It was starting to get to Fall like weather which was Sapphire's favorite time of year as she would always wear sweaters and other fall like things. Today she heard about a bakery in town with the best baked goods in town. As she said goodbye to her dogs, Sapphire got into her car and started to head into town to get some baked goods for her and some other guards since she loved to share things with her fellow guards. She hummed to the music as she drove to the bakery. 

Once she got there, Sapphire parked and smiled as she took in the scent of fall in the air before walking into the bakery. Her smile grew bigger as she smelt all the baked goods that filled the room as she sighed softly. Only a few people were in there talking quietly and eating some goodies they bought. Sapphire went up to the counter and started to look through the glass to pick out what she wanted. As she looked, Sapphire began to wonder about starting baking lessons and if someone here would teach her. The phoenix noticed the man and smiled softly. "Oh hi, Sorry my mind started to wonder. I would like some of your Bear Claws and some Chocolate chip cookies please?" She asked as she smiled. 

She waited for him as she then smiled at him. "Sorry if I am taking your time on this but, is there anyway that I could get baking lessons? I only know how to cook Italian dishes mostly so I would love to learn how to bake. If you can't I can understand that." She said quickly as she didnt want to be a bother for the baker. 

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The bakery today seemed more lively than usual. Parents and children were milling about the bakery, laughing and chattering about things that were going on in their life. Chanyeol was used to it, as it happened every day. The leaves outside were turning a scarlet and gold color and falling down gently to the street. The bell above the door jingled as people went in and out, and wafted the smell of bread, cookies and other things out into the fall air. The wind was cool and brisk and it blew his hair in every which way when he went outside to get a breath of fresh air. Chanyeol's brother Jinwoo was running the counter for him and his other brother Minseok was running around laughing as two bunnies hopped after him. The children in the bakery squealed in excitement at seeing the furry animals and followed Minseok around the bakery, their shoes squeaking on the lavender tiles. When Jinwoo announced that he hadn't had any customers in a while, Chanyeol walked back inside, shedding his jacket and throwing it on a spare chair behind the counter.

Soon enough it was only a few people in the bakery, and Chanyeol was about to go in the back before he spotted a blonde girl walk in. She seemed to like the smell of the newly baked bread that his sister Sooyoung had just put out on the counter for Jinwoo to put in the case. Jinwoo did after a few moments of trying to slice the bread with a butter knife and Sooyoung smacking him in the back of the head. Chanyeol calmly waited for the girl to choose what she wanted and tell him. She finally did, after a few more minutes of Sooyoung scolding Jinwoo. "Bear claws and chocolate chip cookies coming right up," Chanyeol replied, giving the girl a sweet smile. Gently pulling them out of the case, he wrapped each one in scarlet and gold foil shaped like leaves, a signature for the bakery since it was fall. "Here you go, sweetheart." He said and handed her the bundle.

"Baking lessons? I do give them. You're not taking my time. What time are you able to come in? I'll get an appointment set up for you." Chanyeol replied with a genuine smile. It had been a while since he had taught anyone how to bake, and it had been a long while since anybody had asked him for lessons. He just did them with his regular students and had forgotten about them for a while. "Italian, huh? I'm French. My name's Valentin St. Claire and I'll be your teacher." Chanyeol said, giving out his English name and holding out a slender hand towards her. 

Sapphire smiled as she took her baked goodies in her hand and smiled softly. "Well Valentin St. Claire, I am Sapphire Rizzoli and I will be your student." She said as she took his hand and smiled. "I am open any time at the moment since my jobs are mostly calls anyways. How about we start next week? or anytime you are available to teach me." She said as she grew excited that she was going to learn how to bake instead of making Italian dishes like Ratatouille and other things. As the phoenix shook his hand, she smiled. Once they finished shaking hands, Sapphire took out one of the cookies from her bundle and took a bite. "Sorry, couldnt resist." she said softly as she was already craving the baked goods for a while. 

After swallowing her bite, Sapphire waited for his answer as she smiled again. The phoenix looked at him as she listened to him as he spoke. "I could even start right now if you have the time to teach me today? Im not really busy around this time of year until November." She said with a chuckle. "I make video games and Im a personal guard so its a handful but I manage to do both and still have time to spare to do things I want to do, so this is why I want to learn how to bake so I can stay home and bake treats for my friends." She said as she then looked at him. "Sorry if i am talking to much, I kinda had three cups of coffee today so I am running off that." She said with a chuckle.

"Hey, Sapphire. Welcome to cooking lessons." Valentin said with a big smile. He loved that Sapphire was so enthusiastic about the baking lessons. Normally the students he had weren't as excited about learning how to garnish a cupcake or make a cake properly. "How does four-thirty in the afternoon sound? I am open then because my sister Rosé takes over my shift so I can teach." He replies and closes the case, after taking a cookie out of it. The Dhampir was actually surprised that the blonde had wanted him to teach her how to bake. Not many people did that anymore, instead, they learned from their parents. He had learned from his mother at the tender age of eight, so he knew what it felt like to have that direct line from the parents. 

He took a bite of the cookie before smiling at her. She seemed to like the cookies that he had given her. "Ah, right now isn't a good time. Since my sister isn't in today. So I can't leave." Valentin said and gave her an apologetic smile. Soojae was probably still asleep at home and had forgotten about her shift. It was perfectly okay to him since he loved to bake and make stuff in the afternoon. "Video games and personal guard. Wow, that seems like a lot of things to do all at once. Maybe you should take a break one day. I'm sure your Aspect wouldn't mind." He laughed. He didn't know much about the Aspects but he knew that they used magic. "You're good. I talk a lot as well." 

Sapphire smiled and nodded as he answered her. "Four Thirty is fine." She said with a smile as she was getting excited about learning how to bake. "I have already talked to my Aspect and she is fine with it plus she is mostly out with her horses anyways." Sapphire said as she smiled softly. The phoenix looked at her watch and smiled. "How about I go run around town, maybe shop a bit and then come back alittle before Four thirty?" She asked as she smiled at him. "I dont want to keep bothering you here is I stayed." she said with a nervous chuckle as she smiled. "I would end up talking your head off." She joked as she then smiled and looked at him. Sapphire could tell that he was surprised by her asking how to bake as she then smiled alittle as she could tell him why she didnt learn how to back when she was younger. She mostly learned cooking like making Italian dishes like making Alfredo sauce by scratch and making the noodles by hand too. 

"So I can come back before four thirty so you when you get off work, we can start." She said as she smiled and waved as she headed out into town for a couple of hours. As the day flew by, Sapphire came back to the shop before four thirty and smiled as she waved, sitting down and waiting until he got off work for the lesson. The phoenix had managed to spend most her time in the book store looking for some books to read during her days off. Luckily while she waited, Sapphire pulled out a book she had started reading in the store and started where she left off as she waited patiently as she didnt want to rush him on working or anything.

Val smiled softly at the Ailward Guard. She seemed to be so excited that he had accepted her for baking lessons. "Then four-thirty it is. See you then!" He replied with another smile towards her. "Horses, huh. I guess she's a horse trainer? Then she can come here anytime she likes." Chanyeol says with a crescent eyed smile. He wasn't scared of the Aspects as the Celestial's were, in fact, he thought they were very friendly. "That sounds like a great idea, love! Go find something to do while I run the shop until my brother takes over, okay?" He asks with a curious tilt to his head, he didn't know if she would accept waiting that long. "You wouldn't bother me, little one. I'm never distracted. Except when somebody I know comes in and talks to me." The Dhampir said and busied himself making little cookie hearts with a cookie cutter. "Talking my head off seems better than staying here and doing nothing." He laughs, and walks into the kitchen to set the cookies in the oven.

"Yeah. Come back after four-thirty and we'll get started with the basics of baking things like cookies and cakes, okay, little one?" Chanyeol calls back from the kitchen, only to hear the door close behind her. What an interesting girl, he thought as he busied himself sweeping the floor, taking orders, giving little children free cookies because he knew how much they loved them, dusting brownies in powdered sugar, decorating the store for Christmas, even though it was only a few weeks till Thanksgiving and finally gave his shift over to Leo. That was a tiring shift and he knew it. "Hey, little one. Come back to the kitchen and we'll get started with baking!" He said and held out his hand towards her. 

Sapphire smiled as she took his hand and blushed alittle as she followed him to the back to start baking. "Great. So what are we going to start with, Brownies? Cake? Cookies?" She asked as she grew more excited about learning how to bake. The phoenix wanted to make all her friends a cookie basket for Christmas instead of buying stuff for them this year since most of her friends were busy being either guards or doing other things with other people. Even thought it was her birthday on Christmas, Sapphire rather give things to her friends and family than throw a party for her. The guard didnt have much family left except for her half brother that she hasnt seen awhile but her close friends she counted as family also.

"Sorry I am just really excited to bake today...and maybe I had alittle too much coffee earlier." She said with a chuckle. Sapphire placed her things out of the way of anyone and looked at Valentin as she smiled more. She glanced around as she then headed over to the sink to wash her hands before they even started cooking since she didnt want to get anyone sick. Plus that was one rule of the kitchen she would always follow in was to wash your hands before doing anything with cooking. "Um do you have an apron I can borrow?" She asked as she looked at Valentin as she dried her hands off with a paper towel,

He decided that the smile looked great on Sapphire's face and it made her look more friendly and approachable to other people. "We're starting with cookies today, little one. It's easier than a cake and it's shorter time making it." He replies and laughed at her excited expression. He was happy to see that she was excited to make things and share them with others. She really had a pure heart, and Yeol knew it was something she had always had from her expressions and reactions to the things he said. "Anyone special you want to make something for? We can customize it for them." He asked and gave her a radiant smile. He hoped that she would give it to someone who was very special to her and made her feel happy, since she was a very nice girl.

"It's alright, little one. Coffee is my weakness, so I understand your reason for it." Yeollie said with a laugh. He liked that she knew exactly what to do in the kitchen. He didn't have to tell her to wash her hands or put her stuff out of the way of the food so it wouldn't get messy. She wasn't like the other students who tended to be messy and didn't listen at all. But, he was glad he only took one student on at a time. Noticing her expression, he tilted his head and was about to ask what was wrong, before she said it herself. "Ah. Yes, look over in that cabinet over there and you'll find a sky blue apron. It's my sister's but you can wear it, she doesn't mind." He nodded and pointed at the gold-painted cabinet. 

Sapphire smiled and nodded as she went over to the cabinet and got the apron. A smile on the Guard's face as she slipped it on as she tied the string around her waist. "I am thinking about making cookies for all my friends for christmas since it would be much easier than  going and searching for something." She said as she made sure her things were out of the way and stood next to him as she was prepared to listen and learn about making cookies. "What kind of cookies are we making today?" She asked as she smiled at him. 

"Customizing would be great since I want them to be special to each person." She said as she smiled at him. Sapphire was alittle nervous and excited as she wanted to learn as much as she can today about making cookies. She was also alittle jittery from the coffee she had before coming in. Sapphire smiled as she waited for his instructions as she was willing to learn everything he was willing to offer in baking delicious goods.

Chanyeol noticed that she seemed happier while getting the apron. Her face was lit up and she looked like she was having a great time standing in the kitchen waiting for him to tell her what to do. "That would be better than looking for them. Then your friends will know that you care more about them to make things for them than buying them things." He replied and nodded his head as he agreed with her. It would be much more wholesome to make her friends things, and sharing the joy in eating them. "Whatever you would like. Just tell me the flavor."

"Then let's get to customizing your friends' cookies." Yeollie laughed and began to roll out the parchment paper to put the cookies on. He was a little OCD about making sure they were perfect since his mother was the same way. She would die if she didn't have her cookies baked the right way. Valentin gave Sapphire a sweet smile and handed her the book that had all of the flavor choices in it. To be honest he was glad that he had that little book. It made it easier to do things.

Sapphire smiled when he handed her the book of flavor choices. She did notice that the cookies on the parchment paper was lined up perfectly but that didnt bother her. She continued to smole as she looked through the flavors. The phoenix had a hard time choosing as she was helping make a good amount of cookies for at least six of her friends. "Hmm this is kinda hard to pick for each friend." She said in a chuckle as she looked. "Do you.have any alcoholic type flavors? I have a friend who loves his alcohol." Sapphire said with a smile. 

As she waited for his answer, Sapphire looked at the flavors. She quickly got a small notepad to write down names for flavors. 'Hmm so siobhan gets vanilla, Crane gets strawberry, Dom gets either a alcoholic flavor or cinnamon. Hmm I cant remember what flavors that the others will like.' She thought to herself as she wrote down who she had but continued to look through the book for ideas for the last three.

Valentin noticed her smile and he smiled back. She seemed to be happy that he had so many flavors of cookies. It was kind of a habit to have that many flavors since he knew that different people liked different flavors, and it was endearing to see her smile over it. Waiting while she looked through the book, he began to frost the cookies on the parchment paper, letting out a little giggle when she asked him if he had any alcoholic type flavors."It can be hard, sorry." He apologized. "In the back of the book, little one." He said in response to her question. "Is this friend a certain wolf named Dominic Howlett? If so, I have the perfect flavor for him." 

Watching as she wrote down the flavors, he admired it. She was neat, and that was something a good baker should be. Always write down orders so you don't get it wrong, and always smile. "Vanilla, Strawberry and an alcoholic flavor for the wolf. And it's okay! Take your time, little one." He said and gave her another sweet smile as he got out the dough for her. He already had some of the flavors made.

Sapphire looked at him and smiled as she looked through the back of the book to look at the alcoholic flavors. "Yes it is." She said with a smile. "He is kinda like a big brother to me." She said with a smile as she giggled slightly. "That's great." Sapphire said when he told her that he had the perfect flavor for Dom. The ohoenix smiled alittle as she made sure that all of her close friends would get a sweet treat from her. 

The phoenix guard could tell that Valentin was admiring her organization on her flavors for certain friends. Writing things down for Sapphire was something that helped her keep her organized and less stressed over things. "Yea. I think those will be it....wait Tia I think would like chocolate hopefully." She said as she smiled. Sapphire didnt want to forget her Ailward that she was protecting plus the Ailward was helping her out with getting a few horses in her live. "I think those are going to be it." Sapphire said as she noticed Valentin getting the dough out for her.

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