It was starting to get to Fall like weather which was Sapphire's favorite time of year as she would always wear sweaters and other fall like things. Today she heard about a bakery in town with the best baked goods in town. As she said goodbye to her dogs, Sapphire got into her car and started to head into town to get some baked goods for her and some other guards since she loved to share things with her fellow guards. She hummed to the music as she drove to the bakery. 

Once she got there, Sapphire parked and smiled as she took in the scent of fall in the air before walking into the bakery. Her smile grew bigger as she smelt all the baked goods that filled the room as she sighed softly. Only a few people were in there talking quietly and eating some goodies they bought. Sapphire went up to the counter and started to look through the glass to pick out what she wanted. As she looked, Sapphire began to wonder about starting baking lessons and if someone here would teach her. The phoenix noticed the man and smiled softly. "Oh hi, Sorry my mind started to wonder. I would like some of your Bear Claws and some Chocolate chip cookies please?" She asked as she smiled. 

She waited for him as she then smiled at him. "Sorry if I am taking your time on this but, is there anyway that I could get baking lessons? I only know how to cook Italian dishes mostly so I would love to learn how to bake. If you can't I can understand that." She said quickly as she didnt want to be a bother for the baker. 

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Valentin raised an eyebrow at her comment. He hadn't thought of Dominic being a brother to anyone. Usually he was just a big wolf to Val, but he imagined he could be like a brother to her. "Well, I'm glad he's like that to you." He said and smiled sweetly after hearing her giggle. "Wanna know what it is?" Chanyeol asked and gave her a wink. He had made a special flavor a few months ago and it was stored in the freezer.

The Dhampir knew that the organization of his kitchen was key to keeping a nice place to work. If his kitchen was messy, he'd usually get mad and throw everyone out of the kitchen to clean it from top to bottom. He knew it was a bad habit, but he didn't want anyone getting sick. "Ah what kind of chocolate? I have dark, milk, German?" Minghao asked and gave her a curious smile. He wanted to know since he had all of the flavors ready-made, since he knew he had a baking student coming in. "Alright, little one. Let's get set to making those cookies! Any particular shape or color?" He asked and quirked a brow at her. 

Sapphire looked at Valentin's face as she smiled alittle. "Yea I went on my first mission with him and have been friends ever since." She said as she smiled alittle.  "Yea, what is it?" She asked as she blushed alittle at the wink but smiled alittle as she liked how clean and organized his kitchen was. The phoenix would be the same way if she had a kitchen like this.

"Hmm let's do Milk chocolate because I know that different chocolates have different flavors and I think milk would be more of her liking." She said as she smiled and looked at all the flavors that he laid out. Sapphire turned her head to him when he told her that they were going to start making cookies. She hummed alittle when he asked about the shape and color. "Hmm is there anyway we can do a bottle shape for Dom? And the others could be basic shapes like circles and squares, unless you have something different?" She asked as she smiled alittle at him. "As for the colors... I think Siobhan should have pink, Tia red and dom a dark blue or green." Sapphire said with a smile

He noticed her smile and blushed a bit, her smile was cute. "Then that must've been fun. I hope he didn't let you get hurt, little one." Minghao said and raised his eyebrows. "It's chocolate made with Fireball whiskey." He replies and reaches into the freezer to pull out the cookie dough. It was wrapped in plastic foil because he hadn't any idea of when he would use it in the near future.

"Milk Chocolate it is then. I hope she does like it, or I would have to make it over again and that would just be rude and not good at all." Chanyeol pointed out and unwrapped the cookie dough so he could cut it and start rolling it out. The cookie cutters were placed in the cabinet above Sapphire's head. So he reached over her head and brought them out to set them on the counter. "A bottle shape I have. Maybe we could do stars for Aurantia, and angel wings for Siobhan? The colors we can do, if you could just pass me the food coloring in the drawer on your left?" He asked and gave her a slight smile. 

Sapphire smiled and giggled. "Nope he didnt let me get too badly hurt." She said as she smiled alittle. " That would be great for Dom. Me and Dom also like drinking together even though some alcohol doesnt reall effect me." She said as she watched him get the cookie dough. "I think she will like it. She is a big sweet heart once you get to know her." She said as she smiled and helped roll out the dough. Sapphire listened to him as she nodded. "That would be good." She said as she went over to the drawer and got the food coloring. Once she got it she sat it out of the way. 

The phoenix continued to roll out the dough to help Valentin since she wanted to help and learn from him. "So tell me more about  yourself." She asked as she smiled alittle at him as she rolled out the dough they had out for the cookies. 

He laughed with her. "Well good. Getting hurt is not a good idea." He replied and gave her a little smile. "I hope you don't drink a lot. It's not good for your liver. No matter what species you are." He chided and laughed. Minghao didn't really drink since he usually used alcohol in his cookies or in the food he made for his family on Sundays. That was one thing he loved to do. "Oh, then I would love to meet her. She seems very nice if you are her guard." He replied, and softly smiled at her. He was endeared by the girl as she was different from most of the students that he had tutored. "Okay, good." He nodded and reached over to grab the food coloring from the counter.

He flipped the dough on his side and rolled it in the flour on the counter, it would be messy but he could clean it up later. "About me?" He asked, and looked back at her with a raised silver eyebrow. "Well, I'm 24. I have five siblings and I'm half French." The dhampir said and went back to making the dough. 

Sapphire giggled and smiled at him. "Yea. And no I dont drink alot, now a days I rarely drink due to being on missions." She said as she smiled and continued to help him with the cookies. "She is very nice, maybe we can set up a picnic for you to meet her." She said with a smile. Sapphire loved learning new things as she enjoyed having a great teacher. She watched him get the food coloring while she made a second look to make sure everything was out for them.

The Phoenix looked at him as he rolled the dough out. She made a mental note to help him clean after everything is done. "Yea." She said as she smiled. "Really? Five siblings? That must be a big family. Did you get the half french from your mother's side or your father's side?" She asked as she helped him make the dough.

Chanyeol raised an eyebrow at the giggle but didn't say anything. "That's good, little one. Drinking while you are on missions can give you bad experiences." He replied and started to shape the dough into little balls so that they could be flattened out into shapes. "A picnic sounds nice. Would you cook for it, and I make the desserts?" The dhampir asked, tilting his head towards her in curiosity. He could tell that she loved the fact he was teaching her to make cookies and eventually other desserts.

Reaching for the star cookie cutter, he gently pressed the cutter into the milk chocolate cookie dough and carefully pulled the delicate shape out of the cutter. "There's a lot about me." He replied and laughed. "Five siblings. Rose, Camille, Esmee, Anton, and Leo." Minghao counted on his fingers. "My mother's side. All of them are French on her side. From Paris." The silver-haired male replied.

Sapphire smiled softly as she helped him. "Yea I dont drink while on missions since it just slows me down." She says as she smiled. "Yes I will be cooking some Italian dishes if you are ok with that." She said as she smiled as she made a mental note to ask Tia if she would like to go on a picnic to meet the man teaching her how to make wonderful desserts. "If you dont like Italian, I can also make something else." She said as she looked at him and helped press the cookie cutters. 

The Phoenix listened to him as he talked about his family, making her smile as she only had a half sibling that she hasn't talked to in a long time. "Wow, I wish I had that many siblings. I only have a half sibling who is half Roman. Havent really talked to him in a while though." She said as she looked at him. "Paris is really beautiful, I have been there only once when I was young." She said as she smiled softly.

Valentin's lips raised in a small smile. "Good. Also, tell Dom to slow down a bit on alcohol consumption." He replied with a bright, loud laugh. "Italian is fine with me. I haven't had it in a while." The Dhampir smiled gently and set the cookie cutters in a bowl to wash later. The Phoenix that he was teaching seemed to be a very sweet girl and he thought it was nice that she wanted to invite him to a picnic to meet the Aspect she guarded. "No, Italian is fine. I love the garlic bread that you guys make." Chanyeol said and grabbed the pink food coloring.

Mixing the food coloring into the dough, he looked over to her and smiled. It was good that she was willing to learn and not go off on her own and try it herself. "Oh. Does he live here? I might've seen him around or he might've come into my bakery a few times." He replied and gave her a tilt to his head. "Paris is beautiful. I lived there until I was 17 or 18." The dhampir said, his smile widening.

Sapphire chuckled and smiled. "Yea I will tell him that." She says as she smiled softly as she helped him with using the other cookie cutters. "Great! I can make some specially for you." She says as she smiled softly. When he grabbed the pink food coloring, sapphire watched him mix the coloring into the dough. "Yea he lives here but I am guessing he hasn't got out much really." She said as she looked at him. 

Her mind wondered about her brother for a moment before Valentin spoke about Paris. "I only went to Paris a few times when my mother had a concert there." She said as she smiled alittle at the memory of her mother for a brief moment before going back to watching and learning form Valentin. 

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