me that the whistling sound that was coming from that case was from an amulet which indicated when magic users were around. Adley had no idea the amulet was actually magical and bought the thing at auction for its historical value and myth attached to it. Little did he know that the myth was actually truth." 

Wyatt shrugged his shoulders in mock nonchalance and smiled. "It was then he decided not to kill me. Needless to say, Adley and I had a very long chat afterwards about humans and the supernatural. Frankly, it was like telling a teenager about the birds and the bees in a weird way." His eyes met hers then as he stood up straight and spoke more seriously. "He's good in what he does. I think this will be a really promising lead into finding the grimoire. Once he learned about the supernatural, it became his secret obsession, and also one I helped him along with given my own experiences and expertise. He's certainly got the money to back any expedition we head out on and how could anyone turn down the chance to see lost castles and ruins?"

He cupped Castor's cheek softy and leaned down to gently kiss her forehead. "Thank you for saying yes. I honestly and probably couldn't have done this without your help."

Yin and Yang what better way to describe Wyatt and Castor he was a light Diviner she was a Dark Diviner, he tried to be good whereas Castor was more than okay with breaking a law or two... Or as many as she could. The pair also fit together perfectly though they were opposite their skills complemented each other, but when they had a bad time or experience things could really blow up. 

The whole yin Yang thing was part of the reason why Wyatt ended up with the nickname from her. White Rabbit. He was the Yang to her yin, the white soul to her black soul, Rabbits were creatures that were said to represent many things but desire, and sentiment were two that she felt when around him. She was also willing to follow him down the rabbit hole of crazy magic as Alice did with her rabbit. So, in turn, Wyatt became Castor’s White Rabbit and it was a nickname she valued close to her heart, she couldn’t recall if she had ever told him how he got the name or not but there were times she had been drunk or high and possibly spilled her guts on that. 

Though the pair were good together they could also be explosively bad for one another which is why they called things off but yet decided to still do things like hookups. Though sometimes Cas missed the part of them being a couple; if they were a couple, she wouldn’t have met Lorenzo and that was not something she wanted to give up either. Neither of the men in her life knew about the other and she planned to keep it that way, not all aspects of her life were open for others to know. 

“That is very true.” She said resting her hands on his chest looking up into his eyes stepping up on her tiptoes and gently nipping at his jawline. When he stepped back, she tried to hide her laugh by biting down on her bottom lip, listening to his talk about the Doctor and how they meet she nodded and continued cleaning herself off. 

“Well I am glad he didn’t kill you because well you rabbit are one of my favorite people.” She grinned from ear to ear. Stepping into the spray of the water she let her hands rest on his broad shoulders as he cupped her cheek, closing her eyes as he kissed her forehead. “You are welcome you know I can’t say no when you bring up family...” She whispered and nuzzled her head under his chin and just enjoyed the heat. 

"Probably why I mentioned them." He smirked and gave her a squeeze before stepping under the water as she exited through the curtain. Castor had known as much as Wyatt did when it came to his family and even then, it wasn't what seemed to be the full extent of it. Growing up he believed everything his parents told him to be truth. Just like any child, he looked up to them as if they were the masters of the universe. They could never do wrong and no one could ask for better role models. That was the way most children felt about their parents, but the fact remained that parents did anything to keep their children in the dark about the dangers of the world and the sins of their past. More and more Wyatt wondered if he ever really knew his parents at all.

After getting his head cleared from the cloudiness of years gone by, the diviner rubbed the towel through his wet hair before wrapping it around his hips. Looking down at his phone, he saw that his cousin had texted him about a new member to join the coven in the city. Wyatt sighed and messaged her back, letting Kaelyn know that he was going to be out of town for a week at least and his duties as the welcome committee would have to be put on hold. Kae knew the importance of his research and was understanding when he would have to up and leave on a new expedition. The cousins were both more than a little intrigued when it came to finding out about their family and once Wyatt had explained what this new trip could be about, she was at first apprehensive. Wyatt knew her childhood had been hard and he didn't blame her for wanting nothing to do with her parents, but the truth outweighed her fear and he reassured her that nothing he'd find out would break up their new relationship no matter what their fathers might've been a part of.

Castor moved back into the bedroom fully dressed with cups of coffee in tow which he was glad to relieve her of one. Taking a sip, he glanced at his suitcase which was already open and disheveled on the floor from the last trip he'd been on just a week ago. "Well, seems I'm almost packed already." Wyatt reached down into the mess of things inside and pulled out his journal that he kept to flip through to the research he had been working on. There was a torn piece of map cut out and taped to one of the pages showing a small castle that was circled in red marker which he nodded to as he showed it to Castor. 

"That's our first clue. Adley says some of my ancestors might've owned the land here and that land happens to have this castle on it. It's open to tourists now, but I'm thinking we can maybe slip out of sight to dig around in the places that aren't necessarily open to the public." He sipped from his mug and sat down on the bed while his thoughts turned. "There's a massive library inside, at least two floors, so I'm thinking we start there. There might be some history on the castle there. A ledger with names. I'm hoping it might lead to more information."

When Wyatt took the coffee from her she simply sipped on her black coffee, “You are no longer allowed to use your family anymore, this was your last time.” She said simply. Taking the book from him she pulled herself up on the dresser and looked over the page, flipping to the next page. “Alright so a Castle, that shouldn’t be too hard to sneak off.” She said with a nod.  “Do you really think they would leave a ledger of that importance in the library?” she hopped off the dresser. Flipping to a new page to look at the layout of the castle committing it to her memory, her brown eyes scanned over the names of the rooms.

“So sticking together, or separating?” Though on a task of this magnitude she was sure he wanted to stay together, after all, they could play it off as a couple on their honeymoon or something. She sucked against her teeth as she flipped back to the main page, “I feel like it will be in one of the offices, but hey library can’t be a bad start. So stop at my shop to get some magical assist supplies.” Castor kept anything of Magical value under heavy enchantment and barrier spells to keep them safe from anyone but her family blood.

Castor sipped her Coffee “So you coming with me? Or you going to stay here in that towel?” She teased, walking over she stole a kiss before she left and got on her bike. Once they arrived at her shop she headed into the office preforming the spell needed to access her magic vault. “Alright so pick anything you think we can use and sneak on the plane. She picked up her athame which was spelled to appear as a hairbrush on the security monitors. Never knew when one might need a weapon and Castor was usually not without her Athame when going on missions with Wyatt.

Picking up a few bottles of herbs which when combined could make for a healing potion, once again another useful item to have. “Besides humans, am I to expect any other species?” She asked him with a serious look upon her face as she picked up her leather jacket off the back of the old couch in her office. Tossing it into her bag along with some clothes, and her own journal as well as a pen. “Toss anything you think will be of use in there, it’s a spelled bag to hide all magical and illicit items.”

Wyatt smirked at her and sipped from his mug, glad for the caffeine intake he was sure to need for today. Living on the whim of an impromptu trip was much of his life now that he was traveling so much for his business and extracurricular activities, but he couldn't imagine a different life despite the danger it sometimes presented. Having Castor with him was an added bonus since she was one of the few people he trusted with his work. He nodded in response to her question about the ledger and leaned against the dresser next to her as she read over his notes. "It's a historical momento about the place. I'm sure they'll have it on display. We'll just need to use a certain set of skills to possibly relieve the ledger of its case for a few minutes in order to get a closer look." A knowing grin spread on his face as he looked to her while taking another sip of the coffee.

"Sticking together as much as possible unless we need to separate. We'll just have to do a little scouting once we get there to see what we're really up against." Wyatt couldn't guess what they might encounter until he was physically there no matter how much recon he did before they got there. Dr. Adley had been to the castle before, but being that he was only human, his senses of the world around him were somewhat muted compared to a diviner's. The professor wasn't without his usefulness. The man had a bottomless purse, connections, and historical knowledge was his life's work. Those were sure to come in handy once their journey began.

Wyatt grinned as she kissed him, watching her walk from the room. "You mean I can't go out in a towel?" he teased back, calling after her before turning around to get dressed. Once he had finished re-packing his mostly already filled suitcase, the diviner tossed his luggage in the backseat of his car and headed over to Castor's shop. His eyes moved about the business as he walked inside not having been there in a long time since they were together. The familiar smell of oil and gas made an image of their last encounter in her office flash across his mind which started as a heated argument when he'd gotten a stapler thrown at him before turning into something else entirely. Their dynamic had always been complicated to say the least.

"Yin?" Castor was deep into her collection and pulling out different supplies. His gaze passed over the items before picking up a large quartz crystal. "I couldn't tell you what to expect. It's a public place, so anyone could be there. I don't think they are expecting a pair of diviners and a human to be planning the possible stealing of a historical artifact, but then again, this place did belong to a possible family of diviners, namely mine, for hundreds of years. The ancestors and kin that I don't even know about could be watching over the property. Adley says there are minimal guards walking the premises though." His fingers moved over the rough grooves of the crystal before placing it back with her other stones. Wyatt had packed everything he thought they could use, but even then that didn't always end up being the case. You couldn't always prepare for the unexpected. 

He looked over to Castor then as he sat on the desk. "I know I said it already, but thanks again for this. I know you have a lot going on with work and everything else." Once she had zipped the bag, Wyatt took the strap and placed it on his shoulder, looking to his watch. "Well, we've got some time to kill. Late lunch before we head to the airport?"

Castor looked over to Wyatt when he called her Yin, she looked back at the work schedule on her desk, figuring out a way to shift things around. She didn’t trust anyone to come in and work on the cars without her, so she would blast out emails to her clients though she was sure they wouldn’t mind waiting; knowing she always got the job done and usually had it in better condition than when they brought the items to her. When he thanked her again she simply waved it off like it was nothing, Wyatt knew how much she cared about him he knew she would always help him out if he needed her.

“Adventure, the promise of crime, and lunch?” she paused “If I didn’t know any better you were getting ready to propose” She teased him as she looked over the shop one last time making sure all was in order before she headed out the door locking up, and spelling the place so no one could break in while she was away. That was the last thing she needed, for her only remaining connection to her uncle to fade away and be ruined while she was off on some half-cocked journey with Wyatt.

“So besides this new thing… What have you been up to? We didn’t really have a chance to uh.. Talk last night.” She smirked. Getting into his car figuring she would leave her Bike at the shop where it was safe. When they arrived at the Cafe she took a deep breath and headed inside, she had not stepped foot inside any cafe since Enzo had left. It was too hard for her to do so. Heading over to a booth she climbed in and waited for Wyatt to sit and a waitress headed right over to them “What can I get the fine couple this afternoon.”

Castor didn’t even bother to correct her, “I’ll have the lumberjack meal thanks.” She said and handed the menu over “Also a coffee black and as strong as you can make it, thanks.” She crossed her hands together and folded them under her chin turning to Wyatt, she was sure he had caught her hesitation when she entered. She wouldn’t talk about it no matter if he pried or not it wasn’t his concern to know about her “Love life” or rather lack thereof.

Reaching over she ran her hand through his hair and smiled. “Thank you for getting me away from all that is my life, for promising me a change, Thank you for being with me no matter how much I am well me…” She smiled. Castor knew she was a hard person to be around. She didn’t let people in because when she did she usually ended up alone and she wasn’t ready to be alone. 

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